Monday 30 December 2013

How Do We Know When The State is Lying? - Butler Shaffer | Mises Institute

Superb reflections on reality or the question, 'how do we know what we know?'

I'm impressed if the Mises Institute are giving space to this kind of intelligent analysis because if you're paying attention, Professor Butler Shaffer is saying a few things that aren't said in the mainstream academic narrative.

The man obviously knows how to use a search engine. 

I salute a real thinker.

Update: I don't subscribe to Mises Institute on Austrian Economics. It's genocidal in today's context (food stamp America) and we have a population issues before we tackle wealth creation for a much-needed mutually-agreed population decline/management strategy based on fairness and ecology.

Sunday 29 December 2013

The Two Sides of @ggreenwald

On the one hand there's the Glenn Greenwald who is going into partnership with an NSA partner while holding 99% of Edward Snowden's whistleblowing that I have yet to learn something new from.

On the other there's the great keynote speaker who socks it to the NSA lackeys, the sycophantic British press pimping the security state establishment and pseudo journalists who think their job is to defend the State. 

Either he's naive, lying or somewhere in between. A condition we all suffer from probably.

There is however the other Glenn Greenwald who refuses to mention Russ Tice of the NSA that told us about NSA spying on a young senator candidate called Barack Obama and who now displays multiple personalities for reasons that could be anything from blackmail to Dissociative Identity Disorder AKA MKULTRA multiple personalities.

It really is hard to come up with a more boring reason.

Politics & War as Entertainment - Butler Shaffer

There's no doubt that the above video makes a mockery of most of what I've said about 9/11 on this blog, but it is what it is. 

I've no problem in admitting mistakes because I don't have the military industrial complex or government handcuffs to sit Dick Cheney in a room and pull his pacemaker our with pliers till he speaks. 

I have to rely on the best information I can get my hands on at the time.

I've been reviewing this 911 HollyWeird information for a week or so on James Fetzer's audio blog, but it all started off with the Jay Weidner interview I posted over here though you can see a lot of controversy has been created here in the comments or over here too

However you need to sit down and do the work to figure out why it opens up a new dimension, not a million miles away from Sophie Smallstorm's Sandy Hook deconstruction.

I've no real interest in the World Trade Centre towers military grade demolition on 9/11, because it's the million or so Iraqis and Afghanis that are the victims, not the Israelis, British, French or Americans who actually orchestrated most of it. You know. The perpetrators.

However, I hope you were watching your freedoms get pick-pocketed by the war entertainment complex since then.

Here's Butler Shaffer's views on the matter. It's erudite thinking and you really must read it to appreciate a mind ahead of its time.

If I were to offer a seminar on the nature of war, I believe that the first class session would include a showing of the film Wag the DogThose who wish to justify the obliteration of hundreds of thousands of total strangers in the name of "good" versus "evil," or "national honour," will likely find the movie discomforting. As the governments of India and Pakistan self-righteously, and in the name of "God," threaten one another with a nuclear war that could instantly kill anywhere from ten to twenty million people, it is time for decent, intelligent people to put down their flags and begin to see war for what the late General Smedley Butler rightly termed it: "a racket." This film offers a quick reality fix.

Randolph Bourne's observation "war is the health of the state" is familiar to most critics of militarism, but few have delved into why this is so. Statism is dependent upon mass thinking which, in turn, is essential to the creation of a collective, herd-oriented society. Such pack-like behaviour is reflected in the intellectual and spiritual passivity of people whose mindsets are wrapped up more in images and appearances than in concrete reality.

Such a collapse of the mind produces a society dominated by entertainment — which places little burden on thinking — rather than critical inquiry, which helps to explain why there has long been a symbiotic relationship between the entertainment industry and political systems. Entertainment fosters a passive consciousness, a willingness to "suspend our disbelief." Its purpose is to generate amusement, a word that is synonymous with "diversion," meaning "to distract the attention of." The common reference to movies as a form of "escape" from reality, reflects this function. Government officials know what every magician knows, namely, that to carry out their illusions, they must divert the audience's attention from their hidden purposes.

