Wednesday, 31 August 2016

McDonald's Hong Kong

I first mentioned this in 2009, but I still think about it whenever I do pop into McDonald's which is fairly rarely.

Why is it that McDonalds Hong Kong works as a place for semi homeless people to grab some sleep and also employ semi-disabled or mentally impaired staff? It just seems a pragmatic solution that doesn't bother other customers, and if anything, for me feels like McDonald's has a belief in the social contact which is not seen elsewhere in the world. Well done McDonald's Hong Kong

Ken O'Keefe Is A Con Artist

Ken O'Keefe has been a compelling speaker for Palestine but it's now clear he's a con artist who uses this cause and other people's suffering to line his own pocket. 

I never paid much attention to his World Citizen ideas but it's an idea he used to raise funds to pay for his Dominican land project where he and his new Filipino babe, Sophia will live in paradise, safe from the people who sent him money for his pyramid scheme as there's no extradition treaty with any country there. If I was her though I'd go for the record deal from the notoriety.

Good luck to him and I hope those who constantly seek leadership figures in their lives have learned a lesson about giving cash to anyone who appears on Television which in this case is Press TV and Russia Today. Many are on Facebook right now standing in solidarity with him when it's clear they haven't even done the basic task of reading his version of events (deranged) and Max Igan's version who himself has troubling questions to answer given the time it took to step-up.

I'm annoyed because the information I needed to know this has been circulating on the net since 2011 and I hadn't come across it, which is unusual for me as it's well known that I'm one of the handful of people to have read the internet in its entirety twice or maybe three times.

While researching, corroborating and fact checking the information and making sure this post is accurate I came across more troubling testimony about other well known figures, some of whom I know personally.

More on that later.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects | CIA Director George Tenet

Kevin Ryan is notorious for studiously avoiding the Israeli key architect role in 9/11; but that's OK because plenty of Non Zionist Neocons were also complicit, and in-it up to their oily ears. Here he demolishes super-weasel CIA Director at the time George Tenet.

Usually CIA Directors are Knights of Malta like Danny Finkelstein's employer Rupert Murdoch and Prince Charles's mentor Jimmy Savile. They get a Vatican issued diplomats passport to run around the world doing what psychopaths do best with unlimited funds and no laws to obey.