Friday 30 September 2011

Tony Bologna - Crime Doesn't Spray


Jon Stewart's ripping satire into Anthony V Bologna of NYPD. I've yet to see main stream media report that a hundred line officers refused to work in support of the #occupywallstreet movement.

Justin Bieber's Face On Learning 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Is this the tipping point for the conspiracy movement?

Why The U.S. Had To Secure Libya

We all know that Libya was bombed so that the West could secure the oil supplies but this interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell takes it to the next incremental logical conclusion and casts a much larger light on why the US in decline needs to hold down it's capitalist competitors by choking them of oil supplies. 

Free market capitalism. It was never free nor a market.

What's interesting here is that it completes the picture that I have of the middle East deliberately held down by the US through the installation of the most regressive leaders it can find. Usually through the nastier fringes of Islam such as Saudi Arabia's Wahaabism.

Thursday 29 September 2011

Protect & Serve (Assault & Bully)


Lawrence O'Donnell joins the small list of news professionals prepared to say the truth. Nice guy. Human being.

We're Not The Tree & Bunny Huggers. We're The Intellectuals

Michael Tellinger is the only successful businessman (writer, scientist and artist among other skills) I'm aware of who has an alternative to capitalism that if implemented will mean his wealth creation efforts will start from scratch along with everyone else. I call that intellectual and moral honesty from one of the few vocal neo-renaissance men who walks the walk. It's called Contributionism and is based on Ubuntu.

Second Laugh Of The Day - T Mobile

Clif High Makes Mincemeat Of Yow Radio

Listen to internet radio with yowradio on Blog Talk Radio

Clif High would hate me saying that but I found the undertone of the interviewer with his slicker than deer guts on a door knob rhetoric stuffed with the kind of acidity that Clif eventually unveils when it becomes evident that the interviewer is unable to grasp that he's playing into the hands of the people he hates by being so anti Israel.

I also found the usual tell tale signs of disaster porn addiction in his voice. The podcast is also worth listening to for the single most cogent explanation of dinosaur extinction and believe me I've been looking and looking and looking and haven't found a theory yet that did the job till today. I've been impressed by the expando Earth model since March so please read up on it first if it's a bit too much for you.

They Hate Us For Our Freedoms

I've been arguing politics online since I discovered the original Twitter platform mIRC at University in 1994. Later in life I had an American political mentor who taught me the art of attacking both sides and raised my game another notch from the neoconservatives dominated channel of #political who schooled me in the art of grammar, logic and rhetoric through the trivium and by debating, right wing ideology and American political history on the internet. 

I created the term right wing nuts there and it became a meme with #politics channel dissenters, that finally got me kicked off in the end for being too clever for my own good. I have no idea if it entered broader use because of me. Things happen at the same time elsewhere so I'm not claiming it elsewhere.  It was finally pointed out to me by a friendly voice that I was hanging out with group psychopathy and it's true they are dangerously greedy ideologues fronted by fundamentalist Christian ideologues and draped in the flag.

I'm starting to see a split now that can never be breached. It's true that most people are unable to change their minds but it was always worthwhile if one or two could. That is no longer the case. America is 1984 with better clothes, freedom is doublespeak for shut your mouth, the Department of Defence is the department for attack, the Pentagon is the inside of the Satanic pentagram and protest is non existent, silence is imposed on 95% of my American friends who are too concerned for their own well being, client relationships or career to raise their voice in a Department of Fatherland Security environment. I don't make any judgement as my own political freedom and loud voice is the quid pro quo of other freedoms that have been taken from me. I use my voice as I can and repeat that speaking the truth even in a shaking voice is as good as as could be expected from anybody.

However there is now no time left to win over a few stragglers to the sides of decency and reason through grammar, logic and rhetoric. The kind of people who think the U.S. is a free country are detached from reality and let's be candid. There's been a war on for their minds through diet, television, media, business and don't forget the medical industries success of dubious vaccination programmes and diagnosing independence of thought in children and young adults, and then sedating it at best or framing it as a psychological problem. Last of all the U.S. with the highest prison population in the world locks up those who have no desire to be criminals but find a life of corporate psychopathy inconceivable. The rest the U.S. sends abroad to prosecute the perpetual war, central banking model. The finest minds work in Wall Street, The IMF or The Pentagon.

