Thursday 29 December 2016

Wishing You A Terrific 2017

Jack Parsons by Bill Heidrick

Look, all I'm going to say is Jack Parsons is the kind of guy the establishment would prefer you didn't say "Hey why is there no Hollywood movie about this Space Age Occultist?".

I've been scouring the net for years to learn more about Jack Parsons and then this turned up in my feed with only 111 views. Well, it's research porn for the likes of me. Enjoy it if you can.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

Independent Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett Crushes Smug MSM Presstitute

This was a seminal moment in the demise of the corporate media. The male pseudo journalist from the Norwegian Newspaper Aftenpost is left looking exposed and humiliated, though like most consumers and creators of 'for profit' news it appears he has no idea that his entire reality framework is based on him not investigating the truth and assuming that Empire are the good guys.

Norway has been an obedient peddler of arms and recently brought back compulsory military service, or conscription as it is properly known, for women as well as men. I don't know about you, but if you can't see the agenda behind that you're unlikely to be able to figure much else out. 

Fight Club 9/11 Twin Towers Predictive Programming

The Alt Right are suffering cognitive dissonance on this. Instead of apprehending the perpetrators they're blaming Muslim immigrants for the downfall of the U.S., which is odd because being cowards, like the well meaning but even easier to manipulate hypocritical SJWs, they have one thing in common. They prefer not to discus the seminal event that was initiated and framed chronologically and geographically as Ground Zero to implement infinite war in the Middle East on innocent Muslims.

One of the frequent responses to conspiracy analysis is that nobody could keep such a large operation secret. 

Well it's not. 

It's common knowledge by people who take an interest in reality.

Tuesday 27 December 2016

George Michael

I think even the blue pillers will be scratching their heads at the statistically impossible flurry of celebrity/legend deaths this year. I wonder what they were saying to their celebrity friends privately in emails that the NSA scans for potential acts of 'National Security''? If celebrities struggle to live out their homosexual lives as George Michael describes here, then what else can't they say. We know some of the biggest lies that society compels people to be silent on.

Jeff Rense & Det. Jim Rothstein - Pizzagate, Pedophilia & The Cult

NY Detective Rothstein investigated powerful child abuse networks all his life and every time he got close to arresting the perpetrators the investigation was shut down for national security reasons. 

The national security in question being that if people realised how common this is in the corridors of power they would revolt and overturn the political leadership of the West.

Tom Hanks - Big

Not my usual choice of movie but one that cropped up in my timeline over the Christmas Break. It's a pleasant movie, of the sort reviewed better elsewhere, but as anyone who has kept a close eye on who produces what, what directors are used, and the actors cast while noting any symbolism used, I was struck by the absence of any checkered floors, all seeing eyes, Boaz and Jachin Pillars, Pyramids, Baphomets, fractured mirrors, mannequins, Monarch butterflies and so forth that 

Of course Tom Hanks went on to do the The Da Vinci code followed up by Angels and Demons which had a different name in the German Market, and some people learned that he was actually playing Jordan Maxwell who taught so many of us the symbolism any enthusiast of reality needs to know in order to deconstruct the constructed reality of: War is Normal, Corporations are people, poverty isn't man made, fluid gender is the way forward, transgender toilets are more important than job creation, transhumanism is an escape from death and grab what you can and step on other because you're only here for a short time.

There's none of that symbolic agenda in Big, in fact it's charmingly naive in its childlike view of the world, but how many have noticed the change now that is the norm in most Hollywood Blockbusters you could probably care to mention? Let's be honest many have no idea at all, though there's no harm in imagining working relationship based on play, curiosity, competition, fun and laughter, collaboration and authenticity as depicted below by Tom Hanks and his visionary boss who eschews the marketing department and creates even greater profits by joining in with Tom Hanks and learning to play.

Update Jan 2020: The entire premise of the movie may be it's abuse link. Tom Hanks has a very disturbing Instagram account and an accuser claims he raped her as a child.

Despicable Me Official - (2010) HD

It sounds cheesy but I'm so weary of Illuminati symbolism in children's content that I assumed Despicable Me was just another in your face subversion of childhood.

The reasons are that it's produced by Illumination Entertainment, the Minions (Masonic Servants) sport a one eyed version and they all carry the Masonic G.

I downloaded the movie to see if I was wrong recently and I was.

The movie starts with an inflatable Pyramid being burst and that serves as a metaphor for what the animation really is. A send up of the Illuminati. In addition we have a caricature of the Dutch William Cornelius Van Duyne who is alleged to be the head of the Illuminati after the 2009 shakeup that reduced the family bloodlines from 13 to 9.

