Wednesday 31 August 2011

Deliciously Cataclysmic


I find Pane Andov's dessicated dry monotone a bit annoying for my taste though he's obviously a spiritual man. Anyway I'm all maxed out on disaster to take his crop circle decoded version seriously though that's hardly a decent reason to relegate his disaster to second division. I thought I'd post the clip as Supreme Master TV has the most splendid subtitles selection on the planet including Thai.

Has John Lash Got This One Right?

I like John Lash's work but he's just been a bit patronising in this this podcast . He says he agree's with Dr Judy Wood's dustification theory but not before slagging off the scientific evidence for thermite. Hey John, did it ever occur to you that both techniques could be used together? 

The authorized science to conceal the non-authorized science? Surely we need nuanced thinking not erroneous premature triumphalism?

John goes on to assert that crop circles are the signature of renegade field-energy white-hats who now have been requested by Lash to personally send him a sign. I think that's a naive request. First off, the subject of crop circles is riddled with disinformation by the likes of MI6 and Military Intelligence as it spooks the hell out of them (and Prince Philip). Secondly it's more than just Fibonacci sequences, and as I've written is an ongoing narrative of dimensional evolution. John Lash is trying to trigger a sign specially for him in crop lingo. What's he anticipating? A big crop circle thumbs up in a field with "lots of xxx to J.L." underneath?

What does that prove with respect to who did what?

John Lash might want to do his reconsider his research a bit more instead of hurling calumny at those who entertain extra dimensional inputs to clearly extra-dimensional outputs (crop circles). None of us know for sure who and how 911 was pulled off and who is making those crop circles. Including that large metamorphosis one which ostensibly has nothing to do with Fibonacci.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

America B.C. - Hugh Newman Interviewed By Red Ice Radio

America B.C. is a book by Barry Fell, that was widely attacked on its publication.  However, prehistoric evidence in the U.S. is one of the great stories to have been whitewashed by the historical and archaeological institutions like the Smithsonian who have a very real interest in revising history to keep populations stupid. Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries and esoteric science researcher who has authored two books. He also organizes the Megalithomania Conferences, co-edits Avalon Rising magazine and coordinates talks, films and workshops at numerous festivals.

Hugh has travelled all over the Northeastern states of America which have a remarkable amount of megalithic structures with some that go back to over 4000 years. Vermont has numerous rock chambers and standing stones that form an archaeoastronomical complex over a broad area. New York State has a mix of earthen mounds, megalithic chambers and giant dolmens. New Hampshire boasts "America's Stonehenge." 

On the coast of Rhode Island, is the famous Dighton Rock, with bizarre petroglyphs. In Massachusetts, a strange "hill that roars" sits near a selection of megalithic chambers, cairns and mounds of ancient origin. New Jersey, Maine and Connecticut also have numerous ancient sites that cannot be explained by traditional archaeology of North America. In this interview, Hugh will talk about these sites and explore theories about them that present a new view of the origins of ancient America.

Update: David Hatcher Childress draws our attention to ancient Sumerian/Akkadian cuneiform writings turning up in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia/Lake Titicaca Peruvian border on The Pokotia Monolith and The Magna Fuente Bowl. You can listen to an interview with him on the subject by Coast over here. It is first class.

Jay Weidner - Kubrick & Those Apollo Moon Landings

A compressed twenty five minutes explaining how Jay Weidner figured out that the moon landings used front screen projection as a film technique (an allegation supported by Hollywood film technicians) and how he put two and two together to conclude that Stanley Kubrick with the help of top NASA scientists like Fred Ordway created the most realistic space scenes though not without leaving clues as to its veracity or otherwise.

William Henry - Lost Symbols

I like William Henry's research on Light Being's and Stargates but listening to his translation of Washington D.C. I'm unsure what kind of symbolism it would take for him to declare the Satanic/Masonic layout of the Capitol and that the apotheosis of St. George is an unusual, to say the least, representation of the founding father. I note he refers those same founding fathers as Rosicrucian rather than Masonic representatives at one point. Like he prefers to gloss over that point.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Bill Ryan Interviewed By Inelia Benz

A great interview of Bill Ryan, who is one of the more interesting people to emerge as a internet "star" and not through his project Camelot Interviews only. Well worth listening to, particularly those who enjoy a good Radio Four voice.