They're gone. They have been poisoned and are now poison. Hating isn't very productive but be aware, be vigilant and choose wisely. Friends are sometimes made in difficult situations but if that friendship is subservient to fanatical and deranged ideology it's no friendship. Choose people who place the highest value on human qualities. That's it. Next stage of the game. I'll still be letting of a bit of steam in various forums but not because I care any longer. I've cared for too long and basically the awake are awake.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Something And Nothing

When Lawrence Krauss made this presentation for the non existence of a designer (God) his assumptions are based on information that doesn't travel faster than light but that's changed in the last week so I don't need to make my case for semantic confirmation bias that I say he uses here and which is philosophical (not mathematical) and no stronger or weaker than his case. However Lawrence is still brilliant and one of the best arguments I've come across for a Godless Universe. It is essential to the debate.

Mark Dice, Shapeshifting Cephalopoda, David Icke & Reptilians

Self styled researcher and wannabe media pundit Mark Dice who specialises in conspiracies theories decided to attack his colleague in the conspiracy movement David Icke with an ad hominem assault on his character and research work on shapeshifting reptilians. This would have been more credible if he had done his homework and had a counter argument to John Lash's archons, Zecharia Sitchins' Annunaki, William Bramley's God's of Eden, Dr Jack Pruett, Stewart Swerdlow, Marshall Klarfeld and a whole lot more. He should also look at natures example of the subject as above.

I've written about this topic before and I'm much more interested in  David Icke's work in organised ritual child abuse at elite levels of society than shapeshifting reptilians but I think after this 'honour to meet you' interview that Mark Dice made when interviewing David Icke a few years ago it's safe to assume that I'm tasked with introducing his two faces to each other.

Joe Rogan, Graham Hancock & 1000 Feet Waves

@joerogan might be a comedian but I've loved every serious subject he's ever talked about. Somebody needs to write a thoughtful TV show for him to present and just send him around the world talking to interesting people. Graham Hancock is a national treasure.

It's Not Man Flu Till You've Watched This

Haven't got three whole minutes and thirty whole seconds? It's girl flu. Get back to your work. (However this trader is wrong in his assumption that capitalism is eternal. It's a hundred year or so aberration and is on its way out)

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Super High IQ And Leaking It All Over The Net

Guys like this usually get their account suspended on Youtube but there's a cadence to his voice that doesn't fit the plucky amateur whistle-blower norm. Check out his archive and see if ya feel me.

Jay Weidner - Toroidal Vortices & The Gravitation Deception


I can't be arsed to tell you why this is such a great interview but if someone can confirm I got the Youtube playlist in sequential order (or not) I'll spill the beans in the comments. 

I made the title up but Jay 'n Tom 'n Ramone should be OK about it.

Monday 26 September 2011

Police Officer (Supervisor) Anthony V. Bologna NYPD

#occupywallstreet Please call Mayor Bloomberg: 212-772-1081 ext. 12006 and ask if Supervisor Anthony V. Bologna NYPD of Staten Island will face charges for calmly walking up to the two women pictured above and macing them in the face under zero provocation. Don't accept him being taken off duty as that will allow them to kick the ball into the long grass which is how the police deal with these matters.


Channelling Tibet With The Dalai Lama


Not a lot of people know that the Dalai Lamma consults with spirits from the Tibetan pantheon through an oracle or through channelling or a medium if you like. There are differences and there's a reason that channelling gained a specific name separate from psychic or medium by Jane Roberts who created the term through her contact with Seth starting in 1964.

My thinking on the subject of channelling came around the time I began to read some material that I only realised after the fact was channelled. It was so clean (that's the only way I can describe it) I stayed up till four in the morning going through the archives looking for a mistake or some discrepancy I could satisfactorily terminate the subject, but I couldn't. So on top of being the kind of guy who can stand my ground in quantum mechanic debates with top physicists (a lot easier than you would think, you only need to know three things) I also included two or three channelled sources for information which is when I realised that channelling was portrayed as ridiculous long before I understood what it was. 