Despicable me is fun entertainment and a lovable animation of cute kids who turn around the evil and criminal Gru from a child hater to a child lover. I recommend it for children and adults alike.

Robert Stanley Interviewed by Randy Maugans

Robert Stanley is responsible for one of my favourite and most useful interviews on this blog. Here he is interviewed by Randy Maugans about the mind parasites that afflict the unknowing so frequently. It's worth knowing about the mind parasites.

For quite some time I've been asking myself, if the pyramid symbology is fairly accurate, ie we live in a top down, tightly controlled hierarchical human farm, then who or what is the eye in that pyramid. This is a question that David Icke never answers.

Robert says the answer is Enki or Lucifer, though this entity has many names. He has come to this conclusion through personal experience and a lot of research based on Wes Penre's work.

Monday 26 December 2016

James Perloff. The Shadows of Power; the CFR and decline of America

James Perloff drops a lot of knowledge in this presentation that I was not aware of and I like to consider myself well informed on this subject. The only bullet point he doesn't make is the Soviets and the US elite were in bed together as Professor Antony Sutton outlined in his books, before his premature demise.

The CFR is a documented conspiracy but alas consumers are too wrapped up in the trivial to spend time with the evidence.

Carroll Quigley was Bill Clinton's professor. He wrote Tragedy & Hope which is the quintessential academic book documenting the sophisticated and global conspiracy to enslave humans, usually under the auspices of peace, surface-socialism and trade.

Watch this presentation.

Alex Jones Bites The Pillow and Serves His Controllers

I'm not entirely convinced that the PizzaGate codewords are referring to a child abuse network though it is fairly common in the circles of power. I am sure that the Instagram comments that were on James Alefantis photos of children are referring to child abuse and at best are wholly inappropriate for a child friendly pizza restaurant owner (who is the 49th most powerful D.C. insider for reasons nobody can explain).

Here we see Alex Jones getting his pants pulled down and thoroughly spanked by some douchebag paedophile defender

Eli Lake - Scenes From a Reptilian Meltdown

Eli Lake is a 9/11 criminal who needs to be tried in the International Criminal Court

Saturday 24 December 2016

SJW/BLM Owned Compilation Part 5

The left have been coopted by ideas they don't even know are used for a higher divide and rule purpose (it's game theory). If only they could see the output from the toxic education system and the toxic media. 

Well here it is on video film. 

The enlightened person is obliged to ask. Who is the real racisss? (sic).

The cultural engineers that raise a generation of snowflakes who think Hillary has no connection to genocide, crime, murder and child trafficking? Or the guy who who goes and ask the black people about SJW reality frameworks?

It's a simple question.

DAY 61 - Where is Eric Braverman?

I found out years ago the Clintons were active in child sex trafficking in Haiti. It's a country the degenerate but rapidly dissolving establishment hate so much because that's where slavery was first overturned by a rebellion.

So they take it out in revenge on them to this day.

Eric Braverman was CEO of The Clinton Foundation. He's been missing for 61 Days and the corporate media are uninterested.

The End of Cloud Computing - Peter Levine

There are some presentations worth listening to because they are explained so persuasively. Peter Levine does just such a job here but it is worth thinking about. 

A Message To Barack Obama From Jimmy Dore

After 8 years of George W Bush I woke up in a hotel room in Bangkok to the soul lifting news that a hope and change black man was going to be president after winning the election. Well, I now understand that leaders are puppets for interests that are skilled in concealing their influence though we have since learned, through Wikileaks, that Citibank Executive and super rich Chosenite, George Froman sent Obama his cabinet line up which he followed dutifully at least 90%.

I get it too that half the job of President is being happy and optimistic while shitty things are going on around you in the world. However it's clear that Obama never had the backbone or courage to do that kind of job, and while millions of Democrats fell asleep because their guy was in power, a lot of us who pay attention to the bottom line, not corporate sponsors realised they're all crooked.

Time will tell how Donny Tiny Hands will fare, and there's no great expectation but it has been comforting to know the serial genocider he opposed didn't get the job she felt was automatically hers.

Jimmy Dore is a good guy, who despite being clueless on a few important issues that matter to fans of reality is still calling out memorable truths in a manner that I will not forget.

Saturday Night Fever

Too Good Not To Share.

Are Federal Reserve Interest Rates About To Rise Markedly?

I'm the first one to put my hand up and admit I've spent to much time with Clif High over the years because though he got so much wrong, he did nail Margaret Thatcher's death and Hillary's collapse on 9/11 which keeps me checking in on his work.

