Tuesday 6 March 2012

Mmm Plutonium Supplements (Smells Like MKULTRA)

Demerol, Demerol (Oh God He's Taking Demerol)

Researching Michael Jackson's murder I discovered that he died of Demerol. I didn't realise I know this drug until I I saw it in Wikipedia as Pethidine.

Once I was in hospital and the pain was too fierce even though I was taking the legal maximum of Demerol. My doctor who was the kindest and smartest doctor I've ever encountered bent the rules for me and upped the frequency by giving me the maximum amount of Morphine half way between the Demerol shots every four hours so I could make it through the cycle.

Anyway I checked the Demerol video on Youtube and it was uploaded on 27 June and as I'm posting my June 27 synchronicity thing like I promised here it is.

Odd because I never celebrate my birthday, and I've never noticed my own birthday coming up (in any media) but recently it's been bam bam bam every day or so. The song is called Morphine but Demerol is an interlude. I like this mix below.


This won’t hurt you

Before I put it in

Close your eyes and count to ten

Don’t cry

I won’t convert you

There’s not need to dismay

Close your eyes and drift away



Oh God he’s taking Demerol



Oh God he’s taking Demerol

Michael Jackson, DEMEROL Song, 1997, Blood on the Dance Floor, The History of Mix [1]

Is Tolec A CIA Plant To Discredit Alfred Webre

Sound like a bad spy movie? It is:

When I decided Tolec was a bullshitter I couldn't figure out why anyone would go to such lengths. I contacted Alfred directly and told him I felt he was a good man, but being duped. Well, listen to the interview because Alfred is distancing himself from all that Tolec stuff and my bet is that if his Barry Soetoro AKA Obama stuff starts getting traction he'll get a glass of Tolec Vino poured over him to bamboozle the mass media guzzling public. I doubt the US is going to wake up and ask 'what did Breitbart mean by 'vet' him over Obama but I think I know exactly what he meant by 'vet' him. 

Barry Soetoro (even Russia Today is calling him by his real name) AKA Mr President sealed all his records as is first act of Presidency. For all I know he might have just prevented war with Iran just to keep his chair in power and as soon as the election is out of the way he'll do a Libya on Iran. Or maybe not, who the fuck knows.

We live in an ugly world and maybe Barry Soetoro is playing a multidimensional game of chess and maybe he isn't but in the mean time all I can do is put the truth first even if it is a bit bonkers and remind you it took a lot longer than I care to admit, to come round to this evidence. Clearly I'm not as objective as I think I am and run away from some stories because they're too bizarre.

Monday 5 March 2012

The Empire Always Feeds Off The Republic (The Parasite Is Killing The Host)

A calm, thoughtful discussion between two decent Americans. I learned a few things from this I'd not come across before.

Bill Brockbrader Interview

Bill Brockbrader is an American Hero. Period.

Here Comes The Sun (Do Do Do Do)

Bill Brockbrader - Eva Moore - Duncan O'Finionan - Dave Corso

So You Haven't Got Time To Watch Thrive?

The interesting political discourse I mentioned between Alex Jones and Thrive is happening over at The Daily Bell now. These people know the game is rigged and are finding they have  much in common on issues of liberty and rejection of deceit. The Thrive explanation in the Daily Bell is for those who aren't sure they have time to seek it out.

Foster Gamble: Thrive is an investigation into what is in the way of our thriving and what on Earth it is going to take for humanity to be thriving on a healthy planet. The film starts with an investigation of what we call 'The Code.' The code is a pattern in nature, this donut-shaped toroidal vortex that seems to be, from my studies, the only pattern by which nature sustains a healthy system – and that's quite a statement. Obviously, we live in a pretty large universe and as far as we can tell, at least from the atomic level to the clustering of galaxies, every system organizes in a toroidal form that can sustain itself. So what is being offered to us is a blueprint from nature as to how to design healthy living systems. There is nothing more critical that we need at this point in history.

