Sunday 31 July 2016

St Elizabeth of Hungary

Philip Hermogenes Calderon (1833–1898) St Elizabeth of Hungary's Great Act of Renunciation. 1891 (Tate)
He was an English painter of French birth (mother) and Spanish (father) ancestry who initially worked in the Pre-Raphaelite style before moving towards historical genre. He was Keeper of the Royal Academy in London.
Calderon was born in Poitiers, France. His father was a professor of Spanish literature and a former Roman Catholic priest who had converted to Anglicanism. Calderon planned to study engineering, but he became so interested in drawing technical figures and diagrams that he changed his mind and devoted his time to art. In 1850, he trained at Leigh's art school, London, then went to Paris to study under Picot in 1851. His first successful painting was called 'By the Waters of Babylon' (1853), which was followed by a much more popular one called 'Broken Vows' (1857). From the beginning he was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, and some of his work showed the detail, deep colours, and realistic forms that characterize the style.
Calderon became a leading member of the St John's Wood Clique, a group of artists interested in modern genre and historical subjects. Historical, biblical, and literary themes were common in Calderon's later work. Many of his pieces show female forms wearing rich, silky clothing in gently-coloured landscapes. His Morning (1884) features a copper-haired maiden watching a sunrise. His 'Juliet' (1896) shows Shakespeare's young heroine seated on her balcony gazing at the stars. His later paintings adopt more classical style, comparable to Edward Poynter.
Calderon served in The Artists Rifles in the 1860s.

Saturday 23 July 2016

Jacques Vallee's | Messengers of Deception

I was reading Jacques Vallee's Messengers of Deception and took these screen grabs. It was some time ago so I had intended to elaborate on them, but with hindsight they are still interesting enough on their own. 

There's a spectrum of UFO or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as it's now called in some government circles that stretches from Jungian catalyst for consciousness to deep state disinformation to cover up their own 'Breakaway Civilisation' programmes. 

Throw in a little transdimensional activity also known as elves, fairies and daemons in older times, coupled with possible real visitations and you might just call yourself acquainted with the subject.

That Melchizedek subject emerged during some research last Sunday. It still bugs me.

Richard Gutjahr - Munich Shooting - Does This Rate as the Greatest Coincidence Ever?

There's some discussion in deep state research circles about how blind to this information the consumer classes are. There was a time when we could have understood why people refused to question 9/11 or Sandy Hook. However, now it's in your face and impossible to explain.

There's now quite  a lot of speculation as to what kind of programming is going on inside consumer's heads? Is it fear, endocrine disruptors, Tell Lie Vision Programming, GMO foods? Whatever it is, it's a freak show to observe.

There's no explanation for it. A willful inability to explore basic checkable facts such as Richard Guthyahr's close association with the Israeli deep state through his wife and his presence at the last two socially engineered 'terrorist' dramas.

I'm not saying people didn't die but I don't care any more. There's too many calling cards at each of these events. Call it what you will. There's an element of False Flag action and no mistake. 

Friday 22 July 2016

The Crown Prince and Heir Apparent of Thailand

I was told sotto voce, by a reliable source that Thailand's Crown Prince was subjected to a black magic ritual at an early age. The number nine is considered lucky in Thailand and so the number 10 is considered unlucky as the current 9th King of the dynasty bloodline is close to death (or even dead already with a clone/dummy being used at official ceremonies). 

The ritual involved the slaying of a prepubescent girl in front of the traumatised prince (so the account goes).

Years ago I wouldn't have given much credence to this kind of story but I happen to know a little bit more about black magic sacrificial rituals these days, and given the superstition in Thailand it wouldn't be surprising to me.

For this reason I don't really dislike the Prince, as he seems just another damaged individual from a country that struggles with the kind of double standards found when the West bombs shepherds and funds terrorists abroad. However he's loathed by the Thai people for reasons such as promiscuity, a violent reputation and a few other narratives that cannot be discussed openly, as indeed we have in the West for such topics as the holocaust mythology which is just our version of Lese Majeste.

Power always controls the narrative. The bullet is crude compared to the ability of the ruling elite to silence whole populations.

Anyway it looks like the Prince was having a little crystal ice and or cocaine party on his commercial airliner jet and possibly felt it was a good idea to wear his girlfriend's top (haven't we all?). 

It's none of my business really but the person who shared this story, a reporter (and CFR and Brooking's Institute stooge) called Andrew MacGregor tweeted the pictures above published in Germany's Die Bild (it drips blood), and his wife was arrested by 20 cops in Thailand for erm being his wife.

Oh well. Some people think the current, unwell and poorly King's death will be violent but I think the military are in charge already so it's all been taken care of. 

There might be a bit of score settling though.

