Friday 26 June 2020

Occulted Kate Bush?

I very much like Kate Bush's work and I've exhalted her in the past for Wuthering Heights.

I'm not a fan of the few rare interviews of her though. She's just not that interesting, funny or excessively compelling which worked for me as I quite like just enjoying the music without becoming obsessed with a person, I'm unlikely to meet.

However, lately I've been watching her videos and my spidey sense tells me she's a fully initiated priestess. The video above coupled with some screenshots that will mean something to researchers of symbolism might give the reader an indication of what I'm referring to.

It's in light of the mind control and occult training of William Shepherd AKA McCartney MKII that this becomes an increasing likelihood. 

Another Tavistock production?

I say yes.

Monday 22 June 2020

You're Very Statuesque Charles

When I worked for my first below-the-line advertising agency called CounterAttack on The Albert Embankment, I lived in Shepherds Bush with a bunch of housemates, including a married couple, a young homesexual, a budding entrepreneur, and a Kiwi before the Spanish cousin turned up. 

It was pretty normal stuff.

We were all what might be described in those days as young urban professionals, though my housemates had all attended better schools, and spoke better than I.

They were never condescending in my memory.

I think I had my first dinner party there, and a brother(in law?) of the married couple remarked as I stood up from the dinner party table. 

'You seem very statuesque Charles', or words to that effect.

I'd never heard the word Statuesque used before, but I could kind of figure-it-out, and so the memory of the word has always been imprinted on my mind.

If I was to stick to the subject of Statues in Southampton, there are only three I'm well researched on. 

One is Palmerston, who is a big effing deal in the follies of England. 

The other is Sir Isaac Watts, and the last I wont mention.

Sir Isaac wrote hymns, in a time when hymn writing and singing was very popular. 

What's this bro's statue, doing in my home town, I asked myself?

Isaac Watts (17 July 1674 – 25 November 1748) was an English Christian minister (Congregational), hymn writer, theologian, and logician. He was a prolific and popular hymn writer and is credited with some 750 hymns. He is recognized as the "Godfather of English Hymnody"; many of his hymns remain in use today and have been translated into numerous languages.

I read up on Isaac and his Southampton connection, but what really intrigued me was his contribution to William Blake's work, and thus Jim Morrison.

A couple of years ago, when I was researching Southampton statues, I formulated an hypothesis(sic). 

I determined that either we left nothing or kept everything, with respect to Statues.

Back in those heady days of 2018 or maybe 17, I thought let's keep them all. Even the genocider and well expensed.... Winnie sodomized cadets at Sandhurst, Churchill.

I've changed my mind.

Tear them all down. 

They are an obscenity to the study of history.

... wait, they are an obscenity to historians too.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Do Thoughts Of Aliens Trouble Us?

David Icke... but in this instance support. Absolutely

I've been following Clif High for 9 years.

The early years were like podcasts on crack.

Particularly when his webbots picked up that a famous female politician was about to die.

"Who could that be?", "Who could that be?", "Who could that be?"

I demanded of myself in a surly manner.

Margaret Thatcher died a week later.

The webbots also picked up the Occupy protests, but because they are interpretive, Clif described it as people refusing to pay their mortgages and occupying their houses.

In the above presentation of the series critical thinking, that I've been following, I think he's back to doing some of his best forecasting.

We well see.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

"Брат-2" с английскими субтитрами | "Brother-2" with English Subtitles

Брат-2 с английскими субтитрами _ Brother-2 with english subtitles from Vitalii Nekrasov on Vimeo.

My good Russian friend recommended this movie, and as he has never done that before, I gave it a go. I do that with all friends, which is why you've been seeing some write ups for Westerns of late. Not my genre, but entertaining to see it through other people's eyes.

This movie is well worth it if you like violent movies and it's available above in full on Youtube.

Ordinarily I switch off movies that fetishise shooting, because it's cheesy and unappealing for me, but as it's a Russian movie I persisted. A subtitled movie is usually a better bet for keeping my interest.

The main character in Brother 2 looks nothing like a trained killer, adolescent even, but that doesn't take away from his compelling performance. A really quality understated portrayal.

The movie is set in Moscow and Chicago and gives us a real flavour of criminal life as seen through the eyes of a foreigner, fresh on the streets of the United States (however long that is going to last at present).

Hollywood is largely responsible for the portrayal of different countries in a stereotypical manner. It's better now than it used to be, but watch The World of Suzie Wong to see the most excruciating of Occidental views of the Orient.

It's this movie's ability to get a sense of Chicago (home to Obama as he was being groomed for President by alphabet agencies and other parties, that we don't know their names.), which separates it from a domestic POV.

Every informed person knows the weekly murder rate in Chicago is the highest in the country, and is befitting for the adopted City of Barry Soetoro the cut out president.

There's some gruesome scenes in this movie. DIY guns exploding in sensitive places, rape porn being watched by the fat controller of a night-time establishment, and some excellent guns, which paradoxically I have slight fetish for, as design is often superb and obviously killing looters, rioters and violent thugs is quite topical as the scripted decline of the USA plays out in real life.

If you're confused by what's going on Stateside right now, you can see the recipe was created decades ago.

