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Black Ops: Blindness & Stupidity

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The military/covert ops connection to the extensively documented alien abduction phenomena is revealing and asks a better class of question as to what's going on. This interview with Melinda Leslie by Mike Clelland is the best I've heard since being convinced of the issue by Dr. Karla Turner PhD. who died prematurely after receiving death threats from the black budget male only Archons back in the 90's.

What is clear to the listener is how out of their depth the military mindset is in either solving the problem of alien intervention and respecting the lives of the individuals involved. What they don't understand is that there's nothing worth fighting for if this is how they treat their citizens and that really the whole gravy train is about who has the best toys.

We also get to learn a little more of the collaborative side of the topic between the parasitical black ops and E.T.

I'd like to know more about that subject.

The story about the male police officer losing his temper with one of these types in an abduction scenario and then when nobody is looking taking a blow to the testicles is a story of two alpha males in reversed hierarchical positions that nobody could invent and is exactly the sort of information I've been looking for. In addition to this we get to know about what happens to military members who become abductees. We also learn more about the use of sexual abuse to secure the emotional states that these people (and E.T.) are most interested in and which supports the curiosity into our genetics that I've heard is the most important I.P. in the galaxy from very very different sources.

There's a lot more for me to learn and I suspend judgement on this information as the use of mind control would normally invalidate the information but I think if like me you listen to the entire (excellent) interview then it's hard not to take much if not most of it at face value. This is the value of oral testimony over text. The more one listens the easier it is to filter the rubbish out and believe me I wade through a lot of rubbish before I post media I think is of value.

There is a wealth of information in this interview.

Neil Kramer - Cognitive Dissonance & Mapping Negative Polarity

James Gilliland interviews Neil Kramer. It's grown up stuff ranging from spirituality to the fragility of introducing dangerous information to comfort zone minds. Nobody thanks your for rewiring their reality to something that is more faithful. It's a fresh upload for those who follow his work.

Withdraw From Iraq - Penetrate Iran: Council On Foreign Relations Masturbates Furiously

When the powerful group Council On Foreign Relations (Reptile HQ) wrote an article that Silvio Berlusconi was on his way out I knew it was a done deal. Amazingly when I reminded people after, they all replied that it was inevitable even even though it wasn't. He's the longest serving and most resilient post war Italian Prime Minister with more scandal on his crime sheet than any other E.U. leader. Berlusconi was the cockroach EU survivor but suddenly people exercised false memory syndrome with pseudo political knowledge. It's weird living in a parallel universe that filters the shit out of mainstream media. I worry who you are sometimes repeating TV and newspaper revisionism. Have you no critical faculties of how these false realities are constructed?

Now the Council On Foreign Relations is calling for war. Like Iraq they are telling lies about the reason. They are playing the non existent fear threat. They are despicable and we should hang them when the books are balanced. They are our intra-species predator.

That's the power of mainstream media. People are told afterwards 'it was inevitable' by the boob tube and that's the last they remember of the matter even though a Bilderberg Banker is now in charge of Italy. Who is this Matthew Kroenig character egging on war? What's his stake? How much money does he make out of this?  How much fighting has he seen? Why is the TV friendly weasel able to say such outrageous statements when Iran have never attacked anyone and the Anglo American alliance is like a rabid dog out of control on crystal methampehtamine?

So when the Council For Foreign Relations (and lizards like @Rothkopf) say it's time for war with Iran you should know that China and Russia aren't going to sit by and watch the Anglo American Empire put another flag in the last Middle East oil field worth having.

Please be aware of the psycho groups that pull the strings of power whichever party is in government.

Update: Matthew Kroenig is dispensed with in Salon.

Alan Abbedessa - The Sync Book

The first time I heard the word synchronicity I rolled it around a while as I kind of liked it but synchromysticism stuck to the wall like perfectly cooked pasta. Allan Abbedessa has written a book on the subject that I think is a useful contribution to the topic as it's less about didactic forms of what is this to you, and more about what is this to the 26 contributors. Synchromysticism is a more in depth interaction with life and it's a lot less harmful than joining the military and joystick piloting drone UAV's to drop bombs on Afghan weddings. The Blogtalk embeds are capricious so you might need to reload the page to play this excellent interview with Touchstone Tom (Malone) of Grok The Talk or just go to the page itself.

Synchronicity seems to be on our side. It's worth digging into.

Update: Alan Abbedessa on Cosmic Gnostic Radio and his blog is here.