Later in the film, we get into how to use that as a compass to chart a healthy course. But first of all, once we see the implications of this code – because it turns out that inventors who have been aware of this fundamental pattern in nature have designed devices that mimic this pattern and then can be tuned like a musical instrument and at certain frequencies will start pouring out clean, safe electricity. That's great news, given the way we are polluting our skies and fighting over oil and running out of fossil fuel and all that kind of stuff. So the great news is that those technologies exist. The unfortunate part is that they have all been brutally suppressed by the powers that shouldn't be.

So we go into an exploration: If this code is so important, who else knew about it and who else knows about it? It turns out that core elements of this geometry have been encoded by multiple ancient cultures – by the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Mayans, the Aztecs – over and over again. Knowledge of these codes has been passed on in stories and books and icons, buildings, for millennia so there was something important that they wanted to pass on.

Then, in addition, in a sense from the future, we go into the phenomenon of crop circles. These crop circles are patterns in crops around the world. There have been at least 6,000 of these documented, but the estimates actually go up to about 11,000. Certainly many of them are hoaxes but many of them are absolutely inexplicable with their phenomenology, and their detail, and no footprints on rainy nights. But more importantly, hundreds of these patterns represent, at a very deep level, exactly the same understanding of the geometric patterns of energy that took me a lifetime to even begin to glimpse. So I think, and I suggest in the film, that we are being shown by civilizations more advanced than we are fundamentally how energy works so that instead of ourselves destroying our selves and polluting our planet we can actually learn to come into harmony with these energetic patterns. So that's the first chapter of the movie, The Code.

The second chapter is The Problem, where we really look to see who is suppressing these things and who's destroying our food supply and who's polluting our skies and our water and our soil and who's destroying the economy. We have a major problem here. What's going on? So basically, Chapter 2 is we follow the money upstream, to see who's actually controlling the money. And it turns out those same people, those same organizations – and it's a small group of families – are actually controlling virtually every sector of human endeavor.

Once we establish that, then we go into the next chapter, which is what we call the Global Domination Agenda, because it turns out, as far as I can tell from consistent vast research, the point of the control is not just to make money. These families already have more money than anyone on the planet and they can pretty much print it whenever they want because they run the central banking system as well. But the agenda seems to be to actually take over the lives of all people across the entire planet, which is pretty chilling and sounds like a poor James Bond movie or something – except that it seems to be true, and all the evidence that comes out in the news these days supports that hypothesis.

McKenna's Stoned Ape Versus ET Mushroom Theory

There's a point in the Bill Hicks movie where dying form cancer he takes magic mushrooms and with his friend has an ET contact moment. I mention it because McKenna talked about his experiences many times but here he outlines the science for why Psilocybin makes a more credible case for ET contact than the pedestrian attempts of scanning the cosmos for radio waves. It's not only a wilder theory than his stoned ape rap (which was always about encouraging people to explore conciousness) it's better.

Sunday 4 March 2012

43 Year Old White LA Millionaires Don't Just Drop Dead (Unless They Got Dirt On The Prez)

Left and Right politics are just a sideshow to keep people distracted. Breitbart was bragging about having dirt on the president and he and now he is not bragging. My guess (estimation etc) is that the people who put Presidents into power took care of that problem not Barack Obama himself. I might be wrong but the little Facebook exchange above put a smile on my face for the elegant way that an unintentionally tedious (but wilfully blinkered) person was ushered off the stage.

Breitbart (who most certainly was not my cup of Tea) will not be the public conciousness tipping point but there's a whiff of logarithmic desperation in the evening air and thinking about Whitney's ritually saturated sleb death event, it seems the arrogance of the people who can snuff peeps out is off the charts. I imagine there will be a few more 'odd' events to go before the unsheared sheeple start to say 'hang on a minute'.

In the mean time I'm beginning to enjoy that both sides of the politically dumb divide are starting to get pissed off by those in the middle who choose common sense not political ideology or having their reality painted by corporate media. Sniff around all sides. Ask yourself "what if"?

A quick Google of Andrew Breitbart has two headlines "An Icon of Heroic Conservatism" and "Death of Douch"

You will squabble till you arouse from your slumber.

