Saturday 28 January 2023

Terror Trudeau - Gotta Go

At least Ardern didn't hide her authoritarianism. She told people straight. Only believe the NZ government and their lickspittle L├╝genpresse, and if you don't take the injections we'll imprison you.

Trudeau has a much worse trail of evidence (check his foundation logo out when initially established, no later), but in front of camera, the drama-trained teacher comes out, and he can shed tears if needed (but not yet). Imagine if you can a Prime Minister crushing his people with brutality, excommunicated from cashing a cheque and more then imprisonment and a couple months later reprimanding the Chinese Lizard Communist Party for doing the same to their long suffering people?

See for yourself. He's a great shape shifter and turns on the feminine (I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me) soft voice quite plausibly. Except the word 'perspectives', he means that because it's nowhere near close to protests.

I bet Justin can speak more than two languages but in this instance it's in his favour.

At some point the streets [for them] will not be safe

Hamilton, Ontario Protest 'Justin' Jams

And for shits and giggles (who let Tucker on the set?)

Thursday 26 January 2023

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Nearly ten minutes of Jordan Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development - Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, shooting his mouth off after a few drinks about Pfizer experimenting with gain of function research to find new virus mutations that make people sick at best and dead at worst.

I said CONVID is over back here, because what will terrify the mainstream legacy media is that millions if not soon to be, billions around the world are becoming open and receptive to off-piste information about 9/11 (Israel), the Shoah and Geoengineering (Chemtrails) and much much more. Vaccine holocaust denial should never be illegal, we have nothing to fear from ignorant people and they have everything to fear from their self terminating beliefs.

It does look like normie-land is in for a world of pain. It was touch and go for a few years with unprecedented censorship across all social media and legacy media self censoring while publishing endlessly trivial stories like "What kind of potato are you?", but the kind of people who indulge in distractions are paying for it with their injected lifestyles.

Ignorance is a lifestyle decision in the age of information.

A couple of tips for the outraged. Electric cars are awful for the environment and global warming/carbon reduction is a scam that only the timid and gutless could fall for. I'll be focusing on these a bit more for those who still don't know how to think critically.

We are the people who take receipts. We are the writers of history.

Monday 23 January 2023

Joy Division Mandates

I assumed that Jacinda Ardern's resignation wouldn't matter to the majority of people as they are invariably unfamiliar with a few themes; her fast-tracked career, New Zealand's importance to the ticket-takers, the  growing avalanche of global testimony from 'vaccine' injured victims, and most hard to excuse, her own words exceeding der Fuhrer's public statements on controlling Nazi Germany.

I assumed incorrectly. A lot of people have put the blame for Jacinda's chamber tears, squarely at the foot of QANON space lizard conspiracy theorists including the former NZ PM Helen Clark.

It's a bit flimsy for me, but of course I don't speak on behalf of others.

Don't get me wrong, Ardern and Hitler are no different in substance, but I did the archives research and Adolf was never so arrogant (and stupid) to tell der Volksgemeinschaft that the party in power, were the final say in truth and authority (argumentum ad vericundiam). Goebbels believed the implicit to be a more effective advertising technique than the overt statements that Jacinda goosestepped out loud on camera. Fishwives wag their fingers. It's un-prime ministerial and nobody questions that.

The Nazis propaganda and censorship was to brainwash people into obeying the government, and idolising the political leaders. It was achieved by ensuring only the ideas and values of the Covid Billionaires of the day, were heard and seen by the masses. Censorship of the media such as newspapers and radio ensured only print or broadcast stories favourable to, and approved by the government were issued. Daily briefings were held for editors and producers, to outline what would be optimal, both when and where to print and to broadcast.

All media output was controlled by aggressive suppression of diverse views, through the corporate and state media. Goebbels saw radio as the most important medium for propaganda as television was yet to emerge. Listening to foreign stations or alternative sources of news and information was banned like Ardern attempted, because everyone knows that uniformity of opinion attracts no unwelcome attention.

Most people complied with guidelines. They became fearful of having views different to the government, lockstep citizens and the media. Society became more suspicious and tense. Some people publicly shamed or informed on their neighbours and friends, to make themselves look more loyal to the regime.

Goebbels used celebrities and artists like Lil Dagover, Piers Morgan and Arno Breker to help promote the popularity of the government in Nazi Germany. He provided cheap cinema tickets, pizzas, coffee and beer vouchers, burgers and even taxis to encourage people to comply with government guidelines. Propaganda and censorship hid the worst excesses of government overreach from the public, which meant many Germans supported Hitler unconsciously, and thought nothing of medical movement papers, despite any one sane, trying to leave Germany not gain entry.

