Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Left And Their Endless Morality Hibernation

I have no great hopes in Donny Tiny Hands. He will have to pick a fight with Iran, Russia, Syria or China because the war machine runs the US. However the infinite hypocrisy of the left who have remained silent on Obama's love bombs while gobbling up the false propaganda to justify the death of hundreds of thousands in the last eight years is self evident to the mature thinker who has the courage to call out right from wrong wherever it comes from. I hope the left and the right destroy each other. You're all discredited.

Obama & The Left: A Legacy of Ashes

Right now the fake-left and wingnut right are at each other's throats and it's brilliant.

After carefully paying their mortgages for the last 8 years and not having an opinion on anything worthwhile, the neoliberal corporate left are going spastic at the thought of Donny Tiny Hands banning the same people that Obama bombed.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to people being complete douchebag cowards on the warmongering satanists paedophiles that run things but my best guess is they are simply keeping their head below the parapet until their beloved corporate media tells them to be outraged. And oh boy is their superficial outrage in top gear right now.

I encourage both sides to escalate the violence. You are both inconsequential and merely tools of the kakistocracy, lining your own pockets at every opportunity and never having an opinion that cost a dime. Triviality is amusing but it doesn't last.

Palestine, the child abuse network, bombing Syria, Libya and Yemen. These are the issues that separate those who work for the machine and those who are working to build a better future.

Monday 16 January 2017

Aliens & World Events | James Gilliland | 10.22.16

James Gilliland has a ranch where he invites people to come and experience UFOs and multidimensional beings for themselves. People I consider reasonably trustworthy who have been there return with a firm conviction that non terrestrial beings or entities (whatever that means) do make their presence felt.

I've known James' work for a number of years and so all I can say is he is consistent, spiritual in his message and a nice guy. I don't feel comfortable with all the language he uses and I think he makes some claims ("my military sources") that he can't back up, but you make your own mind up.

America's MIA Children

New information I hadn't come across before, that I watched over the weekend. Powerful and compelling for the researchers interested in reality.

Gerald Clark Geneaology of the Gods

Interesting presentation by Gerald Clark if like me you're overloading on the information that is spilling out currently on real life events. Though that isn't to say the genetic manipulation of human DNA isn't credible. In many ways it makes perfect sense.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Crrow | Conspiracies, Space Lies, & Constructs

I don't completely agree with Crrow777's theses as I've never had the chance to ask him the questions his statements provoke. However in terms of curiosity and credible, interesting and substantantive conclusions he's the closest to my own thinking on many subjects.

The certain mind is the lost mind. Belief is the enemy of knowing. This interview is a corker.

Glenn Greenwald Confirms CIA Bias Against Trump, BBC Loses It

Fake Intelligence Agencies, Fake News, Fake Media, Fake Stories and we're rapidly approaching that point where the CIA will actually drop a truth bomb to regain any credibility and nobody will believe them. Google "ISIS CIA Jordan" for shits and giggles.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Wild Things - Trailer Official HD

Wild Things with Matt Dillon starts off sophisticatedly with panoramic Florida Everglades photography and then gets very sexy before kind of dissolving into a farce where the plot makes no sense apart from unraveling at any opportunity it can.

What I did notice was the parallels between Jeffrey Epstein and Mr Lombardo played by Matt Dillon. Here we have a person in a position of trust using girls from a lower class Miami neighborhood, and then, subject to the anger of upper class residents of say Palm Beach where it all fell apart for Epstein, Ehud Barak and Alan Dershowitz for those who are still too dim to figure out it was a Mossad honey trap set in the US that ensnared dirty Prince Andrew, possibly Trump and definitely the Clintons... among others.

F. William Engdahl - What is happening in the world?

For grown ups and adults who can hold a mature conversation based on logic and documented Information. This is not for superficial or glib types.

Sunday 8 January 2017

David Cameron On Black Mirror

Targeted Individual Scatter Frequency

A friend of mine I've known for 20 plus years has been a Targeted Individual for the last 12-18 months. In addition to the usual gang stalking she subsequently acquired Voice to Skull harassment. 

