Sunday 30 September 2012

The Fog of War - Robert Strange McNamara

It's easy to criticize so I'll keep it to a minimum. McNamara wags his finger at the viewer and at Castro if you're paying attention. The only people he doesn't wag his finger at are the power elites whose boots he shined but didn't lick. Nobody makes documentaries about the quiet heroes like say Robin Cook who resigned from the Blair Cabinet rather than have blood on his hands. At least McNamara faces the camera and says his piece unlike say Kissinger who is always in hiding. However by the time somebody comes to make a war documentary of you it's pretty much all over in terms of morality. You don't even get invited to Govcorp unless you're willing to sends millions to their deaths. Kali Yuga living baby.

Bruce Lee - Enter The Dragon

It gave me a little kick that the essence of the movie is this opening scene snapped above and the deleted scene embedded below that is now available on the DVD but wasn't included in the original 1973 (important year that one) movie. The enemy is all illusion and that's so true and relevant it's nice that the video fell on the right moment as I flipped through it, and that the relevant clip came to light straight after.

Bruce Lee was so much more than an martial artist and for my money acts better than anyone else in the movie though there are some Thespian shockers in this film. The download was excellent quality and I really loved the Hong Kong scenes. I miss Hong Kong a lot but it's never taken good care of me for one reason and another.

Update: I just watched this new Bruce Lee documentary upload on Youtube. It's not bad at all. 

Anarchism For Relief of 1% Constipation

I don't consider myself any particular ideology though I don't mind choosing good ideas. In principle the dynamics of anarchism are much more in harmony with human nature than neoliberal capitalism which has to fall one day. That doesn't mean I can't pick and choose ideas from communism or capitalism when they're appropriate and contextually relevant. 

David Graeber from Yale gives a good talk on the subject of anarchism here. Pick and mix people. Create your own reality and chuck out the ideologies. They're too fixed, easy to corrupt and anti human. 

Elliott Abrams Makes A Fool Of Himself Over Syria

Elliott Abrams is a Zioncon warmonger from the Iran Contra days of blood and massacre in Nicaragua. He's a proven liar but as we know George W Bush promoted many hundreds of these psychopaths to justify his illegal war in Iraq. Normally a psycho like this should be in an insane asylum but in our sick society they get well paid positions on the Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Fellow or Sick Fucks as I notice most of the senior fellows are including Ed Husain who advocated and lobbied for intervention in Syria and is now running from the bloodshed they have invoked. This interview is a must listen for the breeze block stupidity of Elliot Abrams advocating religious groups as the solution to sectarian divide in Syria. Even Ed Husain realises the madness of this.

I am a big fan of Jewish contribution to history including arts and philosophy as much as I am an Arab fan for their contribution to mathematics and astrology but these Jewish Neocon warmongers on think tanks are appalling. They appall me. I'm appalled.

Go on. Listen. Do the work. Listen to the abject stupidity that is followed by war dollars and heart breaking misery.

Award Winning CNN Journalist On CNN Propaganda

Amber Lyon of CNN turned down their corporate media buy-off money to silence her after her Bahrain reporting was axed because it told the truth that the USA supports regimes where there are oil or geopolitical interests. 

This extraordinary interview from Emmy Award winning journalist talks about the chilling effect of Obama prosecuting more jounalists and whistleblowers than any President in history. Hope and Change? Hopeless Change. You'll see.

In fairness to Amber the specific response that Alex Jones isn't a conspiracy theorist is about the TSA no fly lists for reporters who speak up. I disagree with plenty of Alex Jones as much as I agree with plenty of Alex Jones. That's what real opinion formers do. They form opinions rather than take their instruction from an agreed list of voices.

Hat's off to Amber Lyons for taking a stand. We applaud her courage and stand for truth and journalistic freedom.

Saturday 29 September 2012

Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity is kind of like Dostoevsky's Crime & Punishment set on Hollywood Boulevards with insurance payouts. For me Jean Heather playing Lola Dietrichson is the movie candy. Very cute. There's a little bit of synchronicity with Bhowani Junction as trains play a major part in the movie.

If you have any black and white movies you recommend very highly leave a comment below. I'll download it and review it.