Michel Foucault has shown how the state's efforts to regulate sexual behaviour — whether through repressive or "liberating" legislation — serves as such a distraction, making it easier for the state to extend its control over our lives. It is instructive that, in the months preceding the World Trade Centre attacks which, in turn, ushered in the greatest expansion of police powers in America since the Civil War, the news stories that dominated the media had to do with allegations of adulterous affairs by a sitting president and a congressman. It is not coincidence that both the entertainment industry and the government school systems have helped to foster preoccupations with sex.

The authority of the state is grounded in consensus-based definitions of reality, whose content the state insists on controlling. This is why so-called "public opinion polls," rather than factual analysis and reason, have become the modern epistemological standard, and why imagery — which the entertainment industry helps to foster — now takes priority over the substance of things.

Politics and entertainment each feed upon — and help to foster — public appetites for illusions and fantastic thinking. The success of such undertakings, in turn, depends upon unfocused and enervated minds, which helps to explain why motion picture and television performers, popular musicians, and athletes — whose efforts require little participation on the part of the viewer — have become the dominant voices in our politicized culture. It also helps to account for the attraction of so many entertainers throughout the world to visionary schemes such as state socialism, as well as the increasing significance of entertainment industry gossip and box-office revenues as major news stories.

The entertainment industry helps shape the content of our consciousness by generating institutionally desired moods, fears, and reactions, a role played throughout human history. Ancient Greek history is tied up in myths, fables, and other fictions, passed on by the entertainers of their day, the minstrels. We need to ask ourselves about the extent to which our understanding of American history and other human behaviour has been fashioned by motion pictures, novels, and television drama. Through carefully scripted fictions and fantasies, others direct our experiences, channel our emotions, and shape our views of reality. The fantasies depicted are more often of conflict, not cooperation; of violence, not peace; of death, not the importance of life.

Nowhere is the interdependency of the political and entertainment worlds better demonstrated than in the war system, which speaks of "theatres" of operation, "acts" of war with battle "scenes," "staging" areas, and "dress rehearsals" for invasions. The pomp and circumstance of war is reflected in military uniforms that mimic stage costumes, all to the accompaniment of martial music that rivals grand opera. A Broadway play can become either a "bomb" or a "hit;" troops are "billeted" (a word derived from the French meaning of a "ticket"); while the premier of a movie is often accompanied, like a World War II bombing raid, by searchlights that scan the skies. Even the Cold War was framed by an "iron curtain." Is it only coincidence, devoid of any symbolic meaning, that at the end of the American Civil War - one of the bloodiest wars in human history - its chief protagonist was shot while attending the theatre, and that his killer was an actor who, upon completing his deed, descended to the stage and exited?

Adolf Hitler understood, quite well, the interplay between political power and theatre, a truth that continues to reveal itself in entertainers involving themselves so heavily in political campaigns, some even managing to get themselves elected to Congress or the presidency! Nor was it surprising that one of the first acts of the Bush Administration, following the announced "War on Terrorism," was to send a group of presidential advisers to Hollywood to enlist the entertainment industry's efforts to portray the war as desired by Washington! As with earlier wars, the "military/entertainment complex" will continue to write the scripts and define the characters that are required to assure the support of passive minds in the conduct of war.

Furthermore, because entertainment is often conducted in crowded settings (e.g., theatres, stadiums, auditoriums) there is a dynamic conducive to the generation of mass-mindedness. One need only recall the powerful harangues of Adolf Hitler that coalesced tens of thousands of individuals into a controllable mob, to understand the symbiotic relationship between entertainment and politics.

Entertainment is a part of what we call "recreation," which means to "re-create," in this case to give interpretations to events that are most favorable to one's national identity and critical of an opponent. In this connection, entertainers help to manipulate the "dark side" of our being which, once mobilized, can help to generate the most destructive and inhumane consequences. World War II movies portrayed Japanese kamikaze pilots who crashed their planes into Navy ships as "crazed zealots," while American pilots who did the same thing to Japanese ships or trains were represented as "heroes" willing to die to save their comrades. German and Japanese soldiers were presented as sneering sadists who delighted in the torture of the innocents, while the American soldiers only wanted to get the war over with so they could get back home to mom and her apple pie! How many of us, today, think of 19th century U.S. cavalrymen — as portrayed by the likes of John Wayne and Randolph Scott — as brave soldiers, while Indian warriors were "savages" for having forcibly resisted their own annihilation?