However, despite many missed forecasts and an industrial case of confirmation bias, this is his best interview for a long time and I enjoyed listening to it.

It's enjoyable even for just entertainment value, though I did make the effort to study long term interest rates and I think the image I've used above is indicative of the change that the Webots are claiming.

Thursday 22 December 2016

Jimmy Dore - An Alt Left Hero I Like Very Much

Jimmy Dore has still much to learn much on Israel and 9/11 but he's the only sincere and honest commentator in politics who still believes in untainted socialism. The rest of the left are fake, blogging about an interconnected world while studiously avoiding international affairs and very obvious mainstream media lies.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

#PizzaGate: Unexplained Rates Of Missing Children Surrounding Washington D.C.

Strangely enough more children go missing in the same State (Virginia) as the CIA HQ than anywhere else. Old knowledge to people who research these things.

Update: The original video was deleted so I've had to replace it with a suitable alternative. Much is censored when it is close to the mark.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

War Dogs - Official Trailer [HD]

War Dogs is a film about two Jewish American guys who join the Pentagon arms-tender gravy train. It's college humour mostly but based on a true story. The photo I've used is a picture of Israeli General Mofaz after 9/11 instructing Zionist Neocon Jews Wolfowitz, Zakheim and Feith at the Pentagon on how to lead the war against Iraq who were accused in a Zionist Neocon conspiracy theory of having Weapons of Mass Destruction (Delusion).

This conspiracy theory cost Iraq a million plus lives and as a result the planet pissed away trillions on a global snoop state that digitally scoops up everything everyone else does.

Turkish Delight - Bloopers, Blunders, And Outtakes

Well what with all the PizzaGate revelations it was destined to happen. This one honks to high heaven though. A right stinker.

Monday 19 December 2016

My Own Private Idaho

Every once in a while I'll go back to a movie to see if it's any good. When I first watched My Own Private Idaho it was a little bit over my head as I was too young and inexperienced in the world. This time round it was a complete gem. River Phoenix later died outside the Viper Room which sounds like it was full of snakes, and we all know where Keanu Reeves went in his career. I understand he's quite a nice guy.

If I'm not mistaken both kids were members of the Children of God or at least had names of North American Indians? I heard once that Keanu was passed around Hollywood to make his name, and I think most are familiar with the sexual abuse in the children of God though I may have forgotten to post that documentary.

In either case both actors portray semi-homeless kids who make a living being hired for sex by lonely men and women. It seems they're not interested in each other physically but because of their shared experiences they have a love for each other that doesn't seem incongruous with a close friendship.

It's a sad movie but it's also very touching, and well worth reading the manner of it's production and direction through Gus Van Sant who hires non actors for some of the roles. 

It works very well.

"Surrogates" - Official Trailer [HQ]

Not my usual choice of movie but the idea of living through cloned borgs makes a lot of sense when we see how many live vicariously in the worlds of Corporate Mass Media, HollyWeird, CelebritiesVideo Games and so forth. Also the vanity aspect of it is intellectually robust as nobody lives the vicarious life of a homeless person or a battery chicken. Which is ironic because that's what low consciousness living is in many respects. Battery Chicken living.

Walter Bowart ~ Big Secrets in Plain View

Walter Bowart was the first to really get the word out on the CIA's mind control programmes. He's dropping knowledge in this 2002 presentation that many of us took another decade at least to process. Oklahoma bombing, Freud the Fraud, The Freeman MovementIsrael and 911 and Remote Viewing. You name it, he name checks it in this presentation.

Update: I found another one, and it's a  gem, though I can't work out why Walter Bowart looks so young? He was born in 1939. Not a grey hair on his head. Peggy Kane is also in this video and I think it's about time I reminded people of her work as it's always been very solid testimony.

Subsequent UPDATE: Original video censored/taken down.

Sunday 18 December 2016

The Milquetoast Left: Pseudo Socialists and Neoliberal Warmongers

Miley Cyrus - BB Talk

I feel that Miley is mocking the paedosadist elite in this video. I couldn't figure it out the first time I watched and listened to it, and frankly it creeped me out, but now I've gone through all the subsequent Miley Pizza references as well as Macauley Culkin's Pizza work it's fairly obvious.

I don't know what kind of multiple Miley is but she's a multiple and her artistic output is pretty much an ongoing record of that.

The Reptilian Ruling Class

One of the great mistakes David Icke made is claiming it's the undeniable truth. Instead he should have articulated that he met a series of credible people (including royal insiders) in a short period of time telling him stories that he couldn't ignore, given they didn't know each other. Then he could talk about the historical research (Nag Hammadi Codices, Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets) and then add his own journalism.