Israel's Land Grabbing Ways

Earlier today I was watching a Walt & Mearsheimer academic presentation about the Israeli lobby's control of US politics. They were viciously attacked for publishing a scholarly analysis of the matter by AIPAC and the other Israeli lobby groups that Congress doesn't have the courage to stand up to, but for my taste they weren't tough enough and apologised too much for the statements they were making. Lately the most authoritive voice on the matter is Grant F Smith of , who also unearthed the FOIA FBI documents that prove Netanyahu illegally smuggled nuclear triggers out of the US in the eighties.

I don't like haters of any hue or colour so it's important to attach robustly but with humour and no hate. Make your own mind up here as he debates Ruthie Blum who makes my skin crawl. You'll see what I mean.

The Netanyahu Nuclear Smuggling Podcast

Ava Gardner In Bhowani Junction

Torn between British Ginger Snaps and Indian Idlii Ava Gardner is.... Oh never mind. She's very nice. Had a super interesting life too looking at the husband list. Good on her.

Corporate News Blackout - Neturei Karta Jews Meet Iranian President

Over 50000 Jews live in Tehran. They're not the troublesome Ashkenazi Jews from Europe who converted to Judaism for political reasons and who practice the least Judaism while saying nothing about human rights abuses in the concentration camp known as Gaza and the despicable apartheid in Israel. The Iranian Neturei Karta Jews are partners who live peaceably in Iran and recognise that Israel's ongoing and land grab is against their faith and illegal. Time is running out for ordinary Jews to stand up for the difference between right and wrong. What was the holocaust all about if it means the essence of Jewishness is silence on persecution? It's a mockery of all those senseless deaths.

We Know About The 47%. Wanna Hear About The 53% Greasy Snout Pig Trough?

Friday 28 September 2012

Cold War 07/24 After Stalin 1953 - 1956

The body being kicked in the photo above is probably one of the Hungarian secret police who assisted the Soviets and were strung up during the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Prior to this I was not aware that the Suez crisis took place at the same time and diverted attention from the Hungarian uprising. For a while the Hungarians succeeded in revolting against the USSR but the West failed to intervene and Russian tanks soon rolled in and took charge again.  This was a point of bitterness for the Hungarians who had been assured through Radio Free Europe that all they had to do was hang in there and the West would come to the rescue. We never did.

Thai Women Go Crazy For A White Vagina

Most people in Thailand are dark skinned but as the Chinese plutocracy run the country the advertising reflects their fairer skin. I've written extensively about the pernicious effects of skin whitening creams because if you ever do advertising focus groups you can listen to impressionable young office women choosing who they go to lunch with based on their skin colour as money, career progression and hanging out with the right people is all that matters in the dog eat soi dog world of commercial materialism.

More over here

Update: Original video censored.

Nuclear Smuggling Netanyahu

Nutty Nuclear Netanyahu - FOIA FBI Documentary Evidence

Israel's Number One Warmongering Drama Queen

The corporate for profit media wont touch the story but that's OK because the alternative media are on top of it. During the 80's when Netanyahu claimed he was working as a furniture salesman (same job as Obama's grandfather nudge nudge wink wink) he was in fact smuggling nuclear triggers out of the United States. They are called Crytrons and given Israel is a non signatory of the nuclear proliferation treaty we can expect to see Nutty Netenyahu in jail one day or at least in the dock like Rupert Murdoch with his warmongering empire crumbling around him. Ironically the Israeli press has been more open than the Western press. Alternatively Iran might just wipe the floor with Israel and teach them a lesson if they try it on. I'm quite relaxed about that right now given the latest information.

The best source for information is Grant Smith who insigated the Freedom of Information Act securing the FBI files that revealed Netanyahu's name in the nuclear technology smuggling.

Thursday 27 September 2012


Exacerbated both by modernization so unchecked it has transformed the Thai central basin into a concrete jungle of industrial zones, housing estates and entertainment complexes with little of the natural irrigation once provided by canals, forests and fields, and the man-made city ‘big bag’ wall designed to divert the northern run-off from its natural passage through central Bangkok, the severe flooding of the 2011 monsoon season left hundreds of thousands of rural and suburban addresses abandoned in stagnant waters for several months.
Such a tragedy informs us that perhaps not only from the country (the provinces) has the capital truly come adrift, but humankind itself – greedy with resources and negligent of its imprint on the ecosystem – has, too, from our hosts, the planet, become far removed.
Written and directed by Rupert James.
Cinematography by Rupert James.
Camera assistant Sarun Srisingchai.
Music by Montonn Jira.

