Sunday 31 January 2016

Nazi Hunter Russell Texas Bentley - LIVE From Donetsk

Russell Bentley is a US Military Veteran, so disgusted with his countries support of Nazis in Ukraine, that when he saw the photo above he decided to do something about it. Russell Texas Bentley took to fighting Nazi and US Nazi mercenary scum in hand to hand combat in Donetsk and is now using his social media skills to communicate to the outside world why Jewish Nazis are tearing the country and innocent civilians apart.

Project Monarch with Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips

Many of these Cathy O'Brien interviews have been Google Bombed so I am publishing them. Skip to 11th minute if you just want the info.

Friday 29 January 2016

Illegal Alienz

Is predictive programming the new piss taking or is piss taking the new predictive programming? You decide.

Michael Moore Megyn Kelly About Trump

A fascinating and largely non synthetic exchange. I rate Megyn Kelly's intelligence. I don't like FOX news brainwashing but it seems consumers are resigned to their brainwashed fate.

Max Romeo & The Upsetters - "I Chase The Devil"

Hot Potatoes, CIA Assets and Flat Earthers

Well to do people in comfortable middle upper dwellings that have a history of moving about are a close match for CIA or NASA assets spreading Flat Eartherism. I could be wrong though. It wouldn't be the first time. You decided.

Thursday 28 January 2016

Trauma Based Mind Control & Satanic Ritual Abuse

You probably don't have enough time to study this subject in depth so I don't ask you to believe the content the first time, but I can assure you there are hundreds of people coming forward with this information. 

I'm now more confident that as informed a long time ago,  1 to 2 million children have been subjected to trauma based mind control in the US alone. This explains much of the schizophrenia, bipolar and multiple personality disorder evident in the population which is largely ignorant even to psychiatric professionals of this topic.

Some of the key points raised in this brief interview are that the military and CIA targeted Satanic Groups to collaborate with exploiting children because the multi generational aspect means there is a genetic propensity towards mind control from families that engage in ritual satanic abuse. This is good for the military industrial spy complex and means less wastage of time and children turned into ineffective zombies through strenuous torture.

Once again we hear of a victim's direct contact with Joseph Mengele (where are the holocaust gravy train riders like Danny Finkelstein and Marko Hoare when this subject is staring them in the face?).

Instead of milking the obnoxious 6 million figure why don't these Zionist low lives draw attention to the human experiments in concentration camps that were then taken by the CIA for their MKULTRA programs? 

The reality is the British, the Nazis, The Americans and the Soviets are all the same on this subject of abusing their own children. This is the legacy of Statism.

Fritz Springmeier - Free Your Mind Podcast

In 1973 there were around 40 plus Institutions including Universities, Military Hospitals, CIA and so forth experimenting on US Citizens for mind control methodologies. However it's not until one reads the first hand accounts of NSA factory farms inhabited by infants in cages being electrocuted to keep in a dissociative state that the estimates of 1 to 2 million US citizens suffering trauma based mind control  effects such as Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder or any one of the number of names the psychotic psychiatric profession had to come up with to prevent consumers understanding what was going on to their own children, family, friends and so forth.

Mind controlled slaves are like drugs. They create new realities for the Gods.

This subject is going to be huge and so now is a good time to learn about the pseudo reality painted by leaders, church ministers, celebrities, sports stars and whatever else consumers soak up their cognitive bandwidth with.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Gordon Duff

Veterans Today have cleaned up their act in recent months and have dropped their alien stories and more 'out there' writers. I don't particularly like Gordon Duff and he doesn't particularly like me, but he is without doubt one of the most interesting Intel sources on the net if you understand how to use discernment, and can grasp the notion that if everything he said was true he wouldn't be alive to repeat it.

My only regret is that between Jeff Rense constantly interrupting him and ruining his train of thought and Uncle Gordy's bull in a China shop ego it's often frustrating listening but all in all there are gems in his information, and that's what I scour the net for in piecing together the puzzle.

Gordon's Syrian credentials are particularly worth paying attention to when weighing up the shifting sands and alliances of the ZioAtlanticists.

Tuesday 26 January 2016

The Flat Earth, Limited Hangout Psyop - Cui Bono?

Last year a trusted and respected blog I follow started to write about a subject that was so wild they wouldn't address it directly but just started to introduce topics and ask strange questions.

When I realised it was a Flat Earth claim I couldn't believe that somebody so smart could be making such an outlandish claim.

