Sunday 29 September 2013

Israel Hearts Gaza

I was researching on Cryptome and came across these photographs of Israeli bombing defenceless Palestinians last year on a date that all symbolists will understand the meaning of. 22 11 12

The lies that Israel and it's subservient global media disseminate is extraordinary. Pick any topic you like and look into it. We live in a lie.

Update: All the cryptome images have been removed so I've posted images from the latest genocide by the psychopath Israeli Nazis.

Saturday 28 September 2013

Cate Shortland - Lore

After six hours of Hitler's point of view in 'The Greatest Story Never Told' (see next post) I wasn't in the mood for a clichéd German-defeat narrative. However, Cate Shortland's Lore is a beautiful movie and steers well clear of the simple minded diagnosis of Shoah Business, nasty Nazis and Heroic Brits.

I just watched a snotty Guardian review of the movie which I totally disagree with. The movie is less about the journey than looking at the steps along the way and that starts with the first stubbing out of a cigarette by a man in his own mansion-like house on the floor. If the Guardian reviewers were paying less attention to the 'dressing' they may have spotted the leitmotif of steps along the way.

I thought the movie was going to spiral into predictable victimhood when a character reveals their Jewish identity but surprisingly it acts as a catalyst and takes the movie into new areas that the media usually avoid.

I'm all filled up on the forgotten genocides of the Second World War at the moment but this movie didn't take me over the edge and is repeatedly elegant in each film. The female star of the movie, Lore is unforgettable in terms of young German beauty and her uninvited companion delivers a role that is far more complex than I first assumed. I'm now going to watch Cate's other movie Somersault based on what she achieved in Lore

Friday 27 September 2013

Superb Documentary - The Act Of Killing


Joshua Oppenheimer's post-modern documentary The Act of Killing is among one of the most insightful way's of communicating information I thought I had a better grip on.

I live in Asia, I speak Thai, I've travelled all over Asia and specifically in Indonesia on business and pleasure. I understand in great detail, the 1965 CIA instigated coup in Indonesia where Sukarno was replaced by the US backed Suharto (a topic Oppenheimer refuses to acknowledge, thus erasing history like not mentioning the Nazis at the Holocaust). 

A million dead? No big deal. Hardly anything compared to Stalin's Yagoda (who also had a funny toothbrush moustache, took out 10 million and barely still gets a mention on Youtube or the History books. Jewish Bolshevism doesn't sit too well with the Holocaust industry. it's bad for business.

Anyway, I'm familiar with gangs and countergangs warfare, CIA covert operations in dozens and dozens of countries around the world. I could probably do it myself with a half million Sterling and a few good connections in Birmingham and Sheffield.

I know how the game of divide and rule works. 

It's so much easier to smash the wedding cake up than to make the wedding cake.

This documentary though is something else. It mergers life with fiction and then a sort of metafiction and arguably a new genre of sub metafiction where the protagonists no longer know if they're in real life play-acting or play-acting in real life.

It's beautifully shot when not lapsing into bathos for the home-made execution shots. It's not without a serious message and is an important documentary that got me asking questions to issues I thought I knew the answer to. That's a good thing.

Watch it. You wont be disappointed.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Dr Richard Sauder Needs Our Help

Dr Richard Sauder Needs A Helping Hand.

Who Is Richard Sauder?

Richard Sauder PhD is one of those valiant people who has lived a life of service to others, including spells incarcerated for protesting nuclear weapons on US military bases. He took the decision to protest against the military industrial complex even though the odds were stacked against him and despite having a PhD and the choice between an easy life and one of service to others, Dr Sauder took the path his conscience obliged him to pursue. He's on our side.

Why Should We Care?

The reason why we should consider how we can assist Dr Richard Sauder is that his work has been of vital contribution to the parapolitical research community. Richard is the author of the ground breaking scholarly work Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is The Government Trying To Hide? It is a solid academic work of painstaking research and sacrifice to us. It slowly pieces together the technology used in the manufacturing of underground and undersea bases and the bureaucratic paper trail that is left by the military leviathan. These underground bases conceal the most evil and unconscionable acts, far from the eyes of all but the most vetted and financially rewarded servants of the so called breakaway civilisation. 

They devote their lives to acts of pain and suffering to humanity, and their own survival in the event of cataclysmic events, including the very wars their masters plot.

What Has He Done Since?

I've written about Dr. Richard Sauder from time to time on this blog but not so much on his relocation to the arboreal landscape of Quito, Ecuador in South America. Richard has been pursuing a life of conciousness studies through the use of sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca and Malicagua. Through these metaphysical journeys he has been able to feed back to us a clearer picture of who we are and what the challenges we face on this planet.