Cold War 05/24 Korea 1949 - 1953

A particularly depressing episode of the cold war. Excellent documentary making though if you can stomach the savagery on all sides.

Russian Documentary On Nazi UFOs

For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary 'Third Reich - Operation UFO' in its entirety, fully translated into English and available for free viewing. Many thanks to Irina Du Toit for the translation and the saucer people for the subtitles.

The film explores the historical mysteries and rumours of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica, the 1947 flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's ill-fated 'Operation Highjump' expedition and the occult origins of Third Reich anti-gravity engines, flying discs and ancient Atlantean technologies viewed through the lens of perhaps the three most mysterious twentieth century German organisations of all: the 'Thule Society, 'Vril Society' and the 'Ahnenerbe'

One of the core themes of the film is the alleged existence of 'Base 211', the legendary underground Nazi base in the Antarctica. Drawing upon the pre-war Nazi interest in Antarctica and the creation of 'New Swabia'; the testimony of German U-Boat submarine commanders and the alleged disappearance of thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war, personnel that cannot be accounted for by the Vatican and Odessa 'rat lines' or American 'Operation Paperclip' activities. In addition, the film analyses the actual geo-physical possibilities of an underground base in Antarctica.

The other core theme is the alleged existence of a Nazi flying saucer program and the many evidential strands that this area generates. From the supposed channeling of extraterrestrial engineering schematics by members of the German occult group 'Thule Society' in the early part of the twentieth century to the 'implosion engine' of Viktor Schauberger and its possible appropriation by the Third Reich. 

Bringing us to the the latter part of the twentieth century the documentary illustrates the many sightings of unknown crafts around the Antartic region and the theoretical basis for polar wormholes as entrance and exit points for visiting extraterrestrial spaceships and the possible involvement of HAARP, as well as asking why nearly all American Antarctic bases seem to be populated by agents of the National Security Agency and CIA.

Like the study of any phenomena and/or events that exist at the edges of consensus reality, occupy imaginal realms and are subject to historical revisionism; the interface of myth and reality is a shifting mosaic of fact, speculation, disinformation and fantasy, or to use the phrase of head CIA counter-intelligence spook, James Jesus Angleton, we have entered a "wilderness of mirrors".

Certainly there are elements in the documentary that give cause for concern such as the alleged "Special Bureau 13", the Nazi secret flying saucer research group and its similarity to the top secret government agency in the early eighties role playing game "Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic " (though equally the RPG title could be an insider homage to this secret Nazi organisation). Likewise, there is the lack of information on the existence of the US Navy destroyer 'Murdoch' in the testimony recounted by pilot 'John Sireson' in his description of the flying saucer attack on Admiral Byrd's fleet (testimony taken from an interview by the late pioneering American researcher Leonard Stringfield).

Equally, the testimony of Admiral Byrd that flying saucers attacked the 'Operation Highjump' fleet is of historical record as is his testimony to Congress of enemies that have the ability to fly "pole to pole". Likewise, the creation of 'New Swabia' is as much a historical fact as the 'impossible' existence of the 'Piri Reis' map. 

What sets this documentary apart from most others of its kind is the inclusion of high ranking Russian scientists and military personnel and their testimony should not be discounted. 

As the great American anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory says of many elements of deep politics: "its food for thought and grounds for further research".

Exopolitics UK and 'The Saucer People' are looking for other non-English UFO/alien related videos to help translate and subtitle, we have dozens of Russian documentaries waiting to be translated into English. If you speak Russian and are interested in translating any of this material please get in touch.

Likewise, if your country of origin has produced any UFO/alien documentaries and are interested in creating English translations to be subtitled please contact us.

It took a lot of hard work to make the translation of this documentary into English and create the subtitles and we would like to dedicate our work to the late American researcher Wendelle Stevens who is quoted in the film, In our opinion, Wendelle, who sadly died in 2011 was one of the few genuine professional researchers in the UFO community who like Linda Moulton Howe, actually went and spoke to the subjects and witnesses and researched cases first-hand.

