Monday 31 January 2022

New Department of Defence Data on Vaccine Injury

Unlike the VAERS vaccine injury reporting database, the military provide a better picture of what is really going on. Attorney Thomas Renz provides compelling testimony and data on the subject.

If you want to check the lethality or otherwise of your vaccine batch, that information is available at

Thursday 27 January 2022

Jerk Jam Soundclash - Palmerston Park

This is probably the slowest post I've ever finally got round to. 

On Friday the 24th of September last year (2021), I was walking home through Palmerston Park and a sound stage was being erected (excuse the pun) for the next day, by the old fashioned bandstand, which leaks quite a bit when it's raining. I know because I've taken shelter there and been joined by all sorts of interesting people ducking for cover in a downpour. That's my electric bike on the right, I want to come back to that subject because as some of you know, I had two electric bikes when I lived in Beijing, during the 2008 Olympics. and there's an obnoxious scam going on with electric bikes in the EU. Let's park that and come back to it another day. Keep the vibes nice because on Saturday 25th, there was music in the park I've previously mentioned right near my gaff, and indeed all over the city centre which was hosting a reclaim the streets day. Art, Music, Culture, Festivities and loads of stuff for children and parents to do. Southampton is close to winning the bid for cultural city of 2025, and as I've mentioned previously, the city has transformed since my years abroad living and working in foreign countries.

When I left Southampton, nobody smoked a joint outside. We had to sneak around and be careful as well as paranoid. But on my return I was blown away when my old mate Chris, who along with his missus, generously put me up (when I returned to be  with my terminally ill mother), lit a joint up walking to Common People Bestival festival on Southampton Common, 2017. I thought I was in Amsterdam for a moment, but the reason I mention it, is that by 2021 I was comfortable having a doobie before I joined the crowd dancing at Jerk Jam. The music was reggae and the weather was a bit iffy at one point, but one of the London MCs, literally predicted that the clouds would part and the sun would come beaming through and lo, it happened as he prophesied.

Probably one of the best feelings I've had, or at least up there in the top 20. It was memorable and awesome. 

I was so happy for Southampton.

It's come a long way, and there's more to go.

Monday 24 January 2022

The Juice & Booster-Juice - They Make You Sick

In terms of health, maybe even saving lives, this is the most important post I've ever had to do. If you've had or are thinking of having the Maxine, or let's put it another way, if you've been Maxinated, or are thinking of a booster Maxine, I urge you, I implore you to take two minutes out of your day and watch the two video clips above [Press Play Twice]

The first is an American health professional on FOX news. 

The second clip is from a new British TV channel GB News, but as I haven't had a television since 2006, you'll probably be more informed about their credentials than I.

The good news is that while many of you have been reluctant to look into the VAERS and CDC data on the Maxine efficacy, many of us have been researching the best way to cleanse the body of those spike proteins and graphene hydroxide molecules. That's information I will add to this post, or create another post as this will be heavily cxnsorxd on social media shares. We also have the different Maxine batch data so you can look at your medical card and find out how urgent it is for you or your loved ones.

There's a tendency for Maxinated people to lash out and get angry with the unMaxinated. Yeah I get it, but I didn't sell the poison, and under very difficult, sometimes deeply upsetting conditions, I just tried to get the information out.

If you have children who have been Maxinated and you still refuse to look at the two video clips above, I will personally punch your lights out should I find out.

They had no choice.

You did.

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Disinformation is Necessary

This pertains to the previous post, apropos or not? 😎

What is the reverse of 'saving last'?

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part III)

Just over three weeks ago, I was on LinkedIn. I don't go there that often as I find it sterile for conversation. By and large it's a graveyard for people saying what's on their mind as it's a professional space, and telling people what we really think isn't commensurate with the 'safe hands' profile that is normally evident there.

Yet while I was there, I saw something I've never witnessed before. I discovered that people around the world, were posting about COVID. When I say people, I don't mean people like me. I mean really accomplished people. Managing Directors, C Suite people, Innovators, people who have long track records in achievement, consistency and solid reputations.

They were calling out the COVID BS.

Now, it might have been about masks, testing or lockdowns, or even the efficacy of the so called vaccines, but people of merit and good standing, were stepping up, and putting their reputations on the line. They were calling it out. It's meaningless when I post about germ versus terrain theory on LinkedIn, everyone knows I have nothing to lose. But when people who have been conservative and measured for their entire time on LinkedIn start to question the prevailing narrative, that's a big deal.

I thought it might be a algorithm thing. A disgruntled programmer with direct experience of vaccine injury, allowing posts that are universally censored on social media, cutting through, but day in and day out, the posts weren't being removed. I thought I'd double check and connect with the people who were posting crucial information, and they confirmed that something was happening.

I called and messaged few friends to tell them what was going on. Many have given up on social media censorship, but those with LinkedIn accounts confirmed that an awakening was in play.

If you had said to me that 'The Great Awakening' was to kick off on LinkedIn, I'd have laughed at you. I've since been suspended from LinkedIn but the thing is, this has nothing to do with me. It has a trajectory all of it's own and it was a brilliant thing to see first hand.

Anybody still blindly consuming the official narrative on COVID, is hypnotised. 

Reality has broken through and the conclusion will be memorable.