Friday 31 January 2014

Wall St Connections to the Bolshevik Revolution

Tom Secker undermines Professor Antony Sutton's claim that Wall St. funded the Bolshevik revolution. I think it's an analysis that is welcome but it doesn't really take into account that we are often referring to Zionist banking bloodlines when we discuss the sponsorship of centuries of war, carnage and toxic ideologies including Communism, Nazism and Zionism.

I don't think Tom's got the bottle to go down that route but if he has I recommend In the Shadow of Hermes as a starting point on Zionist Masonic Bolshevism.

Update: Tom deleted his analysis as you can see above.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Om ahh hum by Jane Winther :

Edward Snowden's "Informal" Computer Training

I don't know about you but there's something about Edward Snowden that doesn't add up. I don't buy that he still isn't working for the national security parasite complex. He's not a computer administrator. He's a CIA spy who worked in Switzerland as such.

Update: He reminds us of his CIA career.

He's too smart to have rejected a college education without giving a good reason and hints in this interview (on Youtube now pulled) at an 'informal education' that somebody provided. 

Snowjob hasn't told me anything I don't know and he flat out tells a lie in this interview that he gave all his information to the American public. 

That's not true. 

Glen Greenwald took it, gave us 1% of nothing and is now scoring a book and movie deal with HollyWeird™ and a publishing venture with an NSA partner Paypal, while Edward Snowden claims like George Bush:

Mission Accomplished what a scrotum.

Nevertheless, the German Interviewer (video now pulled) here is so much more superior than the dribble the English language media-world spits out. Take a look yourself. Make your own mind up.

Here's a more interesting analysis of what's going on.

I recommend reading Naomi Wolf's piece on Ed Snowjob

Update: Wayne Madsen confirms that it's most likely Ed Snowjob is factional warfare between the CIA and NSA. This makes a lot of sense. Any friction between the two is good for us but that doesn't mean we're getting the whole story.

All Is Lost

As soon as I read the marketing people hadn't backed All is Lost, despite winning rave reviews (HollyWeird™ prefers to pimp low brow propaganda these days) I downloaded it immediately.

Like anyone else I wondered how Robert Redford was going to carry a whole movie with just himself and a sinking boat but he does it, and does it well. 

What a movie to cap a fine acting career. He may still do another cracker but this stands out like a finale gem.

TVillas Thailand

Back in August last year, I did some consulting work for the largest Thai Villa rental company in the country. They put me up in one of their Villas in Pattaya and I was struck by how spacious, relaxed and luxurious, it all felt compared to staying in a hotel. I wrote a quick concept ad for a presentation I did for them.

Most of the Villas come with a pool, so if you can find a few mates or come to Thailand with a family, then the cost of renting a luxury villa really does beat a hotel hands down. T Villas (T for Thailand) have Villas all over the Kingdom from the Northern mountainous region of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to the Islands of Koh Samui, Phuket as well as Hua Hin, Pattaya and more.

T is for Thailand but, T is also the name of the owner of the website business, so if you book a Villa you're dealing with a trusted friend. I don't make any money out of it but I'm happy to recommend someone who has a terrific product, works hard, has a good heart and is a close friend of mine.

In my analysis, and I told the company this when I presented to them: Rented Villas are Hotel Killers. 

Once you've tried one you'll probably never look back. 

It's better value, and a better holiday experience.

You can follow T on Twitter

She's having a good month so far.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet [and One World Govt]

Poor old Ted Kaczynski was yet another victim of the fascist American Government's MKULTRA mind control programmes. It's tiresome watching documentaries where a victim gets all the blame by so called smart people who don't have the intellectual courage to look into the background of people exploited by elite Defence and Spy psychopaths parading as the best and the brightest.

This somewhat disjointed documentary riffs off Kurt Godel's incompleteness theorem, those old frauds Ken Kesey, Stewart Brand and Timothy Leary but there's some brilliant interview scenes with key components of the military industrial complex and bizarre exposures of paradoxical initiatives for global domination while avoiding fascism.

It's stuffed with people who suffer from very obvious cognitive dissonance. Flag wavers, war machine parasites, intellectual rogues and academic scoundrels.

Sunday 26 January 2014

Scarlet Johansson's Blood Bubbles

Scarlett Johansson is Ashkenazi Jewish so to be fair to her she probably doesn't give a shit about the IDF using Palestinian kids for sniper practise. That don't make it right though.

Sandy Hook Debate - Professor James Fetzer & 'Investigative' Journalist Keith Johnson

Current News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with AFP Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

If I was challenged to a debate about Sandy Hoax™ I'd make sure to read Professor Fetzer's article "Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax" defining the irrefutable question marks about Sandy Hook. Regrettably Keith Johnson didn't do that so he relies on the ad hominem and presumably an article he has yet to write but which nobody has yet seen with points he raises in this debate.

It's evident he's more interested in defending a position than researching claims.

We're not quite sure what the full story is on Sandy Hook but it's clear that the media and crisis actors were an organized part of the equation. 

