Tuesday 17 September 2013

The Ridiculous Cult Of Churchill

I enjoy Churchill's turn of phrase and puckish sense of humour but let's not let personality get in the way of a sober analysis. Let's take a closer look at what he did.

Churchill got us into not out of war

It's easy to forget that the UK declared war on Germany not vice versa. Whoever declares war is usually a good indicator of the warmonger and it's nonsense to say it was over Poland when the Russian's took it in the end.

Churchill was pro Fascism in 1937

Churchill lavished praise on both Adolf Hitler and MussoliniThe best Anglo-American publicist, Francis Neilson, described Churchill's praise of Hitler as the most extreme tribute ever paid by a prominent Englishman to the head of a foreign state.

Churchill was funded by Zionist Bankers

Churchill's about turn on everything he stood for including political parties and ideology was based on money. He was often in debt and in no position to maintain his expensive hereditary house Chartwell with a staff of around forty.

Churchill cost us half a million British lives

If entry into the war wasn't about ideology, wasn't about land, wasn't about external threat from a guy who was originally an anti-semite till the Zionist bankers paid for him to change his mind, then it cost the UK half a million needless lives.

Nobody knows what would have happened if the British let Germany have Poland instead of Soviet Russia who got it in the end, but the cult of Churchill is based on revisionism and mind control programming. 

History belongs to the winners and so I find that too much of history is pure bunk. Check out this great recording on the Focus Group that sponsored Winston Churchill to the tune of Fifty Thousand Pounds. 

That's ten pennies a British life. 

Think of that next time a Churchill wank stirs your loins.