Here is the Mike Clelland interview with Alan.

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Enter The 2012 Year of The Dragon With Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was only 31 when he made this interview. His most famous film, Enter The Dragon is pertinent as we enter the 2012 year of the dragon and the shift from West To East gathers pace in a way that only the historically literate can fully grasp. I urge the Synchromystics among you to scrutinise this movie as we enter the 2012 year of the dragon.

If you've never listened to Bruce Lee speak this is worth even a minute of your time. He was young, good looking, super fit, articulate, polite and wise beyond his years. As a movie star on the edge of global influence and circulating among the Archons of Hollywood, the discerning thinker will place his premature end two years later under questionable circumstances as joining the list of suspicious deaths including John Lennon, Bob Marley, Bill Hicks and others of great talent and shining example.

His inquest in Hong Kong took nine days for the coroner to decide an aspirin killed him. A preposterous idea that scraped the barrel of credulity but at least showed some resistance  inside the system from somebody who stood their ground. Compare Bruce Lee's elevated conciousness to the knuckle dragging oratory of Chuck Norris over here and I refer you back to my original point of my post that the shift is on.

Here's a lovely story I uncovered about Bruce:

Lee was already challenging traditional notions by 1965.  He was a practitioner of Wing Chung kung fu under Master Yip Man in Hong Kong and had been teaching the art since 1959 after expatriating to the United States.  Lee was calling his style Jun Fan Gung Fu, but it was essentially his approach to Wing Chun.  After opening his school in Oakland, his teaching of non-Chinese began to cause controversy among other Chinese martial artists in the San Francisco Bay area.  Lee defended his spreading of Wing Chun and a duel was arranged between Lee and a fighter fielded to defend the art’s tradition of Chinese exclusivity.

The fight was to be no holds barred.  If Lee won, he could continue to teach Jun Fan Gung Fu to anyone he desired.  If he lost, he’d close his school and quit teaching to non-Chinese.

The duel wasn’t televised on pay per view and no documentation exists but a few first-hand accounts, including Lee’s own, his wife Linda’s, and his opponent Wong Jack Man’s (which, notably, differs dramatically from Bruce and Linda’s).

Shannon Lee told the version told by her parents.  The fight lasted three minutes and, after absorbing strikes from Lee during the first minute, Man began to literally run from Lee.  But, Lee desired a conclusive victory and chased Man, beating him into verbal submission.

But, Lee felt the fight should’ve ended quicker. He was disappointed with his physical conditioning and the limitations of his traditional Wing Chun martial art.  This was a key turning point in the history of mixed martial arts, a philosophical evolution from traditional to modern, the way fighters think and train today.

After the fight, Lee had an image created of a burial mound with a tombstone to symbolize his death as a traditional martial artist and his rebirth as the first modern mixed martial artist, though of course the term “mixed martial artist” would’ve been unknown to Lee.

Friday 30 December 2011

Ben Breedlove's Parting Gift

Teenager Ben Breedlove died a couple of days ago, but not before sharing his near death experiences to Youtube. I've been quite lucky to learn as best as is possible to know that we're eternal specks of conciousness and that we incarnate on this planet to learn lessons that we chose to experience.

When Steve Jobs had his Oh Wow moment just before his death I knew exactly what he was referring to and I thought it was interesting that a very public death would give a hint that the cultural programming we've been bombarded by since the Council of Nicea (at least) is coming to an end because if you do the right research the scientific data is very supportive, the entheogenic experience was for me an epiphany, and most of all you should learn who knows this information, and why they don't want you to know that energetically you are infinite.

It's an extraordinarily valuable thing to learn that dying is nothing to fear because paradoxically we start living so much more fully. This information is well known in certain ancient and dark circles very well and it is one that very powerful players have had and continue to have a vested interest in keeping the unaware in the dark.

This information is reaching public conciousness right now through the likes of Steve Jobs and Ben Breedlove's million views so far on Youtube because as Bob Dylan sang.

The times, they are a changing.

It's up to you what you do with the information. 

Look at Ben's smile when he talks about the important bit of the experience. That's real.


John Lash - Planetary Tantra Part 1 & 2

One of the themes of Planetary Tantra that I really like is the revival of the beautiful, the sensory, the erotic and the playful fun. These are not qualities of the consumer capitalism classes and I hope it's an early indicator of where it's going.