Clever propaganda techniques included: use of emotive language (i.e. playing on emotions such as 'don't be a far right granny killer'), a limited number of simple soundbites like 'my mask protects you, and your mask protects me' were hammered home by frequent repetition. Issues were presented in black and white terms such as 'trust the science', and over-simplistic solutions were offered for complex and evolving emergency public health issues. Tailoring of media messaging to the concerns of key groups such as the elderly who unlike children with tip top immune systems, were the most vulnerable, providing sacrificial scapegoats such as the unvaccinated, the jews, homosexuals, gypsies and communists. Both the UK and NZ didn't blush and couldn't wait to jam the juice into children. Just like concentration camps, the elderly and young died first.

Those who did not support the official narrative, often obeyed the rules out of fear of the consequences of opposition for themselves or their family, such as losing their job for not complying with a rushed pharmaceutical product, that has never previously taken less than five years for medical approval [2025].

The government were the only source of information to be trusted and those that secured alternative opinions were isolated and suppressed.

It's just miracle vaccines discovered at the same time within hours
It's just a seismic change to the dictionary term for a 'vaccine'
It's just a slight change to the dictionary term of pandemic
It's just a precautionary injection for 6 months old babies
It's just an ingredient called Luciferase in the jab
It's just six feet under when we dig your grave
It's just six million reasons for refusing orders
It's just a lockdown
It's just a Sieg Heil
It's just a mask
Just get the jab
It's just a jab

Thursday 19 January 2023

Jacinda Ardern - No Deals With Darkness

Rejoice, Rejoice
The Witch is dead

Officially she couldn't take the pressure and crumbled but we know better, she's probably out of the adrenochrome and doesn't have the spunk left to be a Kiev Nazi anymore.

Lick it up Leftards.

Jacinda "We will continue to be your single source of truth" Ardern, is one of the top five career-groomed fascists who cloaked herself in the smallpox blanket of ersatz liberalism, while cracking down hard on New Zealand. NZ folk have genuinely one of the most hobbit-like cultures on the planet. Peaceable, stunning countryside and before the rancid witch turned up, a cohesive and enviable society.

I knew that NZ was an NWO hangout through my old George Kavassilas days. It was (still is maybe) an escape destination when it goes tits-up for the ticket takers, but Ardern's blubbing-fall into disgrace provides us with an exceptionally rare keyhole view of what's really going on.

Most people don't process like this, but we have so much more information now. What's the timing? What's the context? What were we expecting before this and what is next given this sudden and unexpected announcement.

The other rancid POS is Justin Trudeau so his time is limited too, but unfortunately for you, this accelerates the next stages including challenges like currency collapse, food shortages and war, pestilence and global cyber attacks, such as internet lights out for a period. That's not just me, that's your Dippy WEF man Klaus Schwab who has published papers on it like he did for CONVID. He has a stunning track record of predicting global meltdown events and the only people who know he's not a sage, but a criminal telling people what's the plan is are conspiracy researchers.

Self styled 'intelligent' people think characters like Schwab, and Bill Gates are pan-dimensional prophets. The longer they hold on to this fake reality, the more profound will be their suffering.

NB - I would like to have explored the doubles question in this post, but let's assume it really is JA for simplicities sake. It doesn't change what's really going on in the slightest. Perception is reality and that's fine by me. There are so many opportunities emerging and the less the normies know, the less competition there is to rebuild the new world. 

I did try and hint about JA's darkness back here for the alert and discerning.

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Tick Tock - Tick Tock - Shit Is Getting Real

I haven't had a television since 2006 and the last time I did watch live news, NATO were bombing Libya and within seconds I felt hyper nauseous. I was in a hotel room, meeting up with a friend in Bangkok and while he got ready, I don't know what had changed but that screen with overwhelming colour-radiation news graphics, wasn't the same beast I'd given up on five years earlier. Something malignant and technologically malicious had taken its place. Maybe it's just me but by then I'd realised how toxic television news propaganda is. Years of unlearning duff information and skewed opinions followed.

I can't pinpoint the timing, but in the last few months BBC Radio 4/World Service have started reporting Zionist war crimes on the defenceless Palestinians with an unprecedentedly even hand.

I don't know why that could be, I can't even come up with an hypothesis, but I know most media apertures in some depth, and deeply appreciate the BBC's change in tone on this topic. It's tedious when the occupied are genocided by the worlds most far-right wing (lebensraum) occupiers with military grade decimation against olive growers and shepherds trying to stop the land thieves running over their flocks of sheep and torching their livelihoods and groves. And before anyone pulls out a hand shandy, pearl clutching minute of hate on democratically elected Hamas; the Israelis created Hamas. That's WaPo for the ignorant, and these are the sheep for the heartless.

I'm particularly grateful on behalf of all the murdered children who have no voice as even David Cameron courageously noted that Gaza is an open air prison camp. Unlike the West Bank, Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on the planet. It's a point of concentration if we're paying attention to reality not sycophancy and oily career climbing. 

