Thursday 31 March 2016


When the world's finest vaccine specialist is corroborated by a CDC director the only people left defending the MMR Vaccine Autism link are those dependant on the discredited corporate media. Huge money is behind everything rotten and it is your duty to learn this subject before your children are left damaged for life.

700 Years Banking Cabal by William Stuart

Probably one of the finest and most authorative interviews on the history of banksters I've listened to. A must listen.

Smart Phones. Not So Smart People

David Cameron's Illegal & Secret 1989 S. Africa Nuclear Arms Deal

What I like about this story is it adds some nuance to the David Kelly story. Clearly he was capable of sitting down with the devil before he stood up to the devil and paid for it with his life. Consumers of mass media will ignore this story but people interested in reality will see it confirms Cameron's status as a crook and highly gifted actor.

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews MK Ultra Zoe

We know from the Church and Rockefeller commissions of the 70's that the CIA were pumping out mind controlled people at an industrial scale. Over 40 Institutions including Universities and Hospitals were doing the testing of different sub projects alone.

Couple this with the repeated testimony of the NSA, Military, NASA programme survivors who talk about assembly line production of babies in electro shock cages to keep the infants permanently dissociated and we might be getting closer to the question of why so many people are diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Identity Disorders in the US alone.

All the world is a stage.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUn...

The Big Pharma vaccine shills I noticed on Twitter mentioned earlier have all backed off. Well you're too late. I've put a a solid amount of work into studying the subject and I intend to make sure that as many people as I can are informed of the compelling professional medical testimony and evidence of fraudulent data.

Not only that but I'm reconnecting with people I know are better informed than me and will be encouraging them to get back into the fight for what is easily one of the most pernicious assaults on human health.

To be clear again. I'm not against all vaccines but it's undeniable which ones are being peddled for profits or even more malicious intentions. I leave it to you to determine which toxins you feel comfortable being pushed under your skin.

Bradley R. Smith - Historian

If you want to have an easy life the last thing you should do is challenge the central taboo of our time which is holocaust inflation. This is the obscene satisfaction that the demonstrably false 6 million corpses is far superior and preferable to the more accurate  and human loving 500,000 figure. 

Naturally nobody dies to deserve in prison camps doing hard labour but to exploit a story and use it as defense for crushing free intellectual inquiry is a double obscenity that no right thinking person can defend.

Bradley R Smith's entire body shook the first time he was handed a leaflet on the subject and was close to throwing it in the bin he was so outraged. However, he put it in his pocket and the rest is history.

In this interview he calmly explains the link between the holocaust being used to commit genocide on the Palestinians. That deception has now been broken forever as even the Ziomedia narrative is no longer trusted, and in time the full deception will be internalized by all who have a high regard for the dangerous and unspeakable truth.

Bradley R Smith recently died and unlike holocaust bottom feeders and opportunistic narrative parasites such as Danny Finkelstein and Marko Attila Hoare, his words ring with the unmistakable cadence and respect for veracity.

VAXXED: If You Educate Yourself With One 10 Minute Interview This Is It

I've known about the CDC whistleblower for sometime and when my learned friend Sydney from Australia referenced it I knew it was credible. However now a film has been made and a top producer of health programmes in the States is being censored for telling the truth. Big Pharma is faking data to poison children. You owe it to yourself and your family to watch this 10 minute interview and then commence researching the subject yourself.

Vaccines -The Truth Behind Vaccines

Vaccines were not a huge topic for me. I know which ones I trust and I know the ones I absolutely would refuse for me and my family. Any attempts by others to force inject them, would entitle me to put a needle and inject it in those who proselytize those fast tracked drugs like Gardasil which was on a four year trial and released in 18 months by the most powerful lobby on the planet. The pharmaceutical lobby.

Watch this compilation documentary of professionals who at risk of their careers highlight the poisons being peddled by big pharma.

It was only on Twitter recently that I realised when touching on this subject the response was so large and uniform that I realised Big Pharma is hiring corporate shills to drive down any questions of vaccines. This is the first warning of a hazardous deceit taking place. Paying people to control the conversation.

Monday 28 March 2016

2 min with Sean Stephenson | Doesn't says any word | Check it out

Saudi Arabia Uncovered - ITV


As ever the British government are fully complicit in the brutal violence that constitutes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not only do they sponsor all the terrorism but our government pretends it must be allies with them for the intelligence they provide.

This is the obnoxious lie that props up the pseudo reality spewed by British politicians and the Zionist controlled media.

Wikileaks: Clinton/Rothschild Relationship Exposed

The Rothschilds are desperate to get their Zionist puppet Hillary Clinton into power. It's fair to say whatever faction Barack Obama represents, (and they're just as scummy), it's probably not a Rothschild backed one.

Paul Freedman, "European Slavery and Serfdom in the Middle Ages"

Professor Freedman's Yale Lectures on the early middle ages are among the finest on the internet. He's likable, modest and conveys a lot of information in his densely packed lectures.