This includes the mechanized technological efforts to control our species through every spectrum of the mind-control, conciousness-control-levers that the anti-human elements try to throw at us. It was Richard who alerted us to the nature of The Machine long before the NSA whistle-blower scandal confirmed our worst suspicions that everything and anything we say or do is being scooped up, and put in storage for later retrieval to be used against us.

It is Richard who also outlined to us through his Shamanistic journeys the nature of remote control of the human population from satellite technologies and what he identified as artificial intelligence resources that is the iniquitous privilege of those who use our wealth creation efforts to exploit us. With this technology they also keep it from us as it could play a vital contribution towards solving the problems and challenges that our species face after decades, centuries and millennia of exploitation through older models of mind control such as religion and synthetic divide and rule.

Richard's current situation is perilous. His conciousness-exploration research and studies, left him in the hands of a service to self Shaman in Ecuador. This resulted in an experience which he describes as torture and which for legal reasons we are unable to go into. He is trying to resist the drift towards Ayahuasca exploitation in South America by making a stand against the Shaman who took advantage of his trusted position and left Richard in much pain, requiring a period of recuperation in hospital which has allowed him to function as close to normal again. He is now broke.

What can we do to help?

Richard needs money. Lots of it and as quickly as possible. I ask you to consider his work and service to humanity and find a way to reach into your pockets and send him the cash he needs to keep his head above water, pay the medical bills paid and pursue justice for the increasing number of travellers in the South American jungles seeking enlightenment and self growth.

Please email Richard on to get some money to him during this difficult and trying period.

Thank you very much and if donations are not possible, please consider buying his books including the one linked in the second paragraph and here again, or his other book:

Hidden in Plain Sight

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Jay Weidner Talks About Terence McKenna's CIA/FBI Connections

Most people still can't get their head round McKenna being an asset of the state. That's possibly because of the varying degrees of State mind-control ranging from harmonics to dissociative pain and in Terence's case, encouraging others to take drugs. 

The thinking behind this we suspect is because then you wont be an activist, or actually do something about the clear manipulation taking place higher up the food chain.

In my own case though it was the DMT that made me an activist, so the CIA and FBI messed up on that one. 

I'm pluralist about McKenna. Some things he talked about were great, others not so great. Very few people are black and white and that includes the epistemological cartoons that the media portray of Hitler or Rahm Emanuel's father whose specialism was terrorist bus bombings for extremist Jewish groups.

Monday 23 September 2013

George Galloway Vs Israeli Nutter

Spot the self obsessed psychopath Israeli General with no remorse, no shame and everything to lose. They just tell lie after lie after lie. George nails him to the wall but he really needs to get his history of false flags together, stop denying 9/11 and read Gangs and Counter-gangs by Major Frank Kitson. It's not a secret and is even name checked in great British dramas.

I've noticed George is called a conspiracy theorist after his Alex Jones interview. He needs to learn to call the 1 million dead on fake WMD's in Iraq the largest conspiracy theory ever perpetrated.

Archontic Deception & Apollo 11

This is Jay Weidner's best interview for a long time. I thought I was back in 2011 greedily snorting up 20 hour internet binge sessions of all the secrets on the planet on this one. Jay has evolved his Apollo 11 hypothesis. It's just so much more tighter and resonant than ever before. He get's JFK into it, the real and synthetic Apollo 11 recording dual narrative down. It all just hangs together. You're going to like it if you haven't figured out why it was so important to film the moon landing in a studio while still landing on the moon. I never bought the old story that it was too risky to lose the propaganda race when the obituary speeches had been written for Nixon to read out before they had even taken off.

Jay's only weakness is he wont address the Zionist/Neoconservative faction that orchestrated 9/11, despite a wealth of evidence that is too much rather than too little. 

The old Masonic order was taken down and the Neo-Bolsheviks slid into power. Why he can't see this is a blight on his claim to be a truth seeker, but it's not hard given he's paying his bills with a job which if you want to check it out is over here.

The only part of the interview that doesn't stand up is his Rennes-le-Chateaus riff. It's too cheesy to take seriously but then everyone makes mistakes, loses the plot or just makes stuff up for reasons nobody can fully know.

Anyway you should listen to this interview. It often taps into an archetype that at some deeper level just feels more robust than anything you'll find in the corporate media. Be it fiction or claimed fact. Bits of this just ring true.

