Sunday, 5 July 2020

The Whipping of Ghislaine Maxwell

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell had quite an impact on my blog statistics as you can see above.

I mentioned before that Ghislaine was Epstein's handler, so she is more important an event than the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, and we will now see a summer of more arrests, murders and suicides of people in her Royal, Business, Academic, Science and Entertainer circles.

Many of the names will be meaningless to the masses, but the stench around her of the British Aristocracy's involvement will be keenly observed and it remains to be seen if Prince Andrew will fall.

The video above is impossible to find on Youtube using the name of the video for search terms, but I came across the information, and was quite gobsmacked.

If you want to understand the degeneracy of the upper classes you'll find this video an eye opener.

The narrator is Eleanor Berry who viewed Maxwell as a father figure when she was a young girl, until a BDSM relationship with Robert Maxwell developed.

She particularly like to be whipped on her naked bottom with a cane by him.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

QAnon Update

I've been processing the Q information drops from late 2017, and it has cost me a few friends and acquaintances. 

People who are too lazy to research are rewarded with little, or none of my time. I don't mind being called a QTard if I'm demolished by new facts. Being seldom wrong is cause for concern, and being right all the time would ordinarily be too great a burden.

If I've been inconsistent with my analysis of Q, it's because I adjust my views when new information presents itself.

A fellow researcher, explained to me a couple of months ago, that Q was using new age propaganda techniques. I filed it under *make the connection to NESARA next time we talk.

We've had many conversations since then and there's no doubt that The Great Awakening and The Great Reset, have become associated with a lot of connections I have, but with some pretty poor interviewing material that jumps on the Q bandwagon

I began to mention some of this information on Twitter and was immediately and permanently suspended again. It's happened so many times that it would be foolish to make a connection without more solid evidence.

The basic new age thesis offered by my friend and fellow researcher is that, he claims: Q will round up all the Luciferians and bad actors, but from this would emerge a Faustian Pact in which in order to benefit from the Universal Basic Income or some variant of this a person would need to sign their free will over.

Literally a few days later Q published a request for Anons to make a pledge of allegiance. This struck me as odd as in my view the undeniable Christian thrust of Q would conflict with any pledge to a country or it's military under the Patriots umbrella.

I'm not saying this is proof, and I need to upload some of our recorded conversations, but it is cause for concern. I still study Q drops, but I'm very sensitive to any deepening of the pledge or redirection of it.

Google search "The Great Reset" and then click the "News" tab to see examples of the corporate media pushing this theme.