Wednesday 13 May 2020

The Godfather - Parts I, II and III

We make art not money is an allegory for the Godfather trilogy.

The music score is unparalleled in mobster mafia movies, though ersatz mob leaders are somewhat obvious in this epic drama. 

They aren't the real mafia, they are the Hollyweird ones.

They are there for your amusement, so to speak.

I discovered the mafia was run by much more low profile Zionists when researching the role of Israel and the Bronfman family in the murder of JFK.

That cast is conveniently covered up by the most powerful magician's spell on the planet. It's called Hollywood movies, and is the same reason the existential threat is always swinging from terrorists to zombie pandemics with no mention of who bombed the United States and the United Kingdom with no punitive response taken after WWII.

This movie is largely populated by Italian American actors who went on to have solid lifelong careers, such as Pacino, Andy Garcia and De Niro, but it's the presence of James Caan who stood out like a sore thumb, and not a very persuasive one at that.

There's a kind of subtle story-telling 'thruther' aspect in this trilogy if you're paying attention, but if you're not, it's still a great Cosa Nostra trilogy.

I haven't completed part III yet so I may update this when it is finished.


How magnificent is Sofia Coppola, in  Godfather III? 

Very, is the answer.

There's a kind of circularity, in so much as in one scene, she takes the camera, while being directed by her father, Francis Ford Coppola, only to end up having an extraordinary female director's success in her later career.

Part III lacks the texture and richness of Part 1 and 2, but what it lacks in slow, moody and baroque-lit scenes, is compensated by more excellent Sicilian and Vatican film locations. For some reason, the critics panned her performance, but this is clearly a case of ignorance or envy. Mary Corleone, played by Sofia is spelling binding.

I'd probably have to watch this triptych again to scrape away at some of the more resonant topics visited in this excellent set of movies.

Update: Happy Birthday Sofia

What a coincidence or should I say synchronicity?