Saturday 31 July 2021

One Summer - Gabe Watkins [on Jomtien Beach, Thailand]

I was alerted to Gabe Watkins latest ballad on Youtube, and my eyes were so startled and happy to recall the the film set. It was filmed on the very beach I lived on, as a beach bum on the Eastern Riviera of Thailand, sometimes known as Chonburi or Jomtien more precisely.

I know that horizon like the palm of my hand, I recall vividly the view in the video,  and in the middle is this island below, known locally as bum island (ก้น) with the sun setting on it, yet not so easy to see on a hazy day.

And now, 12,000 miles away it's staring me in the face.

Tuesday 27 July 2021

Charlemagne: Emperor of the Western World

Now that Southampton Library is open again, I ducked in a month or so ago, and picked up the first biography that took my fancy.

I've been into Charlemagne since I did Open Yale's Professor Freedman lectures on The Early Medieval Ages 284-1000. I first connected with the subject while visiting Aachen with my alleged girlfriend at the time and like everything to do with history before my 30s, I didn't know shit from shinola, so it's impossible to inhale the subject properly.

One of my greatest regrets is having a maisonette flat just off Bloomsbury Square, on 12 Doughty Street and visiting the British Museum around twenty one years of age. 

It was too overwhelming. 

I knew it was awesome but nobody had mentioned the Sumerians or the Assyrians at school and so connecting the dots, or even knowing that John Dee's obsidian scrying stone is housed there was way out of my depth even though I read compulsively in those pre internet days, it's just I didn't do much history. 

More literature now I come to think of it.

The author of Charlemagne, Russell Chamberlin is self taught, but it was a real slog working through this book as Charlemagne's ancestors and progeny have similar names such as Charles, Karl, Pepin and so forth, which means as the author uses all these names interchangeably with the protagonist it's confusing which is a shame as it's a great work and once I'd picked up cruise speed, I creamed through it.

The image on the cover has me annoyed as I should have made a note of the source for it, but I've returned the book, and all my reverse image searches have failed, so all I can add is that it's the weirdest image of the Emperor of Europe and thus suggests it might be more accurate than the traditional paintings which are much more flattering.

There's a big question mark floating over Charlemagne, he's a Frank, yet of the Merovingians which stems back to the holy land and he's about 6'3" maybe more, yet it's quite possible his dad Pepin the Short was a titchy fella so we might be onto some weird bloodline slash nephilim insert or cutout? It's just a theory but the number of historic leaders who were giants for their time (King Cnut of Southampton holding back the seas fame for example) and even now, is suspicious and yet the reverse height profile is more typical as we approach more modern times (Napoleon, Hitler etc).

One last comment is the author's slavish devotion to the EU project not knowing yet swooning over Couldenhove Kalergi who is going to get a jolly good intellectual hiding from me on my next post about the incredible cultural diversity in Southampton, which is my second reason to be cheerful about living in this great city.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Ever Get The Feeling You've Been Had?

For those at the back of the class chugging on Big Pharma GovCorp™ MSM propaganda. The vaccines make you sick. The Vaccines make you sick. The vaccines make you sick.

Even more funny is that the normies will blame COVID. It's a cheap parlour trick. 

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

Tuesday 20 July 2021

Obsessional Editing

Above is the original by Jeff Lynne's ELO. I did post about the wider topic back here. I love the dance edits so much that I did some digging on. The edit below is a low resolution of the inspirational original as the that Youtube gem was deplatformed, and then the low res edit was deplatformed and an even lower quality resolution took its placed. Arseholes.

The next edit by Sabrina Fani might also have been scrubbed from the net though there seems to be some crossover with or between Alfonso Jimenez.

Sabrina's principle addition is an edit of Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing (Dance Video) | Choreography | MihranTV

This is one of the original dance scenes (Lot of Livin' To Do) from the movie "Bye Bye Birdie" with the extraordinary Ann Margret

For me this is the next level choreography. If you pay attention there are always at least three layers of action going (foreground, middle and background) on and there are references to antiquity which just boggle the mind and hint at creative input that is in my opinion rarely seen for public consumption. I probably wouldn't have noticed it, just by watching the 1969 movie Sweet Charity, with Shirley MacLean (sister of Warren Beatty and Illuminati bloodline), but the dance edit by Alfonso Jimenez brings it to life in a way that is unforgettable. Original choreography by Bob Fosse.

The last video is Freemasons (ironic huh?) featuring Katherine Ellis "When you touch me", an homage to the dance scene in Sweet Charity, as she bears a strong resemblance to the lead female dancer - it's not even close in quality to the original. I've yet to find the names of the dancers in the movie Sweet Charity but that's the final piece of the jigsaw.

Update: I did find out the  original female dance lead. She's an accomplished woman even in her 70s. It should be part of this post but I've temporarily forgotten where I filed it.

To find the information took me weeks and weeks as I had to trawl through the comments of the Sabrina Fani video edit (now deleted), so a lot of world class information has been scrubbed for the time being.

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with that Sweet Charity choreography and setting. When I found out it was released in the year of my birth, I couldn't believe it. I genuinely thought it was super fresh and made recently. Either I'm thick as mince or it's an exceptionally classic-modern.

I may come back if I find more additions of original material.

And here I YAM

Urging you to see the likeness

Monday 19 July 2021

Just The Facts Please - Not Suitable For Corporate Fluffers, Cowards & Intellectually Arrogant People

This is a deep dive into the patents surrounding the current global health panic. It's technical, attention demanding, in-depth, granular and devastating to Big Pharma and the unfortunates who have trusted the system to have the general public's interests at heart.