However by nature I am addicted to truth and that means reading a lot of lies, mountains of bullshit and cesspit's of disinformation, so I commenced studying the subject.

After 30 hours or so of learning, I concluded that there was indeed something there on many of the topics raised but the central premise did not stand up for me (naturally I could be wrong).

I concluded it was in the favour of outfits like NASA or GCHQ to have people running around prozelytizing a geocentric universe as it would discredit many other subjects in the eyes of the spoon fed masses.

Most of all, I found the zealous extremism of 'believers' distasteful and their inability to tackle subjects that cost human lives every day a great moral failure.

Nobody has died from living on a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron or spherical planet Earth. Anybody who has invested time studying the holographic universe would find the subject somewhat comedic given the illusory nature of much that is called solid reality.

However I dipped back into the subject this morning and I see the proponents have begun to realise my early assessment is in fact a reality though they still cling to the central tenet and that's alright by me. However I was impressed by a couple of the people in this Google hangout, and will make an effort to keep up with their work as I like their intelligence and level of sophistication on this complex subject which has now outstripped my early study by the six months I have ignored the subject.

I have much work to do on Terra Firma matters I feel can be resolved so that's where my focus is but I keep an open ear and a receptive mind to new information no matter how challenging.

One thing I am no longer wedded to is the heliocentric model though I'm surprised so few have applied the helical model to the subject.

In the mean time it's back to the grindstone of pragmatic activism and the really hard truth telling that scares the hell out of power such as The Number Six.

James Reeves

My name is James Reeves. I was born in 1946. I was in a children’s home
called Beecholme, in Banstead, Surrey. I was in a house in the children’s home
called Jasmine. I think I was 7 years old – had spent younger years in foster
care. I can remember their names – the Porters. My foster dad wasn’t involved
in abuse that I remember it’s the only thing I remember about foster carers
except on one birthday my foster dad bought me a brown 3 wheel tricycle. I
can remember standing on the kitchen table just a cloth nappy on being abused
by women and grown up children, being locked in some cupboard for hours
every day that’s all I can remember from foster care.

My next memory is Beecholme, Jasmine house. I was taken there by a woman
who handed me over to the House Mistress of Jasmine House. That woman
who took me to Jasmine House was my mother. The next time we would meet
was when I was 12. I was shown into a dining room then stripped naked, was
beaten on my bottom hard by the House Mistress, Miss Cullen. I was then
taken into a large bathroom with 2 baths end to end. The bathroom was crowded
with other naked boys and girls, one bath was for boys, the other was for girls.
The water was never changed. There were 2 other female staff in there; one
Miss Malden, the other Miss Kilbane (who was lovely throughout my stay and
had no hand in any off my abuses). After bath, we were marched out up the
stairs to our dormitories. It must have been not more than 20 minutes later, I
remember being pulled roughly out off my bed by a man who took my
nightshirt off and took me downstairs. I was told to face the wall, opposite a
room which was occupied by people. Every time any one came out of that room
I was slapped hard on my bare bum. I was standing facing the wall for what
seemed like ages, then I heard people leaving the room and going out the front
door. I was then blind-folded and taken into that room and sexually assaulted
by 2 people. One tried to bugger me, but stopped when I screamed. Next I
remember something hard being put in my mouth. I was crying and shaking
with fear, I was so scared. I was told to suck on the thing in my mouth, but was
whacked round the head. I heard one person say “He’s no good – his teeth are
digging in”. I was then taken back to my dormitory and put into bed, told not to
look round or I would get it. The person removed the blindfold. I was frozen,
scared, crying. Then I heard the door shut. I lay there scared to move. I must
have fallen asleep.

We were woken up by Miss Malden, the other staff member. I tried to speak to
her but she would not listen to me. I tried to talk to Miss Cullen who seemed in
charged of Jasmine House. She pulled me into her office and told me ”Children
who lie are sent away to bad places. Is that what you want?”. I remember
saying “No Miss”. I know they had a school there but can’t seem to think about that. I remember
we were all at our tables for tea. After tea, Miss Cullen used to put her chair in
the middle of the dining room floor and call us boys to stand in line. She then
would one-by-one strip us and spank our bottoms hard in front of the girls. This
happened every night after tea, 7 days of every week. Other times at dinner,
puddings were served. 10 times while I was there they served figs and custard.
I was eating a fig it was horrible and I was sick all over my pudding, and was
forced to eat it. Other times I was sick over figs and custard, Miss Kilbane
(when she saw Miss Cullen go) would come and remove it and give me a
cuddle. She seemed helpless and – I don’t know – I’m sure a few times she had
tears in her eyes.