Chris Knowles & Erik Davis On The Mystery Schools, Dionysus, Ecstatic Experience & Henotheism

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Erik Davies interviews Christopher Knowles in a splendid game of cerebral tag on ecstatic transformation in popular culture, mystery cults, Oracles, the dangers of Dionysus, entheogens, Apollo, Serapis, Mithra and tracking the holistic mind online.

Well that and more but you get the picture (Henotheism is the pick 'n mix of ancient Greek deity worship, much more sensible than all that Zadokite bollocks if you must have a God).

Planetary Tantra

The most interesting audio recording of a personal journey and experiment being shared and explored over the internet I've ever listened to. Joseph Campbell on the Psilocybin he never had the courage or conviction of applied mythology to take. 

The Trickster Archetype (Wave Particle Super Woo Duality)

One of the challenges about the poorly named UFO phenomena is how quickly and extensively it spreads into every area of super woo phenomena. I got into it by targeting quantum mechanics and mysticism for personal study at the beginning of the year and every trail led to UFOs or aliens at some point . As I was studying mysticism, hermeticism and gnosticism I thought it couldn't be that much of a side path to take a fun stroll down.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

And so it's important to say that I don't really find UFO's all that interesting. I find the possible occupants of these craft interesting and that interest doubled as I learned from the likes of Dr. Karla Turner and Niara Isley that the military has a close working relationship with, and is often performing the abductions to conduct experiments on people that are all about  the genetics, the genetics, the genetics.

So it's easy to be misrepresented as to what I'm interested in but the reality is I'm the last to have cause to complain because I've been deceiving myself. All along I've drawn the line at Cryptozoology because it's one thing to be exploring popular culture mysteries that have a military industrial complex trail of evidence, but did I really want to be investing time in Bigfoot and The Mothman prophecies? They just seemed so lo-tech to me and it is this that unveils my cultural bias.

Well, it took a British Midlander's point of view to hold up a mirror to myself because even though I don't wish to pursue CZoology (look I can barely bring myself to spell it out) as a subject I now accept that it's all one big overlapping Venn diagram clusterfuck overlap of super woo Rorschach testing and exploring of the self. Synchromysticism cranks up around UFOs, and UFO's crank up around Cryptozoology sightings and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Listening to Nick Redfern and the likes of Christopher Knowles and Mike Clelland of late I've  had to accept that as much as I'd like to have nice neat lines of confusion the reality is I haven't got a clue what is going on with the multi dimensional and multiple tiered nuanced and highly contextual subject.

I guess I should have followed my own advice from the way back machine. Everything is contextual. The Trickster is at at play as author Christopher O'Brien explains to a witless interviewer in this interview and as Nick carefully relates below where he says 'it's not that it's just weird, it's too weird'. I didn't want to be here but here I am anyway so I might as well just accept it. It's not cut and dried. Nothing ever is.

Update: Below Nick Redfern I've posted a two part Christopher O'Brien podcast interview on a similar subject though there's some interesting 2012 perspectives in there too and below that (hopefully) is Mike Clelland interviewing Christopher O'Brien on stalking the trickster.

Thursday 29 December 2011

Is Matter Frequencies and Waves?

NYT Interviews Gaddafi's Son

I realise it should be a NATO's flag dripping in oil above but the Pentagon is the boss, and this video interview is still remarkable for its candid nature. There's no mention of the Libyan wish to be paid in cash instead of worthless dollars that led to the West attacking Libya but Gaddafi makes his point very well. Libya is a very sweet piece of cake he says, and so let's be just as candid. The West has a very sweet tooth, and as can be seen in this interview, we're prepared to work with Islamic extremists to avoid going cold turkey.

The Men In Black Movie (How Hollywood Paints The Bad Guys As Good)

I wrote this comment on Adam Curtis's blog dealing with Chuck Norris movies that brainwashed the U.S. to fight immoral wars. I'd just watched Men In Black at the time and so it seemed only right to explain how the disinformation and brainwashing game still goes on.

With respect to the notion that "you begin to wonder whether the whole of the subsequent economic and foreign policy of Britain and the United States wasn't created by the rubbish movies of the 1980s" the reality is closer than is palatable.

Violence in films paints a reality that is most effective by programming populations to be prejudiced against the artificial enemy of the day and most damaging is the mind control it exerts on young uneducated males, and their propensity to join the military and kill foreigners obediently. The CIA and Pentagon among others permit Hollywood to use their war hardware in return for script editorial veto and inclusion. If a war movie isn't appropriate, the alphabet soup agencies and war psychos have the money and influence to make movies that frame issues to their liking. 