I suspect it could possibly be MI5 having a laugh and sending him people because that's how they undermine those who have disrupted the hypnogogic mainstream narrative, but I'm totally open to planet earth being manipulated by non human entities because a) we are manipulated and b) I like calling people like Hillary Clinton, The Bush Dynasty and Tony Blair lizards. 

It's cathartic.

Andy Nowicki isn't using the term in it's playful sense here, because Reptilian makes a justifiable use of the word that is to be found in the Collins dictionary when referring to pseudo mammals.

Talking Alien Cargo Cults with Christopher Knowles

Christopher Knowles has an interesting hypothesis. The ruling elite are a Cargo Cult. It makes a lot of sense to the symbol literate but the interview is interesting on many levels.

Day 53 - Where is Eric Braverman?

Eric Braverman was in charge of the Clinton Foundation. He's been missing for 54 days now and the only person documenting it has had his videos removed. He keeps on publishing though.

After Dark - Out of Bounds

If you ever wondered why the CIA is such a mess look no further than this After Dark episode with CIA Honcho Miles Copeland, father of The Police's drummer Stewart Copeland. He's dim-witted, opinionated, arrogant and confident of his importance to history when in fact he's evidentally clueless about James Jesus Angleton's role as the 'the mole' in the CIA and other whopping clangers.

The only thing he ever did that was half useful was tipping off his unremarkably talented drummer-son that the moon landing photography is all studio and so the Police wrote "Walking on the Moon". This song is a self evident parody of the (law of) nature of leg breaking when jumping too high in a purported 1/3 gravity though it was actually on planet earth.... in a studio.

And then there's REM's "If you believe they put a man on the moon" or .. Rammstein's Amerika or Imagine Dragon's Ode to Stanley Kubrick or "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement" - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

On more serious matters we have admissions in this episode that MI6 Director Maurice Oldfield was raping the boys at Kincora (and was thus blackmailed) and a marvelous Tony Benn pointing out to Miles Copeland that he's uninterested in attacking him personally as he has 'no idea what you've done in your career' as a response to a personal attack from the ex CIA douche.

If only the fake left, neo liberal socialists and pseudo liberals could take a leaf out of Tony Benn's book and side with the truth instead of vile criminals like Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and their obnoxious genocidal lies. That's what the left used to stand for. Truth and Justice. Now they stand for anyone who keeps their mortgage payments stable.

Saturday 17 December 2016

The Source Family

It took a week to download The Source Family through a torrent, but it was worth the wait. There's some crucial points in it not mentioned in the earlier presentation I posted. It's still a remarkable story and it's impossible not to find this information among the most interesting available. 

Anyone seeking their way around the Knights Templar, Sufi Mysticism, Illuminati and Freemasons while also exploring sexual magic and tantra surrounded by some of the most interesting people of the time is worth exploring. Some of his disciples went on to become multimillionaires in software, stem cell research and of course a few are left bitter with their experiences ,but once again I can't spot any outside interference as we have seen from CIA shenanigans through the Jim Jones Massacre or Children of God.

There's a lot of symbolism in this documentary posted above, that I would ordinarily feel uncomfortable with, but like the photo with an infant covering Jim Baker's genitals it's self evident there's no dark side involved in the scene, though as I learned in this documentary Jim Baker had indeed done criminal acts before he became Father.

Why Did Breitbart Die Saying Similar Things To Podesta's Wikileaks?

Years ago, Andrew Breitbart tweeted that John Podesta was connected to child sex trafficking and lo and behold now it's corroborated (not proven) in Wikileaks. Just that freak coincidence alone should alert the corporate media dependent to do a little research themselves instead of bleating on about failure channeled through the despicable Hillary's project and the pseudo socialism of the Democrat Party of New Labour.

We subsequently found coded language in the Wikileaks emails using sentences referring to questions like 'do you prefer dominoes on your pizza or pasta?'. Until reasonable answers are provided (don't expect MSM to ask perfectly reasonable questions) it's fair to make the connection between the sexual rape innuendo comments on their Instagram accounts, use of coded sexual language, propensity to use FBI documented child abuse logos on their pizza restaurants, concealment of basement and tunnels without planning permission below the restaurants, enjoyment of degenerate art portraying rape, tied up children and pizza as sex and on and on it goes.