I never saw men in the house during the day, only at nights when they used to
take me downstairs and repeat their abuse. God knows how many other boys
there were abused like me, at nights. It was no good complaining, no one would
listen to me. One day I was told I was leaving, to be taken to another children’s
home. I was picked up by car by a LCC Social Worker. I was driven to Hutton
children’s residential home, in Shenfield, Essex. I was taken into a large house,
called Thames. All the other houses were named after rivers. I was never
sexually abused there by any staff members. Though one boy was, in a
different house and his abuser Mr Brabbon was sentenced to six month prison.

Whilst there somehow some of us were invited to the Billy Cotton Band Show
Christmas party, which was shown on BBC television. I was one of the kids
who went. It was late 1950’s or early 1960’s. I can remember being seated at
the tables full of food. There was Russ Conway, a woman singer and my abuser
Alan Breeze. I didn’t know his name at the time. I asked Russ Conway his
name. It happened in the men’s toilets. I was in there when Alan Breeze said
“You going to toilet?”. I said “Yes”. “Let me help you.” he said and started
touching my penis. He had his hand down my trousers holding my bum. I was
trying to pull away, when someone else entered the toilet. I think he saw what
was happening and he pulled me away, and sent me out of the toilet. As I left I
complained to someone – a man – about what happened. He told me to go away
and sit down, which I did. I was so upset and angry. I tried telling Billy Cotton
but couldn’t get near him or Russ Conway anymore. I tried to tell staff at the
home, but they laughed and walked away.

From that day, I was totally confused and felt alone. It got so bad I was taken to
The Maudsley hospital, who after listening to my story told the person who took
me there they wanted to keep me in. On hearing that, I ran out of the hospital
and was found by my taker outside a big hospital opposite. I was crying and
said “No one believes me! I am not staying in that place!”. I was taken back to
the home and put on anti-depressants. I have never forgotten my abuse – it still
haunts me to this day.

Sunday 24 January 2016

The Long Path to Understanding Gravity

Lovely calm presentation slowly taking apart the model of physics we are currently constrained by. The electric universe makes a lot more sense but it raises the question. 

Why does Science fear the big questions. 

It's a big answer and connects to a lot more than just physics.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Jewish Voice For Peace Interview

Fascinating podcast of smart young snippy Jews who interview a Jewish Voice for Peace member, though not without occasional snark from some of the podcast team. 

Nevertheless it's educational to the Semite student though the person who claims BDS is anti Semitic is clearly an automaton, and to be candid the person who suggests Jews are better in bed than the Irish should ask themselves. 

If an Irish person said that would it be anti Semitic?

The Rise of Putin & The Fall of Nazi Jewish Oligarchs

If you're unconcerned with Jewish Nazi partnerships may I suggest you do a little work and get up to speed. I have many criticisms of Vladmir Putin too and I intend to explain why much of the Russian ZioAtlanticist friction is fiction (at the expense of Donetsk lives) but all in all I trust his judgement as I assume he is privy to information I don't know.

Friday 22 January 2016

David Rothschild

David Rothschild strikes me as a thoughtful and caring person. He understands that climate change is less of an issue than ecological harmony. The latter encourages a stable climate and it is this point I find the "for or against" crowd most tedious on.

However we are still faced with a troubling question(s). 

We know the ruling bloodlines use trauma based mind control on their own children and so it's impossible to determine if David's Ecowarrior, Traveller and Adventurer credentials are just one of many identities without spending any significant observational time in new world order to identify

.... if there are any inconsistencies such as loss of time, change of personality or any other indicators of trauma based mind control....

David has recently blocked me on Twitter yet the only question I've ever asked him is 'Does he know what a multiple is?". Probably very annoying if he doesn't and annoying if he does.

While writing this it occurred to me that if I had centuries of experience at mind control it would be easy to run the entire Rothschild clan under mind control with different personalities for generation ...

... after generation while the real power, the handlers, resided outside the immediate field of view. Just a thought and one I might develop in subsequent posts.

Thursday 21 January 2016

Pete Santilli

It's not widely understood that conspiracy researchers are the least homogeneous group on the planet. Scratch away the unifying idea that powerful people have no interest in consumers other than productivity, and conspiracy researchers disagree on everything. It's the consumers and voters of this world who think they are unique because 20 types of sliced cheese are on the supermarket shelf.