A lovely example from the 90's found that security males fond of dark glasses, coiled wire to an ear, and complete obedience to their pensions over and above their personal relationships and any morality were beginning to be seen as a sinister accessories tainted by black budget projects being openly discussed on the internet. 

The solution was for a cool movie portraying the males in dark civilian attire and glasses as behind-the-scenes dudes with sexy kit, and off planet responsibilities. It was so successful the lay person now thinks "Men In Black" references special security guys even though the original Men In Black phenomena is super-high weirdness that troubles the Feds as much as it does the witnesses who receive a visit.

The geniuses in disinformation fixed it as neat as one could wish. They steered a movie that positioned their Feds as the 'Official' Men In Black even though civilians came up with the term to describe a UFO related phenomena.

Hollywood made the MIB's cool and real life supernatural cache made them bad ass cool. A complete win for synthetic reality.

The following interview with Nick Redfern by Mike Clelland is a first class introduction to the subject or even a reference for the researcher.

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Banned In The UK & Illegally Uploaded On Youtube

I can't imagine this being allowed on Youtube for very long without being at least blocked in the UK. Click on the Princess Diana tag below for more posts on the crime of the century.

Gary McKinnon's Mistake? "Unearthing" Project Genesis On Mars


Gary Mckinnon hacked into the military industrial complex computers and has said consistently in numerous interviews that the US has advanced Space Fleets that are capable of star travel. He has never backed down from his claims. George Kavassilas says the  venture is called project Genesis on Mars and is populated by a lot of carefully selected people to preserve our species and that women will be the target of fertility recruiting when the spin on the story comes out.  It's worth recalling that the moon was never revisited and that some say NASA were warned off by the management who use it to keep an 'eye' on us.

This might explain why the moon is the only satellite in the cosmos with its unusual anomalies orbiting our planet a bit like (dramatic licence) a Death Star Robocop CCTV, keeping a fixed eye on us. It's a shame that like Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, the elites are locking up people who have most to say on these subject. How can we ever grow up if we're treated like children?

Update: Dr Joseph P Farrell comments on latest developments in 2013

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Plasma Cosmology (The Electric Universe)

I'm only vaguely familiar with the essentials of plasma cosmology and to be candid I dislike materialist (exploding) science so much that I favour the electric universe style of thinking because of the response it elicits from mainstream astrophysics and cosmology. However I know enough about the holographic universe to shift the debate in that direction successfully if pushed and there's a handful of sound arguments within hand's reach to kneecap Newtonian Science (and Einsteinian gravity science). The short argument is show me the graviton (a fictional character in science and comics), even the Higgs boson if you wish.

I'm doing a bit of research on plasma cosmology, so I found a post titled 'How I know Plasma Cosmology Is Wrong'. I thought that's the kind of resistance I need to cut my teeth on and began to read. The post lost my interest after a few paragraphs of insulting people and ideas instead of getting down to business so I cut bait and flicked down to the comments. I'm glad I did. I found one comment from a person using the name of the Swedish electrical engineer Hannes Olof Gösta Alfvén.

It's so beautiful crafted and likeable I'm going to paste it below in italics as a reminder to myself and others how elegant reasoning can be persuasive and more importantly instructive. It's also a fantastic argument for the kind of science I'm interested in. One that celebrates the mystery instead of leaning like a drunk on a lamp post to increasingly threadbare Ptolemaic models. I also must link to this podcast audio interview with Thomas Fusco. I listened to it twice earlier (and intend to listen again) for its demolition of why contemporary physics is running out of material to work with. An irony the dim materialist scientists are unable to grasp. The interview doesn't start immediately so you have to put up with annoying people but it's worth the wait in the end because Thomas Fusco author of Behind The Cosmic Veil has an extraordinary insight into why infra-red patterns on humans are different from paranormal activity (bear with me). From this observation he takes apart Einstein, CERN, Newton and the whole multiverse theory speculative road show while elegantly explaining  a little quantum theory including quantum entanglement and which I'm tempted to call the (identical twin) doppelgänger effect after the radio hosts reductive observation. it's very provocative.

Here's the plasma cosmology comment.