I recommend watching Sofia Smallstorm's deconstruction of the event either before or after this debate, which is moderated by Dave Gahary of American Free Press.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Monday 20 January 2014

Was Carlos Castaneda a CIA Social Engineering Asset?

The only reason FOIA requests are being refused on Terence McKenna and Carlos Casteneda for National Security Reasons is that they were assets of the CIA. The CIA has released the files on John Lennon and Mafia bosses and we all know that mickey mouse Shamans are the favourite asset of the CIA to engineer deadheads who talk big but never actually do anything.

Here's my criticism of Jan Irving who hasn't got the balls to call me disinfo to my face in an interview where I will tackle his empty claims.

Footnote that sunshine.

Jon Stewart - Congress, Justin Bieber & Iran

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Stanley Cohen Interview

Boiling Frogs is an essential alternative media aperture, so if you can afford a donation to listen to this go here

Otherwise this latest interview with the Great Stanley Cohen is posted above.

The information in this interview links directly to the points I recently shared with Joslyn Stevens with respect to Glen Greenwald and the #Paypal14.

Thursday 9 January 2014

Pan American Airline Archive Film for Thailand

The voice over at 10 minutes says 'Kites such as this represent Siamese men. Nowhere else in the world are kite flyers such skilled manipulators. Competing with the male kites are frivolous and wriggling female kites'

If we take into account that kite flying in Thai is a metaphor for having a tug I think this promotional video has a lot more subtext than would otherwise be evident.

The film relies on the Asian clich├ęs that I've talked about in The Wonderful World of Suzie Wong and The Ugly American that was filmed in Thailand.

Strangely enough a Zbigniew Brzezinski character steps off the Pan American plane in the beginning. I don't recognise many of the roads apart from Ratchadamnoen and a distant Victory Monument in the beginning, but some look like Chinatown as they're one-way a lot of the time. There's plenty of Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kaew.

There's lots of guff in this propaganda film, such as a claim that Thais eat one pound of rice a day. That's not the case even if they are referring to cooked rice and completely impossible if referring to dry rice.

I just checked. It's 285 grams a day 

However there are some nice clips of old Bangkok, and it's worth a watch for the enthusiast. There's a nice opening scene of the view from Pratumnak Hill overlooking the crescent bay of Pattaya

To the south is Jomtien Beach but that isn't shown.

Bangkok Photograph by Ian Taylor

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Did Twitter Just Throttle My Account? - Let's Ask @SumAll

I'll know for sure in three or four days because I use SumAll to measure and automatically publish my data statistics publicly, but my gut feel is my Twitter account retweets have suddenly fallen off a cliff since yesterday. 

Let's see. I'll continue to talk about the issues I feel need greater awareness and I'll post the next SumAll automatic update below, when it comes, along with any other supporting evidence. 

I'll let the data do the talking.

As you can see the figures are down but not drastically. All I can assume is that Twitter is throttling my retweets so that I don't get feedback as to what is working but that doesn't mean it is not getting retweeted. Oddly enough it says I have 13.5K New followers but that's not accurate. I have that number of followers not new people.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Great Gore Vidal on Coincidence Realists


Gore Vidal was the only person of his class who had the courage to take a closer look at the events of his day, and saw what many of us have concluded. The official narrative is nonsense.

It is for this reason we have to give Gore Vidal credit where it is due. He was a real intellectual and there are so few of them in the spineless consensus reality dupes that the corporate media and power elite serve up for those who have 30 second attention spans between spectator sports and reality shows.

The media are trying to smear his reputation now, but this is the same media that protected Jimmy Savile. Don't trust them. They're smearing his name because he told us a little about reality. 

I wont link to the stories but you can find them with a quick search.

Update: I had to change the video which was a C-SPAN clip, again.

Bangkok Street Scenes 1971

There's some real vintage Thailand video-gems being uploaded to Youtube these days. Many are from seasoned German tourists visiting Thailand back in the day, with cine film cameras and now sharing their home edited films and so forth. 

This one has street scenes from Bangkok including the old Erawan Shrine before it was smashed up by a mentally ill person who was then chased and killed by a mob (mob mentality).

There are also Chinatown (Yaowarat) scenes, Ratchadamnoen Avenue (I think), the Art Deco Hua  Lamphong Station, Khlong Saen Sab (by the looks of the low bridge) and possibly Rama IV.

If I've made any mistakes or you spot anything else I'd love to hear from you. 

I've also been posting some vintage Pattaya and Jomtien Beach videos over at my Jomtien blog.

Teppanyaki Kamakazi

Magician, Doc Penguino of Thailand's brilliant short film Teppanyaki Kamikaze is a must watch if you fancy a good laugh and a little insight into a very contemporary slapstick movie set in a modern Thailand that is rarely portrayed in the tourist driven media.

Watch it over here, and please vote for it if you like it as much as I did.

Monday 6 January 2014

Imagine Dragon's - Ode To Stanley Kubrick

Nice to see pop culture intelligently lampooning the studio footage of the Apollo Landing. 