This Scatter Frequency works well for her so I'm sharing it. I'd never heard of this solution before but I"m very happy that it exists.

Saturday 7 January 2017

Bob Woodward - Media Paedophile #PizzaGate

I've been writing for some time in various channels that the most protected paedophile network is the media paedophile network. I've never cared for the official narrative about the Watergate Scandal on the basis that the MSM never peddles anything or is outraged big-time unless it's part of their owners agenda. 

I've also written back in 2012 that I knew that Bob Woodward was working for ONI during Watergate which was really just another coup d'etat to get Nixon out as he was pulling moves the NWO didn't like (Detente, Peking Visit).

Today is the day I learned that Bob Woodward was directly involved with little boys at the Reagan/Bush Sr Whitehouse during the Franklin Scandal. I did a quick search and it seems the information has been out there for some time.

Update - Original video censored. Replacement largely unrelated to original.

Thursday 5 January 2017

Facebook Is Right - Pussy Riot Are Obscene

I've been criticizing Pussy Riot and their Talmudic inspired sisters Femen since they came out. Please read this post. So I agree with Facebook, they are obscene and that was the nature of my post on FB that has been removed and for which I'm facing a 24 hour ban.

What I'm curious about is this particular post is months old if not years which means someone has gone through my timeline looking for an image to report. This is how my 40,000, 8-10 Million monthly reach Twitter account was initially targeted leading to a permanent suspension. I anticipate this corporate media censorship will lead to those eternal truths about 9/11 and so much more being no longer permissible discussion.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

#pizzagate: A Primer

The best investigative work on PizzaGate has been removed from Youtube but this new one by Marty Leeds is robust. I don't agree with all the conclusions or questions raised but I think even the most sceptical person should be angry at this summary.

Monday 2 January 2017

Douglas Valentine

Sadly Douglas Valentine is too old to connect the dots between the CIA's use of child abuse networks and he doesn't even know the White Helmets are a British Military intelligence creation by James Le Mesurier. He vacantly states in a subsequent interview with a New York radio host who is clueless on the international stage, that it's impossible to verify. 

It's not, and he's too old and lazy to open up the playing field of information. Dust Boy was complete fiction. 

Targeted Individual Solutions | CIA Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan FFCHS

Dr Robert Duncan is an ex Deep State guy who while he cannot reveal all he knows has rejected the use of these weapons on unsuspecting individuals. This interview is particularly good and I can tell you I have a close friend who has been targeted in the last 12 to 18 months.

She is persecuted by the most obnoxious and vicious cowards you can possibly think of with voice to skull technology. Sadly we live in a world where few will bother to study instead preferring to parrot the conventional diagnosis which is the same as those who bother to study 9/11 and every other important testimony.

Update: Original video censored. Alternative embedded November 2020

Sunday 1 January 2017

Jiro's Dream of Sushi (English Subtitle)

It's taken me ages to find a download with subtitles (not knowing this one existed on Youtube) but I finally watched this yesterday and it's an extraordinary story of the pursuit of excellence. My only reservations were based around the over fishing of the seas where it seems Jiro and his sons have watched the decline of availability of the top quality produce they need to run their Sushi restaurant.

The only problem is they don't see their own business as contributing to that problem though to be fair it's probably aimed at the Sushi in 7 Eleven business. They also use bicycles when traveling to the fish market.

Creating Babalon, Crowley, Parsons, Hubbard, Sex Rituals and Occult Connections

Superb presentation by Paul Green interviewed by Rex Beard who has to be one of the most enjoyable interviewers on the net. Only one criticism, why would a man (Crowley) who was sensitive and circumspect about his homosexual leanings be open and up front about his child sacrifice experiments? He tried everything else.

As if by magic, my previous mention of why there is no Hollywood movie about Parsons is raised here with an inspired suggestion that Johnny Depp should play Jack.