A little bit of a back story on this information. It was sent to me by a guy I met in a bar in Jomtien, Thailand. My girlfriend (if a 60 plus woman qualifies as a girl) nudged me and said, go talk to that guy over there.

"Why" I asked?

"Because he's on his own" she replied, so I walked over and introduced myself, we hit it off on esoteric subjects, and we've been friends ever since. It was only subsequently I found out he worked for the best law firm in his country, and was probably the best lawyer who was a foreigner (English in this instance).

It was he who sent me this information and it's mind blowing stuff in terms of legal decimation of the official COVID-19 narrative.

Now if you're a pussy and/or a bit intellectually challenged, this isn't for you, but if you like to be in the arena, the credit goes to the man who is in this domain and not outside of it.

The choice to know will be yours.

Saturday 17 July 2021

Benny Hill, Southampton & Censored Protests

The image above is of Benny Hill when he was a milkman in Southampton, his hometown and the place where he was buried (opposite the hospital where my mother finally died after the horrors of Chemotherapy, Brain Surgery, Steroid induced Diabetes and a mind that drifted from consciousness to unconsciousness irrespective of whether she was awake.

The policeman is Nephilim sized so I'm quite sure there's a bit more to the image than what it appears to be.

The average consumer and/or direct or indirect corporate fluffer will have no idea of the number of demonstrations held in London against the lockdown, forced vaccinations and so forth, including one that according to respectable estimates was between half a million to a million (four miles long, of 30 people width marching). The media don't mention it, so you don't know unless your bus got caught in it.

As ever, it's the activists with a sense of humour that cut through the preposterous nature of what is easily approaching Nazi-population blindness-to-the-truth.

It's not the facts that colour their mindset, it's the moral cowardice to call it out for what it is. A clear cut case of violation of the Hippocratic Oath, Nuremburg Code (1947), Human Rights Act (2000)UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Mythos - By Stephen Fry

A couple of years ago, I was working in a complex care home with people who have tricky mental health issues. We had all sorts there, a murderer, bipolar folks, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenics... you get the picture.

It wasn't for me though. I found the work rewarding, but I couldn't switch off after working hours, and I definitely suffered with transference.

In the end I was taken ill with that whole Brachial Neuritus thing which left me with half a paralysed hand after six weeks, but before I quit, one of my colleagues bought me Stephen Fry's Heroes book about Greek Mythology. I was really chuffed with it, but because it was the second book after Mythos, I thought it best to read part one first. I'm OCD on things like that.

Southampton Central library only had Mythos as an audio book, and it's taken me six months to listen to it properly, but what an experience. It's up there with Professor Freedman's Early middle ages lectures at Yale for opening up quite a complex subject that had previously always baffled me.

The thing with Greek mythology that had stymied my wish to understand the subject, is that it's all about the hierarchy of the Gods, or rather the Titans, The Gods, The Olympians and so forth, much like John Dee's empire of Angels.

Once the structure is in place, then another world opens up which is so bizarre that I'll leave it to you to find out how weird it is, but let's just say that internecine isn't too incestuous a word, but if anybody came up with these 'stories' in modern times, there would probably be some readers asking if a shrink might be in order.

It's that effing weird.

Oddly enough, I was once snared by some USA dude from what I assume to be an alphabet agency, who wanted to check me out and let me stew in the process for way longer than necessary.

However after he'd done his thing he told me that everything I needed to know was embedded in the mythology of the Greek gods, and here I am ten years or so later and realising he wasn't bluffing.

Monday 12 July 2021

England vs Italy - The Stench of Ignorance

My first blog post in 2007 was about football and I haven't really changed my mind on the main thrust of the writing all those years ago. 

The Italians defeated England last night in the European Cup. I haven't been watching the competition but I did know England hadn't played any top tier teams to get to the final. They scored in the first few minutes and did what they always do. Play defence to hold on to a lead.

Stadium sports were first outlined in the modern age after the coliseum by H.G. Wells (an insider), and they work just as well now, as they did then.

It's called Panem et Circenses or bread and circuses. Distract the masses with trivia and celebrities and the main agenda will go unnoticed.

Mask up bitches.

It's back to reality now you've had your sportgasm and a smashing time.

Do Vaccines Make People Magnetic?

There's been a lot of these videos circulating on the net, and the quickest way to figure out if it's disinformation is if it's on Youtube, you can usually bet it's not a threat to the establishment or they would censor it.

However, it does beg the question. For how long have some people become magnetic?

Update: Unicus Magazine sent me a study on the topic from Luxembourg. My own experience testing a vaccinated person was negative so it might be dependent on the type of vaccine.

Friday 2 July 2021

Seaspiracy - 2021

I guess ocean acidification doesn't affect shark fin soup eaters? 

I've seen much of this new documentary's information before, but it makes sense that a new attempt at bringing to life the ecocide taking place on our planet. 

Fortunately we have a political media complex that knows carbon is the number one problem, in an age where we can distribute free vaccines but not clean water. I'm sure they know what they're doing?

Regrettably George Monbiot is in this documentary and he's shilled a lot for the genocide of Syrians. A subject that is documented for those familiar with the OPCW.

The star of this movie is in his early 20s and I condone a younger person communicating the problem, instead of a crusty old person. I would share this with your children if care for their long term futures is sufficiently high on your radar.

In all likelihood, you have more pressing demands.