Monday, 24 January 2022

The Juice & Booster-Juice - They Make You Sick

In terms of health, maybe even saving lives, this is the most important post I've ever had to do. If you've had or are thinking of having the Maxine, or let's put it another way, if you've been Maxinated, or are thinking of a booster Maxine, I urge you, I implore you to take two minutes out of your day and watch the two video clips above [Press Play Twice]

The first is an American health professional on FOX news. 

The second clip is from a new British TV channel GB News, but as I haven't had a television since 2006, you'll probably be more informed about their credentials than I.

The good news is that while many of you have been reluctant to look into the VAERS and CDC data on the Maxine efficacy, many of us have been researching the best way to cleanse the body of those spike proteins and graphene hydroxide molecules. That's information I will add to this post, or create another post as this will be heavily cxnsorxd on social media shares. We also have the different Maxine batch data so you can look at your medical card and find out how urgent it is for you or your loved ones.

There's a tendency for Maxinated people to lash out and get angry with the unMaxinated. Yeah I get it, but I didn't sell the poison, and under very difficult, sometimes deeply upsetting conditions, I just tried to get the information out.

If you have children who have been Maxinated and you still refuse to look at the two video clips above, I will personally punch your lights out should I find out.

They had no choice.

You did.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Disinformation is Necessary

This pertains to the previous post, apropos or not? 😎

What is the reverse of 'saving last'?