Saturday, 7 September 2013

Take A Break From Kardashian Conciousness - I'm So Sick Of Lies

Today I finally learned what Kim Kardashian is famous for. I've been trying so hard not to know as sleb conciousness irritates me more than most. Apparently it's sucking off big black guys so the Max Headroom gif seems appropriate. All over the world, people like me and this articulate, switched on and awake woman in the video above are sick of your lies, sick of your spectator sports mentality, sick of your celebrity worship and sick of your silence over things that matter.

There's a regional war on the verge of breaking out in Syria and the falsehoods that are being perpetrated to instigate it by the Western powers are sickening. It's a sickness to ignore it.

Despite being virulently anti Vatican I've sided with the Pope today and fasted for peace. I've found the frequent reminders of being a little peckish (less than I imagined) have focused my mind on what I care about. I care about life.