Tuesday 25 April 2017

Searching For Sugarman - 2012

As good a music documentary as you'll ever watch. This is heart warming and also obliquely informative about apartheid South Africa which, we learn, didn't have television until 1976 it was so authoritarian.

It's a great example of how music and art can connect with people who are in a long dark tunnel.

Monday 24 April 2017

I'm Offended By Violence & Poverty, Not Nudity

Choose Pussy over Pain from Cidney G Green on Vimeo.

Wise words that will offend the superficial.

Racing Extinction - 2015

Every subject is weaponized so I understand those who mistakenly conflate climate change politics with ocean acidification because of their mutual connection to carbon dioxide levels.

This documentary is a powerful wake up call and even though research is often weaponized to prove one point or another I see no reason for not being the best custodians of the oceans and seas that we can. The Manta Ray scene above is very moving and a possible example of emergence.

The question remains what will the post-Anthropocene age look like?

Saturday 22 April 2017

Mind Control Testimony

Excellent MKULTRA testimony from a survivor of dissociative identity disorder (DID) formerly multiple identity disorder. Neither description conveys that the condition is created by trauma (torture), caused by people who serve deep state entities (including corporations) that have a vested in interest in mind control.

The beginner will find this information fantastic.

However for the determined, I have years of study documented in the tags below and can answer most questions for those who wish to understand more. It's a very complex and large topic that is more industrial than bespoke.

Sunday 16 April 2017

Neocon Trump - False Flag Gullibility

Everything is synthetic.

The same guy who tweeted against Barack Obama for getting involved in Syria has responded to a very obvious Neocon false flag event. The only silver lining are those Tomahawk missiles didn't actually kill that many people so maybe just a bluff or even a compromise.

I hope so but the warmongers are also trying to kindle conflict in North Korea, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran and anywhere else that dropping bombs will be profitable (that's everywhere).

Saturday 15 April 2017

Unslaved Podcast: Winston Churchill, The Truth

Witty drunk, Winston Churchill sacrificed a quarter of a million British soldiers to pay off his bills and secure a statue in Westminster.

If Poland was so important to the British that they entered the war for it, then why did they hand it over to the Soviets at the end of the war? The answers to these questions are completely cogent when the subject is studied from the perspective that all the actors were aligned for war including FDR and Stalin.

This discussion with Michael Tsarion is highly informed and hammers home the research I've been unearthing for some years. I welcome this subject securing the air it needs to breath.

Monday 10 April 2017

Dr Phil & The Child Sex Slave Programming

Some of you alerted me to the Dr Phil show on the sex trafficked girl (Kendall) to the rich, powerful and famous, so I watched it.

It's so damaging to the work we do. 

Yes it's good that a higher profile is constantly being gained, but it's the wrong education. Dr Phil is an actor first not a medical practitioner. His job is to titillate low conscious viewers with virtue-signaling and superficial caring that lasts as long as the "show" goes on.

It's self evident the girl is a programmed multiple AKA a Beta Sex Slave - She's also a breeder. Just those subjects alone, not mentioned by Dr Phil, is why millions of clueless people will now know something terrible exists but still be largely ignorant of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In my experience when a corporate media presenter like Dr Phil is used to sensationalize or re-frame a very complex subject. They're a blackmailed paedophile or part of the network. 

They're in on it.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

I'm Sceptical of Navy Seal Craig Sawyer & His Child Abuse Crusade

We are witnessing the slow unfoldment of the VIP paedosadist rings that run things. I've been researching this subject for many years, and the latest initiative is by former Navy Seal and TV star Craig Sawyer, and a coalition of NSA, CIA, FBI and all the other organisations that use child abuse as a blackmail mechanism on the levers of power.

First of all the SEALS occasionally use sexual blackmail on their own recruits to ensure they do immoral acts like bomb Muslims in far away villages to radicalize them. We know this information from Navy Seal Bill Brockbrader who Don Shipley tried to discredit and failed.

Now Craig may be well meaning. I don't know if he's a dupe, a patsy, a cutout or a sincere guy, but the hero-narrative of the good guys coming to take out the bad guys just doesn't work out in my experience. It doesn't matter how powerful you are. If you try to take on the paedophile rings in power you're taken out or disable or silenced. It's their source of power and energy in ways only the informed can grasp.

Craig claims he wants do documentaries exposing them. I hope he's authentic, but the first rule of taking on this top-tier enemy is not telling them what you're going to do. If Craig thinks the Muslim Brotherhood are the VIPaedo top tier he's deluded. If Craig thinks only one political party is involved as he states in the above video.... then Houston, we have a problem.

My experience of the deep state is that if Craig is recruiting from the deep state there will be plants used. That's just basic. Let's see what happens. I wish them luck. Craig if you read this and want to know about all the years research I've compiled then email me.

Sunday 2 April 2017

Kubrick Remembered - New Stanley Kubrick Documentary

This is the propaganda version of Kubrick. It opens with his wife Kristina making it as plain as possible that his heart attack 666 days before the first day of the year 2001 was normal. She says this wearing the biggest Monarch butterfly pendant while sitting in her garden. Only students of the entire subject will grasp this obvious symbolism.

She claims Stanley looked ill for days before the studio first edit viewing. Wouldn't you if you had just shot Eyes Wide Shut, a movie about Illuminati sexual sacrifice in a Rothschild owned building? I think Stanley gave the finger to Warner Brothers many times and he stepped over the line with his last film. There's no mention of his last script, AI in this documentary.

Regrettably my Kubrick posts have been hacked with scripts that redirect the reader. This is one example.

Corporate Espionage is a Problem

As part of my work I get to look at a lot of very senior technology profiles. The number one identity involved with commercially available intercept, monitoring and snoop technology are Israelis and dual passport Zionists. 

Now mathematically that raises a question. If they were all Welsh or Moroccan (a similar sized country chosen at random), would anybody think it's worth asking a question. Is this power and influence disproportionate to population size?

In my experience people are obsessed with numbers and turn a blind eye when entrained to do so.