Tuesday 28 May 2024

It's Strange - Azzecca

Monday 27 May 2024

Sadboi - Ackee

Those are just some of President Trumps motor cavalcades.

What makes a good movie?

Thursday 23 May 2024

Tomcraft - Loneliness

Soaking Wet Sunak

Andrew Bridgen MP predicted Sunak was out a couple of weeks ago as conveyed in the interview posted above in the first video. While 100% subservient to fake covid, fake Ukraine, fake mRNA [Theleme] injections, fake climate change, fake Net Zero and fake Israel, he didn't really have the stomach for the war he pissed Billions on and which is being cranked up a notch behind the scenes.

Soaking wet Sunak is dripping all the way to the handover of power to an opposition indistinguishable to the brief wasted tenure of his self-serving time in power.

Soon he can unmask his investments in Moderna and we can learn how much he made from Covid.

He will be detained one day for poisoning the British public and profiting from it.

Of that there is no doubt. 

It's just a matter of time although he will flee the UK for safety in exile.


Atish & Nhii - Shola