The BBC is doing something I didn't expect to see in my lifetime, so please allow me to return the favour and impress upon their news media employees that the future is going to be ugly and it's about the censorship of what one Israeli Cardiologist described as the "biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust". Cue the usual vultures and careerists using Judaism to feather their own nests.

There's no consolation having four friends and family who took the experimental injections, and three injured (so far) despite my greatest efforts, but there might still be time to make the most important decisions of your life if your health is OK so far, and work in the mainstream legacy news media. 

Consider the rising tensions filmed in the video clip at the top. Those are protestors with vaccine injuries and suffering, plastering flyers on BBC premises with protestation at the lies, disinformation, misinformation, science suppression, misdirection and money money money that even the BBC guzzles on, from private psychopath Billionaire 'philanthropists'. Even broadsheet newspaper readers are still fellating Billy Goat Gates in the comments. Good lord if Darwinism was real (it's largely intellectual cack) this problem is now cleaning itself up.

The BBC is probably my greatest source of endless learning and pleasure, but the news departments, like every corporation are cancerous brain tumours (Glioblastoma Grade 4) under shaved children's skulls. 

My strategic recommendation is sell the BBC news division (whore of Babylon) to Rupert Murdoch and stick to informative, educational, cultural and modest entertainment content. Otherwise it's all toast soldiers and Humpty Dumpty broken eggs. You can scoff but I did inform everyone when and where the great awakening commenced.

Universe is slow to anger and has a very ironic sense of humour, so do yourself a favour and watch this last clip. Ask yourself if it's best to bite the bullet earlier or later? The choice to know is yours and the choice to act is most certainly your responsibility too.

Consider wisely. 

Poor choices will boomerang quicker than you think.

Karen Jean Pierre & Sleepy Joe

Even in the squalid profession of 3rd millennium politics (with very few exceptions) I've never seen so much corruption than the collusion between The Democratic Party and any institutional domain you care to name, from the Department of Justice to FBI and International Foundations plus plus plus. 

Most republicans are RINOs and barely any better, but the order has gone out and Sleepy Joe's time is up as a sudden switch in the media took place in recent days, and they actually reported a smidge of what's really going on for the first time. It's a set up for the fall taking place and as Joe is no Nixon, I  can't see him hanging in there irrespective of which version they wheel out on any particular day. April 6th last year if you're asking.

I could have scraped dozens of mind bending clips like this but there's no point. Informed people know, and wilfully uninformed people will post rationalise any concrete fact presented to them [PAIN COMING].

See what I mean?

The reason I include the Whitehouse Press Secretary in this post is because KJP is Haitian wealthy elite and grew up on Princess Margaret's fave island Mustique. Yes she's from dirt poor Haiti where Hillary personally orchestrated the trafficking of 33 Haitian kids to the Dominican Republic. It was here the Billions raised by your fave bipartisan charity team Bill Clinton and George Bush created SIX fucking homes. You remember the 2010 earthquake right?

Back to KJP - There's zero chance she doesn't know about CF trafficking and pay for play money laundering. Every elite Haitian does. So I ask you a question for those of you still being informed by a toxic goggle-box tv-screen in your dining and supper room, ambiently pumping out sewage to the unconscious, year in and year out. KJP hates the Whitehouse press Corp and they hate her, even though the machine puts them all on the same team and that applies to everyone who doesn't do their Haitian homework - I've barely scratched the surface. Ask me about those cell phone companies and the piloting of micro CBDCs vis a vis human cellular interaction. It's the hunger games played out with micro loans.

So why would no Whitehouse press room reporter, ask her an innocuous question about her knowledge of Democratic party, Haitian corruption? I'm talking about the loose change from the Billions they raised out of needless suffering.

It's because like the Obama clip above waving two fingers in the faces of those who know (cannot sleep). Everything about the corporate media is synthetic.

Here's Trump getting smashed by a former Haitian President on the topic. Big Brother has edited the original clip but if you pay attention right at the end, at least we can hear Trumps acknowledgement. Let me know if you find the full version which is only a few seconds longer. Everything is memory-holed and it's exhausting trying to demonstrate reason over rhetoric when the evidence is swiped. 

Lastly, here's the former Vice president Joe Biden on Haiti sinking into the sea of non-interests (liar). He's not the same guy portrayed in the first clip (Sleepy Joe) but it took me a few months to train my eye so don't go hard on yourself. 

Take a break now and again, entertain a while. 

Yeah you. How do you like them apples?

Monday 16 January 2023

Unvaccinated Pilot Demands for Davos

Excess deaths skyrocket all over the injected world and not just in NHS triage choking with dying people from vaccine injuries. A billionaire doesn't need their pilot slumped over the controls and thus their insurance policies insist the healthier unvaccinated pilots are mandated. 

