Friday, 20 September 2013

FOX News Interviews Bashar Al Assad

Dennis Kucinich interviews Bashar al-Assad for FOX News with some other dude who has been drinking the corporate media Kool Aid. 

It's a great interview and you should watch it to make your own mind up.

FOX is owned by Murdoch who is developing oil interests with the Rothschilds on the Syrian Golan heights during the conflict. We know the Rockefeller faction are cooling on the Zionists because Brzezinski and Scowcroft have been against going to war while Kissinger has been pulling the strings for it to be dragged out and bleeding Syria to death. This suggests to me that Kissinger baled out on the Rockefeller faction to the Rothschilds (quite some time ago) and Murdoch is playing the two off against each other and cutting a deal in between. 

If it means less dead civilians I can live with that. We can deal with theft later.

If anyone else has a different analysis I'm all ears. I am aware the two factions have a modest mutual partnership but that seems to be a precursor to a potential takeover and not proof of its existence today. 

These people think long term and I've not included others like the Warburgs in this analysis.