Thursday 24 March 2016

Solving 9/11 2016 with Christopher Bollyn- Hagerstown MD Jan 28, 2016

Christopher Bollyn's only weakness is all too often evident with top 9/11 researchers. He is incapable of recognising other people's work and being generous about paying respect to them as indeed they are miserly to him. 

However his work is largely solid though he has a clear flaw in relying on nano-thermite as a singular cause.

The diagonal cuts on the steel box beams of the WTC are an oxymoron with the ability of nanothermite to disintegrate the beams entirely. Either they they fell on top of each other (enhanced pancake theory) or were blown up stage by stage. There is no need for diagonal cuts and furthermore I suspect those diagonal slices may have been done after 9/11 to remove wreckage.

Lastly all the top researchers dismiss Dr Judy Woods work and it's clear that what took place on that day cannot be entirely explained by traditional physics. Unlike these swelling egos I consume everyone's work and can synthesize simple propositions like:

"Maybe three or more methodologies were used to destroy the Twin Towers"

I'm confident my analysis will be proven correct in the future. I'm also more interested in naming the perpetrators and on this point Mr Bollyn is the strongest.

Monday 21 March 2016

Jacob Cohen - How Zionists Used Anti Semitic Attacks To Populate Israel

Jacob Cohen is a Moroccan Jew who as a young man was invited to join a Zionist secret society. It was in this time as a young man in the 50's he learned how the Zionists created waves of clandestine violence against the Moroccan Jewish ghettos in order to drive immigration into the newly established Spartan state of Israel.

The same tactics were used in 1939 Germany and led to the holocaust. In this respect Zionism is a key driver of the death and persecution of Jews. In this stunning interview he talks about the Sayanim network which is a de facto global army of Zionist assets who collaborate with Mossad in everything from false flag attacks like 9/11 and The Lavon Affair.

He also talks about the manufacture of holocaust inflation in the 70's, a subject that had no name in the 50's and was synthesized into an episode that is now the primary hammer of emotional leverage against the transatlantic world.

Space Honk

Sunday 20 March 2016

Illuminati MK-ULTRA Survivor Elisa A & Use of Demonic Alters

As fantastic as it sounds a standard trauma based mind control programmer will be familiar with programming in demonic entities. If anyone out there knows how to get the film of this programming taking place, ie torturing children and programming the alters through the use of occult practises I'd like to share it so consumers can see that irrespective of whether they believe in it, the practise takes place. I know it's been filmed. Someone out there needs to get that video to me. I know how to share it.

Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers

Mark Passio is a reformed Satanist and understands the close relationship between the power elite/illuminati and Satanic Ritual Abuse and occultism. As far fetched as it might sound I've done more research than the pseudo sceptic cockroaches, so keep giggling and climb back into your hole if you're not prepared to debate me  online (or real life) and recorded.

A Conversation About Reality - My Dinner with Andre

Thursday 17 March 2016

The Obnoxious Anti Semitism of @TonyGreenstein

Academic Tony Greenstein is the kind of person who claims to be a Palestinian activist but has a cowardly propensity to throw around the anti Semitism calumny. Couple this with his inability to check simple facts and the conclusion is self evident. (It is I who is Semitic not Mr Greenstein)

The reality of the Zionist project is a de facto conspiracy by the parasitical banking dynasty Rothschilds to divide humanity. This is not only detailed in their own archives before Theodor Herzl was hired by them, but also in newspapers from long before the official records claim.

The likes of Tony Greenstein are so far entrenched in their own pseudo reality they simply lack the backbone, courage and intellectual rigor to learn how deep the conspiracy tunnels through our collective history.

There will be no apology forthcoming from Greenstein, and you can rest assured his indignant self righteousness will continue as is normal with apologists for an obvious carcinogenic ideology on the human species. 

The tumour called Rothschild Zionism.

Update: Tony has a conviction for credit card fraud and other misdemeanours.

US subsidizes Fethullah Gülen Extremist Madrassas: Former NATO commander

General Wesley Clarke claims Turkey want to extradite Fethullah Gulen but the fact is he works for the CIA channeling Billions of dollars into extremist Islamist schools so the war on terror can be kept going for ever. 

Those who wish to explore the subject may want to study the Boiling Frogs material on this topic.

David Bowie Life in Thailand : Serious Moonlight Tour 1983

I can't get enough of these vintage Bangkok videos. They remind me of when I first came to Thailand and it was exotic, chaotic and gritty. It's still there of course but only in pockets of Bangkok as Thailand adopts mass consumerism and turns into pretty much anywhere else in the world. Still it was fun while it lasted and I'm grateful to have experienced it. 

It is however time to move on.

What a testimony to David Bowie that he made a short film while on tour.

Back To The Future Movie Series & The Occult (2016 Version)

This follows on from a previous "Back to the Future" post and isn't for people unfamiliar with foreshadowing, Predictive programming, symbolism, Masonic Zionism and so forth.

I particularly liked the hardcore Trump analysis at the end although I'm not sure if it is connected unlike the 9/11 symbolism.