Thursday 30 November 2023

Doing The Live Thing ~ Get Hard - AKA: Dean Luke - Get Hard (You In The Lobby)

I do love a mondegreen. Pretty sure it was Arielle Free who slipped that in first.

Great track. I'm bookmarking a load for when the gym hits me.

Kinda Like Kissinger Without The War Crimes - Chalmers Johnson

Some time back I came across a link to an obituary for the late Chalmer's Johnson. I read it and was a bit surprised that the spelling was as bad as mine in places, though I was most curious about the claim that Chalmers was the intellectual equal if not superior to Henry Kissinger. Unlike a lot of people who try to get into Kissinger debates my political mentor Joe Barbera said just 'Years of Upheaval' which is part two of his autobiographical trilogy was the one to read and so I read it in Hua Hin, Thailand.

It's an amazing read not because Kissinger writes particularly well, but because of it's comprehensive detail and let's face it, sheer chronological historical narrative. This is the guy who invented shuttle diplomacy. A German Jew flitting back and forth between Tel Aviv, Cairo, Riyadh, Damascus and Jordan. Then there's the Paris peace accord with Vietnam, Soviet détente, and secret trips to Peking in preparation for Nixon's visit, the oil crisis and so on and so forth. Truly remarkable times.

I disagreed with the obituary, though I've had to change my mind. If there's one video worth watching from Kissinger's political bender, this is the one. It's all there and most troubling for me, an emerging understanding of why the Euro was plummeting against the dollar, as the empire makes it's last-gasp efforts to hold on to the past. I urge you to watch this. Chalmers Johnson is in a different intellectual league to Kissinger. A man able to delineate between the expedient thing and the right thing. Something Kissinger isn't qualified to comment on. 

RIP Mr Johnson you were a great American patriot.

Update. I wrote this a long time ago and since then I learned that Watergate was about stealing the same Компромат as Epstein used on the Deletes. I also didn't mention that Kay Griggs, wife of Colonel George Griggs, Chief of Staff to General Al Grey, Commandant of the Marine Corp (Cherry Marines) testified that Kissinger raped a male officer in Cambodia leaving him mentally shattered. If you look at Kissinger's preposterous 'beard' and wife, it's all there. That's their humour. How and why would you believe a tall and elegant lady would marry a homosexual dwarf?

His real name was Heinz and the OSS picked him up in Germany after the war. No doubt another double agent like George Soros.

Update No 2 - I was reminded on Facebook that it isn't impossible that Nancy Kissinger was a, he-babe.

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Dave The Simp

Am I being mean if I asked for the meeting minutes?

To be fair, he did describe Gaza as an open air prison as I mentioned back here, and he raised the West Bank murders the Israelis are executing with impunity.

Buggy - [Space May Be The Final Frontier But It's Made In A Hollywood Basement]

The right music can drive an important message through the noise to signal ratio.