All of this leads me to ask whether the entertainment industry is an extension of the war system, or whether war is simply an extension of our need for entertainment? What should be clear to us is that entertainment is one of the principal means by which our thinking can be taken over and directed by others once we have chosen to make our minds passive, which we do when we are asked — whether by actors or politicians — to suspend our judgement about the reality of events we are witnessing. When we are content to be amused (i.e. to have our attention diverted from reality to fantasy), and to have our emotions exploited by those skilled in triggering unconscious forces, we set ourselves up to be manipulated by those producing the show. 

Politics differs from traditional theatre in one important respect, however: in the political arena, we do not call for the "author" at the end of a war! Most of us prefer not to know, for to discover the identities of those who have scripted such events might call into question our own gullibility

Thursday 26 December 2013

PPK - Resurrection

I have extremely good memories of this track taking a lot of very good MDMA with the best of friends and enemies (nobody cares about enemies on X), in tightly packed clubs so humid the perspiration would drip off the ceiling to remind us we were somewhere special.

For a long time I thought it was called Voie Le Soleil, but that didn't work out till I heard a snippet on of all things Alex Jones during the interlude.

Anyway, Simon Graingerboy found it for me just now and I'm very happy about that.


Bob Marley The Movie from sim power team on Vimeo.

Marley is probably the most inspirational musician documentary/movie I've seen since Oliver Stone's The Doors. 

I had very little idea about Bob Marley, and even though I've been to Ethiopia on business I still couldn't understand Rastafarianism after Googling it in the days before Wikipedia. 

I'm particularly impressed with the ideals of fitness and independence and Bob Marley's fierce competitiveness in everything he did, from football to music.

This documentary isn't the most linear edited narrative I've come across, but what it lacks in funding (it's been made on a shoestring) it makes up for, with first hand story telling that really conveys a sense of who he was and what he was about it. 

I've linked to researcher interviews about the CIA's probable spiking of Bob Marley with cancer through a poisoned football boot, but if you want to hear the first hand testimony (thinly disguised) about the episode you can jump to here.

Bob Marley's Rastafarian locks became to heavy to carry as he became ill, but even if that didn't work the chemotherapy would have meant them falling out. This is for me the obvious choice of cancer rather than say a bullet as for John Lennon through MKLUTRA mind controlled victim Mark Chapman.

Bob Marley was starting to shake things up  in Africa, just as he became sick, including playing a part freeing Rhodesia from White Rule through his music.  

If there is going to be a renaissance of the human spirit, Africa is more likely to play the first move, rather than the hollowed out consumer lifestyles of the Western world. 

That's my gut instinct.

Friday 20 December 2013


Tuesday 17 December 2013

A Stadium of Fools - Society of the Spectacle

If you read, study, research, watch documentaries, interviews and listen to podcasts on power elite conspiracy and associated theories, there are a handful of verbatim quotes that emerge repeated by different people who ostensibly seem reliable but are saying the same thing.

One of those themes is how the power elite (the real power, not the puppets who attended Mandela's funeral) like to ridicule the human race. 

I've heard idiots are promoted/rewarded to political/celebrity level just to see how much mass media consumption rubbish we will swallow in the name of brainwashing through their global media machine.

It may or may not be true, but if you think the Secret Service allowed a sign interpreter with a history of murder to blag three hours of nonsense language you might want to check out the picket fence when JFK was assassinated. There's plenty of kicks in that hilarious story too.

It's often called the grassy knoll but the media have programmed people to laugh at just the word grassy knoll, that it's worth pointing out the sniper was behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.

Keep laughing. 

Somebody is having a bigger laugh at the human race. 

I roared with laughter when I saw this, but I knew it wasn't an oversight or how do you call your Afghanistan war? 

Blowback right? Yeah blowback. it's all just a cock up.

Call it a hunch. Conspiracy Theory. Whatever turns you on.

Saturday 14 December 2013

Hitler's Circumcision - The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler by Jim Condit

It's important to remember that Hitler and Eva Braun were both of Jewish extraction (see links on names).