Re: "However, plasma cosmology also asserts that electromagnetic forces between plasma flowing through the solar system and through the Universe and the magnetic fields of objects (or even the objects themselves, as they'll often decide, for instance, that comets must have a substantial electric charge) make significant contributions to the motion of objects that mainstream astronomy is able to explain entirely through gravity."

Rob, it does appear that you are truly at the very beginning of your investigation into the Electric Universe.

For instance, you might want to take a closer look at what all-sky surveys tell us about the interstellar plasma structures we can observe at the 21-cm wavelength (oftentimes called HI). Gerrit Verschuur has published extensively on this subject in his books "Interstellar Matters" and "The Invisible Universe", as well as numerous peer-reviewed publications. And he is quite clear that the structure of this plasma is in fact filamentary, as would be expected for a plasma conducting electrical currents ...

"Preliminary results from high resolution HI mapping of gas and, dust in an apparent HI "cloud" indicate that the neutral gas and dust within and around its boundary is itself highly filamentary" (Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen Filaments at High Galactic Lattitudes and the Bennett Pinch)

Furthermore, Verschuur has observed critical ionization velocities (CIVs) to be associated with these interstellar filaments. When a neutral gas (so thin that collisional interactions can be ignored) meets a plasma such that the kinetic energy of their relative velocity is equal to the ionization potential of the neutral gas, then the kinetic energy is converted into ionization of the neutral gas. This was incidentally suggested by Alfvén in 1942 and later discovered in the lab in the 1970’s.

Verschuur furthermore states in Galactic Neutral Hydrogen Emission Profile Structure:

"Analysis of Galactic neutral hydrogen emission profiles that have been corrected for sidelobe radiation confirm the existence of three distinct component line width regimes identified by Verschuur & Magnani in 1994. In addition, a fourth becomes recognizable in the data in directions of low total column density. The line width regimes are around 50 km s~1 (component 1a), 31 km s~1 (component 1b), 13 km s~1 (component 2), and 5.2 km s~1 for the narrow lines arising from cool H I (component 3). In this paper, the new data are presented and compared with previously published results. The possible origin of the distinct line width regimes is briefly examined, and it is concluded that a new interpretation is needed, one that involves a plasma phenomenon known as the critical ionization velocity, which will be fully discussed in a subsequent paper."

In another paper, On the Critical Ionization Velocity Effect in Interstellar Space and Possible Detection of Related Continuum Emission, he states:

"Interstellar neutral hydrogen (HI) emission spectra manifest several families of linewidths whose numerical values (34, 13, and 6 km/s) appear to be related to the critical ionization velocities (CIVs) of the most abundant interstellar atomic species. Extended new analysis of HI emission profiles shows that the 34-km/s-wide component, which probably corresponds to the CIV for helium, is pervasive. The 34-km/s-wide linewidth family is found in low-velocity (local) HI profiles and in the so-called high-velocity clouds (HVCs). In addition, published studies of HI linewidths found in the Magellanic Stream, Very High Velocity Clouds, and Compact HVCs, all of which are believed to be intergalactic, have noted that the typical values are of the same
order. If the CIV effect does play a role in interstellar space, it may be expected to produce locally enhanced electron densities where rapidly moving neutral gas masses interact with the surrounding plasma. Evidence that suggests that this phenomenon is occurring in interstellar space is presented. It manifests as a spatial association between peaks in HI structure offset with respect to peaks in high-frequency radio continuum data obtained with the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe."

In his book, The Invisible Universe, he provides some background on HI and the widespread presence of these filaments:

"The neutral hydrogen atom consists of a proton with an electron in an orbit about it. Both the proton and the electron have a property called spin, which can be in the same direction (called parallel spin) or in opposite directions (antiparallel) relative to one another. The total energy contained by the atom in these two conditions is different. When the spin state flips from the parallel condition to the antiparallel, which contains less energy, the atom gets rid of the excess energy by radiating a spectral line at a frequency of 1420.405 MHz, generally known as the 21-cm line referring to its wavelength in the radio band. The 21-cm line is the signature of HI and makes the gas observable to astronomers on earth." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p52)

"It wasn't until some 50 years after the detection of the HI signal that a comprehensive all-sky survey of the HI spectral line was completed under the guidance of W. Butler Burton at the University of Leiden … The completed project is known as the Leiden-Argentina-Bonn (LAB) survey. To give the reader some feel for the enormous scope of this project, the LAB Survey observed 400,000 directions and obtained a spectrum with 1,000 frequency channels at each location … Figure 6.1 is an all-sky HI map made from the LAB Survey data where the color is a measure of the total number of hydrogen atoms along the full line-of-sight through the Galaxy in any given direction … An intriguing feature of this map is the presence of arcs or filaments (long streamers) visible as great threads of emission, whose shapes are almost certainly controlled by magnetic fields between the stars." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p52-53)

In that same source, he also explains the predicament of the "anomalous high-velocity clouds" ...

