Saturday 31 May 2014

Obamas Bisexuality

I really don't have a problem with Obama's bisexuality or even homosexuality assuming those extraordinary (but scientific) claims about Michelle have a shred of truth in them. 

What I do get frustrated by is whether he is being blackmailed by the NSA who we know were tapping his calls long before he even made it to Senator.

Clif High - Web Bots

Clif High's web bots crawl the internet looking for anomalous changes in language that serve as precursors to future events. It sounds bizarre and most of his forecasts haven't yet worked out for me, but I'll never forget that it was his web crawlers that forecast Margaret Thatcher's death and that power outage of a Super Bowl a while back.

He's a really interesting geezer.

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Elliot Rodger - Santa Barbara Hollywood Shooting

It's still too early to know precisely what happened in the Santa Barbara killing. For example the father in the last video above seems to be acting but it may just be his way of dealing with grief.

Unfortunately his grief is questionably overacted anger, and is all directed at guns when we now know that Sandy Hoax was a false flag social engineering event for the same purpose , so Santa Barbara is tainted by the same suspicions given the media slant on it.

The second shooter in the BMW is being erased from the internet now but the video testimony on the first video is not erasable. I've concluded that those who wish to see gun laws changed are uninterested in this evidence. They seem to be already programmed into thinking what others wish them to believe.

Former Australian PM Confirms Israel Bombed USS Liberty Killing 34 US Sailors

In this bombshell interview Australian Ultra Zionist Jon Faine is informed that Israel bombed the USS Liberty in 1967. Last month we had Australia's former Foreign Minister Bob Carr informing us that Israel runs Australia's foreign policy and now we have former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser telling the truth about Israel to a Zionist controlled media that can't report or even internalise reality.

Note how Jon Faine calls it a conspiracy theory. This is a grave insult given that classified documents have now been released confirming the sustained and prolonged attack that killed 34 US sailors. We will not forget those who defamed honourable American sailors to protect their careers through accusations of 'conspiracy theories'.

These are the kind of weak minded men who pick up a Newsweek at the Airport and think it is even close to reality. Oh the irony.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine is a film about a very beautiful but not too bright woman who is married to a fantastically wealthy womaniser, who cheats on her while defrauding his clients. It's made by Woody Allen who has recently been accused of sexual abuse by an adopted daughter.

Gwyneth Paltrow's acting is, as ever, off the charts. She's extraordinary.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Never Forget - The Holocaust Religion

This is the full Ry Dawson interview of David Cole, on how the holocaust religion underpins much of the thought crime tyranny that is taking place. Currently it is illegal to ask questions about the holocaust in quite a few countries, and it seems asking questions about 9/11 and JFK are becoming that way too.

There are very good reasons for asphyxiating free inquiry. The closer we look at the official narratives the more we start to question others.

Chemtrails Discussed at the United Nations for 20 Minutes

Chemtrails are one of those subjects a person has to decide to look up at the sky each day and study any patterns the planes are leaving. It takes a while to spot the difference between chemtrails and contrails but after a while it's fairly easy to differentiate.

I haven't spent much time on Chemtrails because lots of other people are more serious and more knowledgeable about them, but this video of the subject being discussed at the United Nations should put to rest the pseudo-sceptics who rely on and trust the corporate media to be informed.

Schindler's List Sniper in Palestine

Young people are murdered in Palestine almost every day for doing nothing other than going about their business. 

It's worthwhile remembering the Hollywood version of reality.

Sunday 11 May 2014


Louis Farrakhan on Darfur, Sudan - Arabs Enslaving Black Africans

I was just researching slavery and came across this very informative clip. Farrakhan is one of the straightest shooters you could wish to listen to. Especially when it comes to Zionists who claim human rights for places with oil interests. 

Like Michelle Obama above.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

A Dangerous Method

I wish I'd seen this first on the big screen. 

It's that good.

If you like beautifully manicured 1900's-ish clinical psychology with Swiss manicured lawns and erotic wailing Banshees in an opening scene then this movie is for you.

This is my favourite Jewish movie ever. It's better than Jaws and even better than Kramer vs Kramer, but it's not better than Five Broken Cameras which breaks category rules by being about reality shot in the first person.

If a movie is about making you see the world differently, then A Dangerous Method might work out as well for you as it did for me. By synchronicity I watched a Jungian Youtube interview only 10 days ago or so. In this respect it was sweet to see a younger dramatisation of the older gent who wrote about UFOs as a relatively nascent archetype, understood religion and generally fought hard not to always have conditional rules.

It's quite possible ambivalent people will be ambivalent about this movie but I always say take ambivalent people in moderation.

Tuesday 6 May 2014


I thought the visual I mocked up for Abby Martin was self evident Satire, but to be fair she did do an Apartheid State piece a few days later so that's good.

Here's one I did of her former colleague Liz Wahl and her Neocon buddy James Kirchick

Friday 2 May 2014

NIKE to make Air HEZBOLLAH(™) Sneakers

Sorry about the clickbait title. This information is censored on Twitter and Facebook. It's about Israel's instrumental role in 9/11.

The Israelis of course had assistance from their friends in the CIA, Pentagon and Justice Department but most of their help was from Zionist Jewish Americans, many with dual passports and listed in all the usual Neoconservative places.

Ry Dawson is an excellent researcher. I suggest people like Russ Baker who claims the Dancing Israelis were just students, is a hindrance to authentic journalism. 

His real mental obstacle is he can't conceive the inconceivable. 

Even when presented with the facts, of Israel's overwhelming role in 9/11.

Update: Original videos censored.

Stephen Fry