Sunday 31 March 2013

A Message To Jimmy Savile's Accomplices From Bill Maloney


It's very reassuring to see Bill this positive. I dare say he's finally got the attention of the right kind of detectives after years of making videos about his days as an abused child from a family of abused children including a sister who died mysteriously at Haut de la Garenne.

 I think after raising her case with the authorities.

The Constant Gardener - Big Pharma In Piss Poor Africa

I'm increasingly impressed with John Le Carre. I've been going back and downloading everything he wrote that was put on film including the TV series from the 80's. The Constant Gardener is a very savvy telling of how Big Pharma uses Africa as a testbed for drug testing or as the strap line for KDH Pharmaceutical puts it "The world is our clinic"

Conspiracy theorists might be interested in watching this movie because there are more than a few nods to Big Pharma creating global illness such as a new form of Tuberculosis and then providing the only drug that will work. I think the potential for this is far more realistic than the global depopulation ideas that I often come across though there is a room for both ideas to work together I guess.

The cast of The Constant Gardener were so moved by Africa when filming there that they set up a charity fund for the area it was filmed in. John Le Carre also wrote the following:

"Nobody in this story, and no outfit or corporation, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world, but I can tell you this, as my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realize that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard". 

George HW Bush Lies Under Pressure From Dan Rather

This is a classic clip where you can observe George HW Bush (the United States finest criminal and a known paedophile) lying through his teeth under great pressure. You have to admit it's a robust performance. Below is a post clip analysis by some lizards and some good guys.

Who Said This? The Father of Zionism Or Adolf Hitler?

There are too many question marks surrounding Zionism to accept anything the corporately owned media feed unquestioning people

The internet is doing a fantastic job of setting the story straight. 

Zionism is racism. Period.

Saturday 30 March 2013

Mind Control Is A Lot More Prevalent Than You Think

Walter Bowart and Dave Emory predict the mind control mass shooting  phenomenon like Aurora and Sandy Hoax Shooting. It really is an important subject to understand because the spook industry did it to hundreds if not tens of thousands of victims in the home of mind control, the United States.

Friday 29 March 2013


An excellent introduction to Bitcoin by The Guardian. A rare piece of journalism that actually informs society in an even handed way.

Sandy Hook Has Profuse Information Gaps - See For Yourself

Whatever happened at Sandy Hook it isn't the story portrayed in the media. Thus it's important to not let it slide like all the easily distracted, story for the day junkies who have forgotten what they felt yesterday, or at least have forgotten enough to ensure they don't examine new information.  

The Memory Hole is doing excellent work and asking the best intellectual questions on this troubling issue.

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Robert Phoenix The Monday Mashup

Robert invited me on his show and we had a blast shooting the breeze about loads of stuff. 

Monday 25 March 2013

Blade On The Feather - Skeletons at Eton

Train spotters will be familiar with Maj Frank Kitson's work, Philby and the idea that at the highest levels MI5, KGB and CIA all cooperate. An idea corroborated by Prof Sutton's work on technology transfer to the USSR and other bits I'm too weary to repeat.

Blade on the Feather stars Tom Conti and is an interesting drama that I think belongs to a Dennis Potter trilogy that I'm trying to find the other parts to.

Mossad Hacked By Sector 404 - All 30 000 Agent Names & Emails

It's a common sense precautionary measure, that when the correction comes and the rats all jump ship, the last person you need working in your company is an ex-spy pretending to be a harmless worker, friend and colleague. 

It's not preposterous to suggest they might steal your company secrets and sell them to your competitor or who knows what kind of dark arts they practise. I would take a copy of this file and save it on a thumb drive just in case. Forever.

More information and copies of the file to download are here, here, here and here and last of all, here.

Sunday 24 March 2013

Still Unsure Who NATO Is Backing In Syria? Please Watch This

The Transatlantic globalists are bankrupt. 

