Wednesday 21 June 2023

I'm Dead

No seriously, this is the best laugh. Best President ever. Guaranteed Elon will be rolling on the Persian rug, picking up fluff until we hang him.

Wednesday 14 June 2023

E Jean Carroll - Trump's Rape Accuser

The attempts to bring down Trump since 2015 are obvious to rational people and invisible to those whose hatred overwhelms their cognitive analysis. When E Jean Caroll accused Trump of rape, I could see what I've seen before, that she is a multiple (Dissociative identity disorder - Trauma Based Mind Control - MK Ultra etc). Recently she was interviewed, by top bloodline shill Anderson Cooper, and the confirmation was there.

Some very good people had taken over the handlers and reprogrammed her. Her answer so dissociative from her accusations they had to shut down the interview.

Her father was in the CIA. As I've explained for many years now, 'they do it to their own' as well as the innocent. Also, Cooper is CIA trained, it's in his Wikipedia entry. It's just part of his hidden background which recently shows that he also was paid 12 million dollars by Pfizer to sell the shit they put in the injections. When I say shit, I've thousand-word poems about all the toxins put in ya jabs. When the penny drops... gonna be a lot of people go berserk in the truest sense of the word.

The link to the 12 million bribe is by one of the team members who invented mRNA injections. It just gets worse for the jabbed doesn't it?

Monday 12 June 2023

GOOGLE AI Scientist Quits & Warns Humanity Is Doomed

Loads of people were raving about how essential this podcast conversation is so I listened, and I can save some of you time. Mo Gawdat is portrayed as AI Brass at Google who quit when he realised his entire life's work had assembled the technological existential threat that will devour us in about six minutes, or maybe 33 Minutes on slow days. One option he iterated is to wrap our affairs up and get ready to hide from the machines so they can't find us.

I thought the Virgin Islands had lost their charm in recent years so if you know any classic tropical beach hangouts where Billionaire Satanic Ritual Child Abusers and Virgin Island neighbours aren't going to tip-up and ruin the vibe? Don't forget to tip off a brother. I'm always open to new ideas and willing to experiment.

Mo isn't the top brass at Google AI, he was a Business Officer and also mentions the real brains at X (Formerly Google X of ABC alphabet agency) but in a deferential manner as it's not him. I know you guys can spot a pattern so there's no need for unnecessary drama. I'll lay it out as succinctly and neatly as I can. 

Mo Gawdat and his interviewer both believe climate change is real. Oddly enough they're correct but dictionaries in the past put this to bed hundreds of years ago.

Climate is never the same temperature
Climate is only climate if it changes 
If it doesn't change, it wouldn't be called climate

If you present with crocodile tears of concern for climate extinction ideally a fruitful conversation on the Palaeocene Eocene Thermal Maximum is benchmark because as the frozen Big Burps of Methane thaw, they are existentially deadly in minutes and seconds though equally the science says mammals emerged from that era. 

If we emerged from Burping Methane times, it follows that it was at worst benign and likely better for our evolutionary path that commenced for mammals afterwards. However, it’s important to note official NWO narratives state that the release of methane from thawing permafrost or oceanic methane hydrates have exponentially significant impacts on the environment, as methane is a potent greenhouse gas. The release of large amounts of methane into the atmosphere can contribute to climate change and have negative effects on the environment and its inhabitants.

Methane is so deadly, haters of Russia cheered on when NATO blew up Nordstream II pipeline from Russia to Europe of cheap energy, and blamed it on the victims while acquiring amnesia about climate change from the biggest intentional terror attack on the planet, through deliberate due to explosive Methane release it's one kilometre of methane every second of breathing we take.

Mo and the interviewer were really stressed about climate change but get this they were lamenting their incredibly bad fortune to also have endured the scamdemic in their lifetimes. You know my opinions and FOI releases are skin in the game. But it's a triple scammy whammy for Mo and fawning Podcast CEO now that AI is the cocoa powder dusting, on their weekly Ice cream sundaes and long cherished plans for a life of rewards followed by more systemic rewards is now toast.

