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Oprah Not Oprah - Before & After


It's not 'the' Oprah, but whoever it is, isn't having a good time.

The silent war continues.

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Saturn & Metatron's Cube

I spent the afternoon on Saturn. Or rather on Jet Propulsion Laboratories(JPL) and NASA's website doing some research and struck oil on that whole NASA/JPL obsession with the occult thing that says to me, more is going on under our noses, than your average premier-league fan's blood pressure could handle. Let me you hit you up with the basics if you've missed the earlier Saturnalia posts.

Y'all can see from the sacred geometry below, that there's a two dimensional Hexagon AND a three dimensional Cube right?

You might not have time to watch the videos so let me articulate this carefully. Not every shape within a shape can represent both 2D and 3D structure with the integrity of Metatron's cube above, which can do a whole lot more than Hexagon and Cubes (Hexadron) and is really the DNA of platonic solids, and thus a building block to reality. If you wish the creator of the universe had Metatron's cube in mind before commencing with 3D reality. It's a transcendental form and a blueprint of holographic reality.

Where this gets sexy, is that Saturn was discovered in the 70's to have a rotating Hexagon on its North Pole. Nowhere else in the universe is this the case (to our knowledge) and so we might ask ourselves a pertinent question. Why did the ancient Hebrews (and others) worship the black cube (Teffilin) and Saturn right up until today?

Or rather, how did they know that Saturn has a representational Metatron's cube when we only found out a few decades ago? The link with the Islamic Kaabah is hard to ignore too if you can now see the 2D Hexagon and 3D Hexadron.

I throw in the Islamic link at the end as a hint of today's findings. Saturn's influence on our space and time are hard to ignore and I've now had a Damascene conversion to possible influence of of Saturn on our planet as displayed by the ancient Hebrews AND the cosmic elites at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. I was sure before but now I'm convinced. Oh and the good news is maybe we got outside help on our side. The evidence has been under our noses for some time, but buckle up for the ride because there are those with everything to lose and we have EVERYTHING to gain. Here's the NSA main building in the United States.

Satan comes from Saturn and Saturnalia was a big Roman god and religion with Saturday devoted to worship. It's gone underground since then.