Sunday 17 July 2016

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: Exclusive Interview | NBC Nightly News

How hard can it be to connect the dots? Mass migration encouraged by the Zionist controlled European Union, the breakup of Syria plotted long before the synthetic Arab Spring Colour Revolution, ZioAtlanticist support of the terrorists in Iraq, Libya and Syria and of course the Oded Yinon Plan, A Clean Break and Project for a New American Century.

Bastille Day Attack in Nice - Same Photographer As The Moon Landing

I believe in everything until proved otherwise.

I am only the Self - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

My initial concerted search for reality commenced with an interest in quantum physics and mysticism. That quickly led to the UFO/Alien question and a couple years of inhaling a lot of information that is largely created and distributed by the secret state.

The curious individual may want to ask themselves why that is, and I don't have a definitive answer, but I know it's important enough for the very powerful to invest time, money and energy in the disinformation effort.

Later as I started to focus on the propensity for paedosadism in the powerful and the obscenity called Zionism, that is propped up by the central mythology of our time, the holocaust, I started to learn that reality is quite an unpleasant business, though of course it is punctuated by moments of profound and fecund beauty.

Lately, as I've come to learn the ideology and quasi theology of the people who dupe consumers, I've realised that there is a level of integrity with our oppressors. The code they follow is intellectually robust, in its own way.

The affinity the Illuminati (Bloodline families) have for Gnostic Luciferianism is worth studying and lately I've started to realise that it comes with its own set of burdens for the parasitic classes including the accelerated path of humanity.

That's not necessarily growth but it is a trajectory that the most powerful are unable to own both sides of the argument, and one I'll outline in a later post.

The search for reality is a constant disintegration of the world we live in as new information re-contextualises old information. In the end though as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj states. 

The only question worth investigating is "Who am I?".


The point I appreciated most is he's the only person I've come across to recognise that the use of false flag/synthetic terror is codified in the 2012 NDAA act. It's legal. Thanks Obama.

To understand this better, the use of consent and free will means it's not wrong. Ill informed consumers refuse to believe corporate media can tell lies of planetary size, however it's with their consent.

Paul Carrack: The Man with the Golden Voice - BBC Four (Full Documentary)

I'm always on the lookout for people who have great taste and lately I met someone who loves to sing, loves to dance and knocked up a tasty cocktail while cooking dinner for me. I think the first DVD we watched was this guy called David Foster who I'd never heard of, but is huge in the music business for picking out talent. I"ll post that one later if it's on Youtube but I just watched this recommendation from her now, and I was struck how nice Paul Carrack is and how great his songwriting and voice.

I guess it's a sign of middle age that I don't find much popular music that interesting (much of it is toxic in your face Illuminati slebs) although I still listen to lots of great fresh music on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

I had to leave my speakers behind in Jomtien but I guess I'll find some new ones to keep the iMac pumping through late Hong Kong nights.

Friday 15 July 2016

I Don't Believe (That Man Went to the Moon) - DAB Edition

It's an intelligence test. It's also fun to study .

Dear Skype

Dear Skype,

I've been registered with you since around 2004. I believe I was in Thailand at the time but I'm a British National. About 6 years ago a client purchased 10 Euros of credit for me to do some work. Yesterday I had unlimited world added to my account by a Japanese resident as follows:

Skype Name: bkkcharles
Product name: Unlimited World 12 months
Total amount: EUR128.40
Transaction date: Jul 14, 2016
Order number: 8070000001338801760
Order status: Delivered

I've just been locked out for a 24 hour period for the second time because of unauthorized access.

Part of the problem is your systems find it hard to understand that other people pay you so that I can do work for them. I've never paid for Skype but I'm one of your better referral customers.

May I suggest you use a helpful telephone and video programme called Skype to call me and record the conversation so that a human can verify all my details, determine if I'm making things up or telling the truth, and more importantly have a record of what was said because this has blown out a very important afternoon for me for two days running and unlike you I need money to eat.

Thanks. I appreciate it. If you could let me know the IP address of the unauthorized access we may be able to provide suggestions but currently we're at a loss as no information is being provided.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Dallas Shooting Crime Scene Investigation

Credible questions about the Dallas movie to possibly introduce extrajudicial drone killings to gullible consumers of mass media Tell Lie Vision.

US Military Expertise

Quite a long time ago I worked for the US Military in Giessen, an hour's north of Frankfurt selling Harleys and US made Cars to military personnel on their PX Camps. I dealt with all types from full bird Colonels to Private First Class (PFC) soldiers. The little fella above was from Puerto Rico, and I recall he taught me a lesson in paperwork which I was too naive to disbelieve but it was kind of genius.

There's more on this subject from 2009, including how I learned the military are as Kissinger said to General Alexander Hague.

Saturday 9 July 2016

The Open Palm is the Tightest Grip

It was a long time ago and now I'm scanning the photos I want to keep and tearing up the rest. I don't ever want to have more than one suitcase and one bag as possessions. In the end they own you not the other way round.