Friday 17 January 2020

Will Ever Do? 1985

"Band on the run" di Paul McCartney, album completo (full ...

Some like, some not-see. 

Some see 11, and some not.

Number 9, number 9 (number 9)


Update: Dear Mr Williams, we thank you for your service and opening up our eye to so much more than we ever expected. I will try to replicate my deleted post from your amazing research group.

All three are occultists.

Not all of them saw the load area of Jimmy Savile's van and name it as their top ten experience. Back in the day.


Or is Freud in on it?

Sunday 12 January 2020

Is Prince Andrew A Goat

Not so comfortable with the numerology but what is said (I've cued it up for you) could bring a parasitic class down. Most want a quiet life but change requires us to prepare for discomfort not continued ignorance.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Is Conflating DRAG QUEENS With Transgenderism A Sex Crime?

This New Years Eve presentation with Posie Parker (deplatformed on Twitter) is a belter. 

Now we know that the transgender-agenda is pure Tavistock we can see they were planning it as far back as the Rocky Horror picture show for social engineering.

The things is, a Transsexual is not a DRAG QUEEN yet they conflated them in the musical. 

So that's why you have pantomime drag queens in your kids libraries.

BTW have you seen my 11:11 post?

It's getting some heavy traffic.

Saturday 4 January 2020

Mandela Effect Thesis

Years ago I was accused with howls of rage from the masses, of being a conspiracy theorist when I stated that Saudi Arabia and Israel were the same business entity. Nobody questions that now, but equally nobody gives me credit either.

Another example is that I concluded Jimmy Savile worked for the intelligence services such as MI5, MI6 (SIS) by studying his life and how he boasted. It's just logic if you can dispense with programming.

As my work is censored it makes sense to use the edit function. 

I claim that Q is using looking glass technology and explaining multiple worlds theory which has been used on the human race, to keep us ignorant of our real identity.

The logic is as follows: I asked myself why the Mandela Effect never cocked up spreadsheets used to confirm orders and deliveries billions of times a day?

The Mandela Effect is teaching us. Do you know who wore braces in the Bond Movie?

Do you know who else really loved braces on young girls?

Do you really know?

Use logic.

I beg your pardon. The many worlds... is actually an interpretation, next thing you know it will be gospel 😎