There's more. Mo didn't know that the Manhattan Project was a Plutonium implosion bomb next used on Nagasaki. He didn't know that Robert Oppenheimer quoted the most cherished Hindu text of the Bhagavad Gita on 'implosion' saying "Now I'm become death, the destroyer of worlds" 

CEO didn't even know what the Manhattan Project and Trinity were and that a nice obelisk now indicates the location of the test. Obelisk is Ba'al's penis. I know, it's an odd shape but my own isn't much to write home about so no judgement there.

Neither of them were sure that Oppenheimer, a real classics scholar didn't invent the bomb, he did all his theoretical physics and quantum work in the 30s. He was brilliant but for Manhattan he was more a vast project manager for the largest conspiracy ever of 66,000 scientists and workers sworn to secrecy with their wives and children, blissfully ignorant of their real day job. Next time someone says 'we'd know if they lied about going to the moon', it's not true. We researchers would know, you would be repeating Max Hastings bitching about Boris, when not only did he hire him, but he also didn't have the bottle to fire him before he left The Telegraph, as Editor in Chief... Do you invariably repeat what you're told before applying critical thinking?

I said I'd keep it short yet already failure is in my typing finger tips when it comes to the credulous. OK last shot. Mo told the CEO about his Sufism, and CEO didn't know what it was. All those books behind him with Harvard emergency false flag strategies (he literally says he was educated to blow things up to get the sheep moving in a direction) and it became painfully self-evident he'd never read a history book in his life.

I was educated on those strategies too because I read books about SIS, MOS & CIA and just to check I went to the movies to see Bond, in case the set of Diamonds are Forever is up to date.

AI is going to change everything for ever and ever. It's the most exciting thing since the internet and there will be good days and there will be bad. The toothpaste is out of the tube, and we will deal with it or not. It's life. We live hopefully, before we die but Chicken Little drama-queens are either useless or very useful to someone else.

Sunday 11 June 2023

500 Johnnie Walker Jukebox Entry - BBC RADIO 2 - Sounds of the 70s

My formative years are up till 1979ish in West Germany where I was born. My father was in BAOR, and we were rotated in and out as is the way of military life.

Later eras are reformative because (for example) we might be discarding the flared trousers to adopt the skinny jeans. Our formative years however are unique because there's only virtual history to compare with or even reject. So, it uncoils slowly creating new forms and is imprinted on our memories. To a greater or lesser degree.

The sounds of the Seventies are not just my soundtrack to those formations. Often, it's only the music that stood out to the exclusion of everything else. That's how nourishing music in the 70s was.

The music production broadcasts on British Forces Radio in those days are my leitmotif to the past, and in those moments, one friendly optimistic and in love with music voice narrated those times. That voice sounded like Johnnie Walker. 

Was it Heraclitus who said all flows? I'm not great at remembering names but ideas are easier to retain, and Heraclitus might be misinformed about formative years music broadcast on the wireless as my Northern pals called it. When I listen to Sounds of the 70s the immersion in the past is complete. I'm more present there, than in the here and now as it were.

Johnnie Walker has hit the 500th mark towards his stated 1000  today. Congratulations Johnnie.

What a tribute. Decades later and I'm still swooning head over heels to the 70s.

Keep it up Johnnie and Thanks for the time travel. I mean it

Wednesday 7 June 2023


The funniest (in a tediously satisfying kind of way) factor of the scamdemic which changed the meaning of words, the science for PCR testing, the cheatibility of computer modeling, the coopted media through the Gates Foundation and having all the criminals (investors) in place to sucker punch the general public; was probably the SIXES. They were everywhere and if you're paying attention are still revelation of the method, day in and day out, to tip us off if something is real or otherwise.

Other than that, was the naming of the variants such as Lambda, Delta (Triangle shaped for the uninitiated) and Omicron for example which had very good reasons for selection but not one person can prove who named them and why? Let's not forget the monkey pox to take the piss out of the primates, in white cotton underpants, who believe reality hasn't been hijacked by TV screens and bought and sold 'presenters' which is much more accurate than the US term TV Anchor for very good reasons. BBC News is the gold standard in deception and omission of critical information. I could write a thesis on it, in this manner is iniquity, trickery and deception festooned on the people of these Isles as well as worldwide.