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Emile de Antonio - Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Roger Ailes & MENA Airport Drug Smuggling

Fascinating to hear them talk of the MENA airport drug trafficking before the governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, was worth mentioning. The alert thinker will ask themselves if Clinton's drug trafficking for Bush Sr/CIA through MENA airport had anything to do with his election as President. 

Think about that. 

Emile de Antonio - The Bush Criminal Dynasty, Intelligence & Drugs

There are three or four independent researchers who came to the same conclusion about the  Bush dynasty's role in intelligence and drug trafficking. Emile de Antonio was one of them and here is an interview with where he doesn't quite go as far as the others (we now have more evidence) but he goes far enough. It's absolutely essential listening to understand how the power elite work. I wish Emile de Antonio were alive today to hear how close he came to uncovering about as much reality as any ordinary mortal can with respect to the power elite.

In The Year Of The Pig


In the Year of the Pig is a 1968 American documentary film about the origins of theVietnam War, directed by Emile de Antonio. It was nominated for an Academy award for best documentary.

The film, which is in black and white, contains much historical footage and many interviews. Those interviewed include Harry S. AshmoreDaniel BerriganPhilippe DevillersDavid HalberstamRoger HilsmanJean LacoutureKenneth P. Landon,Thruston B. MortonPaul MusCharlton OsburnHarrison SalisburyIlya ToddJohn TollerDavid K. TuckDavid Werfel, and John White.

Produced during the Vietnam War, the film was greeted with hostility by many audiences, with bomb threats and vandalism directed at theaters that showed it.[3]
De Antonio cites the film as his personal favorite. It features the ironic use of patriotic music, portrays Ho Chi Minh as a patriot to the Vietnamese people, and asserts that Vietnam was always a single country rather than two.

Its poster was famously used as an album cover for The Smiths' second album Meat is Murder. The insignia on the soldier's helmet was changed to "meat is murder".

Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag To Start War With Iran

In a recent talk at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a Zionist Neoconservative pseudo think tank, Israeli lobbyist Patrick Clawson said that either America or Israel should stage a false flag event in the Persian Gulf to initiate a full-scale war against Iran. Washington DC is chock full of toxic lobbyist warmonger cowards like this working at think tanks and encouraging senseless murder, death and massacres in middle East countries. Read more about his remarks here.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Weather Underground

I understand exactly what Mark Rudd means when he says some knowledge eats away at you day after day. Bernardine Dohrn is a remarkable American human being.

The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live." ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

“These are things I am not proud of, and I find it hard to speak publicly about them and to tease out what was right from what was wrong. I think that part of the Weatherman phenomenon that was right was our understanding of what the position of the United States is in the world. It was this knowledge that we just couldn't handle; it was too big. We didn’t know what to do. In a way I still don’t know what to do with this knowledge. I don’t know what needs to be done now, and it’s still eating away at me just as it did 30 years ago.”

— Mark Rudd, former member of the Weather Underground

Noam Chomsky - November 16, 1992 - East Timor

As Chomsky gets older he's slowing down but in this Cambridge presentation from 1992 he merely glances down to his notes and talks in 5 or 10 minute chunks of solid history and nuanced politics of mass murder and foreign policy. He is masterful. (His talk commences around the 15-20 minute mark).

Update. Video deleted and the new one commences 24.50 seconds on East Timor

On the eve of the invasion, U.S. President Gerald Ford and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, were in Jakarta meeting with Suharto. Kissinger later claimed that East Timor wasn’t even discussed, but this claim has been exposed as a lie.

In fact, Washington gave Suharto a green light to invade. Ninety percent of the weaponry used by the Indonesian forces in their invasion was from the United States (despite a U.S. law that bans the use of its military aid for offensive purposes) and the flow of arms, including counter-insurgency equipment, was secretly increased (a point that should be borne in mind in interpreting what is going on today).

The United States also lent diplomatic support to the invaders. In the United Nations, U.S. ambassador Daniel Patrick Moynihan successfully worked, as he boasted in his memoirs, to make sure that the international organization was ineffective in challenging Jakarta’s aggression. Under the presidency of Jimmy Carter, the self-proclaimed champion of human rights, there was a further increase in U.S. military aid to Indonesia. Since 1975, the United States has sold Jakarta over $1 billion worth of military equipment.

