Friday, 28 October 2016

Water Fasting Done Right - Dr Daniel Pompa & Dr. Derrick Dempsey

I'm on Day Five of fasting. I've had a nibble of an apple or pear here and there but no meals. The only downside so far is I seem to need 3 hours of sleep at the moment, and I'm too chicken to go to bed at 3am to see if that's the case.

Not everybody has the same physiology, health and metabolism so I'm just going by how I feel. I intend to take up intermittent fasting when I break fast but I have a feeling I can go a week or two at the moment, possibly more.

There's so much great information out there on the subject, and I found in the early days that watching a video or just listening to them while I worked gave me a boost to stay the course.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Duncan O'Finioan & Ed Opperman | Max Spiers Bullshit

The first time I saw that Max Spiers had made international headline news I thought OK that's interesting, because he seemed a little more authentic than James Casbolt who appears to have a little foreknowledge and/or part bullshitter. James eventually got put away for a disproportionate sentence of time, for the relatively pedestrian crime of blackmail. Child rapists get away with far easier sentences.

However two people who have met Max Spiers(Spears) call him out as a bullshitter too and I've added their audio above.

I suppose it's possible he was murdered just to distract, and/or bestow upon him martyr-like credentials, but it's clear from the above interviews; Max Spiers had nothing new to put on the table.

I also question his mother's somewhat unemotional grief or his flaky girlfriend who feels obliged to say she's a very very spiritual person. 

It's also possible he just overdosed on drugs but whatever we think of him nobody was calling out the race wars in the US back in 2013 like Casbolt, so there's a little bit of truth in 'some' of this circle's BS

Clearly this doesn't apply directly to Max Spiers and certainly not Miles Johnston who is highly unreliable.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Power of Intermittent Fasting

Lately I've put on more weight than ever in my life. It's my fantastic cooking naturally. I have been able to tuck away ginormous saucepans of amazing home cooked food and load the plates up with rice too, and then just keep grazing all day frankly. 

I can't leave my own cooking alone.

Like everyone, I didn't want to stop eating as it's a reward mechanism. However, a friend has been raving about intermittent fasting. It's so simple that it doesn't make sense to begin with, but once you understand how simple it is, it's quite an extraordinary concept. It also costs fuck all, saves money and works quicker than anything.

I've gone the full Monty and just stopped eating so I'm going to see how long I can last without food (third day so far) and then I'll switch to the intermittent fasting, but I've seen the fastest results already. I find watching the videos keeps me focused.

I've also given up smoking again so I'm constantly looking for distractions, but it's an interesting combination giving up food and smoking at the same time.