Update: This is the first time I've listened to the man speaking and it is filled with angry and hateful epithets such as Occupy protesters are terrorists. The poor man never even suspected the game is rigged way above him.

007 - Baby Food Propaganda (How MI6 Really Works)

I think most people realised James Bond is a bit of fun and nowhere near the Hollywood glamorous spy portrayal. But what if it's the other way round? The CIA connection to the drug trade is well documented but this takes it one more level up the food chain.

Update: The video has been removed. It's a shame but not surprsing. It was the most lethal kick in balls delivered to MI6 on the net. Ten minutes of "holy fuck British MI6 run top level drug trading". It's still worth researching the topic. 

You know how to use a search engine.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Don't Take My Word For It, Let's Do The Science (Uh Oh The Psychopaths Are In Charge)

Whether you like it or not the psychopaths are in charge. Do I know who is and who isn't on a case by case basis? That's not an easy decision to make based on a media projections of people  but I can say that actions speak louder than words. I met Tony Blair once in Beijing and I found him unusually needy of public attention, he whizzed by me with a solid entourage in the lobby of the Regent and I remarked to the group I was with 'That's Tony Blair'. He stopped in his tracks and paused to speak to me. I introduced myself, we shook hands and I realised I needed to ask him a serious question. I studied his response very closely and I factor that into this post.

I've studied the parapolitical and the science behind the latest thinking in psychopathy and like my first sentence I'm back to the ugly bit. The least among us are given the highest levels of authority in public and corporate life. The system is wired to promote the least empathetic in our species. They are rewarded with the highest levels of responsibility in our institutions, our corporations and our Governments. Once there they set the rules on compensation and protection of their status.

You might want to research the science on that for yourself and so I link to Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes (banned when it came out but thanks to the internet etc) and I back that up with the interviews of experts posted on this blog under the tag "psychopathy" below.

So here's the deal. Science can tell us who the psychopaths are. With MRI scans we can determine who are the people with empathy bypasses. It's not personal and it's not their fault but we need to do some fast growing up on this because the good guys are massively outnumbered by the bad guys. They might look like clean cut societal models of efficiency and decisiveness but that applied to most of the Nazi elite and this lot know that a forced smile is an important part of the PR offensive to win power. The don't feel the same about lying as we do. That's very important for people to grasp.

People ask why our food is shit, our politicans and police bent, our intelligence services torturing people abroad, our arms manufactures selling to countries we then wage war on, our health service underfunded, our education plummeting in literacy and numeracy and the  media out of control and broadcasting a normality that ordinary humans want nothing to do with. The answer is simple. We are run by psychos and we can prove it too. 

It's just science; and even though I'm not a person in charge of anything at all, I'd be quite happy to go through the same MRI scan and subjected to whatever that means because I know what it means to feel and these people running the joint don't.

Terence McKenna - Opening the Doors of Creativity

I've heard this many times but never seen this video upload. It's great to see the smile behind the voice that you can hear in his introduction. It's worthwhile knowing that Terence said that when talking to a crowd he was channelling something other than himself though he felt uncomfortable with the word channelling. You decided.

Obama's Birth Certificate

I must be the only person who thinks the evidence suggests forgery but doesn't care either way. What I do care about are the campaign promises that haven't been lived up to. The only way Obama could redeem himself is if he uses the NDAA to arrest the crooks running the country. Unlikely but I try to be optimistic about not delivering on hope and change.

The birth certificate is of course both peripheral and supportive of Basiago's claims if they turn out to be true. I'm sceptical but open minded enough to know a lot of high weirdness is  in the pipelines this year.

Powerful Message To "Anticapitalist" Vandals

This young lady is why we are going to win. Raw, sincere, fully awake and informed to an exceptional level. 

Long live Youtube. (Update: This still applies)

NATO Installed Libyan Government Torturing Caged Blacks

Before NATO murdered Gadaffi his treatment of black skinned Libyans was even handed. Because of their loyalty to him the NATO installed rebels are torturing and killing them and I urge people to see the treatment of the caged blacks in this new video. 