Nobody likes to have avoidable losses, except the brainwashed who are the least qualified to interrogate their own opinions.

Should Airlines be obliged to state if their pilot(s) are juiced or pureblood to their normal commercial passengers? Or does a sunshine break plane have to nosedive before coach classes get pissed and commence throwing furniture around, or whatever holidaymakers do when at the end of their tether.

Asking for a Granny Killer

Sunday 15 January 2023

What Then To Do About Jesus of Nazareth? (Must Die, Must Die, This Jesus Must Die)

It's over for Sleepy Joe, they're done even with all the doubles and clones option. The original Joe Biden evidently executed if we know what we're listening and seeing. Most people don't. They might look but they rarely see even when it's spelled out for them.

Funky Town (grooving with some energy)

What a treat and an extension of my longest ever obsession. Thank you whoever did this. It's divine and I am certainly not worthy.

Lipps Inc Reincarnated in the tags

Professor Ronald Hutton - Gresham College - Early Roman Paganism

It's an exceptional presentation and sometimes hallucinogenic in its Damascene honesty. 


What was the name of the college again?

Saturday 14 January 2023

General Strike

Rash├┤mon - 1950

I used to download the top 10 or 20 movies that I thought would appeal to me by reading the year end reviews, but that hasn't happened since 2018 so I thought I'd do a catch up and I can see part of the problem. There's so much superhero globohomo dross these days. I don't watch movies for entertainment, I'm looking for films that have an impact on me. Change the way I think.

Rashomon didn't hit the spot. It's terrific photography and pared down to the minimum of actors but they weren't collectively credible. A Samurai losing a sword fight to a bandit who can barely afford to wear rags? There's quiet a few continuity errors, though these are concealed with the 4 different accounts of the narrative, but there's some honkers in there.

I'd probably watch it in a cinema if I had a couple of hours to spare but unlike everyone else in the universe the film is a bit of turkey for me.

Friday 13 January 2023

Pfizer - Azz Escape

Senior Director of Worldwide Research @pfizer Vanessa Gelman responsible for orders to suppress info from the public about the companies use of foetal tissue in COVID-19 injections laboratory testing.

I don't think I've seen an azz that big move so quickly in my life. I wonder what she's hiding? Scratch that, I know what she's hiding and the information about foetal cell lines in vaccines is just one small thread of the most evil ingredients you could possibly imagine and I'm including deadly insect eggs, Roundup (glyphosate) and anything they want to sweep up off the floor and put in the vaccines. It will all come out in the future so no need to for me to persuade you how I learned the information.

Republican Melts & The Evolving Science of Gas Ovens

Shake it don't break it CFXAOC

Literally the funniest thing a politician has ever said. AOC the person depicted here is adorable. You can tell her I said that. I would in a heartbeat and it's mostly psychobabble but is it too funny to be accidental?

I'd like to know

Thursday 12 January 2023

Matt Hancock Crying About The Holocaust

If only Andrew Bridgen MP had made six trillion pounds out of the poisonous Moderna injections like Rishi Sunak through Theleme Hedge Fund has. That gravy train rolls on and will continue to make genocidal profits with their 600 billion pound mRNA factory being built in the UK. Would Andrew then be crying like Matt Hancock did live on TV, over the Pandemic wiping out more people than since William Shakespeare? Mr Bridgen is vaccine injured and on medication for life so there's that.

Yeah that's right, the first person scripted to be 'vaccinated' was called William Shakespeare (all the worlds a stage) and he died a few months after the jab from a stroke which is in the top three side effects. He was an old fella but we can't say the jabs saved his life or diminished the side effects of his death, so I think we can safely say it's an area of concern.

Andrew Bridgen MP spoke to an Israeli cardiologist who compared the injections as seen above, and when Andrew shared that information on twitter it gave the snouts in the big pharma trough an electric shock, as we all know who the concentration camp guards are in Westminster, Big Pharma and the legacy media.

However, Rabbi Alon Anava said it even better. I urge you to listen to him dropping red pills in the country that is going to be decimated the most from untested injections. That country is Israel. 

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Mission Aborted

I was five, and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

Bang Bang by Isabelle Vaughan Spruce

Oncology Professor - The Jabs Turbo-Boost Cancers

Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George Hospital can no longer ignore the surge in cancers that he and any other oncologist who isn't bought or sold will tell you. I first posted about this a year ago when Mayo Clinic trained Dr Ryan Cole confirmed what we were already hearing verbatim from patients.

We've had years of suppression with the normies cheering on the censorship, which is odd because it's hastening their demise, while they seek pacifier stories in the legacy media such as yesterday's news where nobody can explain why excess deaths are up 10% across Europe and the only thing the toxic and poisonous media can say for certain is it has nothing to do with experimental injections.

In the information age. Ignorance is a lifestyle decision.