Wednesday 27 January 2021

Time Travel Technology

Is it just me, or do other people feel they are experiencing a higher fidelity when looking at processed vintage footage?

The immediate recording above is New Order, 27th June, 1984. My gorgeous mother bought me a ticket for my 17th birthday present. It was my first live performance. 

I'll never forget the audience baying for 'Warsaw' as an encore.

These experiences [for me], are almost as enriching as listening or viewing the recordings, many decades later?

I have shared this information before. [I claim] it's worthy of analysis, particularly because what's around the corner.

Monday 18 January 2021

Audie Murphy - To Hell and Back (1955)

Last year I listened to a story about the most decorated man in WWII, who went on to star in his own film about his life in the military.

By coincidence the topic emerged again, and then last week I popped in to unsocially-distance a friend, and the movie was just starting on the television of the person who had told me the story in the first place.

We watched it together, and although war is not a genre I particularly care for, or enjoy, I got to the end and by then I was marvelling how this little guy (5 foot 5) went from ceaseless war-front bravery to being good enough to act as himself on the big screen.

Well actually some people know that, but even then, most are completely incapable of processing and synthesising the information into other topics such as the Shoah religion or the genocide of a million plus Germans after the war in real prisoner death camps not the work camps (Arbeitslager) that came complete with swimming pools, brothels, theatres and orchestras, but no indoctrination as we can see in any Hollywood movie or Television production.

All sides of the war would never be able to recruit soldiers if the troops knew what we now know. That's why war on a large scale is a discredited rationale for most young people, and many older ones too.

For some years , despite being a huge critic of the Pentagonal Satanic forces, I know most men sacrificed their lives ignorant of the important information and thus are truly courageous even if their efforts were misdirected.

They couldn't get away with it today, but they certainly have pulled the wool over the sheep's eyes on a Scamdemic that could still get much nastier in the future.

This would discredit those who have all the documentation that it was planned in advance.

It does smell more akin to a bioweapon than just the flu right?

Let's see if Biden's dark winter is coming.

Does Taramasalata Freeze

This post isn't my usual blogging fare but I am fascinated with online super-niche questions and then getting some feedback in Google Analytics.

The short answer is yes it does freeze but the thawing process separates any oils or liquids and so the taramasalata or roe pate as our U.S. friends call it requires mixing up again or even better re-blending, if one were to have a dinner party for example.

I probably wouldn't try to freeze taramasalata again and recommend buying it fresh and eating as soon as possible.

Sunday 17 January 2021

Beatriz at Dinner

In the past, I've lamented the lack of really good activist or pro-human movies

Beatriz at Dinner is a rare exception to the prevailing narrative and is a powerful movie starring Salma Hayek who we know in the past has broken the cardinal rule of Hollywood which is to never mention the genocide and land thieving in Palestine by the Israeli colonisers.

I was enjoying the expected tension of a woman's car breaking down and her wealthy massage client insisting she stay for dinner with the kind of people who are so impoverished that they only know how to compare their net worth. 

All this while boasting of their exploits living in a world of extraordinary wealth compared to the ordinary hard working families that prop up much of the rich.

There's an interesting philosophical morality question that flips the script at the end of this terrific movie, and though it didn't catch me by surprise, it did offer a shockingly stark contrast to the gentle Reiki healer, spiritual female and woman who only gives her energy to relieve the pain of others.

I like to point out from time to time that wealth creation is a key driver of human development and I'm fully in favour of that. However, there's a lot of creepy parasites at the top who only know that he who dies with the most toys, wins.