I think the ridiculing is orchestrated by the same groups who as I've repeatedly demonstrated are well into their occult but drill home to the uninitiated that only the empirical is of value. Over and over again we see that corporate media sells a message of scientific materialism (and most are so brainwashed they are lost till the bitter end) and yet the real string pullers of power know their occult and mysticism far better than most would suspect. My point is that an idea I used as a joking term. i.e. "I'm channelling Kevin Spacey" and so forth had been ridiculed and undermined long before I even knew what it was and my working premise is that most of you don't know what it is either.

Like all good wannabe generalists I don't base my decisions on one source alone and there's a brilliant bit in this highly personal Dalai Lama documentary where he makes it clear his relationship to this kind of information, and talks about the interdependence of all things and so if it's good enough for the Dalai Lama it's good enough for me. I pick an choose what feels right and a bit of channelled information has taken me way further than I could have imagined a year ago when it was a term I ignorantly aped for ridicule. But like life, it's also a minefield.

This documentary is well worth watching just for the intimacy and frankness that the Dalai Lama shares, as well as the ideas such as if consciousness is not understood by science why would we undermine that which belongs outside the traditional realm of the subject?

That's a logic bomb if you missed it.

Here's the Youtube blurb: Cloaked in secrecy for over 400 years, the State Oracle of Tibet has been a strange and mystical aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This ancient spirit, which has inhabited a succession of thirteen human mediums, advises the Dalai Lama on matters of public and religious policy. To witness the eerie spectacle of a medium entering a trance state and being possessed by the Oracle is to confront profound questions about the very nature of human consciousness. 

Doubt Is OK. Certainty Is Dangerous.

After I got robbed in Hong Kong I met Steve who was kind enough to stand me a few beers while I was stranded waiting for Sam to reappear from his now questionable charity climb of Kilimanjaro and attend to his obligations. Steve and I got tangled in friendly but tricky discussions on the nature of God and so forth. Steve is a sceptic and so I think we agreed to disagree but we've kept in touch on Facebook and naturally he's sceptical of my UFO links I post on there from time to time. 

I think it's worth pointing out that intelligent life must exist in a universe where billions of stars form a galaxy and billions of galaxies form the universe. To me it's inconceivable to assume it's empty apart from us when our nearest star Proxima Centauri would take 72000 years using the fastest technology known to our species. But we're mates and so I haven't pressed my point but earlier today he touched on the sensitive topic of alien abduction which far from being the most ridiculous evidence, is to me much more credible than any photo or video of UFOs on Youtube. I'm not great at spotting the nutters immediately but I've developed a keen sense of authenticity if given a large pool of testimony and I think I'm brutally forensic if I can have a hundred or so hours of one person talking on difficult or unbelievable topics. Most people don't get past an hour and that number drops to single digits after five hours.

I had no intention of getting into all this UFO stuff but about a year ago I decided to research quantum mechanics and mysticism (same subject really). Which ever way I turned the UFO subject turned up again and again. So once I overcame my internal resistance to spending time with what I thought must be overly zealous proselytizers I realised I'd skipped possibly the most important question of our time. Then on the fringes of the research material it became apparent that the subject appeared to be on the verge of bursting into the daily domain of ordinary lives with a timing for me that I can only describe as unbelievably lucky. Some people have devoted their entire lives to the matter with no measurable return before they died and here I am sensing a change with just enough hours under my belt to argue cogently with some of the most seasoned players in the field. We all have widely differing points of view though and I'm madly hoping I get to find out what I got right or wrong sooner rather than later.

In any case here's me imploring Steve to consider the issue differently and as it's from the heart I'm sharing it here.

The late Budd Hopkins was a highly regarded abstract expressionist artist in New York. At great risk to his career he was unable to ignore the first hand testimonials of alien abduction which is marked by a feeling of confusion involving missing time in many different scenarios. 

The only way to salvage the memories during this process is to use hypnotic regression. Budd Hopkins has a video lecture of his findings after 700 of these regressions over decades and I put it to you that you can't watch it for a couple of hours without realising that it's a phenomena that deserves to be given the respect of at least the diplomacy of accepting that many of these victims have not only been held against their will, tested like a farm animal but also face the ridicule that opinions like yours shame most of them into never revealing what has hurt them psychologically for life. 

