Thursday 29 September 2016

Debunking 'arm chair blogger' Bellingcat

Bellingcat AKA Brown noses Moses is easy to decipher. Whatever is good for Israel and NATO is good for Elliot Higgins.

Mega-Interview: Jay w/Afternoon Commute – Spies, Lies & Drug Culture

Quality conversation with a steady accumulation of details that allow the interested person to build a picture of reality grounded in data points not speculation.

Monday 26 September 2016

Israel and 911, The Empire Unmasked (excerpts) Ryan Dawson

Some people say the BBC made a mistake broadcasting the the demolition of building 7 before it happened. I claim it was a deliberate mistake by the kind of people who resent having to create toxic propaganda and just wanted to tip us off.

Israel and it's Zionist puppets in the media such as paedophile defender Lord Finkelstein never tipped us off. They gloated about it after.

Sunday 25 September 2016

Causeway Bay Crossing Timelapse

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 1974

What You Need To Know About Black Lives Matter

There's no question that some cops in the US are trying to start a race war. It's necessary to monitor the video clips pouring forth daily to realise there's a huge problem with the largely Masonic entity called the police FORCE. 

However the video above also emphasises the point that George Soros is deliberately funding the conflict with willing dupes including blacks being shipped into flash point areas and paid 25 Dollars a day.

On the one hand we have a systemically corrupt police force, on the other we have people fueling it and supporting politicians who can exploit the themes. These include Hillary Clinton with Black Lives Matter and Trump with his more authoritarian counter narrative of 'Police or White Lives Matter'.

Eastern Promises

A modern day classic. Viggo Mortensen is superb and the story telling is excellent. I recall the first time I came across the Russian Mafia in the Bahnhof area of Frankfurt and they're a tough bunch.

Holocaust Huffing Hollywood

Michael Hoffman is a superb intellect and academic. He doesn't suffer fools gladly. 

I know because he chastised me abruptly from time to time if I got something wrong on Twitter for questioning the Hollywood version of events.

The Historian David Irving was one of the most respected in his field once. His books sold internationally. Christopher Hitchen's applauded them and Irving's early investment in working in the steel factories of Germany, after the war, where he learned to speak German, paid off as he could interview living witnesses such as Hitler's last secretary and read the original archives, unlike the well paid Historians of today who peddle the fictitious inflation of 6M and the obscene lies about gas chambers.

A movie to smear David Irving's name is out. It will be quoted by those who lack the backbone to investigate the subject themselves.

Saturday 24 September 2016

Is Charlie Sheen A Child Abuser?

Alt Media Vs Jill Stein


It's extraordinary how few Alt Media 'talking heads' in the USA have any grasp of how good Jill Stein is. They bemoan the quality of Trump and Hillary while maintaining their ignorance of a real alternative. Maybe they watch too much corporate media?

Joe Atwill on Degenerate Alfred Kinsey, Aleister Crowley & The Frankfurt School

Joe Atwill demolishes more 20th century icons with an in depth analysis of the degenerate Alfred Kinsey, Aleister Crowley and the Jewish Frankfurt School.

Friday 23 September 2016

In Quick Succession

There was a time when I lost about 10 cell phones in quick succession. Mainly in the back of Thai taxis. I had many negotiations with drivers to return my property at a price that was reasonable to both of us.

This was expensive back in the noughties, even for a Planning Director of DDB Bangkok (Later Far East DDB) where I worked in the advertising business, but later on, as a self employed strategic planning consultant the price of having to pay for it myself was painfully frustrating.

Everybody knows I'm forgetful. There are people who loathe me with a vengeance that I've long forgotten, and conversely from time to time somebody tells me something nice or funny I did and I am happy to be reminded.

Anyway, those days seem so long ago as I've not lost a phone for as long as I can remember. What happened? Did my Thomas Covenant override switch finally kick-in, or did I just grow up? I don't know.

