Tuesday 29 November 2022

Parlez Vous Q?

On 25th June this year, the world's most provably effective psychological operation (Psyop), in the history of information, resumed posting after a long hiatus (08/12/2020).

June 26 this year the following posts were made 

The timing was like warm sun on freshly shampooed hair, as I'd only just posted the information about Roe v Wade the previous month. A milestone in humanities quest to shake off the chains of darkness.

Ba'al not Moloch got taken out here. Very memorable.

To say today's posts (28/11) are seismic is no exaggeration. It's much bigger than Elon Musk's timeline intersecting with Q for the second time.

There's a lot to unpack here and I don't feel like being the one to explain what we know, and don't know.


Est-ce moi ou l’attraction fatale en arrière-plan?

Sunday 27 November 2022

Dissolution - CJ Sansom

I've bragged many times. I used to read The Economist, The FT, WSJ, The Guardian and The Observer regularly. I'd smash American CEOs in international hotel bars on United States political history because I had the best teacher, Joe Barbera. 

He used to say, 'have you read this?' and if I said no, he'd immediately become animated and tell me why I had to read say Kissinger (Years of Upheaval) or Caro on LBJ (Master of the Senate).

Then I went off-piste and discovered I knew nothing...

Since then, I've pretty much read only non-fiction, so I was half hearted about Dissolution, but it was the best from a bad bunch, so I pressed on.

CJ Sansom is a great writer. Its clean historical fiction set in the time of Henry VIII but not that Cromwell, the other one. 

I appreciated getting granular on Monastic nomenclature, particularly the obedientiaries.

The end was quite exciting and a bit of a page turner but in the final overview, I couldn't believe that intermittent parts of the plot hung on indiscreet revelations made by the protagonist Matthew Shardlake. 

Cromwell's investigator. 

Not only that but he put people's lives in danger by shooting his mouth off. Anyway, I've finished it now and I'm on Fiona Maddocks - Hildegard of Bingen.

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Amyloid Protein Material

Back here I referred to the white fibrous structures because we didn't know what they were. I've just watched the full "Died Suddenly" documentary from the trailer I used in the same post. I've been informed the white clots are called Amyloid Protein Structures and are characterised by a fibrillar morphology.

The documentary is only available on Twitter at the moment but there's a full screen option so it's no difference to entertaining yourself to death on NETFLIX.

On the negative side two people close to me have vaccine injury and it's not looking good. On the positive side, in a genetic sense, the world will be hugely diminished of conspiracy deniers in the future.

They'll be dead (many of them) so they won't have learned the final lesson. 

They'll have to come back and repeat.

Google have started to restrict the search findings for "Died Suddenly".

Do I have to spell it out what the average sentient being should do?

Monday 21 November 2022

Winston Churchill Research

I think it was Tom who mentioned the speech impediment, and that is born out in this TV 1950 re-election piece, of and by Winston Churchill, as it were

The follow up Ottawa 'Piece' is preposterous. Look at the Grand Poobah behind him, sitting in a propitiously large seat (Bless). And bless your little legs as well.

If we meet in real life, and should you be a Winnie expert. 

Ask me about the debunking research. 

It's troubling.

Football Banter


Sunday 20 November 2022

Happy QATARI Rainbow Bake Off


Public Service Announcement


Saturday 19 November 2022

It's Not Us Directing Your Hippocratic Oath - You Know That Right?


Thursday 17 November 2022

Midazzle 'em Matt & Co

I've reduced the images because I'm going to get in trouble anyway... but at least the smarter ones will take a closer look. 

It's a Darwinian perspective. 

If the dead were more intelligent, they'd be alive, wouldn't they?

Knowledge is ignorance. 

Ignorance is strength

I've discussed conspiracy theories about the protagonist over here and over there.

Update. The video has been censored but I can assure any doubters, it's practically a nursery rhyme.