I see your anger for this subject as a kind of reminder to you that this isn't people claiming to be the new messiah who are in it for egoic reasons but is a sore concrete data point that nobody comes out of alien abduction with nothing but shame and misery and at best have here shared their information so that others may learn. You may challenge my view but it's just irritating facts as we both know a negative is impossible to prove.

So I believe that ET exists, ET has always existed, ET is part of the fabric of our history/cosmos and that UFO sightings went through the roof after atomic bomb testing (ding dong logic alert. hello is anyone listening) and some ET have been testing our species like mad since the that time too. You don't have to believe any of that but have the courtesy to listen without prejudice to Budd and have some sympathy for a group of people numbering hundreds of thousands if not million(s). Just some sympathy and maybe you'll find something that says it's not madness, but it is at is. 

I know your world view mate and that's fine but I spend my brain power looking for information that turns my world view upside down and it's not easy, takes deep diving and a good nose for bullshit which I don't have but which I'm getting better and better at, particularly with regard to video testimonial. Anyway listen without prejudice and if you have real concerns about authenticity that are above "he said, she said" rhetoric then I would love to hear those because I think your nose for the human story is probably as good if not better than mine. It's the most massively complex story I've ever had to unravel and this is just one small piece of a puzzle that has enraged far far finer minds than mine.

Sunday 25 September 2011

American UFO Activity In Decline. China On The Rise


Tampopo タンポポ

I can feel a little Japanese film season blending in with my 'classics I've managed to miss' period I'm going through. I was recommended Tampopo by Tim over at Cultural Snow. It's almost a Japanese slapstick movie with lots of comedic and random story digressions that are  irrelevant to the central plot while not harming the overall movie. It's very funny in places and rarely fails to charm. 

Above I've posted one of the more drole pieces, and below is the oyster catcher scene which had me choking on my Sriracha sauce.  It is for my money barely legal Japanese Adult Video (JAV) in the making as he eats the oyster from her hand (I'm sure there's no metaphor intended). 

She's either eight or eighteen depending  on the camera angle. The Japanese are outrageous that way. Once I had an unpleasant Japanese boss who allowed me to send an email from his notebook in Tokyo as my adaptor wasn't working. As I typed in a URL there was all sorts of school girl stuff in the drop down list. So when he fired me after a magnificent meeting in Shanghai where I was on shamefully top form,  I sent him an email saying I was quite broad minded but the advertising community might have a few problems with this kind of content. It was naughty of me because I didn't know all this school girl stuff is pretty normal for lots of Japanese men but blimey they push it to the edge don't they?

Respect To The Wall Street Protesters


The Master Game

I was completely in the dark, that Robert Bauval (who has a bit of Maltese Falcon in him if I'm not mistaken) had already co-authored a book with Graham Hancock called Talisman on this subject. It's now been updated with The Master Game. I'm going to listen to this interview by Red Ice Creations at least once more as it's the best outline of the pernicious Masonic influence in the establishment of Israel. I'm very cautious about what is going on in the Middle East as it's bloody obvious that many parties around the world (including inside the Knesset) are gagging for a conflict so they can divide and rule the world along antiquated religious lines or act out a self fulfilling religious prophecy.

I think it's fair to say that there's no point wasting breath on the religious zealots of all three Abrahamic religions but just in case you're unfamiliar with the origins and elite manipulation to establish Israel as a rich source of future-conflict long before we were born then make sure you're not sucked into a dispute where the point is to take sides by educating yourself. This is one of the best interviews on the subject I've come across, and I've read significantly more history on the subject to shoot down both sides and spot the Zionist anti-Zionist shit-stirring bullshit flying around that detracts from the challenge of problem solving.

I'm a pragmatist. Israel exists, it's there. Any attempt to change that is madness so let's deal with Israel in a way that curbs their psychopaths (Netanyahu I'm looking at you) and doesn't play into the hands of the other nut jobs that are waltzing into a pre scripted ancient drama through their own ignorant fundamentalism. You're missing the point if you think this wasn't meant to play out in our time.