America and the UK invade or bomb countries that no longer want to take their printed money scam or, as with Syria use proxy forces to soften up the road to Tehran. This means London, Washington and Israel have to side with the Sunni Petro-monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar who despite being brutal dictatorships quite like the idea of having regional hegemonic control of the middle East through the Muslim Brotherhood who will be the technocrat leaders of these 12th century beheaders. They will not let the Muslim Brotherhood inside their own countries of course.

Do not trust a single thing your corporate media with the their commercial breaks have to say. Not a single word is pure.

You might think your iPhone means you're a world away from all this but all this pays for your iPhone lifestyle. It is not real. Are you not real?

Saturday 23 March 2013

MI5 Whistleblower Nods Towards Mossad Involvement in 9/11

Most people are too busy with celebrity nipple, sports programming and reality TV to unravel the complex consortium of interests that collaborated to turn off the US air defences for an hour and bring down the twin towers into a nice footprint of dust that no police officer has ever inspected. Annie Machon let's us know towards the end of this interview that Mossad's involvement is well documented even though it is being removed from sites like Rupert Murdoch's owned FOX news. What a surprise.

We do however know some of the players, there's L Paul Bremer, Phillip Zelicow, Larry Siliverstein, Dov Zakheim and the Mossad spy ring that danced on their van and lit their lighters in the air as if at a concert while the buildings fell. Israeli politicians like Netanyahu were delighted by 9/11 as it enabled him to pursue a policy of genocide on the Palestinians without the flouride McSheep dips getting to worried about human rights and Israeli fascism.

I claim I have no racial bias as it's not me who chose which country should bomb the Palestinians or send their spy rings to observe terror acts and celebrate during them as 3000 people died. If it were the English or the Maltese I would report the matter just as matter of factly.

Thursday 21 March 2013

The Helical Model - Our Galaxy is a Vortex

Michael Moore @MMFlintTalks About The Shadow Govt. That Rules United States

If you watch one clip this it. You might not like Michael Moore but he certainly distances himself from the Democrats in this video. 

It's for those of you who are caught in your flag draped tug of love tribalism over which political party is best. 

It's time to wake up from the American dream

Monday 18 March 2013

The British People's Long Toxic Affair With Tabloids

Another instant classic by @ChunkyMark The Artist Taxi Driver

Graham Hancock's TED Talk Banned

A standing ovation for the former Economist journalist and author of Fingerprint of the God's.  This talk has been banned by TEDx WhiteChapel because it comes too close to the reality that is being hidden from the unconscious British people.

The war on conciousness is best exemplified by people who don't know that the entheogenic experience is as important a human experience as having sex or having a wedding. 

If you haven't considered one you can't claim to understand the basics of life. Ask around, talk to people, use a search engine. Reality is not meant to be an adequate experience. It's quite demanding.

Consumerism Has Nothing Left To Say - So Its Talking About Itself

I've always liked this postmodern form of advertising (Like Cadbury's Gorilla) because it's clever, self referential and witty. However I realise it's not about building value and is all about a quick profit (unless there's a long term commitment to  content strategy). It wont last and you can read an intelligent post on the topic over at Eaon's

Saturday 16 March 2013

Sibel Edmonds - Superstar Analyst

Either you're informed or you're not. Sibel will set you straight.

Watch This Banned Clip Before Google Scrub It From The Net

The hated BBC have already censored this fantastic performance by @FrankiBoyle. It wasn't broadcast because the British love the paedophile Royal Family more than truth and Frankie bravely informed the Brits that their comic relief is a tasteless joke when the British are selling weapons to the same countries they then send wankers like Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson with his gold Ferrari to raise a few bucks when the big cash is in bullets.

The BBC have conspired to keep the Brits ignorant of what is really go down and anyone who thinks that's a theory is a dick.

Ascension By Ian B

The best house track since I would guess about 2002 maybe 2003 max. Ian B is a top notch music producer and as a a disco dancer I think I know what works and what doesn't.