Saturday 27 August 2011

Budd Hopkins - Alien Abduction Interview - Part 1 & 2

Excellent Open Minds interview with the late Budd Hopkins recorded in Italy in 1997.

Linda Moulton Howe on Coast To Coast

I must have listened to this four or five times. Linda is an excellent reporter. Something our corporate media have totally forgotten why they exist.

Friday 26 August 2011

"We're Not Sure Who The Boys From Benghazi Are"

Reminds me of the CIA backed coup in Tehran 1954. The BBC lied to their audience about that one too which is why Russia Today or any news media that has an interest in telling awkward facts is essential during these times. 

Tripoli will fester quicker than Tehran. 

You can count on it as surely as you can count on NATO psychopaths to back out once the oil is out of reach. 

Thursday 25 August 2011

I Love Benjamin Fulford. He Doesn't Fuck About

The world knows that the US corporate government headquartered in the mini-state of Washington D.C. is doomed. The leaders of the world know this corporation posing as a government murdered close to 3,000 of its own citizens in order to create a fake pretext for a massive oil grab in central Asia. The countries of the world have also decided not to finance this monstrous regime any longer. The result has been a steady and accelerating decline in the power of the military industrial complex. Their criminal corporate leadership is now carrying out a battle of the bulge style offensive that is mathematically doomed to failure no matter what they do.
Behind the scenes various leaders of the cabal that has controlled the US and many Western governments are scrambling to preserve their own interests. There is also increased infighting at many different levels.

First of all the US regime continues to act like an unemployed junkie running out of friends to borrow from and possessions to hawk. The latest sign of this is the announcement of social service disabilities payments are on the verge of insolvency. This is another way of saying the corporate government has been raiding people’s money they were never entitled to have and that even that money is running out. Power and drug shortages are other signs all is not as they pretend.

More important has been the fact that more and more small investors are finally waking up to the fact the stock market is a rigged casino and are taking their money out ASAP. That means all the Federal Reserve Board fake money being pumped into the market is no longer going to con those with real money. Hence the record gold price and the flight from the US dollar.

The US criminal regime, however, is not going to dissolve right away. It continues to use the threat of World War 3 to buy time and kick the can down the road a bit further by getting temporary credit extensions from its foreign lenders. It is interesting to note how US Vice President Biden was quoted in English corporate propaganda media as saying “do not count out the US yet,” but that his comments got no publicity in China.

Behind the scenes, a major pentagon/CIA/NSA agency faction is still preparing for the mass arrest of US criminal oligarchs. Nazi leader George Bush Senior and his cabal have finally contacted a White Dragon representative seeking some way to preserve their assets after the US corporate bankruptcy.

Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, the other top Nazi, tried to convince CIA power broker Dick Cheney to kill several key White Dragon members. However, Cheney knows the cabal was planning to throw him under the bus and is not going to be manipulated into doing something that is not in his interest.

David Rockefeller is claiming to be old and senile and to be not involved in what is going on. J. Rockefeller remains in deep hiding.

The German and Dutch factions headed by the likes of Queen Beatrix and Deutschebank’s Ackerman have withdrawn to the sidelines, aiming to keep their own interests intact until the dust settles. The British royal family are circling the wagons around the British Commonwealth.

The French have decided to try to settle their internal spat. French President Nicholas Sarkozy has rushed off the China to try to cut a deal. Meanwhile, the latest evidence links Sarkozy to the maid who accused IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Khan of rape. DSK of course, threatened to reveal all sorts of cabal secrets if he went to trial so the cabal is now trying to bring him back into their ranks.