Most people in Israel are fare more constructive about Palestine than the AIPAC psychopaths who have the U.S. by a lobby funded testicle grip. This fascinating interview puts everything from the Dreyfus Affair to the Balfour Declaration and much more in an easy to absorb interview that runs on an extra twenty minutes through the generosity of Red Ice's Henrik Palmgren so that a vital part of the story as told by Robert Bauval is completed. Superb.

Robert Bauval was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Belgian parents. He is a researcher of ancient Egypt and a bestselling author, probably best known for his Orion Correlation Theory. In this interview Robert will talk about his latest book, co-authored with Graham Hancock called, The Master Game: Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World. The Master Game is a part-conversion and update of the previous book Talisman (2004) which now takes into account 911 and the so-called 'War on Terror' and exposes its true origins, as well as exposes the clash of civilization that is taking us head on towards a Biblical Armageddon. Robert will trace an ancient conflict, a master game, from its deepest roots in ancient Egypt to today. We'll explore deeper into the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs and the formation of the State of Israel. Then, we'll discuss the Masonic & Zionist conspiracy theories and political and religious movements, which he'll tie into the master game. He ends the hour talking about the dangers of getting caught up in the game as well as the absurdity of it. Robert urges us to see what is going on, to expose it and to end it.

JFK & The Maury Island Incident

Joe Pesci playing the character David Ferrie quotes Winston Churchill in Oliver Stone's JFK. He says nobody will ever solve this case as 'it's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma'. Until last night I've been reasonably happy that LBJ was coopted by unknown parties to bring together the unholy clusterfuck of the CIA, Mafia, Anti Castro, Military (Industrial Complex) together to pull it off and keep it quiet after. I've posted the evidence for that.

I'm still OK with the LBJ evidence but this morning I listened to two incredible interviews with Red Ice Radio's Henrik Palmgren and the first posted above (now replaced) has pretty much blown open the JFK Coup d'état with a UFO link too bizarre to make up. There's more than just that but it's all so fucking nuts that I'm unable to pull out my ace card explanation because it's so exotic it would shred any credibility I've earned thus far in asking people to take a closer look at issues like 9/11 and say Lunar anomalies I just blogged previously. So I'm going to stay quiet but there is only one explanation that covers the sheer loop the loop insanity of synchronicity that you'll learn in this interview. I love it when it get's this hardcore. Lightweights synchromystics will probably find this too heavy . Below is a picture of Kennedy with the astronaut John Glenn.

Here's the Red Ice Radio Blurb on the interview.

Kenn Thomas is a conspiracy writer, university library archivist, and editor & publisher of Steamshovel Press. Kenn has authored over a dozen books on various conspiracy topics. He's been a key figure in the conspiracy underground for years. His magazine, Steamshovel Press, has deeply influenced the underground conspiracy movement and also surfaced in mainstream popular culture, from The New Yorker to The X-Files. In this first hour, we begin discussing the connection between the JKF assassination and UFOs. Kenn talks about the possibility that Fred Crisman was connected to the assassination of JFK. Crisman's name appears in relation to the Maury Island Incident, an early UFO encounter. The UFO story began with Harold A Dahl who worked for Crisman. Kenn explains the details of this story, the sighting, the JFK connection and the evidence. Later, we discuss the infiltration of the UFO community by government agents and why. We end talking about JFK's last speech, the weaponization of space and underground civilizations. Kenn shares his opinion on aliens and UFOs.

Update: There's another excellent Coast interview on the Maury Island incident over here

Saturday 24 September 2011

David Hatcher Childress - Moon Anomalies

I've playfully mocked David Hatcher Childress for his brilliant cartoon voice. If given the chance I'd write a character into Family Guy for him tomorrow. However he's one of the most accomplished researchers in my book and if you watch him regularly on the Ancient Aliens season he always manages to bring something to the table in the short bursts they give their experts unlike some of the more telegenic presenters who could be scripted or have swotted up ten minutes before hand (well that's the impression I get).