Just asking questions is not a crime. There's no proof yet but there's enough smoke to run a BBQ sauce factory. Expect the Feds to try and use a disinformation strategy to discredit the information like they did in the UK when they used a programmed multiple to say he was a victim of the VIPaedo rings at Westminster. That's what they do. They use programmed multiples for their false flag terror and anything else required to falsely blame others or themselves. Then they get away with it. Over and over again.

The witless scoff at information they're too lazy to study.

The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History - The David Icke Videocast

The people of Israel are no more programmed than that of the UK or United States. Their programming framework obliges them to view their occupation of Palestine as a threat to their safety. However, the same could be made to happen in any country where the consumer classes are reliant on the corporate media, theocratic mythology and bought and paid for historians to justify their position having a moral and legitimate authority.

This Videocast of David Icke is a tour de force. There are some small factual errors as I've researched the subject of the Bankster sponsored Nazi Party better than he, but it's a calm, lucid and revealing presentation on the cruel hoax of Zionism.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Demonic Aliens | The Collins Elite

It's been a few years since I last covered a Nick Redfern interview, as the only thing worth knowing about the alien issue is the deep state spends a lot of money and invests a huge amount of "limited hangout" time to own that particularly unreality network.

The fluoridated wont have noticed that the prevailing scientific narrative has moved from "we're all alone" to "there's a shit load of habitable planets out there". This is all the usual nonsense from the manipulative (and highly manipulated) media, who can't be trusted on the extremes of any argument so it's probably somewhere in the middle.

What makes the Collins Elite an interesting story is that it portrays a series of events whereby military intelligence put together a think tank of sorts to figure out the alien contact questions. Their conclusion which is broadly speaking given credence within the spiritual truth-seeking community, is that the UFO/Alien question is a transdimensional one, that can't be touched, recorded or measured and is thus no different from the paranormal spectrum.

I wouldn't normally invest this much time in describing an excellent interview but the subject came up over dinner with a prominent UFO researcher, I relistened to the original work I'd covered a few years ago and for some reason the video I listened to at least 4 or 5 times over the weekend was removed despite lingering on Youtube for years barely touched by anyone. 

I like that kind of thing so I've found an alternative for you to listen to. Unfortunately it has adverts but Nick Redfern is invariably interesting listening and I've tagged the space he's covered below.

Update: The original video was removed so the only substitute available is above.

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Chris Knowles | The Trump Coup & Lucifer’s Tech

It's been a long time since I blogged a Christopher Knowles talk. I think I'm right in saying that the ISIS OSIRIS scholar fell largely silent as the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) pretty much flaunted who runs all the terror groups in the world (either for, under or with their scummy mates in the CIA and MI6 (DGSE, RAW, BND).

That said, this talk is a wonderful syncretic approach to everything from aliens to technology, mystery schools and the 'Gods'. 

Monday 12 December 2016

Father Yod/Ya Ho Wha | Re-Visiting Father and the Source Family [Cult Leader Jim Baker]

I'm so tainted with studying cults that are CIA instigated or infiltrated, I assumed 'The Source' would be the same thing. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. This is one of the finest documentaries of the year for me, and I was blown away that I'd never heard of this information before.

Jim Baker, AKA Father Yod AKA Ya Ho Wha was both a mortal and a god. I've yet to download the documentary on his life but this production from around 2004 is simply splendid. Prepare for a real treat.

Sunday 11 December 2016

Holy Hell (2016) - Documentary HD

I'm surprised I hadn't shared this before as I watched it a year or so ago and it's excellent. The reason the subject resurfaced is I listened to the following cult follower interview with Dr Elena Michaels. I'd never heard of The Source before so I'm looking forward to drilling down into that as I have a sense that there's an element of Laurel Canyon CIA/DIA connections but I have no proof as yet. (Update: I couldn't have been more wrong. It's the first cult that gets the thumbs up from me and seems to be spook/network free)

Listen to "William Ramsey Investigates : Elena Michaels" on Spreaker.

Saturday 10 December 2016

Pierre & Justin Trudeau

Back in 2011 when I was watching George Green whistle-blow about Pierre Trudeau attending network meetings (the network operate below and for the so called bloodline illuminati clowns) and raising child abuse, MK Ultra and other distasteful subjects, I made a mental note that was later corroborated over and again in my research and correlated with other testimonies.

Today we have Justin Trudeau crying crocodile tears for Syrians when Canadian Intelligence trafficked those three British girls across the Turkey/Syrian border to work for ISIS. They were no doubt supplied by their scummy mates in MI6.

Note: Not all intelligence operatives are scum but they work with the worst people in the world. I salute those who are working to change things on the inside.