In Japan, meanwhile, various bits of new information have emerged about recent events. A professional killer who was involved in over 70 political assassinations in Japan and South Korea told the White Dragon society the foreign cabal controlling these countries through murder no longer had anybody willing to do their work these countries. That is why they resorted to using an atomic-bomb triggered tsunami attack and nuclear crisis to try to force their will on Japan.

This move has backfired as a growing number of members of the Japanese self-defense forces, the yakuza, national Broadcaster NHK and politicians now discuss the atomic attack on Japan as a given fact. It is still not being admitted publicly simply because it would push public opinion towards war against the US despite the fact that most of the Pentagon was unaware of this attack and is opposed to the perpetrators.

The scuttlebutt in Japan is that the next Prime Minister will be Seiji Maehara. Maehara is known to be friendly to the Pentagon and US interests. However, he is expected to be another short-termed Prime Minister whose main purpose will be to maintain public ambiguity until the over-arching world power struggle ends.

The sudden offensive by so-called Libyan rebels working for the British, French and Italian colonial interests in Africa is a Rothschild gold grab, according to an alienated Rothschild family member. Some sort of compromise over mineral and other interests in Africa is still expected and this sudden offensive is merely high powered bargaining.

There is still a crack 7,000 man unit standing by to try to seize Saudi oilfields if necessary but trying to do that would be foolish.

The Saudis, for their part, are making new friends in Asia by helping sell Thai Royal gold to China by laundering the proceeds into dollars, according to a high level Asian gang source. 

As usual, there is plenty of other information being passed to this writer from sources within the Yakuza, the Italian P2 Freemason lodge, the Rothschilds etc. about bonds worth hundreds of billions or trillions that are about to be cashed. This talk has gone on so long this writer can only say, I will believe it when I see it.

The White Dragon Foundation, for its part, will be concentrating its initial funding on setting up a committee of experts to scientifically assess “free” energy technology and begin planning the establishment of the new International Economic Planning Agency.

There is much that this writer is being asked not to report at the present time. However, the overall assessment remains that there will be more turbulence before the old world order finally cedes power. 

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Budd Hopkins - RIP

Budd Hopkins passed away a few days ago. He was a first class alien abduction researcher and so for those who feel uncomfortable with first hand testimony you can do no wrong by listening to a man who researched over 700 cases when the video above was filmed. It's authoritive, informative and compelling. I learned a lot of hard facts from this man and I'm glad I rescued this video from Google Videos and transferred it to Youtube so that others can determine for themselves the nature of this problem which humiliates the abductees once and then again as the wider world rejects (can't handle) their often harrowing testimony.

The short story is that genetics are the most prized asset in the universe. I learned that elsewhere but it's a critical way to understand the issue.

The PENTAGON's™ Middle East Shopping List

After bombing Libya in the 80's, selling them arms and then bombing them again, it looks like it may be over for Libya's leader who, like Saddam Hussein, is perfectly capable of murder when necessary but is equally one of the few moderate Islamic leaders in the world with a track record for education and women's rights that are unlikely to be improved upon with the rebels and their Al Qaida/NATO sponsors.

Like Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Libya sits upon the oil that the junkie dependent West cannot resist and Tripoli was one of the few State run banks in the world and thus a threat to the dollar reserve status. Then there's the free market threat of China's business partnerships in Africa. Put simply, each time a UK or European person fills up their tank with gasoline they are filling up on Satanism. It's all about the Pentagon with the Pentagram and regrettably it's not a conspiracy if it's in plain sight and it seems the corn syrup  plasma screen classes are Eyes Wide Shut. Stanley Kubrick tried to warn us.

For the definitive Occult Washington D.C tutorial click over here. Inform yourself.

Robert Stanley - Close Encounters On Capitol Hill

Robert Stanley is to my knowledge the only author who doesn't mind making the complex and nuanced connection between the Vatican and Washington Satanic worship and knows the difference between benevolent and malevolent ET. Usually by the time the penny drops on who pulls the strings and who are the possessed acolytes there's not many who can see pluralism in the picture and yet a binary mind set is crippling to try and figure out these kinds of problems.