"Not all is understood about the distribution of HI in the Milky Way. For example, large areas of sky are found to contain HI [hydrogen] moving at velocities that are not expected if the gas is confined to the plane of the Galaxy. In particular, when a radio telescope is pointed above or below the galactic plane, only relatively local gas traveling at velocities between +-20 km/s with respect to zero, defined in terms of the average random motion of stars near the sun, should be observed. However, HI at very high negative velocities, which indicates motion toward us, is found at high galactic latitudes. These structures are known as high-velocity clouds, although detailed maps of such features show them to be filamentary instead of cloud-like. Their distance and origin continue to be the subject of controversy. The bulk of these HI structures in the northern sky follow an arc defined by a weak radio shell found in radio surveys …" (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p55)

The reason this matters is that in the laboratory -- such as the z-machine or even the Tokamak -- plasmas, dusty or not, will exhibit filamentary and Faraday motor structures when they are conducting electrical currents. Here, I will direct you to the works of A.B. Kukushkin and V.A. Rantsev-Kartinov, who first identified these structures within the Tokamak. They created a probabilistic reasoning algorithm (artificial intelligence) which could automatically infer these structures from imagery. They then applied this algorithm to cosmic imagery, such as in their paper titled:

Similarity of Skeletal Structures in Laboratory and Space and the Probable Role of Self-Assembling of a Fractal Dust in Fusion Devices

There are in fact many other papers by these two which deploy the same technique to all sorts of cosmic imagery. The notion that plasma scaling is the cause for the universe's fractal nature is something which deserves further consideration.

At this point, I'd like to return to Verschuur's book, The Invisible Universe, where he provides some cautionary words of advice for conventional thinkers:

"At the Serendipity meeting, Kraus stated that meaningful accidental discovery occurs only as the result of 'being in the right place with the right equipment doing the right experiment at the right time.' Another noted astronomer, R. Hanbury Brown, added that the person should 'not know too much,' otherwise the discovery might not be made!

This summarizes a very interesting phenomenon. Many research scientists, especially the theoretically inclined, 'know' so much that their chance of making a lucky or creative discovery may be severely curtailed. If we know too much, our vision is sometimes narrowed to the point where new opportunities are not seen." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p14)

"Jansky knew a little astronomy, but not enough for it to get in his way and cause him to reject the possibility that radio waves originating in the cosmos might be real.

Grote Reber, a professional engineer and radio ham in his spare time, was one of the few people who recognized the interesting implications of Jansky's discovery. Reber was certainly not hampered by any astronomical prejudices about whether or not the cosmic radio waves could exist. Instead, he was interested in verifying their existence and followed up on Jansky's work. To this end, Reber built the world's first steerable radio dish antenna … in his backyard and mapped the Milky Way radiation during the period 1935 – 1941 … He pointed out that the new field of radio astronomy was originally caught between two disciplines. Radio engineers didn't care where the radio waves came from, and the astronomers

'… could not dream up any rational way by which the radio waves could be generated, and since they didn't know of a process, the whole affair was (considered by them) at best a mistake and at worst a hoax.'

The very essence of research is that once an observation is made it requires some understanding and interpretation in order to formulate a plan for making further observations. It was initially very difficult for astronomers, entirely ignorant of radio technology, to interpret or understand the significance of Jansky's or Reber's epoch-making discoveries." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p14-15)

"If the science was to flourish, either astronomers had to learn about radio engineering or radio engineers had to learn astronomy. The new science therefore grew slowly." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p16)

"Breaking through preconceived notions is something that has frustrated many a scientist (as well as philosopher, politician, or lay person). Who, at that time, could possibly have guessed at the amazing scenario that now accounts for the cosmic radio waves. Radio signals from the Milky Way are produced by cosmic ray electrons spiraling around magnetic fields stretched out in space between the stars. In the 1930s and 1940s no one knew that interstellar space contained cosmic ray electrons or that there were magnetic fields between the stars. At the time, cosmic rays were defined as protons (but not electrons) from space that struck the earth continuously. Cosmic ray physicists didn't concern themselves too much about the origin of the cosmic rays, nor did they know what happened to the electrons. Those researchers were mainly interested in studying the composition and physical properties of the particles that did reach their detectors. The absence of electrons was noted, but who would have thought that the electrons didn't reach the earth because they had wasted their energy radiating radio signals in interstellar space." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p19)