Phonebloks - Mobile Technology Designed To Last

Disposable electronics aren't a very good way to respect the planet. They poison the environment and the just in time distribution logistics are a huge burden on the Earth's resources, even though the products are small.

They also fund a lot of conflict in places like the Congo (DRC) but you wont hear about that as the media are too busy telling people that Israel is the important country where the Master Race now reside. 

More important than the six million who died in those mineral conflicts anyway.

Oh and don't forget the 100 000 rapes a month when you stroke your next new, touch screen electronics purchase.

Phonebloks is a simple idea and I hope people can get behind it. I've long been uninterested in the latest mobile though I do look at tablets from time to time and ask myself. 

Do I really need it?

Usually the answer is no. But maybe you're into Alicia Keys being a phone when she's not touring apartheid Israel as a black entertainer.

Saturday 21 September 2013

Who Is Really Behind The Syrian War

The United States is being manipulated into unnecessary wars in the Middle East. We've ducked a bullet with Syria lately but please make no mistake. That same unAmerican tail that is wagging the United States' dog will go all the way to a false flag attack on its own people to start a war with Iran, or 'the big one' as the CEO of BP described it. 

This is an excellent analysis video of the subject by James Corbett who isn't an alternative media pundit but is instead a superior analyst to 99.99% of those who appear on corporate media.

Find out who is really behind the Syrian war. Find out.

Friday 20 September 2013

FOX News Interviews Bashar Al Assad


Dennis Kucinich interviews Bashar al-Assad for FOX News with some other dude who has been drinking the corporate media Kool Aid. 

It's a great interview and you should watch it to make your own mind up.

FOX is owned by Murdoch who is developing oil interests with the Rothschilds on the Syrian Golan heights during the conflict. We know the Rockefeller faction are cooling on the Zionists because Brzezinski and Scowcroft have been against going to war while Kissinger has been pulling the strings for it to be dragged out and bleeding Syria to death. This suggests to me that Kissinger baled out on the Rockefeller faction to the Rothschilds (quite some time ago) and Murdoch is playing the two off against each other and cutting a deal in between. 

If it means less dead civilians I can live with that. We can deal with theft later.

If anyone else has a different analysis I'm all ears. I am aware the two factions have a modest mutual partnership but that seems to be a precursor to a potential takeover and not proof of its existence today. 

These people think long term and I've not included others like the Warburgs in this analysis. Upate: Original video no longer exists but a better one allows us to find out what we think of Bashar al Assad.

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading is now my favourite Coen Brothers movie since The Big Lebowski. In one sense it serves its purpose in portraying the CIA as a bungling spy agency (much like that Adam Curtis piece on MI5) but at times it is hilarious and the acting is exquisite.

We're all used to John Malkovich banging out a good role, but for my money Brad Pitt's part as a dim-witted Gym trainer is his best since that Gypsy character in Snatch. George Clooney also plays a wonderfully absorbed narcissist type State Department character, veering widely between witty and somewhat shallow at work or getting laid.

I've posted the trailer above but it's a bullshit marketing edit. If you really want to get a feel for the movie, the finest scene is linked here because I can't embed it. Please watch it. It's 3-4 minutes of flawless acting. A CIA Director is being briefed by one of his lieutenants on a bizarre clusterfuck situation involving an officer that was recently demoted (and quit) by the subordinate character in the scene. 

It's the end scene but you don't pay too much attention to the details just enjoy the feel of it. It wont blow the movie.

Every gesture and word in this Burn After Reading scene is exquisite. I keep watching it over and again for it's honesty and craft. 

Anything to keep it spinning out of control.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Giving Is The Best Communication - ทรูมูฟ เอช " การให้ คือการสื่อสารที่ดีที่สุด " | TrueMoveH

This Thai commercial was published on 9/11 only a week ago and already has eight and a half million views on Youtube. It's so good I'm going out to buy a USB Internet connection from True irrespective of whether it is a better deal or not than its competitive mobile and internet data carriers.

From time to time, Thai advertising is easily the best in the world.

I can tell you from experience that it's less about strategy than having something important to say. I've talked about this in the past.

Headshot - Thai Crime Thriller - ฝนตกขึ้นฟ้า

photo run.gif

Most (but not all) Thai movies aren't sophisticated enough to hold my attention, and generally speaking I'm not a fan of Crime Thrillers. Headshot goes against that grain. 

It's well directed, beautifully shot, with real care and attention to detail and has a reasonable script if you can suspend disbelief on the central premise that the Thai Police and Thai criminals are invariably competing teams for the same chunk of business.

