Tuesday 30 September 2014

Yale University Lectures | The Splendor of the Abbasid Period

Professor Paul Freedman's Yale University lecturer series on history are very good (not all of the Yale lecturers are as competent) and there's lots of them on Youtube in a series called - The Early Middle Ages, 284 - 1000

For a additional view of the Abbasid Period I recommend the In Our Time Series episode on the subject.

It is my understanding that Christians are the greatest wielders of mechanized bloodshed in the planet's history. It's the corporate Zionist media that portray Muslims as regressive beheaders (99.999% aren't) and thus uneducated people lap the propaganda up. 

The above history lecture video is an example of Islamic high culture left out of the mainstream media narrative, and is why we know that the media is toxic when it comes to selling violence and war at a very tidy profit.

Saturday 27 September 2014

WTF is ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning)

Getting to grips with the nomenclature of Enterprise Resource Planning (for SAP at present but possibly ORACLE later ) is quite a laugh. Everything has really bland geek names that are best exemplified by the original name of SAP and the current meaning of the name.

SAP was System Analysis and Program Development but is now Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing.

Both of them are so memorable right? 

Anyway the video above is a good presentation of what ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is all about. Pop it in the player and learn if you like.

Pentagon War Director - "Israel Behind 9/11"

Dr Alan Sabrosky is not only a serious Pentagon war strategist, he is also of Jewish extraction. Find out why Israel (with criminal elements in the USA) plotted a false flag demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and used their friends in the media to cover it up.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

My memory is playing tricks on me. I suspect I haven't seen this film since it came out 10 years ago, and yet I immediately recalled watching a movie where a girl with blue hair is engaging with a guy on a bus or a train like in the above scene in the first few seconds of the movie. 

Maybe it was Blue Valentine?

How strange and self referential. How annoying I can't remember.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a very good movie premise if you can't remember what it's all about. 

The deprogramming scenes go on a little too long (for me) but they're very much like LSD trips or at least like my LSD trips, where beginning, middle and end are hard to sequence.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

A Very British Witchcraft - Gerald Gardner & Wicca

I'd heard of Wicca through a few friends but didn't really understand what it was all about. This documentary is quite good fun. Gerald Gardener was packed off to the Middle East as a young boy to keep his asthma at bay and came back to the UK a fully fledged weirdo in the best-of-British sense of the word. 

I quite like Wiccans now. 

I'm always up for nature worship and the divine feminine even if it it comes bundled with a 20th century pagan witchcraft religion.

Oliver Cromwell vs Charles I feat. John Thurloe

I was reading that bullshit interview with head of MI6 Sir John Sawyers in the FT the other day. It's the one where he admits to dissembling but not lying (WTF), but where I claim he's lying through his teeth about MI6, CIA and Mossad involvement with ISIS/ISIL

The FT removed my comment, not for saying what I wrote, as you can read all that in the NYT but presumably for pointing out that MI6 are shit scared of Mossad and are basically their rent boys.

Anyway, even The Telegraph admits Qatar is funding the terrorists so what really caught my eye in the FT article was the nod towards Cromwell's spymaster John Thurloe. That got me thinking about the speculation that Cromwell was funded by the same bankers who got the world wars going

Either way both King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell come across as completely bonkers. At least King Charles has the excuse he was raised to be a self centred plonker. Cromwell seems to outdo him by toppling the King only to become even more king-like than Charles. 

All of this is accompanied by the usual bloodshed between the tribalists who you can see today cheering on the left/right god/no god paradigm, like teamsters-for-life flag wavers united.

I thought the second documentary posted above was superior to the first which has that pompous pseudo intellectual voice that documentaries use when they tell you nothing and spend ages describing violence, as if we're all three year olds who only understand sword play.

Update: The original videos were censored. I also suspect that Cromwell was sponsored by Dutch Jews, to overurn the monarchy.