Watching this movie will help, but as you can see from my friends message, there's a lot more depth there, then I picked up on.

Update: The video has been disabled the day after I post it. It can still be watched within the Youtube environment, I believe.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Are The EU & Bill Gates A Malignant Tumour?

Is the EU and then World Health Organisation, a malignant tumour? 

On the surface it's a happy clappy work-in-progress, but aside from being run by unelected bureaucrats... it is militarily aligned with NATO which is responsible for some of the worst human atrocities of the last few decades. Those who think an EU super army will do differently probably need to do some research on the child abuse victims in Brussels where senior EU and NATO officials reside and practice their occult beliefs.

However for me the obvious blindness of EU fans is the crushing austerity imposed on Greece, Spain and Portugal. Neoliberal economics is a cancer and those who are invested in trivial pursuits such as gender fluidity identity issues are so hopelessly lost among the bombs abroad and the hungry families at home they fail to see the grotesque nature of the ideology they side with.

Last and most telling about the remain crowd is their fervent support for EU human rights.

Only thing is, the EU ignored those same human rights when it came to smashing the faces in of the Catalans. Show me one pro EU person who objected to the violence imposed on these people. 
Just one. 

Do I have one pro EU person in my nearly 5000 connections and whatever number of followers who can stand up and say they are consistent in their value set?

The comments are open.

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Shenandoah - 1965

I'm not into Western movies, per se, but if I ask a friend what their favourite movie is, and I know nothing about it, I'll give it a try.

This is actually a civil war movie,  about a wholesome widower's family played by the great James Stewart, who to my knowledge led an exemplary life with very little scandal in his movie making career.

The wholesomeness is mirrored in the movie by Charlie Anderson, played by Stewart. His large family of mostly sons and two daughters, are often occupied with life on their somewhat large farm.

The civil war eventually intrudes on their lives, with pressure to co-opt the sons into the advancing Confederate army, and some tough lines are to be drawn.

A movie like this can never be made now as the 'you're either with us, or against us' mentality has pervaded all of Hollywood's output with respect to war mongering.

Friday 5 June 2020

Reader's comment. Opinions welcome 👍

I saw this video myself, came across it online and I have seen a few of the guys other videos throughout the lockdown, not sure what to make of the guy himself, he seems a little slick but what he’s saying is certainly hitting home and his content is factual. There is 100% a script the leaders are are following globally they all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet, this is not surprising considering the last 2 decades and more have been spent overthrowing governments, intalling central banks and puppet governments in all countries which were not cabal controlled. Has the goal of ‘one world government’ already been achieved? Probably, if not they are not far off now but they like to give the impression we have independent countries and leaders. The… I watched the 5pm boris briefing yesterday and was surprised to hear him say he will be working closely with bill Gates at a vaccine summit and they will be delivering vaccines to Africa firstly.

[09:41, 04/06/2020]: This means they are now beginning the vaccine narrative again and using the 3rd world as a starting point to administer them, which is what they have always done, start where they will get the least resistance. The question is what’s in the vaccine?? I believe this is where it ties in to the luciferian agenda, I believe there will be a dna changing substance and nanotechnology which will allow us to be lit up inside and tracked by the 5g tech but also begin to connect us to the tech and AI changing our body’s making us gender less and allowing our brains to be manipulated and susceptible to thoughts and emotions recieved. We will basically be controlled our thoughts and behaviours more easily controlled over time.

[10:14, 04/06/2020] : When it comes to the are they human question I feel they are probably not. I think there is a vampiric consciousness that understand how to harness and harvest energy. I think the forces that control this reality use our energy and feed of it to manifest their false reality. So many things are set up to harvest energy, religions, music, media, large scale events like music festivals are set up in such a ritualistic way to harvest energy from the crowds even cinemas are set up in this way. They don’t care what religion you follow as long as you follow and give your energy to one of them, they don’t care wether you cheer or boo for a cause just that you do it strongly and passionately and I believe it’s the same thing with this pandemic and the riots, thes…

[10:15, 04/06/2020] : Don’t let outside forces manipulate and control you. This is still possible, hard but possible, the moment we allow ourselves to be connected to AI it will become impossible as we won’t be in control of our own thoughts and emotions which is why they want it so badly. Just my two pence worth.

[19:24, 04/06/2020] Charles Edward Frith: can i publish this post? I'll keep it anonymous. it's great #writing 👍

Wednesday 3 June 2020


I'm unsure if I'm publishing information that has any impact on people who don't question the VIRUS. I have very healthy support for my views on this synthetic and manufactured crisis in social media and real life, but it's not these people I'm trying to inform and persuade.

It's the people who have bought into the drill, and are now living in fear with masks and distancing, are eager to be vaccinated and welcome contact tracing, that I wish to persuade.

I do get the feeling that quite a few more people than before are receptive to alternative information, but it appears that they are unable to express themselves in the public domain such as on social media.

The VIRUS-SCARE™ lockdown is in my view nearly over. However we still have invasive and pernicious government policies, such as mandatory vaccines (brain damage) and contact tracing; the ultimate snoop-snitch model for a police state.

The video above is by a nurse who is extremely red pilled considering they are paid to conform, not challenge.

Please let me know if you have any opinions in the comments. 

I'm interested in all points of view.