That said, from time to time an arsehole needs taking down and that arsehole is Pete Santilli. If the FBI are able to confirm that Santilli doesn't work for them in anyway shape or form I'd appreciate that but until then he's cooperating with them. Unwilling or not.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Lynn Forester de Rothschild

There's a BBC Rothschild documentary on the net that reveals Lynn Forester de Rothschild's third husband Evelyn de Rothschild is not a staunch Zionist so we have mutual interests in this area unlike his cousin Jacob Rothschild who is staunchly Zionist and President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

In this presentation Lynn asserts that the mobile phone population of the world in 2020 will be 12 Billion. Apart from confusing her employer's cellular phone business for a biotech company Lynn is clearly not so well grounded in her chosen presentation subject, but does appear to be disconnected enough to hold onto ideology more than facts. 

At the end of the presentation it's clear that she uses the word society instead of her intended word 'wealth' and I suspect conflates them to be the same thing. She's a handsome woman and too sincere to be aware of some of the darker topics associated with Rothschild Multiples but in my estimation she's not as learned in the power of printing money.

Third husband a Rothschild or not. 

You however can make up your own mind.


Tuesday 19 January 2016

1829 Newspaper – Rothschilds Have Purchased Jerusalem

The official story that Theodor Herzl instigated the Zionist movement is demolished by this 1829 newspaper report. The question that stands out here is how did the Rothschild know that strategically, Israel's presence in the Middle East would be crucial to control the world's oil supplies? 

That wasn't known until 1908 at the very earliest, and suggests that once again we are manipulated by banking bloodlines that plan hundred(s) of years in advance and have access to information that leading scientists of the day did not know.

Monday 18 January 2016

#Multiples #TBMC #Multiple #Alters

Even if you study this subject for a few years it can still take longer to understand it. Let me repeat that. You may learn the information about trauma based mind control, alters, multiples and multiple (George W Bush is a multiple) but when you understand the information that's a completely different issue. It is much like DMT. It changes the world you experienced before and that's what I call the information drug. It happens so rarely that I look forward to any feedback from others.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

The symbolism of David Bowie's Last Album and Eponymous Track: Blackstar

David Bowie's last album BlackStar's signature track, also called Blackstar is dripping in poignant symbolism. Aside from the line 'on the day of execution' we see visual clues to Kubrick's Space Odyssey (remember this Bowie Kubrick homage?), a straw man of Christianity (Project Bluebeam?), a Black Star represented as both the Star of David and let's call it Nibiru for fun, and of course the ubiquitous pyramid shaped triangle and all seeing eye juxtaposed with bandaged eyes.

I like the candle at the end that starts as a thin flame but swells into a gargantuan mass of humanity as time goes on. 

What do you think?

Friday 8 January 2016

Happy Hippie Presents: Look What They've Done to My Song Ma (Performed b...

I wish I could say for sure this Miley Cyrus cover song is the real unplugged deal, but I don't know enough about the music industry to say so for sure in terms of production skills versus innate talent. 

However is it not a pity that her latest Magazine shoot is incongruous with the all natural Country and Western image? Did you know that Nashville was once (is?) a centre for mind controlled subjects? It seems preposterous but it is as it is.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Pearse Redmond & Ed Opperman - Jeffrey Epstein's Child Abuse Network

Regrettably these lads once again fail to notice (or research) that Ghislaine Maxwell's father was a documented Mossad operative and have yet to logically pursue the blackmail nature of Epstein's Lolita Express and Fantasy Island operation. However it's still good info for the beginner. 

Never let other people slagging you off get in the way of information is my motto as I've been posting about Epstein since 2012 and even longer on Twitter so I'm comfortable with my track record on the Epstein honey trap and urge people to get stuck into this subject.

However, as an aside, why are New Yorkers (by and large) complete pussies about calling out the Prime Movers of 9/11? Is it because of the sizeable Jewish population or are they just lacking in backbone altogether?

Anyway here's a few pics to keep the focused on track about the Mandy Maxwell Epstein Rothschild connection... more on that when the time is right.

Saturday 2 January 2016

President Obama on Children

We can speculate endlessly about the contradictions of President Obama, such as allowing the Neocons to perform business as usual in Syria, Libya and Ukraine irrespective of who they ally with including Nazis and ISIS terrorists.

However I think it takes an extraordinary inability to process reality for people of all shapes, ideologies and colours to ignore that he appears to be the most human President I can recall since Kennedy's about turn while in office which led to his execution.