Saturday 20 September 2014

McClaren & SAP

I'm working closely with SAP specialists (and also my villa rental mates plus a few others) these days, so you can imagine there's a lot to keep up with and I'm a very busy boy.

I'm focusing on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) side of SAP so there's a huge amount of subcategories to drill down into from HR to CRM, Business Intelligence and so forth. On the surface it's quite a boring subject unless you're into big live data but the more we examine how big business works the more clear it is that software and cloud solution data add a foundation of stability to global businesses and their short, medium and long term aims.

Now don't misunderstand me. 

I'd prefer to be a hunter gatherer growing my own food and so forth but group stability is a huge factor in figuring out where the human race wants to collectively go. I would go back to a smaller populated planet, that's more in tune with a nature style of living, but 99.999% of the planet don't see what I see as a vision of potential. This doesn't mean I reject the use of antibiotics for those binary heads who can only process two polarized ideologies at a time.

I'm an evangelist for the power of socialised media and communication agility. The only thing that has begun to sort out the planetary mess we're in (from my perspective) is the internet and its ability to work, play, interact and shape the future from a desk, tablet or coming soon wearable technology.

In any case this video of McLaren Group's partnership with SAP is a taster of how racing drivers are tapping into the supply chain management (SCM) expertise of (for example) hospitals, through enterprise resource planning suites. Real time analysis of a Formula One business while it's racing on the track isn't so boring when there is instant feedback into their business intelligence repercussions and implementation of both instantaneous and future decision making.

It's about time the human race had a plan. We've been scared of the future for too long.

Author of CIA Drug Trade Book - Professor Alfred W McCoy on NSA Surveillance

Professor Alfred W McCoy wrote the ground breaking Politics of Heroin which detailed the CIA control of the heroin trade in South East Asia. We now know that heroin is flown by NATO to Brussels and then Andrews Air Force Base in the US when they're not flooding the Russians with heroin to cultivate crime and social conflict.

In this fascinating interview McCoy takes us behind the scenes of the US invasion of the Philippines and how the surveillance for this operation set the groundwork for the FBI smashing up the unions in the USA so the 1% could make more money with no resistance.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Terence McKenna's Reading List

It's been so long since I posted a Terence McKenna recording but this one has stood out in the last year so I've uploaded it for people to enjoy.

A Bucketful of Zionism

Zionism was born as a terrorist movement against the indigenous people of Palestine.

It has gone from nothing to a nuclear terror state that terrorizes the world and genocides Palestinians with complete impunity. Its secret services are hand in glove with all the Middle East terror groups and most troubling are the Zionist Neoconservatives who were the most powerful group behind the architects of the 9/11 attacks and the substantial cover up since.

Zionism is a money and power cult designed to divide humanity by people who have no interest in Judaism. Indeed the founders of Zionism were atheist. 

Unless it is exposed to the disinfectant of light Zionism is a growing problem for humanity.

ISIS - About As Real As Silicone Breasts

It takes a particular kind of stupidity to pretend that the UK, US, Israel and Saudi are not behind the creation of ISIS. We armed them in Syria, we trained them in Jordan and now we're pretending they're our enemy in Iraq. All of this is good for the war profiteers and the simpletons who haven't figured out that all terrorism is created by us to keep stupid people in fear of phantoms and tricks. There are so many issues on the planet that need our attention and the power elite are best served when we are distracted from what we most need to be focussing on.

It's a trick as old as the hills. If you're paying attention the spy agencies love to rub our noses in it with double entendres and referential inside jokes.

Update: This superb video on ISIS links to spooks has a half a million hits. It's easy to see why.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Israeli Occupation Force Kneecaps A Blindfolded Young Man

Israeli soldier shoots blindfolded and... by charlesfrith

The social media war has been won by all decent right thinking people who are sickened by the actions of the Israeli occupiers, against the innocent Palestinians who have seen their land stolen, their families murdered, their children bombed, their water rationed and their houses sprayed with chemical sewage that smells of rotting corpses.

