Saturday 31 August 2013

Saturday 24 August 2013

Black Hawk Down

On Thursday we came up to Chiang Mai to do a bunch of stuff including checking out the remote controlled drone helicopter that we have bought and strapped a high definition camera to the undercarriage.

I think the shots look stunning and yes that's me in my cowboy hat on the porch hoping the video will get the mountain range behind. Truly stunning scenery.

Not long after taking this shot i grabbed an iPad and took it for a walk around the grounds to capture the place on video. I heard a scream and turning round saw the helicopter plummet into a tree whipping the leaves with its six rotor blades and landing rotorless on the ground.

Anyway we're having some more blades sent up from Bangkok on the Pony Express and with a bit of luck we'll be back in action to shoot that porn.. I mean exotic holiday movie we've come up here to do.

We call it Villa Life

Here's an ad I wrote to explain why it kicks ass compared to dull hotels which are actually much more expensive than if you get a group together in a Villa.

What Sort Of Chap Is Jan Irvin of @GnosticMedia ?

I've said before that there is some ambiguity about Terence McKenna's work for the CIA or FBI. 

Unlike Jan Irvin I think Jim Morrison's "The End" is no more important than "Love Street".

While airing my views on Facebook Jan Irvin lost the plot and started attacking me with vulgar language and threats privately in direct messages. Unbeknownst to him I was cutting and pasting his hollow abuse into the public forum until he realized what I was doing and blocked me for telling the truth. 

A topic he claims he has a stranglehold on when not relying on ad hominem attacks

LOL if you're into the toilet end of silent laughs tapped out on keyboards....

Friday 23 August 2013

Transcending The Dualistic Mind - Dr John E. Mack - Harvard Professor of Psychology

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A must listen if you're into top notch brains talking about weird fucking shit.

Monday 19 August 2013

Bankrupt America Steals Germany's Gold

The US and the UK are  bankrupt. The only reason the dollar is used is because the Anglo American alliance uses violence when countries reject their mickey mouse greenback like Libya did.

The Federal Reserve doesn't even have the Gold that was put in 'safe storage' by the American's after the war. It's theft and they've spunked it on paranoid visions of global terror. 

That's another fairy tale story that is beginning to fall apart.

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Citizens Arrest Of Google Car - Accused Of Spying

A Google Maps camera car was prevented from passing through a village in northern Thailand yesterday because the residents suspected the vehicle's driver of being a spy.

Dephrom Fufong, a 27-year-old Chiang Mai man, was briefly detained for interrogation when he drove his camera-mounted Google car into Phrae’s Song district. 

The villagers thought that the government had sent the car to survey the neighborhood for a controversial dam project, which has reached a stalemate as local residents strongly oppose its construction.

Dephrom was forced to swear in front of a Buddha image at the village temple that he had not shot anything in the area. He was then asked to leave.

Dephrom said he was given a letter issued by the village head outlining why Google wasn’t allowed to show the area on its Google Street View service, Mthai reported.

Monday 12 August 2013

@Maddow Soaks It Up For The Establishment

Ultimately Rachel Maddow is a self-necrotizing establishment shill for the Pentagon. You may like her auto-cue reading recommendations for 9/11 such as the widely ridiculed 9/11 commission report and the 'easy to read' official comic book produced for brain damaged corporate media consumers. 

You might even not want to know the evidence if you're too busy with sports and celebrities to do the real work.

I find Rachel's (where have I heard that name before?) inability to criticize the warmongering Pentagon and the genocidal Zionists as obnoxious as anything FOX news pumps out.

I know people who love her. 

I think they're just as feeble minded as those who lap up the vomit Sarah Palin or Bill O'Reilly spit out on Murdoch's right wing propaganda channels.

Sunday 11 August 2013

The Australian Sarah Palin

 photo Imcuterthanyall_zps76f88dcb.gif

Australia's answer to Sarah Palin, Stephanie Banister bungles it big time. Sadly this will get more media exposure than say David Cameron selling arms to Al Qaida in Syria and making light of it in the house of commons when George Galloway asked him about it during Prime Ministers question time. 

He mocked him and the British people lost another ounce of common sense and a golden opportunity to see the light. 

Stephanie here confuses Judaism which rejects Jesus with Islam which sees Jesus as a prophet.

Thursday 8 August 2013

The Artist Taxi Driver Interviews George Galloway

 photo mousetrap_zps9d7ed88a.gif

My only regret with George Galloway is he underestimates the synthetic dynamics of the Arab Spring and hasn't called out the 9/11 fiction. Neither has the Artist Taxi Driver who rudely cuts George off from answering the most profound question of our time. 

Is it worth it?

The answer is yes.

Tuesday 6 August 2013


 photo nasa_zps829501b0.gif

The extended trailer for the forthcoming movie Gravity is worth a look. It's like 2001 Space Odyssey with exploding Hollywood popcorn. There's something deeply mysterious about space. Well to me there is.

Reptilian Caught Hissing On Live TV

 photo reptilianfunny_zps91697314.gif

The Reptilian subject cracks me up these days.

Sunday 4 August 2013

The League of Arab Zombies | The Arab Traitors

As long as the House of Saud is the franchise holder for the city of Mecca there's an open festering wound in the heart of Islam. Like the management of both the Vatican and Jerusalem they defile the purpose of religion and those least able to see it are the religious.

Of course Saudi Arabia are an installed regime by the Western powers. There's even good cause to question if the despicable House of Saud (with their degenerate lives) are Crypto Zionists because both Saudi and Israel have such an unbelievably tight relationship.

However drilling down further into the vultures circling over Syria we have a Sunni majority clustered around the Western backed Petromonarchies. In principle the dandier looking Arabs in 'Prada' Sheik gear with white turbans and robes are, by and large the most corrupt element of Islam. They are happy to murder the Shiite minority to save their own necks.

Shame on them for propping up a world of violence. 

Shame on the West for thinking so short term. 

Shame on Israel for forgetting within half a century that they too were once victimized. 

Shame on you all.

Saturday 3 August 2013

The History of SEO

I'm spending a lot more time on SEO these days. This new presentation is a good history of the topic and even though it's a hundred slides it can be read in ten minutes. Maybe twenty if you're not a fast reader.

Friday 2 August 2013

American Ninja Warrior - Not All TV Is Evil

I'm horrified by the toxic corporate news media and violence on TV. They program people to tolerate as normal the unacceptable. For two years I've been pointing out that London, D.C, Tel Aviv and Saudi have been bleeding Syria dry, using Al Qaeda for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with promoting democracy.

Most people haven't noticed the media narrative changing in Syria because as long as their comfortable living is maintained what does it matter if MI6 and the CIA destabilized the country to let the psychopaths in and break it up.

However, I had the good fortune to watch more TV than I've seen in years a few nights ago and it was great fun. 

The series is called American Ninja Warrior and if we excuse the two douche bag hosts with botox driven commentary I was reminded that Americans can be among the best and most liked people in the world. All the contestants were fabulous and watching them going through their paces was good entertainment.

It's important to spot the poison on TV but equally it's only fair to point out when it does something right.