Mmmm Sandy Hook Porn

It's Miller time at Sandy Hook. If you haven't started asking questions yet you might wanna stick to the ball game and call it a day.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Goats Yelling Like Humans

Unmissable. Unsettling.

Oliver Stone & Tariq Ali - On History

The problem with the official version of American history is that it a complete fabrication from beginning to end. Listen and learn to Oliver Stone and Tariq Ali before reality disappears down the wormhole.

It's so hard to recover, so it's worth catching now.

Ron Finley - Gangster Gardening In LA

This is the best TED Talk I've seen in ages and I'm going to follow Ron Finley's advice.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Pineal Gland, Melatonin & Aging


In the field of medicine, the pineal gland has been practically ignored. 40 years ago, Walter Pierpaoli MD was led to research this often-overlooked gland and spent a good portion of those years in the laboratory with hands on research. Dr. Pierpaoli is a pioneer in pineal gland and melatonin research, anti-aging and longevity restorative medicine, and is the author of The Melatonin Miracle and The Key of Life. His groundbreaking research findings have been suppressed for years because, as he will share in this interview, the pineal gland holds the keys to so much of the body's vitality and longevity.

Dr. Pierpaoli is courageous, passionate, and committed like few I have ever met. He has dedicated his life to restoring health in his patients and bringing new knowledge to a field dominated by pharmaceutical interests and antiquated medical paradigms that led healthy people to rapid aging and disease. His groundbreaking research offers deeper insight into the hormonal cascade and what he calls "the cyclicity of day and night", known as the circadian rhythm.

He lays out how melatonin really works and why most supplements containing melatonin don't work and interfere with the body's pineal gland. Additionally, he fills in critical gaps in our understanding of aging and our ability to prevent diseases such as cancer, macular degeneration, and cardiovascular disease.

Join me with Dr. Walter Pierpaoli and learn how the pineal gland really works, how and why it is important to maintain its juvenility, and how it impacts all other hormones and systems in the body. You will never be the same.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

DjSadhu - The Collapse

Every thought, every purchase, every disposal, every word and every action we all make is either right or wrong. No in between.

Solfeggio Tibetan Chakra Healing & Theta Binaural Beats

Humorous Reminder That The Corporate Media Tell Whoppers To Go To War

Ray McGovern Versus Donald Rumsfeld from Jon Gold on Vimeo.

Jon Stewart reminds us that the first casualty of war is truth. Well worth a look when considering the Corporate media's reporting of Syria and Iran.

Monday 11 March 2013

Ex CIA Director Denies Dr Steven Greer Briefed Him On Aliens

I'm not brilliant at judging people because I like to give folk a chance to shine, but I've increasingly avoided Steven Greer on UFO/ET talk because he's such a show off. I posted his last interview (which is still excellent) but here we have documentation that he totally exaggerated and lied about his so called briefing to R. James Woolsey who ran the CIA once.   Woolsey will be a professional liar anyway because he was Director of CIA but this letter certainly exposes Greer on the timing of the so called briefing and the claims he made about the response of those who attended this quiet evening meal.

Once again it's worth pointing out that Greer comes from a military industrial (space) complex background and the use of children for MKULTRA purposes is quite common. Greer was a trained doctor. It's hardly likely he threw away a career running a hospital A&E department just to knowingly spin lies on UFOs. 

