Wednesday 23 March 2022

Monday 14 March 2022

Superstar St Jeremy

As I've often pointed out in the past, even though it earns me no credit, that I enjoyed Donald Trump in power, although in the final analysis, he's a Zionist and so his loyalty is to Israel first not the USA. 

Once again, I enjoyed Trump being part of the plan, but he's not the plan. 

A lot of people struggle with that.

I also like the persona of Jeremy Corbyn. He's an allotment owner and a wood turner (as is my father) which are the sort of hobbies people should do and still have. 

I watched JC as he tried to take a middle road for BREXIT which was political suicide, but also as he was branded an anti-Semite by the far right Zionist Chosenites who are disproportionately represented in the media circus currently too busy selling big pharma and war in the Ukraine, he was dead in the water.

Not many people know that Islington was the only constituency in the UK that had historically proven child sex trafficking in every single children's home. It was the easiest place in the country for powerful entities to pick up what they wanted twenty-four/seven. 

Corbyn has been the MP for Islington since 1983 

I couldn't understand why the leading social worker representing children in Isington, Dr Liz Davies approached Corbyn on more than one occasions to investigate. Each time she pressured him, he was non committal , disappointingly uninvested in the subject, and vague about his feelings on the matter.

Then under pressure, he reassured Dr Davies and others, that the people on the ground who knew what was going on, in Islington, his constituency specifically were satisfied that the matter was resolved.

What was resolved Jeremy? 

You're a public servant. 

How many born after 1969 are no longer with us? 

That's not impossible for ONS to provide.

People wrote to The Saint

They called and confronted him, time and again but no action was taken. I contacted Liz Davies to understand if it was a comprehension issue but she assured me that the gravity of the situation had been made unambiguously clear.

Now, I don't know why JC did fuck all to stop child rape on his manor. I really can't speak for him, so until he explains how many, and who he raised the matter with, the matter is grave and unfinished.

Eileen Fairweather of The Independent and The Evening Satandard railed against Corbyn again and time and again. Because vulnerable boys were being raped by men. Islington council's defence was that this concern was homophobic. Well, I know many unpleasant facts about this subject and men who rape children often prefer boys not for homosexual reasons, but as a taste preference that doesn't exist in their daily heterosexual relationships that ostensibly conceal secret lives. 

The powerful and ennobled Lord Mann attacked the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone for stating a book called Transfer Agreement documents Zionist collaboration with the Nazis. Lord John Mann was exceptionally tireless on this subject. He wrote to Corbyn the following.

Jeremy protected Tony Blair's first Minister for Children, Margaret Hodge, the former leader of Islington Council who destroyed anyone who asked questions and was subsequently promoted by Tony from the back-benches to the cabinet as Minister for Children  charged with placating Islington's concerns that every hard working taxi driver and amoral chauffeur knew about the youngsters in the back of their vehicles they used for delivery to the rich and powerful.

Sanna Hosanna Hey Superstar, also attacked the pugilist, yet isolated MP who put a dossier on the Westminster Child Rapist Network in front of the home secretary Leon Brittan [David Mellor denied being present before it was pointed out the administrations documentation confirmed he was with his Home Secretary boss thus corroborating Geoffrey Dickens statement on the matter.]

Only the ennobled John Mann can tell us who who who is in it.

Jeremy never asked the MPs Peter and Virginia (Now Baroness) Bottomley about why they were shocked.

But it's the former heavyweight boxer, the mocked and ridiculed Tory MP turned child campaigner that Jezza savaged in the commons. 

You know Westminster.

When they feed on sacrificial blood, both sides of the house chant 'here here' just in case the dumb-fuck British are confused where and who is authorising it.

These days the Bentley's don't cruise The Angel.

There's no need. 

The children's court is held in secret session. I'll leave it to you if you want to pinpoint how many children go missing in care, or why the state has precedence over grandparents yearning to care for their grandchildren who have told me to my face that they aren't allowed to complain.

Wednesday 9 March 2022

International Women's Day - Why Are You Beating Her?