So this video caught my eye as it was done some time ago and I've never associated David with lunar anomalies but not only is his presentation seemingly ahead of the game to other researchers I've relied on to date but he nails the critical points that have led me to somewhat awkwardly conclude (not assert, conclude) that the Moon was consciously put into place at a very specific point of orbit around the planet Earth. I along with many many other people are a whole lot more sceptical than the gullible scientific materialists who accept blindly without question that the moon and the sun occupy the same proportionally sized real estate in the sky by coincidence. Furthermore nobody from the established science corner will take me on in a debate. Which is odd because all I know can be learned in half an hour.

Without even going into the numbers which drill down into the subject, or the unique motion for a moon which doesn't rotate but faces the planet from the same side like a giant CCTV camera keeping a perma-eye on things, I don't buy NASA or Wired Magazine's explanation that it's a coincidence. 

P.W. Bridgeman describes a coincidence as what you have left over from a bad theory.

Most people get a little confused about the moon landing debate so allow me to briefly complexify that discussion in order to clear it up. The landings both happened and were filmed separately for reasons I can only guess at. But film it separately they did. More posts on that over here.

Culture & Ideology Are Not Your Friends

There are a number of shorter Terence McKenna clips condensing this theme but I don't think there's any substitution for listening to one of Terence's finest think pieces on the subject of culture and ideology, which just like nationalism, flag waving and patriotism are the most urgently needed legacies of the nation state era that we need to dispense with

I say it again. People who wave flags (metaphorically or literally) are dangerously misinformed. Those ideas belong to the 18th century and are part of the problem instead of a global solution we most urgently need.

Military Underground Bases Can Build A Microwave Oven From Scratch

Richard Sauder (PhD) is the world's leading civilian expert on how much money has been funnelled from the US tax payer into black-project secret underground and underwater bases. He took a methodical and forensic approach to the topic working on the premise that a paper trail must exist, in order to build state of the art facilities that are as large as mini-cities below the earth's surface. 

In this interview he is given an hour or so more than usual to elaborate on why he wrote his seminal book and what he discovered. It's the little details that always turn me on like an obvious with hindsight snippet of information that these self sustaining bases have all the durables and equipment needed to sustain breakaway govcorp life for years if not decades. Richard points out that means making every single tiny screw needed to produce say a microwave for example, as he was reliably informed.

The  testimonial and geological evidence that a couple of those bases were taken out recently is adding more sauce to the story. I don't want to know what kind of genetic experiments are been undertaken in some of these bases on top of the published human animal hybrid experiments done so far, but you know it's going to be sickening when the truth comes out.

The Beatles - Anthology


I had the good fortune to read the book The Beatles Anthology when it came out in  October 2000. It's not the sort of thing I was into buying at that time but as I was living with a friend (who saw them play at Shea Stadium) I read his copy and learned all the sorts of details that really only come out with a lively and well produced authorised version. This is a rare combination as the temptation to varnish over the past is too overwhelming for most music legends. I'd read Albert Goldman's Lives of John Lennon many years before that and I reckon I'd be interested in reading more about George Harrison as I found him the most interesting Beatle so any book recommendations appreciated.

I downloaded the 8 Anthology DVD's off the net earlier this year, and a few weeks back watched the entire collection over a couple of days. It was most enjoyable. If you're ever feeling a bit gloomy (and not allergic to the fab four) even the weakest fan should find this DVD set a rich and satisfying (sound like gravy advert don't I?) way to spend some time. I'm massively aware that some of the early tunes must have permeated my mother's womb and that even earlier hits by them were probably playing an awful lot during her pregnancy. They're part of my very fabric and it was most satisfying for a person who really doesn't get that sentimental about much British stuff per se. One of those little nuggets I discovered in the DVD's was that Magical Mystery Tour was well appreciated on a Filmic Expression course taken by George Lucas at film school. It nose dived when it came out with the British public, as it was broadcast in black and white and I guess needs to be appreciated in colour, so I'm looking forward to checking out their films too, which to date I'd always filed under fun but no more important than say pop merchandise.

While searching a clip for this post I uncovered the special features Anthology DVD is on Youtube so there's another hour of Beatles rarity lined up for me. Result.

Faster Than The Speed Of Light Neutrinos? What A Yawn

The recent news that neutrinos may travel faster than the speed of light smacks of science propaganda softening up the gullible public for free energy solutions that have been suppressed for at least decades. The same people who think this can't be true still drool over century old combustion engines, 1940's fossil fuel rocket technology and 19th century technology for electromagnetic frequency iPhones. 

