Saturday 28 February 2015

911 Hijackers Neighbours With Mossad

Video reports like this tend to get removed when I post them here so I can't be responsible for that when people complain in the future. The Israeli involvement in 9/11 is overwhelming when studied in its entirety. This video alone isn't enough, it takes a lot more fact checking for the individual to pursue alone.

Thursday 26 February 2015

CIA and Mossad Behind Boko Haram

It's a little simplistic saying Mossad are behind ISIS because the back story is somewhat more complex.

Everybody who is awake and fully concious knows that all round the world Transatlantic Governments make inexplicable decisions every day, that the sheep and gormless consumers put down to incompetence and blow back.

Well that's not quite what is going on. The real power is a transnational shadow government who use the politicians seen in the corporate media as a front. By the time our weasel leaders have shinned up the greasy pole of pseudo power positions they are so compromised their job is to make unpopular decisions and take the abuse heaped upon them. 

They are handsomely rewarded for it with gold plated pensions and a retirement with permanent security and lucrative consultancies. While in power they are surrounded by the people who tell them what to do including security agencies, corporations and banks. This is self evident to anyone who has watched Cameron at the UN reading out conspiracy theories speeches that are typed out for him to say Putin who can take questions from his people for hours at a time with no rehearsals, no script and no dissembling.

ISIS IS ISIL Daesh and whatever rebranded name they use while the mind wipes forget about Al Qaeda relies upon CIA funded Jihadist schools, special ops armed forces, Saudi and Qatar money and CIA, Mossad and MI6 training and direction.

It's a witches brew to quote Gordon Duff. David Cameron and his ilk are not politicians they are great actors. The quicker people realise this the sooner we can get on with building a future for people that has meaning and value.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Geoffrey Dickens MP on Ritual Satanic Abuse

Many consumers have been programmed by influential media Satanists to scoff at Satanism so I'll try to explain Ritual Satanic Abuse (RSA) very quickly.

Sexually abusing children is a power transfer thing. By abusing children the abusers feel a sense of empowerment when resuming their normal persona that they present to the outside world (they have often been abused themselves so it's a cycle of abuse)

That power transfer during the abuse is, let's call it, an 'energetic expression'.

We've all been to a stadium rock-concert or a Premier League football match haven't we?

Did you feel the energy and the power during your favourite song or when a special goal was scored by your home team? 

That's a biochemical energetic expression coursing round your body for no other reason than information being received by your five senses.

Well that's what happens when an abuser tortures a child before or during the act of raping them.

The adrenal glands of prepubescent children creates a hormonal reaction that is much more powerful in children than in adults. This is why child abuse and sacrifice is preferred over adult abuse and sacrifice (see Biblical Virgin sacrifices for more information)

It's a magnified energetic expression. 

Conducting rituals on special days, in special places and in special ways (candles, symbolism, shapes, chanting etc) and the magnification is amplified even more according to Satanists. 

Murder the child after, and the oxidation of the adrenalin (epinephrine) produces adrenochrome and thus the maximum energetic transfer is complete.

You may not believe in it but the Satanists do. 

I believe they've tried it, and it's likely you haven't. 

Satanism is real and the people most invested in telling you it's not are the least to be trusted.

Update: Original video censored.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

What Else Is Jack Straw Hiding?

Many of us have known for a long time that Jack Straw is a low life bullshitter. His latest escapade being caught taking money to influence policy is no surprise but if you want to watch the above video you can find out just how pernicious he is.

Jack Straw as Tony Blair's home secretary legislated to gag children from exposing their rapist predators. In the audio above you can hear him both denying it and failing to remember doing so.

Monday 23 February 2015

Citizen Four

I recommend the Oscar Winning documentary Citizen Four. It's better on a cinema screen but if you don't have access to that watch the online documentary above. It's extraordinary how much I had forgotten about the revelations of the NSA/GCHQ spying episode.

There are still question marks about some of the protagonists but all in all I think the players are authentic if not a little blind on some of the key issues of big secrets.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Chavez on Gaza

We live in a world where a great Statesman like Hugo Chavez was probably murdered by the CIA and to this day Venezuela suffers from regular coup attempts from the Neocons including Barack Obama and a stream of lies about his record are pumped out by the Zionist media.

These are the same people who lined up to weep and pay tribute to King Abdullah's recent death in Saudi Arabia.

This is not a world I accept and change it I will to the best of my ability.

Muslims Form Ring of Peace at Oslo Synagogue

The Scandinavians are among the most civilised among us. I'm proud that some of this has rubbed off on their population and that Muslims are leading the way for peace.

Saturday 21 February 2015

American Sniper by @adamkokesh

It's easy to unveil the mindlessness of Pentagon propaganda movie lovers but Adam Kokesh has done an excellent job of patiently hearing out a group of them before holding a mirror up to them so that they begin to feel uncomfortable with their own reflection.

Friday 20 February 2015

The Eclectic Viewpoint of John Judge

John Judge died last year and although there was an uptick in interest with his work he is still largely ignored despite being probably one of the smartest and wittiest conspiracy analysts of all time. 