In any case, last week I mislaid my phone in Brecht's Bar. It's the kind of place I've known the staff for 13 years and have no problem leaving my wallet or phone on the bar while I smoke a cigarette outside. Apparently I did this last week, and it was spotted, so my Samsung S4, secured from the more obscure prefectures of Japan was dropped into a plastic bag by my partner for the night, while we continued our way to Amazonia, the best live cover band in the South China Sea.

I completely forgot about my phone and had such a good time, absolved myself of any responsibility. By the time my evidently unwell bezzie mate had decided to catch a taxi I was in too a stubborn mood to repeat my earlier question, I had declared "you're not well and need to go home?".

In any case with the Taxi on it's way, I returned to the floor and finished off some air guitar solo moves before deciding the fun was over and left myself.

On the way home I realised I'd lost my phone.

Naturally, when I awoke the next day I rushed like brass and leather over to my companion's hotel only to be informed "No I fucking don't have it", whereby the room door closed locking her out and which I've outlined on in all its naked glory on Tripadvisor for all the world to see (unlike Germar Rudolph's Chemistry Master Degree from the Prestigious Max Planck Institute proving the gas chamber malarkey is psyop bullshit).

I've learned over time to trust other people's gut instincts so even though I went back to the Amazonia Jungle Byzantine Cover Up Bar to ask if anyone handed it in, I trusted my counsel when they repeatedly reminded me, it's still ringing, someone hasn't stolen it.

Well, "blow me" I exclaimed when on Sunday night in a Taxi we dropped into Amazonia and were greeted with swiftly-recollecting staff faces that a phone had been retrieved and all I had to do was describe it and sign my name with my alternative Mickey Mouse signature that I use for collateral debt splicing sales that I used at Goldman Sachs.

Amazing right?

Well my jubilant demeanour was quickly trashed on a 7-Eleven mission for some sodas and sandwiches. On the way back to the hotel I noticed my wallet, laden with coins was dragging my shorts down in the side pocket it was perched in. As I crossed the road I pulled my shorts up and noticed that the driver of the Benz vehicle was a typically-young but upwardly mobile, and casually dressed driver of the car.

This got me thinking about the wealth distribution in Hong Kong and how that compares to Singapore and if the proximity to China was the the key driver?

Then I noticed my wallet was missing. I patted my pockets, patted again, and then patted intermittently for the next five minutes as I legged it to the 7-Eleven just in case I'd left it at the counter where I had greedily eaten a Chicken and Celery Sandwich.

No such luck, and so by this time I'd started to doubt my sanity. Resigned to yet another loss on top of that Hong Kong CID story of yesteryear I dejectedly returned to the hotel with all avenues explored and bearing a preposterous story that I doubted would be believed by anyone including me if I hadn't been the protagonist in the story...

Back at the hotel my 'shot dog' eyes and slumped shoulders told the story before I had the chance to repeat it in full. 

Just as I was on the second circuit, 'you do believe me don't you?', the hotel room-bell rang, and as I was standing next to it I opened the door.

There in front of me was a middle young aged man with what looked like his Indonesian partner (or the maid from a shopping venture, who knows?) thrusting my wallet back into my hand.

"Welcome to Hong Kong" he said.

I had dropped it in the road.

Can you believe me?

Did I just make this up.

Welcome to Hong Kong.

Double Indemnity and no mistake.

Thank you Hong Kong. It's not the money or the phone but the knowledge that not everyone pockets that which they stumble over.

Life is good.

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton

Thursday 22 September 2016

Conspiracy Theory (1997) | Mel Gibson & Julia Roberts

A Hollywood movie about conspiracy theories is pretty much the last format I've ever have considered taking seriously. However, despite the over the top, too-paranoid-to-take-seriously, and buffoon-clown behaviour of Mel Gibson there are a few nuggets. 

The first hint is when he talks about "they" or "them" as NASA, among others.

In 1997 very few people would have entertained NASA as a deep state player but we now know most of the visuals they pump out, if not all, are completely synthetic, and that they played a huge role in the industrialisation processes of mind-controlled victims through trauma-based dissociative techniques. The evidence is mainly testimonial (although disparate sources state the same details) and of course the connection between Operation Paperclip NASA and Mind Control Nazis is self-evident.