However he could easily be doing that unknowingly as a programmed ALT

Who knows. I certainly don't. Just giving my opinion which is probably worthless.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Ambassador @KristieKenney On The Wildlife of Rape & The Rape Of Wildlife

A US Marine serving in the Philippines was convicted in a Philippine court of raping a local woman. The US government, however, refused, despite the overwhelming evidence at that time, to accept the conviction and the Marine was rushed to the protection of the US Embassy compound and never served a day of his sentence. The US hid the convicted Marine behind something called the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) – a legal device very similar to colonial-era laws where the dominant nation refuses to acknowledge the jurisdiction of local laws. Eventually under very dubious circumstances – with payoffs and the victim being granted US citizenship – the Marine won an appeal.
At that time Kristie Kenney was the US Ambassador to the Philippines. When I wrote my original piece the Embassy wikileaks cables relating to that period had not yet been released. They were last year and it’s fair to say, after reading them, that Kristie Kenney played a significant role in freeing this rapist and making sure that opposition to this abrogation of Philippine sovereignty by elected Filipino law-makers was stymied. (A list of cables involving Kenney and the Subic rape case can be found here)
Some of Kenney’s interventions have a deeply cynical taint to them and begin with a cable written by Kenney and entitled “Handling The Marine "rape" Case -- Next Steps” dated 27 April 2006. Kenney writes -
“Through our repeated public statements and in our private conversations with senior GRP [Government of Republic of Philippines] officials and members of the Philippine Congress, we have continued to steer a steady course that protects the rights of the four Marines...”
When set against the almost complete silence that Kenney has encouraged in the case of imprisoned US blogger (hear about her attempt to stop difficult questions by the Thai media here), Joe Gordon, someone she has never visited despite his being in prison only a 30minute drive from Kenney’s palatial house in downtown Bangkok, her evident enthusiasm to help free those charged with rape is extraordinary and very revealing.
In another cable Kenney bemoans the “sensational” media coverage at the time of the rape, dismisses feminists protesters as “token” and lays out a plan in case of a guilty verdict – in this scenario “Any Marines found guilty will remain in Embassy custody.”
One has to wonder if Kenney raised her intervention in the Subic rape case and her dismissal of Filipino feminists during her recent Embassy-hosted “International Women’s Day” party? Given her cynicism the answer can only be a resounding no.
In this cable Kenney lays out the services afforded to the US Marine, Lance Corporal Smith, who has by now been found guilty of rape, and makes sure his rights are being respected. In a section entitled “EMBASSY PROVIDES SIGNIFICANT SUPPORT” Kenney writes
“[Smith] is currently in a CONEX-type trailer, with basic amenities and access to fitness and sports facilities. Representatives from the III Marine Expeditionary Forces supervise him at all times.  The Regional Security Office has spent significant time and resources ensuring Smith's safety and security, including during Smith's appearances in court and, more recently, during Smith's hospital visits for minor procedures. American Citizen Services officers, who attended all trial sessions, have also kept close watch over the case, liaising with Smith's family and ensuring Smith's rights as a U.S. citizen are respected.”
Set against the conditions Joe Gordon has been kept in and that, unlike Smith, Joe committed his “crime” on US soil, the difference in treatment that Kenney helped secure is staggering. No matter how abhorrent the crime, impunity for serving members of US military seems to be paramount for Kenney. A blogger offering up a translation of Yale University book are entirely secondary. If only Joe Gordon had been a US Marine rapist.
Kenney reveals in another cable her personal concerns for the convicted US Marine rapist’s welfare –
Renewed high-level judicial and political focus on the rape case of Marine Lance Corporal Daniel J. Smith has underscored the profound importance of this issue ... for LCpl Smith's future.
But it is in a cable entitled INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE ELECTION Kenney’s cynicism really comes to the fore. Here the present US Ambassador discusses Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, an experienced and committed Filipino law-maker who is perceived as being anti the VFA which has kept Smith out of prison and grants the US military almost complete impunity.
Kenney writes –
Senator Santiago is a vocal advocate for justice, human rights, and the rule of law.  She is a passionate crusader against government corruption, and in the rough and noisy world of Philippine politics, has remained untainted by corruption scandals.
Kenney then adds
In late 2005, [Santiago] initiated a Congressional move to abrogate the agreement after the U.S. government turned down the Philippines' request for custody over the four servicemen accused in the controversial November 2005 Subic rape case.
However, and very strangely, Kenney then recounts Santiago’s opposition suddenly being dropped
“After a briefing at the U.S. Embassy and a visit to the accused servicemen, Senator Santiago dropped her efforts to abrogate the VFA.”
We’ll never know what was in that “briefing” but given the USA and Kenney’s obvious desperation in making sure the convicted rapist never faced a day in prison and that the important strategic US-Philippines military alliance, conditional on the VFA, held, we can only speculate.
Kenney finished out her days in the Philippines taking part in the “papaya dance” on national TV and makingbitchy comments about elected Filipino politicians behind closed doors.
In Thailand she’s spent her time making sure that no progressive voices in Thai politics are arrayed against the US. This is despite the US being a huge supporter of the same Thai Army that has repeatedly crushed Thai democracy and murdered Thai nationals, often with US weapons and using US training methods. Publicly, she has spent more time taking part in tacky Tatler photo shoots than addressing the human rights of US nationals like Joe Gordon and seems content that the US-armed/trained Thai Army maintains its impunity. From rapists to those who arm murderers and on to the jailing of US bloggers there is very little Kristie Kenney won’t utilise her formidable PR skills in support of.
Maybe Kenney now needs to get on a plane to Kabul? Unfortunately though, there’s no Afghan Tatler for her to appear in. There is, however, a US Army murderer for her to save.