His website is over here and his two books are Close Encounters on Capitol Hill and Covert Encounters in Washington D.C. which document the likelihood that the virus in Washington may well be other than terrestrial. Occam's razor points towards that for those still ranting about dysfunctional Congress and so forth. Think about it. It's a far easier explanation. It's just not very palatable.

William Henry - Light Beings

William Henry's talks on Light Beings stretches back a few years now yet sound up to the minute if listening to George Kavassilas. Homo Luminus anyone? 

Investigative mythologist has to be one of the more interesting business cards to receive.

Indian Yugas & Mayan Cycles Of Time

Not many feel comfortable with tying in the Hindu Yugas (or epoch cycles of time) into the Mayan 2012 calendar, though I've always found it hard to ignore similarities between the two.

Coast To Coast interview Joseph Selbie is an authority on the subject and happy to confirm there is indeed overlap on the matter. 

Selbie starts around the 1 hour 18 minute mark above but the entire show is good if you're in no hurry. There's more here.

Update: The original content was removed so I've posted Kali Yuga information only.

Monday 22 August 2011

Jon Stewart - Conspiracy Realist


The corporate media are taking the U.S. for a ride. It's truly astonishing that the only candidate telling the truth (and consistently so) is vilified and portrayed as being insane. Only in America or as Malcolm X said:

"If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." 

Incidentally if A=1, B=2, O=1+5 etc FOX adds up to 666. 

Just sayin'.

The 15 minute 9/11 Gullibility Test

If the evidence prevents people from changing their minds you know it's a crisis of conciousness. A conclusion too awful for people to consider the why and the who. That's a failure of obligation to examine the facts and either suspend judgement or make the right one. 

Making the wrong one is an act of intellectual cowardice. 

Find out in 15 minutes or less.

Saturday 20 August 2011

Jay Weidner On Kubrick's 2001 Space Oddysey


Hands down the best interview and discussion on the net about Kubrick's 2001 Space Oddysey and the Apollo missions.

Ahmedinejad Unplugged - "We love all human life"

Essential half hour interview by Russia Today with Ahmedinejad. Make your own mind up.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Reverse Speech (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Peggy Kane was the first person i heard break down the  Elecronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) or reverse speech as its often known. I don't like it, I feel uncomfortable with the sound, I don't enjoy the eerie predictive quality or the way everything is spilled with unconscious abandon like an errant unzipped fly but it shouldn't be ignored as it's more real than makes sense, and could be a useful way of ensuring public figures or positions of trust aren't concealing a malevolent side.

The video/radio recording clip above is only 12 minutes and is mainly about Jared Loughner and Obama's recorded speech.

William Henry - Star Walkers

Of all the researcher book-writing types who struggle to make a living from the esoteric  field without resorting to palm reading or selling lucky amulets I think William Henry is one of the most serious and interesting speakers. His forte I reckon is to examine fantastic notions in terms of historical record or precedent. He does a great job.

His latest work on light people should by my reckoning make him in a near deity within the New Age circuit though I never hear them discuss issues by interrogating their validity. You're a unicorn? Fine I am an avatar. That kind of rigour.

This is quite an old interview. Henrik Palmgren is noticeably less polished than now, which tells me he works hard to be the good interviewer he currently is.

I Thought The English Love Animals (Why Blame The Rioters)

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the primary social dynamics that breed human animals which for  reasons still unclear, the Soy Latte and Pret a Manger classes only learned of their existence a week ago. The emergence of a feral, violent, angry and nihilist underclass they've been living with has taken the pampered classes by surprise.

It takes a considerable amount of self centred concentration to edit that kind of reality out.

We've been saying for a decade or so that the Chavs are being bred for a good enlisted war which as we're on the subject, and as Stefan points out, the violence of the riots are pantomine compared to the violence that the UK prosecutes abroad in war after war for  a hypnotized style of life.

I don't like these people who rampaged but everything is connected and ignoring eternal truths leads to suffering.

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Unusual Police Activity Before London Riots

Of course. Population distraction time.