If the videos aren't playing for you, it's probably censorship. They used to work.

I've had a couple of juicy scheduled posts published prematurely, so I've put them back in draft, but as you may have seen, they're nearly finished.

Today is international women's day, and as I understand things from the BLM, Wear A Mask, Save The Ukraine, banners-in-their-avatar-images, the kind of people who need a day to celebrate womanhood literally don't give a fuck about anything, unless it's coming from the psychopath flat screen on the wall.

Then they will vent and beat their chests.

If you never spoke up for Palestinian women, or Syrian women, or Yemen women, it's not women you stand for. It's the women the NATO media complex tell you to weep for.

They literally don't give a fuck if we bomb a transgender, a woman, a child or your granny unless the TV celebrities instruct them which country matters and by their obnoxious silence, which countries don't matter.

Friday 4 March 2022

Literally Hitler

Halloween Party - 2021 @ Thomas Kubiesa

Hey Thomas. Thank you for allowing me to join you in your room here on Halloween.

Child Abuse: Masks, Swabs & Experimental Injections

Did you watch the video clip above? Shall we have a chat about child abuse?

The memory-wipe™ classes have moved on from the scamdemic. It's the existential threat from Russia, that they're full throated about now, but the Certificate Of Vaccine IDentification program [COVID], has changed gear and shifted to a stealth strategy through the World Health Organisation.

We know the memory-wipes™ didn't think twice about masking up their children while their favourite celebrities, sports stars and politicians cavorted on the world stage completely mask-less with the silenced children behind for their PR shots.

We know the memory-wipes™ thought nothing of pushing swabs with troubling microscopy qualities down the noses of children to press against the nasopharyngeal area, where the softest tissue with proximity to the brain, exists in a child's head.

We know the memory-wipes™ vaguely recall that the virus mainly affected the elderly, with children's immune systems smashing the corona out of the fucking stadium.

I wouldn't call it weakness. It's like the silence on anything of importance. Call it by its real name.

It's cowardice.

Wednesday 2 March 2022

New Zealand is Peacefully Accepting the “New Normal”…

What is Jacinda's net worth?

Are You Feeling The Energy?

Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. It is the NATO installed Fascist junta in Kiev, who it bribed and bullied into belligerence to the point of stupidity that provoked today's operation to remove that 2014 Ukraine coup regime. 

British workers must say no to UK involvement. 

I realise that Putin is just as scripted as our reliance on his Russian gas. It's all part of the plan and unlike most, I'm excited about the impending changes which have been triggered by Russia's annexation of the parts of Ukraine that will be a holocaust if left to the mercy of Nazi Zionist scum like Kolomoisky, Klitschko, Poroshenko, Turchynov, Tyahnibok, Yatsenuk and let's not forget 'Fuck the EU' Victoria Nuland who NATO have propped up in genociding the people of Donbass and Maidan Square. The only one who said the obvious publicly was Tyahnibok, yet still suckling on the teat of CIA funds.

Not that it matters now, but I believe Zalenski was insincere while trying to diminish the rising tensions [nice bluff], but like the Georgian Snipers the Kiev regime hired, to shoot their own Maidan massacre protesters, there's a great reckoning taking place, and the planned energy crisis, hyperinflation and death by vaccinosis will in some shape or form accelerate.

I believe that.

It's going to be tough for all of us but I welcome it from the entertained to death crowd who have no idea of what we've been supporting in Ukraine. We can all ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of reality. Those consequences are many dominos falling over till the normies scream 'please no more'.

Let's get some quick whammies out of the way. All the Trump derangement syndrome fetishists should first understand that it's all on record, what the smart solution would have been. It's too late now, but tell me. Are these the words of a senile, pussy grabbing, racist, sexist son of a bitch, or is it sounding like prophecy now? Again, I don't like his Zionism but I'm not so dumb to ignore a good job just because I don't like someone's gold toilets and trophy wife. I've seen worse.

Anyway, it looks like London is in charge again 😎