Monday, 1 September 2014

Dear George Osborne - By Chloe George

Blue pill toothpaste swallowers fail to notice that the power behind the puppets in charge mock us by putting people who have little or no intelligence in power. 

Listen to George Osborne's made-up resume. 

Then look at him coked up in a hookers flat above, and the conclusion is self evident. The Chancellor is a bag boy for the banks and the corporation city of London.

I wonder who pulled the strings with the media and Tory Party Grandess, to get both he and David Cameron into power?

Both are raised to rule over people irrespective of their skills, but George's inability to pass basic intelligence obstacles is very clear as Chloe George demonstrates in her quality manner.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Questions for Cliff Richard & His Clifftard Followers

Chloe George is the latest Youtube sensation to take on the blackmailed paedophile elite. Her candid straight talking questions are both funny and piercing at the same time. I will be doing my best to share her work which deserves a far wider audience. I'm not usually fond of British things these days, with their Royal flag waving and James Bond paedophile obsessions, but Chloe George is the reminder for me of what real English people are all about. Independence, courage and humour.

The people defending Cliff Richard are too fluoridated to see their mental slavery. They will fight to keep a system that is corrupt and evil.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dear William Hague

Chloe George AKA Natasha Day takes William Hague to the Woodsheds. I've only seen this one but it's so good I'll be going through here archives. Thanks to Aangirfan for tipping us off.