Tuesday 29 June 2021

Reasons To Be Cheerful (1, 2, 3)

I know we're in the cross hairs of a medieval-pandemic with bodies piled so high the putrefaction is awkward to avoid, but there are plenny-of-things that are rewarding and make me and many others happy.

The first, is that my long-held dream since Beijing, of municipal services, transport-electrification of inner cities is happening in my home city of Southampton. You have no idea how happy it makes of me to see an ever expanding cross-section of demographics, adopt the two wheel electric scooter instead of the rotten and decaying stench of 5+ passenger vehicles occupying valuable road real-estate while belching fossils *winky*

Some days when I'm zipping about town on my ridiculously small electric bike, weaving in and out of the scooters, or just just plain hanging on to their slip-stream, I feel like those memories of life in Beijing with electric-bike stories have enabled some kind of manifestation of dream-wishes-come-true, into real life.

I feel blessed, lucky and happy. It really is a dream come true.

Part II tbc.

Monday 28 June 2021

Facebook Terminates my Account

Oddly enough, I hadn't used my FB account for a couple of days so it did come as a surprise. I don't blame them at all. The narrative of vaccines causing injuries is disintegrating in real time, and the bioweapon known as Sars-Cov-2 (for the people who can delineate between that Corona and COVID-19) is starting to cause enough medical problems for consumer society to actually start scratching their heads and shock-horror, consider the impact of blood clots, bells palsy, heart injury, paralysis, and the rest of the toxic shit-show that comes from the 'grab a jab' and immunity deficiency that vaccines cause.

The above report is on The Guardian's Comment is Free section as MSM's failure becomes self evident. It's best you take a look now to see the epic gaslighting that dying is part of the vaccine process

Just as damming are the reports of airline pilots who are suffering blood-clots in the pressurised cabins and the airlines are literally fucked as their insurance excludes any vaccine injury. British airways naturally denied it but it's not rocket science to see the correlation with Indian pilots dropping like flies.

There's no joy in being right on this subject, and knowing that it's just a matter of time as the herd finally hear the other shoe drop. There have been heated arguments with my father who is quite a good researcher on specific topics, but I've found that as with many from his generation, the inability to admit being incorrect, or even just plain wrong is almost pathological.

On the other side of the spectrum, my daughter who is a lot more clever at her age than when I was 18, thinks it's down to a lifestyle choice of choosing between the Chinese vaccine (Sinovac) or the Astra Zeneca (the Oxford one created by a laboratory managed by a French person) when both are pure poison for a teen whose immunity deficiency could wipe the floor with mine, which will never have an injection willingly. It's kind of interesting but I know a few thousand conspiracy researchers, and not one has died from Covid, on the other hand I have known and met genuine 'COVID' patients and all were gullible about the corporate media. The ones who die are invariably those who lap up the media-messaging and live in a state of fear, unable to live because they're too frightened to die.

The death subject is something that applies to all of us and should be more benign as a discussion; but isn't for very obvious cultural programming issues.

I'm using the time we have left (it will one day run out as events outpace the time to make hard decisions) to share the most effective memes I come across on a wide bunch of platforms, but I don't need FB users to connect with me. 

It's a censorship graveyard.

RIP Facebook, it's been quite a ride.

Sunday 20 June 2021

Meme Magic

I left the Bill Gates one blank, because it writes itself.