Tuesday 30 October 2018

20th Century Women

Weston Shore - Southampton

Don't watch the trailer. Hollywood makes the banal look interesting, and the interesting look banal. 

In fact they're indistinguishable.

Awkward seduction scenes or not, this movie is exceptional, although not always comfortable viewing.

Friday 19 October 2018

Nine Eleven // KSA

I believe there are good people on left and right who seek truth. 

They may disagree how to spend the money (spoils), but it's only the theorists asking troubling questions such as, who prints said money? 

It follows that....

Lift the veil

Memetic Warfare

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Kek Red Pill

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Political Correctness

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Transgender Agenda

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Kanye West

Thursday 18 October 2018

Did Donald Trump Just Cut Off A Finger Belonging to Jeff Bezos?

It's a gruesome story but let's never forget that all sides in the power game are quite capable of genocide, arms deals and burning the skin off infants to hold onto power. 

Seven minutes of torture followed by death, is a small price to pay for warning off another gang. A small price not for normal people like us, who eschew the corruption and depravity that goes with power but small in international geopolitical history.

We need to acknowledge that a Saudi Arabian coup took place when Trump took office and that his faction represented by MBS (now sometimes known as Muhammed Bone Saw) subsequently assumed full power in the KSA from his father King Salman, who is suffering from dementia. MBS then allegedly hung his cousin Prince Alwaleed upside down and had him beaten, before releasing him three months later.

Now we cut to Donald Trump who is being taunted and daily abused by the the fake news corporate media. The most intense hatred is from the Deep State Washington Post, owned by the worlds richest man in modern history, Jeff Bezos, who also has a secretive juicy contract for cloud services from the CIA.

Cue the arrival on scene of Jamal Kashoggi. A Saudi Dissident, Deep State Operative and Washington Post apologist for Saudi Arabia while also criticising the new heir to the throne, MBS. In many ways a decent sort of man and the perfect patsy to send a signal (or a severed finger) to the deep state, fake news media and last but not least Jeff Bezos.

However, when I say decent, I don't mean decent like you or I. JK lived off the cream of dirty money, war and oppression like they all do at the top. He may have been mild mannered and earnest in some respects but his life was gilded by the very worst of connections.

Jamal was the cousin of Princess Diana's murdered boyfriend Dodi Fayed. The nephew of Mossad handler and Billionaire Iran-Contra arms and drug dealer Adnan Kashoggi.

The same Adnan Kashoggi who also sold his 280ft yacht to none other than Donald Trump.

We know from QAnon that Trump was behind the ascendance of MBS and so it follows that if he takes the rap for taking out one of Trump's Muslim Brotherhood/Globalist enemies while sending a signal to Jeff Bezos, it would be a small price for luring Jamal Kashoggi to the Saudi Consul in Ankara for divorce paper procedures, restraining him on a table and dissecting his fingers off before beheading him while still alive, so Turkey's Intelligence services could record it all (normal spying procedure in Consuls and Embassies) and send a loud message around the world that you don't mess with the Donald or his puppets in Saudi.

This is a more solid explanation than the whining from the fake news presstitutes, who prefer to finger-point than ask the important question why?

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but it needs fingers to hold it.

Update: Jeff Bezos’ texts to Lauren Sanchez reportedly include nude pics .

Sunday 7 October 2018

Deep State Kavanaugh

It's just extraordinary that instead of going for real facts about the new Supreme Court judge's  record of lying, the left are so gullible, they snap up salacious claims aimed squarely at the credulous.

In an honest world it would be widely understood that Vince Foster was murdered and the Clintons covered it up and may even have been involved in ordering it.

It's impossible to know what's really going on at this level, but we can assume that Kavanaugh knows where the bodies are buried. 

Whether that makes him good or bad has nothing to do with what will next happen.