Monday 15 September 2014

Simon Parkes Interview

Simon has a top notch comb over, but apart from that his narrative is consistent, intersects credibly with a lot of other complex testimonies and he seems rather modest which is always useful in this genre of information.

Friday 12 September 2014

Booka Shade - Essential Mix - Radio 1

Booka Shade's Essential Mix on Radio One from 2006 is one of their best performances. I had it on an iPod that got stolen a while back in Hong Kong I think but I've not heard it since then, so it was a pleasure to find it on Youtube.

Paul Dirac, English Theoretical Quantum Ninja

Graham Farmelo does an excellent presentation on the much underrated quantum physicist Paul Dirac. My only question mark is it seems Dirac had some signs of either autism or Aspergers syndrome.

Dirac's equations were described by his peers as "like fully formed marble statues falling from the sky". 

My own experience on entheogens like DMT is that reality at a fundamental level is extraordinarily beautiful. 

The geometry of it you might say.

Monday 8 September 2014

Former US Marine Corp Ken O'Keefe

Ken O'Keefe's Reality check for those who haven't heard of Major General Smedley Butler. Coincidentally this speech by a former SAS veteran came up in conversation today.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Fargo - 1996

Fargo is another first class movie by the Coen Brothers from way back in 1996, when cops didn't shoot people for fun, beat up women or do steroids before jerking off in the mirror wearing paramilitary gear and watching snuff movies.

This movie is worth watching for the art direction and soundtrack alone. The homely American types portrayed in this video can still be found in the USA's less populated regions, but by and large they tend to get their information from the corporate media so they're charming but increasingly brainwashed about Muzlims, NATO, Israel and all the usual suspects the military industrial complex needs to demonize and smear.

Unusually Steve Buschemi isn't the best character in the movie though at the time he was one of the most well known.

Friday 5 September 2014

Anna Baltzer - A Jewish American Female's Perspective on Palestine

Anna Baltzer, a Jewish American does an excellent job of sharing the learnings she made travelling around Turkey and then living in Palestine. The International Women's Peace Service has done an excellent job of bringing this female perspective to the suffering of the Palestinian people. 

I wish more women could take an interest in this subject and I applaud all Jewish people who make that effort as there is much pain involved in discovering reality.

Israeli Spy Chiefs - We've Become Cruel

The external spies for Israel are Mossad. Like the CIA and MI6 their job is to do false flags and manipulate the people in their country to feel and act a certain way. The internal spy service is Shin Bet, like MI5 and the FBI their job is to manipulate their people to think and act in a certain way.

In The Gatekeepers documentary, we have all the surviving leaders of Shin Bet informing us that Israel's strategy is bankrupt. 

Regrettably these guys don't know enough of their own history to realise they are just tools, pawns and patsies of powerful Banking dynasties, but watching this documentary should still inform the attentive viewer that something is completely rotten in Israel.

Zionism is a corpse.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Being John Malkovich

Being John Mlalkovich is well worth watching again. Catherine Keener is just superb and the cast is all quality. 

Great scriptwriting, creative storytelling, quality acting....What more do you want? They don't make movies like this too much and for me it worked well off the big screen though I'll never forget walking out of the cinema after watching this 14 or so years ago.

Monday 1 September 2014

Dear George Osborne - By Chloe George

Blue pill toothpaste swallowers fail to notice that the power behind the puppets in charge mock us by putting people who have little or no intelligence in power. 

Listen to George Osborne's made-up resume. 

Then look at him coked up in a hookers flat above, and the conclusion is self evident. The Chancellor is a bag boy for the banks and the corporation city of London.

I wonder who pulled the strings with the media and Tory Party Grandess, to get both he and David Cameron into power?

Both are raised to rule over people irrespective of their skills, but George's inability to pass basic intelligence obstacles is very clear as Chloe George demonstrates in her quality manner.