Wednesday 21 January 2009

AnD aS IF yb ChAos

Stunning work by Marcus who now has started his own business with Patrick. Germany has easily got some of the best people in the business down there in Munich.

Brands in Social Media

This morning I was added on Twitter by millercoors. My first thought, because it helps me clarify how brands should behave in social media was, what would that mean if I was on the program with Alcoholics Anonymous?

It's a good question because I didn't invite Miller Coors and I think any alcohol brand that wants to engage in social media should think about this. The broadcast model also tries to play as fair as possible by not advertising at certain times and avoiding the use of young and sexy people in their communications. Miller Coors didn't do any of this, they added me because they thought I was an interesting person..... So they say.

In any case, given that no attempt at dialogue was made, my first tweet was as follows:

To which Miller Coors (or Tyler as I later learned) responded with the tweet at the bottom of this screenshot.

I thought the idea of being dragged around by a beer wasn't funny and I made that clear. But Miller Coors, or Tyler made a Tweet that he deleted pretty quickly. Fortunately I have a Tweetdeck screen grab for you. Here it is.

Now I don't know if Tyler really is the social media representative for Miller Coors but I think it goes without saying that for a person who had been on Twitter for all of five minutes that it might have been a good idea to learn the rules of engagement. Particularly this post over here that I wrote a few months back and which contributed towards Gavin's best practices in social media.

I'll leave it to you to work out what the implications of all this are, but I do like to learn from experiences, and so this is what mattered most once Miller Coors had really stepped over the line.

You can read my full responses over here in sequential order but I think the most important point to understand is that Tyler has deleted his account. Now all I need to know is did Miller Coors hire him or was he pretending to be a beer all on his own? Can anyone help?

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Not Quite Obama

To celebrate the first Black President, I played with his iconic poster.

This is pretty neat (For someone without a TV in their home)

Expect more of this for TV events in the future. The Scandinavians have been doing it for years with SMS but it flows nicely (or frictionless) via internet. Link over here.

Saturday 17 January 2009

The Beginning

I don't know where the end is but if you asked me to guess I'd say somewhere around 850. I'll try and find a way to come back to this in a years time because all I've been doing is inhaling economics blogs and it's what goes unsaid that is most startling. I'm still very optimistic about the opportunity to rewire our global economy if we can find a leader who has the strength to coral the others into accepting what is clearly a logical imperative.

Over to you "Young Mr Obama" as the God of Junk Mail refers to him.
Via Rich

Thursday 15 January 2009

Funny Old World

Sometimes people ask me to post stuff and I'm a bit snookered because it's not very good. Sounds condescending but I've kind of taken the creative classes to task for not being very creative over here.

I do also love taking time out to talk to artistic people in my own time, but for simple reasons. I like to know what they're into. If it's new I start to think new. Which is good.

In any case I was somewhat happy when I found out that Andrew Spurgeon of JWT made this because I liked it from the git go and of course I like it more now I know who made it. It works doesn't it?