Most mind control is done through Hollywood and Corporate Media programming coupled with some dietary factors like fluoride addition, GMOs (OMGs) and Big Pharma. This is easy to see when observing people who would rather eat their own vomit than discuss reality.

However those who claim that MKULTRA and mind control programmes to create assassins and so forth are largely fictional/exaggerated, simply haven't done their homework. Presidents, Sports Stars, Spooks and Celebrities are reliably documented MKULTRA victims and even mentioned in the mainstream Hollywood narrative (if you know what you're looking for).

Many are used in Occult rituals for their genetic propensity to manifest demons, djinns or whatever vocabulary you prefer to describe non-orthodox entities.

The movie is also interesting because it confirms that the mind control techniques which used to be Secret Society intelligence, spilt over into the CIA, NASA and all the other sadistic poisonous groups that infect consumer society with events that most have no idea of how to explain. 

So it's factional mind control wars which is fairly logical if the researcher thinks it through, and Trump vs Clinton is a working example of this dynamic at some level.

Sunday 18 September 2016

The People's Voice | David Icke

When I was invited as a guest on The People's Voice I did so because I wished them well. However at the time I thought the idea of an internet television station was futile because that's exactly what Youtube is and their are a number of other sites if Youtube is censoring.

I never watched TPV but I was sad to hear that it had folded as a lot of people donated their money to see it succeed (2M Pounds).

Nobody can doubt that David Icke has done a grand job of waking up millions and I've enjoyed much of his information. He has never done a good job of explaining that his reptilian information is based on a huge amount of people coming to him and telling him of their first hand experiences in a short space of time. I suggest that may have been the intelligence services trying to lead him down a path that would discredit him even though the information is a lot older than just verbatim reports of claims made to him that he felt were credible.

Multiple unconnected first hand reports are the basis of journalism. This would be my explanation if I was David Icke instead of trying to say it's true.

Personally I love calling Trump and Hillary lizards because they are so scaly and it makes me laugh so I don't see what the big deal is. They certainly don't behave human.

David Icke's legacy for me has been diminished as he no longer has new information to share. The kind of people willing to listen to him for 12 hours at his live presentations are not the kind of people I'd enjoy dissecting his information with. Like Max Igan followers, many are looking for a fix rather than a solution.

I applaud his work and appreciate the personal sacrifice made in exposing the Banks, Bloodlines, Government, Zionism and many other cases of corruption often maligned as conspiracy by low information consumers of corporate media programming.

Unlike many others in the field of research I'm just as comfortable watching a Derrida presentation as I am a video about aliens. It's just information. Like the inflated holocaust figures and the fictitious gas chambers, it's the real philosophers that buckle up and investigate. The pseudo philosophers like to stay in the safety zone.

While researching this article I came across Chris Geo of The People's Voice decrying the amount of money that was wasted trying to set up a bad business model. However the information Chris and Sheree are pumping out on Truth Frequency Radio is of the lowest quality meconium with zero discernment, and journalistic integrity in the negative numbers.

There's no doubting the world is a lot stranger than many think. But the point is to grow with the information and revisit it not just regurgitage the latest episode of clearly identifiable bullshit.

I'm That Jew

Mr Nobody

It's hard to tell if Mr Nobody is just incoherent or too convoluted too grasp on the first viewing. It's a pretty movie though so that helps but any script that has the same character with different accents for the same character is a timeline movie and that's pretty much the same as anything goes. Which isn't as interesting as it sounds.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Tariq Ali's 9/11 Blindness

Dear Tariq

It pains me to respond to your recent 9/11 interview uploaded on Youtube but I was so offended by your words that I request you consider a more pluralist and nuanced opinion in future.

Like you I felt it preposterous that 9/11 was not orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden. I have no wish to persuade you otherwise but it is of critical intellectual importance that some sympathy is considered for the magnitude of distress that arises when over a period of years not months of research, I was obliged to change my opinion.