It's a farce. 

The interview above with Dr. Steven Greer is about as authoritive a contemporary interview one can find on the topic though there are whistle blower from interviews available too. Naturally these wont be appearing or pursued on corporate media apertures any time soon so here's Stan Deyo on the facts of life.

The recent revelation that more planets than ever are likely to be inhabitable supports my assertion that we're being softened up for the news compounding each week that we have never been alone, and that inter stellar travel is the technological hygiene of a universe which is abundant with free energy.

Those oil wars are all the evidence the critically thinking person needs. There's no excuse for skipping on scrutiny.

Friday 23 September 2011

Australia - The Movie

If I had a read a simple synopsis of Australia I'd probably never have watched it. Boy meets girl, pick up an orphan child along the way set to the Australian outback at the onset of the WWII. My memory is saying Thorn Birds revisited and that's so far off the charts of movie making I have time for I'm grateful I caught a one liner that it was the best movie of 2008. I'd never heard of it before as I was in Beijing at the time I guess.

Some people have a real aversion to Nicole Kidman but she's never let me down in a movie yet and to my mind is easily one of the most accomplished female actors on the planet, if we forgive her playing drunk instead of stoned in Eyes wide shut. Some people find her cold but I guess that's part of the appeal and without question her partnering up with Hugh Jackson in this movie is about as memorable (and humorous) a sexual match on the big screen as is possible. I don't usually like the themes of love and romance on the big screen outside of foreign language screenplays, so if I enjoyed it I can't imagine anyone else finding it overbearing.

The boy character of Nullah (Creamy) is exceptionally well played. Adding children to the mix is always high risk but there isn't a scene he detracts from. It's not just that he acts well, he nails/is the character of a half aboriginal half white boy under constant persecution from the authorities who it has to be highlighted only stopped the practice of separating children from their mothers in 1973 and belatedly received a useless apology in 2008. That apology is insufficient given the growing testimony of systematic child abuse that the Church exploits and rears their victims.

The aboriginal themes of magic and harmony with the land are well integrated in the movie and if that fails to overcome stereotypical expectations, I think the weaving of the second world war narrative is informative and taught me a few things that I hadn't really thought of before with respect to Australia, Japan and the British Empire during the war. I didn't know about the bombing of Darwin for example.

Directed by Baz Luhrman I think Australia is beautifully produced with very few over the top sentimental indulgences, or so few they don't matter.

Blade Runner - Phillip K. Dick

I watched Blade Runner for the first time last night as part of the 'movie classics I've managed to miss season' I'm going through. I understand now why it's a cult movie. Originally I was only curious about watching Science Fiction which is not my genre of movie making because I'm seriously interested in Phillip K. Dick's unique life which seems to have had a living (nightmare?) time-shift quality to it that reveals clues to questions I'm pursuing today. 

However the movie stand's up on it's own two feet as superb story telling, quality acting and outstanding dystopian scenery from not too far away for us now in 2011. The direction also feels like it inspired Wong Kar Wai's entire career to date. I've included the final deleted scene below because it's so extraordinarily close to the ending of Tron Legacy that I watched recently.

Soul Food Mahanakorn

It's really hard for me to get excited by Thai restaurants in Bangkok when the street food is so often tastier, more fun to eat and inexpensive. My palate is often more Thai than a lot of Bangkokians so the idea of enduring napkins, starched service and something more bland than my taste prefers isn't my first choice of eating environment. However about a year ago I started following Jarret Wrisley on Twitter and followed the ups and downs of establishing a business in this city for a while, as he wrote for the Atlantic before creating a bar restaurant on Thong Lor. I've now eaten there a few times and the food and atmosphere has been so exceptional that I'm going to say it's the only place I can authentically recommend if guests insist on Thai.

The menu at Soulfood Mahanakorn has a care and attention to it such that newcomers wont be stretched too far, and old hands wont be left unimpressed. That's quite an unusual harmonic to achieve with Thai food in Bangkok. I'll also add that the smoked ribs are the best local style ribs I've eaten. It's not far from the Sky Train station of Thong Lor. Here's a map.