Clif High on Time Monk Radio

Worth it for the Web Bot food riots in Rome all the way to the Vatican.

The Fake Alien Threat (What Werner Von Braun Told Carol Rosin)

Werner Von Braun led the Saturn rocket propulsion programme at NASA after developing the V Bomb for the Nazis in the second world war.

Update: This latest Interview has Carol Rosin's ET encounter information.

Monday 15 August 2011

Two Military Jets & UFO (On Off World Alliance?)

Worth a look. Those Jet's look quite casual. It might be  CGI and it might not.

Richard Feynman - The Incomprehensible Nature Of Nature

Richard Feynman caught my ear first when explaining that nobody really knows what inertia is and I thought that was a good thing for a physics Nobel prize winner to say rather than that patronizing Royal 'we' that pompous scientists like Michio Kaku repeatedly use to highlight scientific superiority despite Michio being a peacock shill (and wrong about the nature of physics).

Feynman is the kind of man in this character examination documentary who translates the famous Mayan Dresden Codex from scratch to get the feel of the explorer who first discovered it. Later on he talks about the catch 22 of winning the Nobel prize. He neither wanted it or could turn it down as that would attract even more attention, which he knew interfered with the process of authentic inquiry.. Somebody should tell that to Michio Kaku when he pauses to inhale between script reading.

Alien Love Child DNA Results In (No Seriously)

The 900 year old skull's latest DNA tests point towards an alien zygote and then human mytochondrial DNA. It's an alien genetic love child put simply, but then we've known that Lloyd Pye's work has always pointed towards this conclusion, with science unable to do the Gallileo thing and upset their peer review, tenure seeking control masters that ET has been coming and going since the beginning of time.

Terence McKenna - Packing For A Long Strange Trip

I have a rule of thumb these days. If a person died prematurely and proselytized a compelling message of peace and human emancipation it's likely they were taken out for being dangerous to hierarchical control. This includes Lennon, McKenna and Bill Hicks.

Terence McKenna - Conversations At The Edge Of Magic

A good introduction to his work that challenges the flaws in the theory of evolution. His idea is equally tenuous but it does highlight the inexplicable gap that punctuated equilibrium (notice the odd terminology to explain an easy concept) tries to leap.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Is Krugman Pro Project Bluebeam?

Krugman is too far down the food chain (and too critical of ruling elites) to know what's really going on but he is high enough up the ladder to receive sotto voce tip offs if it suits an agenda. 

Interesting timing. 

Ancient Aliens And Sacred Places

If asked the best TV shows I've watched, I'd say The Wire for casting and scripts, and Ancient Aliens for prodding me to examine everything I ever knew. This is the third series but I do recommend going back to the beginning. All of them are available on Youtube. They are Socratic interrogations which makes them so enjoyable. Materialist science,  tenured history and archaeology wouldn't be the sham they currently are if they took their example from the only mainstream media content to question the fundamental delusion that planet Earth isn't the 7-Eleven of the cosmos. It is. Whatever way you cut the evidence.

Reptilian Symbolism in Conan the Barbarian


Satellite Morphed Composite Anomalies Worldwide August 11, 2011

Michio Kaku Is A Government Shill

Do not trust Michio Kaku. Don't trust me either as I'm only hypothesizing what the next drama will be based on research that is bound to have disinformation. But at least familiarise yourself with Project Blue Beam. Here's Michio Kaku being challenged on free energy by a nuclear physicist.

Genetic Kill Switches


Essential listening on Eugenics.

David Icke On Coast To Coast

It's unlikely a concious and aware, sentient human being could disagree with everything said in this well put together video.

Saturday 13 August 2011

Tariq Ali - The Arab Intifada & American Power

It's about the Arab uprising but Tariq Ali says he'd default on debt if in power while outlining the contrived bogus political divide that elects wishy washy Etonians who compete against each other on how much of our money to slash. Meanwhile the Corporation of London Banking bonuses soar sky high in preparation for one last fleecing of the public. Tariq Ali I think throws his hat into the ring of public service with this speech for the Socialist Workers Party.