I've come across this information before, but it was only last night that I finally had no other choice but to seriously entertain that Hitler was likely a Kuhn & Loeb or Schiff or Warburg AKA Rothschild banking bloodline Zionist who was coaxed and guided into power all his life until he could exploit ordinary Jews for the political goals of Zionist Jews.

You can see this premise is a historical fact if the reader familiarises themselves with Transfer Agreement. This was a pact between Nazis and Zionists to establish a homeland for Jews in Palestine. You may also wish to double-check on Hitlers Jewish ancestry and do a little research on how the banking bloodlines frequently place their illegitimate children into positions of power.

It's mind-blowing stuff, but so well documented that it's impossible to reject this narrative of Hitler, if the reader has soberly researched the Banking bloodlines and how they use their bastard children to do their dirty work for them.

Douglas Dietrich - The Third Reich Never Died

It's fairly obvious that Douglas Dietrich has no idea; that the same banking bloodlines that funded Communism and Nazism also funded Zionism. 

It's for this reason his understanding of who runs what, is lacking.

However, it's still underground information and even if we don't agree on certain interpretations of history, the sheer complexity of his view is much more authentic than the cling film wrapped narrative of good and bad guys that orthodox history urinates.

Douglas also lends weight to the notion that, Reptilians are real. 

I love the Reptilian information as its flips the squares out. 

They blow their collective cocks on Lizards.

Chill the fuck. 

There's always the corporate media ..............if it's sanity you're seeking.

Ole Dammegard - Elite Global Assassination Squad

When you have a winning sports team, you don't change the members. 

The same is the same for assassination, and why the same names crop up over, and over, and over again. This applies to JFK's assassination, John Lennon, RFK and even the Swedish PM Olof Palme.

It's a global team and the best work together.

Ole Dammegard explains a little more in this interview above. You may want to skip Roxy Lopez's intro of about 15 minutes.

Lopez also has this annoying habit, like Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, that during interviews, thinks she's the subject of the talk and her approval is needed to validate her subject's [possessive] information.

That simply isn't the case.

Jay Weidner on Kubrick Apollo Alchemy Aliens & Toroids

Not Jay Weidner's greatest interview, but I post it because I keep tabs on how the narrative is or has evolved. 

If I was interviewing Jay, I'd be asking him from time to time, 'how do you know that' or 'why did you come to that conclusion'. I'd do the same to a lot of people who make many claims but don't seem to have reconciled their own 2012 interpretations with the present.

Or at least it's not discussed even with hindsight.

I really think there's a hard talk style of interview needed in the esoteric circles. Not for the sake of confrontation but because it's OK to have unprovable claims but it's interesting to see the thinking or experiences behind them.

Otherwise it's just I've got a toroid in my pocket and it's pleased to see you before it folds back in on itself.

Friday 13 December 2013

JFK, Kubrick & UFO's

I listened to this twice yesterday it was so good. 

Today it felt less robust, because Robert Morningstar seems to be unaware that Philip Corso is Military disinformation. It's also worth listening to Douglas Dietrich on this matter and I can't quite believe Robert Morningstar doesn't know this. 

It's a schoolboy error in research terms.

He also has some bizarre theory that the power elite care about us so much they want to break the news of alien life slowly. This is an idea so preposterous it's worth sticking into the grave pile of a quarter of a billion people murdered by the power elite last century.

Even so, it's still worth listening to and I'm open minded, but not attached to JFK and UFO information.

It starts about 40 minutes in.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Is This A Robot?

It's a good job Corporations and Governments [GovCorp™] care about humanity so much they would never spray us with chemicals or explore depopulation when we're no longer needed any more to work for them isn't it?

AI Telemarketing jumps the Turing Test barrier. 

I like it. 

Maybe people will start waking up to the technology they aren't telling us about.

Google breakaway civilisation on that one.

Monday 9 December 2013

Wayne Madsen - Voices from the Grave

Drop dead Intel from former NSA and DIA Wayne Madsen on 9/11 people who were bumped off afterwards including the DC Madam. A cracking presentation. 