This is why we can't trust NATO's propaganda and lies through media institutions like the BBC, CNN and so on. I loath what's going on in Syria but we can't trust out institutions to have any other motive than service to self.

Friday 2 March 2012

Versace Tries To Break The Industry Record For Sleb Programming References

The blatant references the sleb fashun/booty/movie/song industry make in their commercials and shows like the recent Superbowl and Grammy ritual feeding frenzy are no longer the subtle cues and symbolism once used. There's a tonne of evidence to suggest a lot of photographers and stylists even pay homage to it as if it doesn't ruin lives and poison young minds. 

Oh well, some people got their 'They Live' glasses and some aint. Thanks to Robert for pointing this out in his terrific new Friday podcast 'Free Association Radio' FAR show.

Update: Original video removed. Replacement is similar.

Alex Jones Interviews Foster & Kimberly Gamble About Thrive

What's amazing here is how people from both sides of the political spectrum are seeing that the control matrix is a rigged game and that they have more in common than separation. Thrive is a little bit love and light new age and Alex Jones is a little bit constitutional gimme my gun libertarian but what happens here is the discussion about free energy suppression that is starting to make sense to more and more people every day.

I don't believe the political game any more and if you were stupid enough to put me in charge I'd get rid of money because I don't think we need it and it's deeply unaspirational to have no idea of the alternatives or no vision like marketing and banking people would expect to have. We need food, freedom, health and compassion.

If you read my other thrive posts there's a link to download it if you can't afford to buy it.

Knife is what you make it (Haa Taew)

Many moons ago in my mid twenties I had an 'every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining' experience over a good pasting I was on the receiving end of in a Darmstadt nightclub by what I subsequently termed the Yugoslavian Football team, because the Balkans hadn't broken up at that point. Taking a critical look at myself, I suspect I had too much of an undefeated swagger in my stride being so young and fearless.

But it's not until I was overwhelmed by way too many vicious and cowardly guys to even consider protecting myself that I found myself on the floor bleeding in transfusion gear, and completely unable to feel Partizan Belgrade F.C kicking my face. Though oddly enough I could hear the individual blows making a dull repeated smacking sound.

I went to the hospital and spent a week horizontal in bed recovering. To this day I don't know why the doorman wouldn't answer my reasonable request as to why I was being asked to leave. Probably it wasn't a good idea to finally resist (he was huge), because by the time that one-on-one creative rumble had dried up, I'd nearly been thrown over a balcony and was dealing with the aforementioned football team taking penalties with my head.

Getting the life beaten out of you is humbling and in a curious way quite reassuring experience that perhaps one is sturdier than expected, particularly if prudent about which battles are worth fighting . Anyway I thought I'd share a tattoo I have because it's a bit different from the others.

I specifically wanted this guy to do my Haa Taeow (Five Claws) tattoo as I'd loved the Khmer Script from the day I'd first seen them. The Tatooist is Ajarn Noo and famous internationally for doing Angeline Jolie's tattoos, but even more famous locally in Siam for his mystical tattooing powers.

The story about how I met my connection to Ajarn Noo is a cracker in itself (and now shared in the comments below) but suffice to say I didn't know about his alleged mystical powers until I was under the needle, and listening to the spells and incantations around me. The girl who took me to his 'temple' insisted that the type of tattoo he was doing had special powers that specifically guarded against knife attacks. "Yeah, whatever I thought" I was just into the design and thought no more of it.

It's a really interesting temple and definitely a cult following. They're expensive tattoos for Thais to make but even more expensive for us farang as we're often known.

The thing about that fighting talk earlier is to dramatize an important lesson that discretion is really important in volatile situations. I'm a lot more comfortable with my own safety in jeopardy than when others are exposed. If it's just me I can walk away a lot easier. If I need to weigh up another's danger (even if I don't know them) it's an awful lot of calculation in a short space of time to figure out where the right and wrong is, and most importantly if intervention is the right thing to do - or not. I don't claim to be a superhero but I'm genetically not cut out to ignore bullying.  It's probably a weakness in the big picture of things.