Stephen R. Shalom, Noam Chomsky, & Michael Albert on the United States role in Indonesia’s December 1975 invasion of Timor-Leste
Z Magazine, October, 1999

Larouchepac - Jeff Steinberg On Benghazi

Larouchepac maintain that the British Empire never dissolved. It's an interesting and at times (look at MI6 involvement in the drug trade) persuasive argument. I neither dismiss it or proselytize it. I have my own variant of Laourchepac thinking and that involves the other city state than D.C and the corporation City of London. The Vatican.

Go ahead. Take a drink.

Underground (Emile De Antonio 1976) - White Middle Class U.S. Revolutionaries

This kind of American Accent doesn't exist so much any more. You can hear it's conciousness. It's a beautiful thing to listen to.

The Corporate Tax Avoiders Ball

HMRC boss Dave Hartnett is the man responsible for cutting dodgy deals with Vodafone, Goldman Sachs and other large corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions in lost revenue.

Homo Materia Is Waiting in Line For An iPhone

According to time traveller John Titor who got a lot of things right including predicting Youtube the future doesn't like us that much. Do you think she is concerned about the rare earth Coltan wars in the Congo that led to the 5 and a half million dead just so we can all carry smartphones? The women get raped before they're killed. A goodbye gift you might say.

Monday 24 September 2012

Mondo Hollywood

Hard to believe that the United States did cultural commentary and intelligent satire as good as anywhere around the world when this was made. What happened? Maybe it became obsessed by the veneer thin  pursuits of Celebrity and fame. The woman breast feeding the rather large infant went on to marry Frank Zappa who also appears in this documentary in a separate scene.
The film starts with the legend:
"All persons and events depicted herein are real. Any similarity to fictitious persons or events is purely coincidental."
The film presents a series of vignettes of the more extreme aspects of life in Hollywood - and Los Angeles as a whole - of the period, focussing on "the Hollywood the public does not know".[2] Personalities who appear in the movie include proto-hippie Gypsy Bootsstripper Jennie Lee, S&H Green Stamps heir Lewis Beach Marvin III, celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring (later murdered by the Manson gang), psychedelic pioneer Richard Alpert (later known as Ram Dass), singer Bobby Jameson(with his then-girlfriend Gail Sloatman), housekeeper Estella Scott, actors Margaretta Ramsey, Theodore Charach and Valerie Porter, fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, artistVito Paulekas, surfer Dale Davis, skydiver Jim Arender, and beautician Sheryl Carson. Each personality provides a narrative for their own scenes. The film also shows various social and political gatherings, including an anti-communist crusade, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, a visit to Universal Studios by Princess Margaret, the aftermath of the Watts riots, a UCLA peace rally, and a children's fashion show. Other individuals shown briefly in the movie included Frank ZappaSonny and CherBobby Beausoleil,Alfred HitchcockBrigitte BardotJayne MansfieldRonald Reagan and severaltranssexuals.[3][4]


Robert Carl Cohen (b.1930), who had previously made Inside Red China (1957), Inside East Germany (1959), Committee on Un-American Activities (1962), and Inside Castro's Cuba (1963),[5] was producer, director, photographer and editor of the film. The music director was Mike Curb, and the soundtrack featured songs by Davie Allan and the Arrows, and others.[3]


The film was promoted as "starring Jayne Mansfield", who had recently died, even though she only appears in it very fleetingly. It was first shown at the Mannheim Film Festival in 1967, and was then scheduled to be shown at the Avignon Festival. However, the French government banned it from being shown, stating:[6]
"This film, in the opinion of certain experts of the Commission [of Control], presents an apology for a certain number of perversities, including drugs and homosexuality, and constitutes a danger to the mental health of the public by its visual aggressivity and the psychology of its editing. The Commission proposes, therefore, its total interdiction."
The ban was later lifted. In 1978, when Mike Curb was running for election as lieutenant governor of California, his opponent, the incumbent Mervyn M. Dymally, claimed that the film was "pornographic" and that Curb "sang falsetto in a bath tub scene with two lesbians." Curb at first denied singing in the film, but then admitted it.[7] He won the election.
The film was later described as a "cult classic... [which] captures the underside of Hollywood by documenting a moment in time... when an inquisitive trust in the unknown was paramount, hope for the future was tangible and life was worth living on the fringe."[4] A re-edited and expanded "director's cut" version was premiered at the Moondance Film Festival on 10 June 2006.[4]


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