Friday 26 November 2021

Hey Charles...

I had to do some digital back-flips to get the pornography screenshots posted without someone looking for a stray clitoris to blame. 

The post isn't finished yet. There's no rush.

Sunday 21 November 2021

Use Logic

On the right side of the split image, are Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton, from their time in the Whitehouse around 1998. I verified this by using an image provenance search engine.

It is self evident (even when factoring in human 'shrinking' over 20 years), that they're not the same couple. I can't say William Jefferson Clinton is a different guy. I've yet to see any evidence of that, but HRC is possibly-maybe either executed  on Gitmo or awaiting a military tribunal, either way the original is toast.

Their status emerged partially through the Southern District of New York (SDNY) with respect to the emails between Hillary's right hand woman Huma Abedin, wife of former New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner. 

He's the guy who was sentenced to prison for sexting pics of his well endowed penis to three women including a 15 year old young girl, with one image of his 4 year old son in the background.

I can assure you this is so mild and innocuous at their level, it's barely worth a mention, as anyone who protects the top level of elites knows full well.

The darker side of this story was stored in a folder on his laptop called life insurance. The sine qua non of the 21st century is the ever present reminder of a golden age of corruption coupled with a synthetic civilisation, largely enforced through power incentives, and blackmail of a sexual and heinous nature against children, with adrenochrome being just one angle of the sales funnel, to use language we all understand.

I've deliberated for some months or so, on whether to publish the image of Huma below, as it's not fair on her. I don't know the context of the photograph; it could have been taken by her husband. She could also be off her face on adrenochrome or willingly letting herself be photographed so that her protection is guaranteed.

That's standard operational procedure. Bill Clinton was close to Bush senior but he once complained 'did you have to film me'. I've heard the exact same complaint made by a British MP who was chided by a companion who exclaimed, 'who cares' they're never going to use it and we still get everything we want if we play ball.. or words to that effect.

I've always found Huma exceptionally attractive for a political operator so my judgement is biased, but the image above is verifiably new in the public domain, and part of the drip-feed-disclosure that demonstrates the blackmail game is changing. I'm also proving the Joe Biden (not sleepy Joe), leaked image below, so more context and pattern is at your disposal, enabling you to make decisions based on your own judgement and access to information.

Once again, the hapless, but dangerously vicious AIPAC bagman Joe Biden, Barack Obama's VP for eight years, is not the President of the United States. That guy was craftily nicknamed Sleepy Joe by President Donald Trump, when the switch took place, and is a construct I'm too far down the food chain to know the granular details of.

I do have reliable sources who use logic when presenting classified information for public consumption. It took me years to understand Hillary collapsing on the 9/11 anniversary event, because what we were being shown a contrived affair, to teach us how the doppelgänger machinery-works behind the scenes.

I'm quite slow. Each time I think I've got at least 66.6% right, a new fact emerges changing everything.

For example, it took me about five years too integrate what the MK-Ultra information means when deployed over multigenerational family-lines, including illegitimate children and convergent bloodline strategies. I literally had a BING moment and my mind was irreversibly bent out of shape to adapt to the consequences of the new knowledge. I'd underestimated what others could do with a tool that, as I learned its functionality, left me nauseous and sick in my stomach for days, with grief and despair. The people who actually use it, jerk-off on the power it bestows on them. They actively seek to outdo each others evilness, to prove their credentials and rise higher in the networkIt makes them happy. The greater the suffering and diabolical wickedness (evil with intent), the more powerful they become. It is also quite competitive as the Guggenheim, Strauss and Astor families know. but can't say [Omerta].

John Taylor Gatto, taught us the Trivium was removed from education in order to prevent pupils and students from both understanding logic and more importantly wielding it in civilised problem-solving and discourse.

I'm not particularly clever at all, because as anyone who knows me can testify, I can barely recall what I did minutes, hours or days before. This is not false modesty. I have a number of handicaps and many are indistinguishable from being dull witted or just plain stupid.

Nature though, has a way of compensating for blindness. With many blind people, a sharp improvement in the remaining senses is well documented. I'm not literally blind, I just don't see a lot of what others find impossible to ignore.

It has its own power.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Is The Relationship Between Pornography & MK ULTRA Confirmed?

This has been in draft for so long (2016) that one of the digital clippings had to be removed, and one needed some masking as the person is internationally well known.

It took nearly five years to realise how problematic things actually were.