Monday 9 September 2013

Shit Stain McCain Is Dead

John McCain is an embarrassment to the human race. There isn't a country he wouldn't bomb if his handlers instructed him to and lately his personality is being squeezed like a festering boil leaking pus all over the corporate media and the planet. McCain is being challenged by decent, courageous and honest Americans in town halls across America for his ultra Zionist sponsored warmongering against Syria and was even caught playing games during a hearing that discussed the very death and destruction he has lobbied for.

I could on at length about McCain including the role his father had in covering up the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty but if you haven't figured out for yourself yet that he is not a war hero but a war criminal I have no intention of waking you up. Ignorance is a lifestyle choice in the information age. Here's a Syria woman begging John McCain not to bomb Syria. 

I assume you know about his Beach Boys Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran crudity too?