Saturday 9 March 2013

International Vagrant In Burma, Japan, Thailand & Hong Kong

Hurrah!! I just received my portable hard drive back from over a year in storage and I've been looking through all the stuff again. I'm really pleased because I've got a bunch of files including my first digital photography back from when I travelled around Burma with an Olympus C-2000 that I wrote about over here. I'm really chuffed to rescue those amazing fishermen shots just down the road from Ngapali beach that you can see above and which I wrote about here and here. Then there's also the Nokia 8250 launch party in Bangkok on Feb 23, 2001. I can only remember the phone model because of the sign to the rear of this chap Johnny Doran from Saville Productions below, with 'Walk on the blue side'. Remember when a blue Screen was the latest thang? Before mobile cameras and colour displays.

There are the trips to Bagan, the ancient capital of Burma. You might need to click on it to see this stitched together panorama shot. The journey took me over 24 hours on a nightmare bus journey that I wrote about here. Bagan took a hit during an earthquake in '74 I think but its still breathtaking to imagine the monks, merchants, families, kids and officials running around this place, breathing life into it around the time that the Normans gave us a good hiding at the battle of Hastings isn't it?

I've now also got the shots from many trips to Cambodia (but not the one where I went missing in the heart of darkness for a few days) including Angkor Wat, which is just plain spesh because of all that South Indian influenced Jayavarman architecture. Khmer culture is so important to S.E. Asia.

Then there is me during my camp yachting period around the Andaman Sea. Never was a hangover washed away so quickly than by jumping off the Piraya (our boat) in the morning.

Not to mention my gay cowboy look long before Brokeback mountain was a hit. That was quite a smash hit with the ladies, if I recall correctly. Cowboy boots 'n all.

The Tokyo period which was all too short because Tokyo ROCKS as far as I'm concerned.

But the wack stuff I've saved is from Hong Kong.

And no photo story can be complete without those Bangkok nights. As a friend of mine once said. More can happen in a Bangkok night than most might expect to happen in a year. This was taken on Soi Cowboy.

And of course those Hua Hin days, weeks and months. It never occurred to me before but I guess this blog is as good a place as any to explain why this bug very memorably fell in LOVE with me and then scared the very life out of me.

Any requests? ;)

Israelis allowed to use 2400 cubic metres of water in Jerusalem. Palestinians only 15

Solid grown up TV debate on Israeli bus segregation Israel which the Palestinians are being forced to ask for so they can commute to work. In this way it seems like all sides want to live in hate. This is not accurate.