Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dr Richard Sauder Needs Our Help

Dr Richard Sauder Needs A Helping Hand.

Who Is Richard Sauder?

Richard Sauder PhD is one of those valiant people who has lived a life of service to others, including spells incarcerated for protesting nuclear weapons on US military bases. He took the decision to protest against the military industrial complex even though the odds were stacked against him and despite having a PhD and the choice between an easy life and one of service to others, Dr Sauder took the path his conscience obliged him to pursue. He's on our side.

Why Should We Care?

The reason why we should consider how we can assist Dr Richard Sauder is that his work has been of vital contribution to the parapolitical research community. Richard is the author of the ground breaking scholarly work Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is The Government Trying To Hide? It is a solid academic work of painstaking research and sacrifice to us. It slowly pieces together the technology used in the manufacturing of underground and undersea bases and the bureaucratic paper trail that is left by the military leviathan. These underground bases conceal the most evil and unconscionable acts, far from the eyes of all but the most vetted and financially rewarded servants of the so called breakaway civilisation. 

They devote their lives to acts of pain and suffering to humanity, and their own survival in the event of cataclysmic events, including the very wars their masters plot.

What Has He Done Since?

I've written about Dr. Richard Sauder from time to time on this blog but not so much on his relocation to the arboreal landscape of Quito, Ecuador in South America. Richard has been pursuing a life of conciousness studies through the use of sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca and Malicagua. Through these metaphysical journeys he has been able to feed back to us a clearer picture of who we are and what the challenges we face on this planet.

This includes the mechanized technological efforts to control our species through every spectrum of the mind-control, conciousness-control-levers that the anti-human elements try to throw at us. It was Richard who alerted us to the nature of The Machine long before the NSA whistle-blower scandal confirmed our worst suspicions that everything and anything we say or do is being scooped up, and put in storage for later retrieval to be used against us.

It is Richard who also outlined to us through his Shamanistic journeys the nature of remote control of the human population from satellite technologies and what he identified as artificial intelligence resources that is the iniquitous privilege of those who use our wealth creation efforts to exploit us. With this technology they also keep it from us as it could play a vital contribution towards solving the problems and challenges that our species face after decades, centuries and millennia of exploitation through older models of mind control such as religion and synthetic divide and rule.

Richard's current situation is perilous. His conciousness-exploration research and studies, left him in the hands of a service to self Shaman in Ecuador. This resulted in an experience which he describes as torture and which for legal reasons we are unable to go into. He is trying to resist the drift towards Ayahuasca exploitation in South America by making a stand against the Shaman who took advantage of his trusted position and left Richard in much pain, requiring a period of recuperation in hospital which has allowed him to function as close to normal again. He is now broke.

What can we do to help?

Richard needs money. Lots of it and as quickly as possible. I ask you to consider his work and service to humanity and find a way to reach into your pockets and send him the cash he needs to keep his head above water, pay the medical bills paid and pursue justice for the increasing number of travellers in the South American jungles seeking enlightenment and self growth.

Please email Richard on to get some money to him during this difficult and trying period.

Thank you very much and if donations are not possible, please consider buying his books including the one linked in the second paragraph and here again, or his other book:

Hidden in Plain Sight