Bookmark it or watch it now.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Colonel L Fletcher Prouty - The Real Mr X From Oliver Stone's JFK

I've come across these incredible couple of interviews with Colonel Prouty where he reveals much more higher level information than he does in the video interviews above.

He discusses the cabal or shadow/secret government that has throughout history, worked above Prime Ministers and Presidents.

He's a very well educated and intelligent person. So rare in senior military types these days who only see reality through the paranoia prism of 'war is inevitable'.

I don't buy that nonsense for one minute.

Thursday 5 December 2013

RAND Corporation - How To Breed Passive Consumers Instead of Engaged Citizens

I've been meaning to do some research into the RAND Corporation, as I usually focus on the CFR, Brookings Institution, Chatham House and Tavistock Institute for global think tank warmongering, manipulation of humanity and all round parasitical relationship between elites and workers.

This video of Alez Abella is a good introduction. He's unusual because most people who are clever can't see the wood for the trees, but he gets the bigger picture. If you don't have time to review the video, here's a good article he wrote about RAND.

Fahrenheit 451

I assumed Fahrenheit 451 had some obvious references to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. The only two I can make are the corporate media (plus shill experts), and coincidence theorists claim that Skyscraper steel melts at 1400 degrees when actually it melts at 2750 degrees.

But the more subtle explanation is about keeping people stupid by burning books. In this movie the protagonist's wife is more interested in watching TV programs about being beautiful than knowing about reality.

This kind of thinking is everywhere since 9/11

People more interested in the football scores, celebrity nipple and reality TV than the notion that a complex consortium of power elite parasites are turning our planet into a cross between a duty free area in a new airport and an ecocide graveyard.

Fortunately not everything is going there way. The public myth making about Israel is beginning to dissolve and all round the world, people are questioning the war on terror paranoia hoax that keeps the warmonger psychopaths in cigars and Scotch.

Watch this film if you feel you're not reading enough books. I know I have a couple that I must get cracking with immediately. That's what the film does to you if you're passionate about learning.

Lee Harvey Oswald - MKULTRA Victim

H.P Albarelli's book A Terrible Mistake details the presence of Lee Harvey Oswald in the area of New York's mind control safe houses, at exactly the right time for him to be sucked into the system.

I always had my suspicions, but recently when I found out Oswald was an orphan child who joined the military at an early age and then spoke two languages very quickly, it struck me he had all the signatures of a mind control victim, and that the only way to learn a language in six weeks is MKULTRA or those military/CIA mind control programs we know so well.

I think you will be convinced when you examine the evidence. 

I've written a lot about mind control as there's no way to understand the world without factoring in that a person including politicians and celebrities may be programmed. It happens a lot more than the public would think. Click on the tags below to explore the subject more fully.

Is This Another Ukrainian [CIA] Colour Revolution?

Historically the Soviet Union has been super genocidal for the Ukraine and so they are naturally inclined towards closer European Union ties. However the EU is run by the same sociopaths that are pro-Israel genocide against the Palestinians and pro War in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

These are complex times and there are no easy answers but the documentary above explains the complexity of the last round of colour revolutions (CIA flag colour revolutions) quite well.

You can be damn sure the British and the Israelis and the French and the Americans are in the Ukraine stirring it up to divide Russia and Ukraine who are geographically natural partners.

These are tough times, and made even tougher as my conversations with Russians and Ukrainians disappoints me how little real history they know.

Like those handful of Masonic/Jewish Bolsheviks that led to between 20 and 60 million dead in the Soviet empire. Before the Ukraine blames Russian genocide they should look into who did it, and who the EU finds most difficult to shake off.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Nicholas Cage - Lord of War

Lord of War caught me by surprise. I have no idea why (or when) I downloaded it but as soon as I saw it was Nicholas Cage I imagined it wouldn't last two minutes.

Nicholas Cage is playing Nicholas Cage. Here he is suitably skilled to play a paedophile arms dealer whereas his attempts elsewhere to play an heroic dirty cop are just too tedious.

Jared Leto & Ethan Hawke are in this movie too. Jared is not a very believable character but that's more down to the writing than anything. Ethan Hawke does a better job given his role is more stereotypical good cop. 

A cheesy number given most cops are either stupid, or corrupt. A small handful being neither.