Tariq is a man who understands the ebb and flow of history. It is the fool who fails to read the signs and discern impending systemic change.

Back in March I wrote a post for my friends and family in England titled 'Advice'. You can find it here here. England needs a leader who isn't part of the Kabuki theatre politics of left and right. Tariq has been kept on the periphery on the intellectual establishment not just by the Left who despise his authenticity but by the bean counters who really run the show and know how to provoke civil unrest when the spotlight is on their economic failings.

Real power cultivates failed generations so an entire layer of chavs can be thrown into the conflict of war abroad, or civil unrest at home. The recent riots like the 80's riots are an essential tool for managing populations.

Keep them stupid, keep them feral. Keep them broke. Then they are useful to panic the middle classes that something must be done and sweeping measures are a necessary evil. It's textbook Fascism.

The game is rigged. Wake up before it engulfs you. Tariq isn't perfect but he isn't a sell out. 

The Undeniable Fact

Throughout human history, what has been deemed as fact has often been shown to be fiction; and what has been thought of as fiction has been found to be fact. In a universe too immense to comprehend and a reality that is always shifting, unquestionable facts become rare, indeed.

As a result, humanity finds it difficult to find an anchor from which to build the perception of your existence. For every premise, theory or belief, there are those who would disagree or disprove its validity. There seems to be no common consensus of the reality in which you dwell or the world which you share.

Theologian, philosopher and sociologist alike have sought to find a common ground from which to participate and observe your world. The meaning of physical existence has been bantered and banged about by those seeking the truth and by those wishing to control. The purpose of your existence, the destiny of your days, the ultimate meaning of your life seems to be as numerous as the stars in the sky.

Yet, there is an undeniable fact, one that cannot be contested if you are reading these words–one that cannot be denied. It is the anchor and the foothold for all consciousness in creation and that undeniable fact is that you exist. We dare you to deny it or allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

So when you stand in the realization of your existence and declare that, “I AM,” you harness the power of creation and unleash its abilities into your physical expression. Is it not interesting, perhaps curious, that God itself declares its name I AM.

When you acknowledge your existence, you become one and inseparable from the dynamic force of the conscious creator and the creation. It is the anchor that holds you fast to the dynamic force of existence, all else in all the universes and all the dimensions is in flux and change except for the single solitary fact that you exist.

You might not think this so profound; for, it is easy to overlook because of the familiarity of your self-awareness. But do not let what seems to be a simple fact be diluted by the lack of attention, focus, and honor that it deserves. How often each day do you declare and celebrate that you exist? To do so would open the floodgates of heaven and the gates of the garden for you to reside.

The greatest prayer, the greatest statement, the only song ever sung in the universe, the Ohm, is an acknowledgement of “I AM.” Therein you will find your peace. Therein you will find your truth. Therein you will find your wisdom and strength to exist in the perfect expression of consciousness in physical form.

Christianity Incorporated

Santos Bonnaci is interviewed by Red Ice Radio and explains in more detail the Vatican's means of deception in order to maintain its grip on the intellectual, legal, spiritual and financial equity of human beings. 

The Vatican has illegitimately claimed authority over man and as it wont disband, it is destined to fall. Thank God.

Friday 12 August 2011

Treat Yourself To Terence

A previously unseen video interview with Terence McKenna just before he was diagnosed with brain cancer has surfaced. Terence is healthy, totally lucid and is interviewed by a person with just enough unfamiliarity of his work to explain to the newcomer his theories on time, compression, the I-Ching, novelty, entheogens, the eschaton, concrescence and much more. 

Hollywood Child Abuse

The normal human reaction is to assume this is still an isolated case. It's not. The elites of our institutions be they the Vatican, Seats of Government, Media, LawDefence and now Hollywood are riddled with an epidemic that a few days research uncovers convincingly.

I'm also convinced we're emerging into a new paradigm of transparency with information surfacing every few days. Feel free to click on the sex abuse tag below for related posts. Via Vigilant Citizen