Saturday 25 June 2022


I never talk about Q these days...[Ouch]

The legacy media are terrified of the efficacy of the Q Psychological Operation and not one journalist or person has said or written anything of value. Consumers are too ignorant to know they haven't got a clue, and are triggered to fuck when it's mentioned.

It's futile to condense over ten years of TESLA fueled-research, thousands of hours of video testimony.... nearly 5000 posts on the Chans, an understanding of Looking Glass, plus a fairly good grasp of Princeton Physicist, Hugh Everett III's Many-Worlds Interpretation. I forgot to add that Mandela Effect seems entirely appropriate as instruction, a lesson as it were, in SciFi World. It's a discussion worth having imo

That's all I have...

An opinion.

I mention it only because I made a rare indirect reference to Q on Twitter a couple of times ago. Update: I Subsequently realised I'd posted about Q-Know-Who a day earlier too. 

Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever talks about the former temple on the peak of Little St James which was demolished about a year before Epstein was arrested, and the lift-shaft and tunnels were filled in with concrete at great expense.

Image Taken {Approximately} September 2018

If the image doesn't mean much to you, the drone photo below is clearer but doesn't convey the elevation of the temple at the top of the island peak. The dome of the temple was removed to obscure its purpose.

Image Taken {Approximately} April 2018

If you're still struggling to recall the details, this meme might help.

Or this

For the first time since December 8th 2020, Q (or someone with the password) posted at 8:26 and 19 seconds PM EST yesterday, or about 4.30 AM in the UK.

It's too early to confirm the veracity of the posts, but it's a big fucking deal.

A lot of NPCs are going to lose their minds over this.

Thursday 23 June 2022

Watch The Water

This makes more sense than any other decode of 'watch the water' I've yet seen. 

It's a good job it's a conspiracy theory too, or there'd be no plausible deniability.

Monday 20 June 2022

Pop Science?

It's an interesting contrast isn't it.

I'm definitely not saying Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is connected to anything fake. Equally I make no connection with his girlfriend Hailey Bieber's April blood clot.

No. Those are not my responses. 

I have a different question.

Surely, it's not mainstream?

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier - COVID Jabs & AIDS (VAIDS)

I'm not sure what's going on with the fonts. Hopefully it's a temporary bug.

The only reason I kept one eye open on Luc Montagnier was because of the hatchet job done on him when he went off-script with very serious accusations about the injections impairing the immune system much like HIV does through AIDS.

How many Nobel prize winners are also tin foil hat conspiracy theorists?

Wednesday 1 June 2022

Monobina - Unity 101.FM - Gold

I'm pretty sure you've never heard an Indian song as good, or a Bollywood production that exceeds this video.

"Gold is a historical sports drama inspired by India’s first Olympic gold medal. The film traces the “golden era” of Indian hockey through the journey of Tap Dance, a young assistant manager in 1936, who dreams of playing for an independent nation."

I caught it on the local ethnic and South Asian radio station Unity101.FM