The full film is available on Youtube and posted below, but I can assure you that wont last forever. Watch it quickly if you enjoy a good crime thriller movie. It's certainly one of the better Thai Movies I've seen for a while. It's quite sexy too in a grown up kind of way that is usually trivialized in Thai culture.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

The New World Disorder - Trying To Bleed Syria To Death

Syria Partisan Girl lays out the main reasons why the New World Order acolytes are trying to bleed Syria to death

I've always been reluctant to use the term New World Order even though it is regularly name checked by leading politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. However if you haven't noticed that a one world government driven by profit at the expense of people is in play by now, you may have missed the last bus on that topic.

If you're still sceptical about the ideology and mechanisms of this loose group of people who share a set of ideals that involves pitching humans against humans, I can recommend no greater, well researched, article than Charlie Skelton's piece in the Guardian on Syria.

Technically I'm in favour of a one world administrative council, but the psychopaths who are currently trying to do this need a urgent handbrake applied before we can have a sensible discussion about when and how a more inclusive and co-creative body of wise minds can manifest.

Tuesday 17 September 2013

The Ridiculous Cult Of Churchill

I enjoy Churchill's turn of phrase and puckish sense of humour but let's not let personality get in the way of a sober analysis. Let's take a closer look at what he did.

Churchill got us into not out of war

It's easy to forget that the UK declared war on Germany not vice versa. Whoever declares war is usually a good indicator of the warmonger and it's nonsense to say it was over Poland when the Russian's took it in the end.

Churchill was pro Fascism in 1937

Churchill lavished praise on both Adolf Hitler and MussoliniThe best Anglo-American publicist, Francis Neilson, described Churchill's praise of Hitler as the most extreme tribute ever paid by a prominent Englishman to the head of a foreign state.

Churchill was funded by Zionist Bankers

Churchill's about turn on everything he stood for including political parties and ideology was based on money. He was often in debt and in no position to maintain his expensive hereditary house Chartwell with a staff of around forty.

Churchill cost us half a million British lives

If entry into the war wasn't about ideology, wasn't about land, wasn't about external threat from a guy who was originally an anti-semite till the Zionist bankers paid for him to change his mind, then it cost the UK half a million needless lives.

Nobody knows what would have happened if the British let Germany have Poland instead of Soviet Russia who got it in the end, but the cult of Churchill is based on revisionism and mind control programming. 

History belongs to the winners and so I find that too much of history is pure bunk. Check out this great recording on the Focus Group that sponsored Winston Churchill to the tune of Fifty Thousand Pounds. 

That's ten pennies a British life. 

Think of that next time a Churchill wank stirs your loins.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Chipotle's TV Ad Raises Factory Farming, Steroids and Antibiotics In Food

I can't imagine the Chipotle are completely farm fresh organic ingredients but this new ad does address the hidden ingredients and suffering that go into most food that is advertised on television. 

I don't see this Chipotle video as a commercial at over three minutes but it is nevertheless superb storytelling and hopefully a glimpse of how the food industry will have to respond to growing claims that they mostly sell low grade ingredients unfit for consumption.

Millions of hits for this ad so it's touching a nerve beyond the advertising echo chamber who have latched onto it given 95% of their output is low concious communications.

Friday 13 September 2013

MI5 Covered Up Cyril Smith's [MBE] Sexual Abuse Of Boys

The story about Cyril Smith sexually abusing boys goes to the heart of the establishment.

When the British raved about James Bond and the Queen at the Olympics opening ceremony I said to myself 'they don't get it, they just don't get that they have to brainwash them to think that Bond is cool and the Queen is great'.

They are not. 

Well, not if you care about children.

Paedophiles are directly connected to the Royal Family and MI5 as I have documented extensively here and on Twitter. It's appalling that the British are by and large too asleep to verify the matter or too brainwashed to question authority.

Monday 9 September 2013

Raise Your Daily Vibration With Inelia Benz: Dealing With Sleeping Friends & Family

Dealing with sleeping people is a tough one as you can't wake up someone who is pretending to sleep and those who are asleep do not appreciate being woken up one bit. Inelia Benz brings her good sense and wisdom to the topic along with practical exercises and ways of looking at the issue. We should after all have compassion for those who are asleep as they are often taking refuge in food, alcohol and other contemporary forms of life deadening activities.

Inelia first made her mark in this memorable interview here with Bill Ryan of Project Camelot and Project Avalon fame.

Shit Stain McCain Is Dead

John McCain is an embarrassment to the human race. There isn't a country he wouldn't bomb if his handlers instructed him to and lately his personality is being squeezed like a festering boil leaking pus all over the corporate media and the planet. McCain is being challenged by decent, courageous and honest Americans in town halls across America for his ultra Zionist sponsored warmongering against Syria and was even caught playing games during a hearing that discussed the very death and destruction he has lobbied for.