He was friends with Mae Brussell and had a few blind spots in his analysis (the Israeli links) but his work is crucial to assembling a larger picture that I would hope would be all the readers', not either mine or the toxic corporate media's analysis of what is going on.

It's With A Heavy Heart I'm In Front of You Now

The gap between what is happening in real life and what is reported on the news is why most people who watch corporate news without scepticism are suffering a kind of mental illness that falls under the delusion-of-self-category.

Myron May was a successful attorney before he became a targeted individual. I've studied and blogged the subject enough to know that much of it is very real and very hard for even close friends of targeted individuals to get their head around.

All the sceptic has to do is listen to the Presidential Bioethics Commission that was swept under the carpet by the Zombie media.

Nobody knows the reason for this happening but a couple of days researching it is all that need be done.

Thursday 12 February 2015

I Don't Understand American Grief

Politically it's to my advantage that Islamophobia is being taken seriously, and so this isn't going to make me many friends.

I watched this and I don't know how anyone could go on Television and not cry after their brother was murdered only hours before.

Maybe I just don't understand American grief but to be honest I don't want to either if it feels so synthetic, dry and scripted.

Anderson Cooper is a full on media weasel. I'm just saying.

Sunday 8 February 2015

John Titor Update

It's nice to admit I got something wrong from time to time or people might think I'm under the impression I'm always right. That simply isn't the case, and I'm always going back to look at flaws and errors in any views I hold.

I've loved the John Titor story since the first time I heard it but this video provides for me the strongest evidence that John Titor is a journalist.

There are still great questions outstanding such as how did this journalist predict so much

I intend to look into it a bit more but I think it's safe to say that John Titor is not from the future (but could still be of the future).

The presenter of the video requires time to be taken credibly but I think you'll be convinced if you can make it to the end. He's done a solid job and clever about it too.

Kay Griggs - Our Degenerate NATO Military

I've posted this information years ago but someone has kindly uploaded a non audio tampered version, and in one sitting. 

The information in this interview is essential for those wishing to connect the degeneracy of every institution on the planet from child rape to assassinations. Kay is an odd sort and evidently enjoyed being close to the top layer, but her testimony connects in hundreds of ways to others for those who have the patience to listen to quality testimony on the internet.

Update: The clean audio version above was censored. I've embedded the full version below but haven't checked it for audio tampering.

Monday 2 February 2015

Airline Attendant Demolishes 9/11 Misinformation

Rebekah Roth publishes information on 9/11 that demolishes the tissue of lies needed to hold the story together. Like any smart woman respected by her colleagues she also understands Israel were the architects of 9/11. This is a must listen interview. I learned a lot of things I'd never heard covered before.

Sunday 1 February 2015

Ben Fellows vs Kiddy Fiddler Ken

This post may in the future be blocked in the UK so please read and share it while still permitted. 

Alternatively you might like to know that adding .de or another country domain can work in different places if you wish to see the last post that was censored on this subject.


I first became aware of Ben Fellows as the journalist who broke the Olympics security scandal that the newspapers widely reported but didn't credit him with.


After the Jimmy Savile revelations I learned he had been a child actor and knew much about the Westminster and Celebrity child rape culture.


Ben fellows was employed as a 'child actor' by the Cook Report for ATV (Update this may have been Central Television not ATV) who were investigating the Cash for Questions scandal because the producers knew that Ian Greer and many other MP's liked young boys. Ian Greer introduced Ben to Ken Clarke who put his hand on Ben's genitals and kept them there. Ken has claimed this is a case of mistaken identity yet Ian Greer did the introduction as Ben had no prior knowledge of Ken Clarke. The incident was filmed by hidden camera. David Cameron who was then head of corporate affairs at Carlton TV purchased ATV and the documentary was buried during the Sleaze Scandal of John Major's Government.


When the Ken Clarke episode emerged we saw a flurry of suspicious activity from powerful voices who came out to protect Ken by smearing Ben Fellows' good name. These included John Ward at the Slog and David Hencke at the mysteriously funded Exaro News who do a great job on dead paedophiles but a shabby one on living child rapists. The Metropolitan Police paedophile unit were secretly filmed on camera at Ben Fellows home admitting that Ken Clarke was too powerful to arrest.


Ben was subsequently threatened with his life over the phone and by a masked figure standing outside his house. He chose to protect his life by leaving the country for Spain. Ben voluntarily returned to the UK in December where he was charged with perverting the course of justice, immediately arrested at the airport and sent to prison.

It is of course possible that Ken was just grabbing and holding what he thought was a 15 year old boy's penis during a time when raping children by Westminster politicians was fashionable. Whether he is or isn't a child rapist is to be determined in due course. However the powerful forces and disinformation that have targeted Ben Fellows is unmistakable corroboration that he's telling the truth.

If Ken Clarke goes down so do Cameron and Clegg.


Update: Ben Fellows was cleared in court. Many questions are left lingering.