The hospitals were a war zone, Florence Nightingale was resurrected, and Tavistock Dance routines prepared long in advance were deployed. But the variant names to serious researchers were riddled with all the networks in-jokes and allusions to other areas of their criminal activity.

In the middle of all that chaos a person could take a test and according to the official story, be displaying symptoms (one of which was having no symptoms) significantly different enough for Dr Mengele to declare a new variant which then had to be sequenced and the mass testing amended to focus on the next-big-thing baby.

If you believe that level of retarded shite, you probably believe the illogical messaging that you got jabbed... holy fuck... and then got COVID (Certificate Of Vaccine ID) but didn't die because the untested injections diminished the symptoms? How do you prove that clownworld statement? Well, you need a control group of PUREBLOODS and then (live drill) - the sheep following orders. The evidence of that demonstrates as confirmed by the Office of National Statistics that the jabs are the single biggest factor in getting sick.

They wouldn't put a 'virus' in the juice, would they?

You wouldn't do that. They absolutely would and furthermore they get other people to do their dirty laundering of a lot of money, so their Karma is cleaner. Most people can't get their heads around that. You're not dealing with simpletons, you're the simpleton, we are the profane, they hold themselves to extraordinarily high self-imposed disciplines as if an Opus Dei cilice jammed into a permanently bleeding thigh is a Post-It Note for them. They are disciplined and I'm not talking about the clowns they send for misdirection like Gates, Hancock, Fauci, Tedros and SAGE stuffing for smug people who think they're informed and intelligent but don't have enough water to see them through a week or so of interrupted power supply and darkness.

I've always found that logic is the sharpest scalpel to deconstruct lies, fallacies and dissembling so I've taken the Covid variants named after Antarctica Islands close to NewSchwabenland and Rothschild Island.. Yeah, you couldn't make it up, but they can. It's their humour. We love it, you love it, just don't kill Grandma.

Explaining how all this works is quite a granular process that impatient people who need information served up in soup spoons of two-to-three-word explanations will never be able to embrace the process though a lot of them aint going to have any choice in the matter. It's for this reason stockbrokers threw themselves out of many floors of windows during the great depression. Reality has a vector of its own that is in many instances impossible to live with, if it's all a lie and the jokes on us.

So, I've made a start. This is just the warmup as they're only thorny questions that an idler like me would choose to commence the offensive over now that Variantsville is old news until the predicted Pandemic 2.0 by Bill Gates and WHO and many other institutions who told you before Pandemic 1.0. 

Just search engine "Event 101" - Hidden in plain sight.

Sunday 4 June 2023

Gore Vidal vs Roy Cohn

Gore Vidal never disguised his aristocratic background. Roy Cohn did. Also, Gore Vidal dropped more intel about his social class than anyone else to my knowledge. Gore Vidal taught me the importance of knowing where a Young American was schooled. It's a big deal here, if not bigger across the pond of idyllic thinking.

Goalhanger Films have great historians in their employ, both of whom would have fascinating opinions on the conversation above. Particularly Dominic who is a US political history scholar. Trigger warning : If you continue to read, there's a spoiler.

My conversation starters are: Did you notice they're all (including the presenter with blond curls - a fetish for Roy), homosexual in this Television Production. 

Where's Harvey Milk when we need him?

Is Salisbury Cathedral made by man? 

What sort of man?

Saturday 3 June 2023

Unpopular Opinions

All of them continue to sell the untested modified injections as excess deaths are at record highs. I don't dwell too much about Capt Stabbin aka Silver-Phil rodgering the cabin boy. Analysts and insiders suggest, young'un even oilier (if at all possible) than Team/Divided PhillyHofield; but I do feel Sara Kayat deserves to be asked politely and with sincerity about vaccine injury on and of infants. I'm sure my opinion will change as new information is picked up.


My feeling for you, has always been Real