It is not a light decision. 

It poisons the well of good faith, attacks the integrity of consensus reality and earns the greatest of ridicule. It is so anathema to Western civilisation it has been career suicide in the past to be open on the matter. One can question the million deaths the ensuing war on Iraq incurred but one cannot question the veracity of the event that promulgated it. Is not this magnitude of deceit the strongest evidence that something is rotten in the heart of the Anglo Saxon TransAtlantic alliance?

It is crushing that the examples you used to argue your case were not very well informed points of order at all and require the worst excesses of damaging speculation to address. The sine qua non of the coincidence theorist is Building 7. Speak about that for ten minutes and no conspiracy realist will ever question your integrity.

Look, Tariq. I don't know if a plane or not hit the Pentagon because I've heard incredible arguments for both. I also don't know if it was an inside false flag or as some have framed it, a coup d'etat on the Bush Government that a new group were the new gang taking over.

The point is certainty is the last stance a person should make and that applies so much more to the people who believe the official narrative. To give these warmongers the benefit of trust makes no sense.

It is not easy to be persuasive on this matter. My intention is largely to convey one point so often not fully grasped. It is very painful to change one's mind on 9/11.. The consequences change one's life and bring great sorrow.

By the way I thought your 9/11 Berlin Cellar address in New York suggested you might be unable to be candid on the matter. Either way I ask you to be courteous to the complexity and power of consensus reality.


Charles Frith

The All Seeing Eye Scam

When looking closely at the groups that get together and reach consensus on who prints money (in complete silence in the media, politics, economics, academia and so forth) it seems to me the all seeing eye is the deception.

There's no way one person can control everything or there would be a coup from time to time. A more effective model would  be a group of people who acknowledge they are in a state of perpetual conflict for power but abide by a single rule. That rule is a bit more complicated to explain but it basically allows for power to act anonymously or through proxy. Once you're in that club you can do anything. As long as you're taking it out on the innocent and the already exploited in large numbers that profit the group or even less.

On this point pyramid model proselytizers need to be pressured. Either explain who the eye is or as I have done, explain what the eye is. After all it's the top of the pyramid at Giza that is missing. Very telling.

Zionist Israeli Censorship of the Internet

I wrote this quite some time back and left it in draft, but it still has utility and is relevant so even though it's a bit rough I will publish it. There's a few good points made and they're still relevant though Posterous is now defunct. In my experience the only researchers worth a damn on the internet call out Zionist power. If someone isn't calling out Zionist Jewish Power while blaming the CIA, Hollywood, The Jesuits or the Vatican or whatever, thy either don't understand the problem or are too scared to state it. Usually it's the latter and this argument can be proven by numbers and simple statistics including probability mathematics so nobody ever argues against it except through childish ad hominem attacks.

Here is a point I want to make to anyone still reading. The internet may not be with us forever. Golden ages aren’t permanent or they wouldn’t be Golden and the Golden Age of the internet is largely  behind us. The future will .extend as long as we choose to collectively decide the materialist money grabbers and control freak feds are fight for it perpetually. The cockroaches aint going away. They are regrouping.

There’s a risk free way to fight back.

Open a fast start free anonymous blog such as tumblr, posterous or UTFG (Use the fucking Google) and I assure you that even if you have zero readers (Yes I said Zero) the data sniffers at the NSA and all the other parasite alphabet agencies have to factor in your criticism and dissatisfaction when formulating strategy. Their algorhithms weigh content and traffic but are unable to measure the future. Once it’s posted it exists.

These control freaks and peddlers of lies secrets and pain are getting very sloppy as they begin to panic. Decisions are rushed and even the flock don’t buy it every time like in the past. This is how it works when controllers start to lose the narrative.

Free speech on the net is under massive institutional attack and the first battle was won but did you know we lost the second one within 24 hours? RIP Megaupload A pioneer of freedom sharing.