We may have gone to the moon, but they didn't show us the real footage.

Sunday 5 January 2014

American Hustle

If you believe in movies where the FBI bust a clutch of Senators for bribe taking, you've probably not noticed that in real life the FBI and the Senators are a crime syndicate who generally bust ordinary people for trivial stuff compared to their own degenerate actions.

That said, American Hustle is worth watching just to see Christian Bale transform himself yet again, in the opposite direction of his role in The Machinist. From Belsen Camp survivor to pot bellied comb over. He's a professional actor. He does the job and does it well.

Whoever cast this movie secured two of the finest female performances (Bale's wife and lover) I've seen since Blue Valentine but unfortunately got it completely wrong on a Mayor. There are no nice guys in politics and if they are nice they certainly don't quiff like a Teddy Boy.
The writing is average, the plot tries to be comedy and drama without really doing either but there are some great stylish scenes and once again, the two female actresses are superb. 

It''s worth watching just to see them, and their bathroom scene where some strong truths are said and a surprisingly unexpected something or other that I wont spoil for you if you decide to watch it.

Alex Jones Interviews Michael Hoffman

This is before Alex Jones was censored on which subjects he can talk about by I presume, the Jewish Lobby. It's very instructive because I thought he never talked about these subjects as he has a Jewish wife. Clearly I was wrong on that point.

Alex still interrupts and has a rampant ego throughout the interview. 

It's almost embarrassing. Actually it is embarrassing and is tortuous self promotion.

This is excellent information though on Talmudic indoctrination of Jewish children.

Something that has to stop for the sake of the Palestinians.

Friday 3 January 2014

Jeff Rense Interviews Michael Hoffman, Author of Judaism Discovered

Amazon publishes books that are pro Nazi, pro necrophilia, pro Animal sex and so on, so I'm always on the alert for books they actually have banned. Michael Hoffman's tome, Judaism Discovered details Judaism's theological rationale for killing non Jews such as Christians or currently their main victims are the Palestinians who are on the receiving end.

Judaism is a very complicated religion but in essence it is anti Old Testament. Now I'm no fan of any religion, but one that calls for killing non Jews as pre-emptive action for self defence sounds much like that Christian nutter George Bush or those Takfiri Islamic psychos currently beheading Syrian soldiers. 

They're all nuts aren't they?

It's time to move on. 

Thursday 2 January 2014

Hope For BBC? - A Rare Israel Spoof

Tucked away on BBC3 and unlikely to be raised too frequently, this comedy sketch on Israeli land theft nevertheless shows signs of hope that at least humour can occasionally be used to raise the questions about Israeli ethnic cleansing and land grabs in Palestine.

For once the charges of antisemitism when criticizing Israel are lampooned and laid bare for what they are. Censorship of evil.

Gore Vidal Censored by Television

The great Gore Vidal is for me one of the few whistle-blowers of his class. In this short clip he explains why he isn't allowed back on Television. If he was the dog and pony show called American politics would stand bare for what it is. A diversionary strategy.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Bitcoins For Activism

I've got a Bitcoin Account, that allows people who respect my activist work to contribute towards keeping me going, in a manner that reflects my rejection of central banking, fiat currencies and fractional reserve banking.

If you can chip in my code is: 1D7e2QQx1crBsNDTi7627EY3xwvM98d4MK or the QR Code above.

All donations are hugely appreciated. Even a gesture donation makes me smile.

Corporate Media™ Collusion in 9/11

September Clues raises more questions than it answers, but makes a cogent case for the No Planer theory. I'm so cynical of corporate media, that after NSA collusion with manufacturers and digital service providers to spy on us, I see no reason why a mornings viewing of video editing wasn't part of the 9/11 psyops.

Anyway, make your own mind up. 

But after watching the evidence, not before. It's quite comprehensive.

Goebbels on The Big Lie

NSA Uses Exotic Technology [1KW RF Wave Beam - Ragemaster] To Spy on People

This is a must listen presentation by Jacob Appelbaum (@ioerror) on NSA spying. Particularly towards the end if you want to hear about the wave beam spying.

The NSA has exotic technology often discussed in conspiracy research circles only, and ridiculed as tin foil hat, kook, wacko conspiracy theory by the corporate media who have an interest in propping up the system as they too are complicit in many of the HollyWeird productions now being peddled as news.

In addition to this, Jacob outlines that most American technology brands are compromised. Apple backdoors, Dell front doors, Cisco routers, Yahoo Mail, CNN websites, and even spy technology  inserted into computer casing or hard drives, so they are never discovered after they are delivered.

Anybody who has for example, ever criticized anybody privately, in an email or watched some internet porn is compromised. The NSA will have no hesitation in blackmailing people to be their assets in the future.

That's what happens when the psychopaths are in charge.

This is only the beginning. The satellite scanning of humanity is well discussed elsewhere on the net. 

It's a prison planet unless you're watching your footy and reality TV and commenting on celebrities.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.