I could on at length about McCain including the role his father had in covering up the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty but if you haven't figured out for yourself yet that he is not a war hero but a war criminal I have no intention of waking you up. Ignorance is a lifestyle choice in the information age. Here's a Syria woman begging John McCain not to bomb Syria. 

I assume you know about his Beach Boys Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran crudity too?

Saturday 7 September 2013

Take A Break From Kardashian Conciousness - I'm So Sick Of Lies

Today I finally learned what Kim Kardashian is famous for. I've been trying so hard not to know as sleb conciousness irritates me more than most. Apparently it's sucking off big black guys so the Max Headroom gif seems appropriate. All over the world, people like me and this articulate, switched on and awake woman in the video above are sick of your lies, sick of your spectator sports mentality, sick of your celebrity worship and sick of your silence over things that matter.

There's a regional war on the verge of breaking out in Syria and the falsehoods that are being perpetrated to instigate it by the Western powers are sickening. It's a sickness to ignore it.

Despite being virulently anti Vatican I've sided with the Pope today and fasted for peace. I've found the frequent reminders of being a little peckish (less than I imagined) have focused my mind on what I care about. I care about life.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Rainer Werner Fassbinder | Ali: Fear Eats The Soul

Fear eats the soul is a film about loneliness. An elderly German widow comes together with a younger Moroccan man [Ali] and the outpouring of prejudice from the people in her life who ordinarily have little time for her as a woman and a human is painful to observe.

It's set in 1974 Germany and so for me was powerfully evocative as I lived there during that time and the 70's polyester prints neatly sum up the mass production post war colour that crept into peoples lives as the 'wirtschaftwunder' economic miracle began heating up after the total destruction of Germany during the war.

It's a spell binding movie with Fassbinder's idiosyncratic style of taking only one shot of each scene and so if you're paying attention a few mistakes creep in but it just gives it the feel of great theatre and writing.

In real life Ali was Fassbinder's boyfriend. Brigitte Mira's performance as Emmi is moving and Fassbinder himself makes a cameo performance as a work shy racist son in law.

This is the second film I've seen from the director after the 15 hour marathon of Berlin Alexanderplatz  that I wrote about over here. Ali's German is so broken that I understood every word as my own command of German has become so rusty it's barely useful if I try to use it.

In some ways Fassbinder comes across like a German Ozu with his sparse directing and key doorway framing shots. I doubt this film will be up on Youtube for too long so watch it while you can as it doesn't need the high definition that modern productions demand.

Monday 2 September 2013

Sally Fields - Norma Rae

 photo industrialisationgif-1.gif

Norma Rae is the kind of pro-activist film Hollywood is no longer allowed to make. It won Sally Field an Oscar in 1979 for her performance as an underpaid cotton manufacturing worker emboldened by a visiting Union activist to set up a union for the employees with the usual obstacles put in place by the management who are hopelessly fixated on the scientific method of timing all the workers for the maximum productivity.

We now know from the unscientific method that people are more productive if they are happy and taken care of by employees. It's a warm movie with a slice of American life that I think still exists but is rarely brought to life as the mediated American way has drifted towards displays of crass consumerism, celebrity worship, sports distractions and military priapism....or Alien shit.

Movies about people coming together and taking on relentless greed are no longer made by the US. The big money investors don't wish to give the proletariat any ideas so fantasy is what they are served up with. Protesters or movements in movies are portrayed as Communists and radicals by Hollywood because that keeps the very people who are being exploited by greedy business in their place.

The only irony worth exploring is this movie won the Oscar in the same year that Deng Xiaoping instigated the special economic zones in China. The very places that took the manufacturing of the cotton and denim that Norma Rae is fighting for a better wage to produce.

There's an answer to this race to the bottom of lower production costs but it doesn't involve unconscious consumerism, botox materialism and relentless greed by business.

It might however involve 3D printing and design coding where ostensibly most products will become close to free. That will have an impact on Brands who have nothing different from their competitors and even more so on those who have anything substantive to say.

Will Israel Stage A False Flag Attack On US Warships To Trigger War In Syria Like USS Liberty?

 photo drstrangelovegif.gif

Israel has a history of attacking US warships for their own interests. Now that the US fleet is in the Mediterranean will they bomb a US ship like the USS Liberty to goad the US into a war in Syria? Will the American people and gullible Western public fall for it again. We shall see.