In this golden age of internet free speech and its lowest possible cost, instantaneous global footprint and anonymity is there any remaining reason for not having a story and a few blog posts to share with the grand children or next generation to show integrity?

We are not defined so much by what we withhold as by what we share.

It’s a human trait elites don’t understand so get stuck in and puke your guts up online. The NSA is the morning cleaner. Always have been.

Why Do The Powerful Like Paedosadism?

Most people are like, yeah ritual satanic abuse of  kids is a front page story but a back page reality. 

That's not accurate all and a quick look at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's connections to Child Procuror and Paedosadist Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates the closeness of power to the subject.

For example David Icke has claimed that Sandringham was a blood sacrifice location along with Balmoral Castle. Does this mean a convenient conspiracy theorist dumped a teenagers body there to add fuel to the rumours? Here's David on the issue. Looking like a little like a prophet these days isn't he?

The elites layers of society are well versed in the occult knowledge of energy flows and even though I've written about this from time to time, I've come across the information from Project Camelot that explains it even better than my last attempt which was based on what I learned from Jay Weidner. It all fits together the deeper the subject is studied, and I'm sorry but you need to know this information as the quicker it gets out the quicker we can protect children from being abused and exploited through the ignorance that it really does go on.

There does not seem to be any real understanding of WHY there is such a preoccupation with man-young boy sex within the ranks of the Illuminati.... And this gets into the secret behind stimulating kundalini energy in the base chakra in order to raise the sleeping cobra so that the energetics are tapped that can lead to samadhi and eventual enlightenment. This is done as a short circuit to reaching that goal. This is what the purpose is behind this low form of stimulation is... And why they are so preoccupied with it. As usual, they don't want to spend the years meditating and clearing their karma and their chakras.. they want a fast easy fix that will get them to the higher energetic areas. It's destructive and ultimately short-sighted but so is population elimination, enhancing the physical with robotics, and manipulating the genome. It all works together to form a poison concoction that in their view leads to ruling the worlds... Earth and beyond. Side note: of course there are plenty of those involved who are practicing this not with any understanding of its real purpose, instead they are simply into a power-domination-pain-pleasure syndrome.

Friday 16 September 2016

Israel's Sabra & Shatila Massacre

In much the same way that the UK/US and Israel are using ISIS to smash up Syria, the Israelis used Christian Phalangist terrorists to massacre thousands of Palestinians they had expelled from their homeland, and who were forced to take safety in Lebanese refugee camps.

The IDF lit up the sky with flares so the massacre could take place through the day and the night. It was as bright as a sports stadium at a night time football match said a Dutch Nurse.

Interestingly there are IDF war criminals now based in the United States, with senior roles in well known corporations, who openly brag about their role in this holocaust on Linkedin.

I will add their names to the roll call of genociding war criminals to this post as I see fit.

Thursday 15 September 2016

Courteny Love

Courtney Love's role in her husband Kurt Cobain's death is well mapped out in this podcast. She also has that drooping eye thing often associated with trauma victims.

The Statistical Impossibility of Zionist Jewish PaedoSadists in Westminster

There were four major figures exposed as powerful paedosadists in Westminster. Three were Zionists Jews, Lord Leon Brittan, friend of Lord Danny Finkelstein, Lord Greville Janner and Sir Clement Freud. T the Gentile was Sir Cyril Smith.

The incredibly small Jewish population of the UK is around 0.5% of the population. 

For this tiny number to represent 75% of Westminster VIPpaedos is a statistical correlation worthy examination.

I claim British intelligence groom and blackmail paedosadists into power. My hypothesis is that it also acted as a counterweight against Israeli power so British Intelligence recruited and groomed as many Jews as they could find into power.

If you have a better hypothesis I'm all ears but the only alternative is Jews have a propensity for paedosadism which as we know from Rotherham isn't the case, however, I also claim the identifiable hand of the British deep state in letting that happen too. 

Divide and rule is the primary purpose of the intelligence services but nobody can distort the sample population figures. It's called Maths.