Part of the reason I've had more confrontations than anyone I know is just odd. People cross dance floors to try it on with me. It's quite trying because I'm often waving people away that I can eat for breakfast. But that's why the humility lesson I learned in Darmstadt was so valuable. I've now had many years of using quiet words in tough situations working nicely. I've had more people back-down than I can remember when the line is crossed, and all in all a lot less conflict than I believe I'd otherwise have faced if my early twenties hubris had continued.

Three or four days later-on from this tattoo. I was at a friends bar as she shut up shop in the wee hours, and while I waited outside I was on the phone walking past a street food table when I could no longer ignore the intense glowering of a girl. It was so aggressive that I stopped and asked why she was staring at me. Her reply was she could stare at whoever she chose to, in quite an unusually confrontational manner. I replied to her in Thai by asking if her parents had not taught her any manners? This sounds quite anodyne in English but if I'm honest does question the integrity of her parenthood in Thai. Anyway to cut a long story short I'd not noticed the three guys with her at the table and they decided to defend her honour with a chair, a quickly broken bottle plus one more weapon that says a lot more about a person who carries it. It was a box cutter. It wasn't until it was all over that I looked at my wrist spurting blood at a lively clip, just like in the Hammer House of horror movies. I thought I had a minute or two to live but I made it to the hospital to be sewn up on a slice wound that is disappointingly barely visible today.

Thing is, I realised a bit later that my tattoo was supposed to protect me from knives.  Curious because I'd never had a knife pulled on me till then in my entire life. Later I teased my Thai friends who didn't question Ajarn Noo's mystical voodoo tattoos. Their response stopped me in my tracks with a compelling reversal of logic. 

Charles they replied. If it wasn't for that tattoo you'd be dead now.

And you know, I think they may just be right.

June 27 Synchronicity

Disclose.tv - Charles Hall,s alien encounters The Tall Whites Video

The sceptical response to synchronicity is increased sensitivity. For example if I buy a UAV drone to bomb the department of homeland security terrorists then naturally enough I'll be sensitive to seeing UAV drones everywhere. 


OK so for about six weeks now an unusual date has been popping up with such frequency that it's hard to ignore. I say unusual because all my life, even though it's my own birthday, I've never noticed it popping up more than now, and so that's the synchronicity sensitivity issue diminished quite radically. Anyway, I was looking for Charles Hall videos and I noticed it was uploaded on June 27 so I'm posting it here and ringing the synch bell. Maybe 27 June is a date to celebrate, or not.  

It's 1969 if there are any astrologers with spare time on their hands to do a reading Robert Phoenix ;)


Before I left Hong Kong for Siam, I passed by another Omega watch in Causeway Bay (Hong Kong is crazy about watches so the density of high end watch shops is quite striking. I took the opportunity to try the Omega Speedmaster on for the first time - It felt spesh. This  specific watch is pretty much one of the few 'as is' terrestrial brands that was integral to the Apollo Mission moon landings including the first one in 1969.  So I tried it on.


I really enjoyed explaining why 1969 was such a special year to the staff, and they appreciated listening to more reasons to talk about the watch for potential customers. I waffled on that there were five momentous and historical events in 1969. The most important was probably the launch by the US military's special projects mafia called DARPA, of DARPANET. This led to the internet which apparently is quite popular in many parts of the world regardless of cultural inclination, or notions of cultural superiority. It pretty much works for everyone.

Then there was of course the first Apollo mission Moon landing which is the reason for the limited edition  release of the watch this 40th anniversary. The NASA space missions were largely responsible for propelling the United States now unsurpassed technology culture into perpetual orbit. 

Then there was Woodstock which is where it got interesting because the manager of the Omega shop joined us at that point as he was old enough to remember that ideas like make love, not war became mainstream, as well as say a better understanding that marijuana wasn't an evil drug and so what if people took their clothes off and danced to the Grateful Dead or the irreplacable Janis Joplin. I really enjoyed having someone there who was even more qualified to talk about it than I. He was smartly turned out, respectably dressed with wire frame glasses and yet he seemed to authenticate what may have looked like counter culture in its day but is largely just mainstream culture today.