"Jansky could hear the faint radio hiss from space in his earphones and went further to report on his quantitative measurements of the intensity of the received emissions. However, his discoveries went largely unrecognized by astronomers, either because they never got to read Jansky's technical papers, which were published in a journal aimed at radio engineers, or because the astronomers, not familiar with radio engineering, simply were not interested." (The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy, Gerrit L. Verschuur, p42)

My hope is that these quotes will inspire some critical thinking in either yourself, or at least the audience you are attempting to gather. The story of radio astronomy is strikingly similar to the situation which is being alleged with plasmas' role in the cosmos. We'd all be wise to take a cautionary stance in light of the emerging research, and arguably foolish to cast aside the innovation which might accommodate a new science, in some sort of attempt to defend our existing belief system. I say, let the research continue, and let's see where it ends up!

Sir Fred Hoyle - Astrophysicist - The Archons

Great invasions do not happen with thundering smoke and nuclear weaponry. That is the mark on an immature society. Great invasions happen in secrecy. Sir Fred Hoyle knew this. #Qanon

Somebody Muzzle The Dog (The Silence Is Killing Me)

The Red areas are US military bases surrounding Iran. 

After 1953 when the CIA and MI6 toppled the democratically elected Iranian government to install their man the Shah of Iran, the people rose up and kicked him out. The United States was pissed and sided with Iraq by lending Saddam Hussein the money to buy the chemical weapons  and other WMD's for the Iran Iraq war

The Iran/Iraq war was ugly. It was like World War One multiplied twice but with kids involved as the Iranians sent 'martyr children' to trigger and blow up the land mines first so their army could follow after. 

At this point the Pentagon cut one of their famous two-faced double-dealing sneaky-fuck top-secret snake-oil-salesman hush-hush deals called the Iran Contra affair where they supplied arms to Iran and used the undeclarable profits to fund another war in South America with the democratically elected Nicaraguan government. This is pretty much how the CIA runs its terrorist operation globally.

Then when the Iran/Iraq war was over the corporations connected to the Pentagon had made a shed load of money to cause more mayhem and invest in bigger and better arms research and development. The Pentagon was ecstatic, the U.S. loved Ronnie Reagan more than any other president, Bush the ex head of the CIA was waiting in the wings, and everybody was pleased. Really really happy. It was like a fairy tale.

Iraq however was broke and asked for time to pay back its loans. This was the chance Kuwait had been waiting for since Mesopotamia fell in 1932. It fucked over Iraq by lowering the price of oil worldwide making it impossible for Iraq to pay back its loans. Furthermore, in a hostile and provocative manner, Kuwait was sending out it's drill pipes diagonally into Iraq land and stealing Iraqi oil.

Saddam was pissed about this and asked the US ambassador if he could invade Kuwait. He'd been a good U.S. arms customer and personally knew Rumsfeld and Bush. It was at this point, the U.S ambassador April Glaspie said to Saddam that the U.S. was uninterested before taking off on holiday.  

April Glaspie says this didn't happen but with Wikileaks we can prove this is not true 

Iraq then invaded Kuwait and the U.S. came to Kuwait and said if we help, you need to pay us back with your oil. 

Cut to today and it's Iranian oil that corporate America wants. Fortunately the biggest bully in the area is Israel which has 300 nuclear weapons to pick a fight it can't lose and not only that but they run U.S. politics with campaign contributions to AIPAC and four media conglomerates dominate the media landscape and can invent any reality they want to justify a war that pays back big dividends to everyone.

The largest media conglomerate though is Disney and as you've got the picture now about who creates the Mickey Mouse wars I'll just remind you of the Disney strap line.

As far as I can see people are behaving as if their Jewish neighbours are being rounded up to the concentration camps and only a few have got the bottle to say anything in case it interferes with their salaries or career plans. 

Let's be candid, those careers don't exist if you keep quiet. Speak up. It's about the difference between right and wrong.

Update: Here is Chomsky saying exactly what I am. This is not a surprise as he taught me how much the corporate for profit media repeats the governments lies.