Then of course the Stonewall riots took place which I wrote about just recently over here. Clearly homosexuality isn't the most effective lifestyle for birth propagation (if that's a good thing given each human's carbon footprint) but it did mark the point when a person's sexuality was of less consequence than the things they believed and did. I think also there's a deeper philosphical question about sex that is answered in the issue of homosexuality acceptance, but I've possibly waded through a theoretical and auto didact 'degree' of understanding in gender dysphoria studies that I picked up in my early 20's while breaking personal land speed records. I've yet to knock that episode into a decently shaped post that I anticipate entails some weaving in (and out) of Baudrillardian simulacra. I began to think about it late last year while occasionally chowing down with the formidable Tim Footman who counts a contributed chapter on Baudrillardian philosophy in one of his books, writes a great blog and has effectively snookered me  for life, on any racial observations with an idiosyncratic style of logic, an example of which he uses here on Kurt Vonnegut of all people. It leaves me with an infantile respost, both insipid and arrogant; along the lines of 'but I believe I'm still right'. Here's the Stonewall Riots.

Lastly to amuse the people at the Omega shop, I threw myself into the topic of great events that happened in 1969. Of course there were too many things that made the year an absolute corker including The Beatles playing their last gig on the roof of Apple Records, Golda Meir became the first female Prime Minister of Israel and arguably was an inspiration for Margaret Thatcher while continuing to validate Israels right to statehood as indeed Gaza and the West Bank have.


What else? Well, the maiden flight of the Boeing 747.


John and Yoko.


It feels important to share from the authoritative books I've read on the matter, that the British people were both primitive and unfair in their treatment towards Yoko Ono. Once again they further eroded their dwindling reputation for characteristic fairness by being a bully towards her in the media. They considered John Lennon to be only theirs.

Sharing isn't the greatest British quality, or so it appears when it comes to national treasures. Nevertheless, it's important to  know that had it not been for that unfair treatment from the Great British Public. Well who knows, maybe they wouldn't have felt the need to flee to the United States despite enduring the toughest of immigration battles and maybe John Lennon wouldn't have been shot. Another episode of British reliance on tabloid opinion that killer the golden goose as with Princess Diana. 

When I see the Anglo celebrity obsession in this day and age, I"m convinced that the British are still fucking peasants as far as I can see.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Win Keech - Non Corporeal & Discarnate Entities, DNA Activation & Forward Hybridization In The Contactee and Crop Circle Phenomena

Win Keech emerges as a major thinker and possibly the most important British voice I've come across in an interview since listening to Timothy Good. I urge anyone who has an interest in any of this to listen to his part of the interview where he stitches together a tapestry that hangs together contacteee and crop circle phenomena with 2012 eschatology and DNA activation that I've not come across before including peripheral thoughts on poly-entity agendas and military involvement.

Simon continues to provide good information though the Famous Five style narrative is indicative of a lot of screen memory in my view.

3500 Year Old Senator Burned To Death

Living in the Kali Yuga.

Possibly The Best Trickster Story

I've mentioned before that the trickster archetype is ubiquitous in Ufology and particularly alien abduction phenomena. Weird information, false information, misleading information and all of those but with the word experience added to them instead of information. Memory wipes, false memories, missing time and so forth.

I was noodling around a few abduction interviews to see if anything interesting was around and this gentleman tells the best trickster story yet. It's got time hacking and military fingerprints all over it but that's just my interpretation. He has however got some unusual evidence. It starts at 55 minutes and 33 seconds. Enjoy.

The Milky Way As The Wave Function Collapses On Observation

If you keep your eyes peeled, look out for the Pleiades appearing to the left which is where John Lash says the galactic stem is going to hold the recapitulation of Gaia in place. For me I just wonder if the milky way is a vertical rather than horizontal from this horizon? Are we looking out or in on the milky way from the camera. The cosmos is awesome.