Saturday 27 April 2013

I've Criticised Alex Jones But He Is Decimating The Corporate Hollywood News Media

This is history being made. It's a real privilege to have a ringside seat because a lot of programmed people are intimidated to check out reality reversal information. Nobody has been a bigger critic of Alex than I. If he hadn't lost the plot on Piers Morgan he would have even millions more than are currently flocking to this information.

It's time to cease being silent. Watch the video. If you agree, speak up. It's no time to let comrades fall.

Friday 26 April 2013

Everything You Wanted To Know About The CIA But Were Too Afraid To Ask

At the end of WWII a bunch of Yale Skull & Bones type crooks (International Lawyers, Financiers, Politicians, industrialists etc) who had deep connections to funding Hitler decided the best way to take over the United States was to control the most expensive  and largest secret society in the history of the world. To achieve this they set up the CIA as the old arrangements (OSS) were not globalist enough. The new President Harry Truman wasn't clever enough or strong enough to say no and besides the Yale & Skull bones types had put him in power in the first place without him fully appreciating he was just a puppet.

The newly formed CIA would covertly run the operations that raped and looted countries around the world. The American people would always be ignorant of it's back office function, and if anybody did find out, they could be silenced through anything from threats, national security powers, incentives or death as Defence Secretary James Forrestal discovered  when the CIA milieu tossed him out of a window after first getting committed as insane in a hospital, when he discovered what the CIA was going to be all about and tried to raise the alarm.

The easiest way to understand the CIA is as a global crime syndicate that uses its front operations for credibility. The actual number of CIA people who know it is a crime syndicate is extraordinarily low because groupthink always dumbs people who worship badges more than humanity significantly down. Any questioning of the big picture is condemned as treasonous, and in addition operations are compartmentalized. Endlessly synthetic fake enemies are easily produced, and always on hand from Communists to Nazis to Muslims whenever a piece of criminal business needs to be controlled by the inner sanctum who paradoxically need not always be in charge of the CIA but do need to be in control of the covert operations. 

A famous exception to this was when George HW Bush was Director.

I sift through names at the CIA along the lines of a straightforward criminal investigation; who knew what and who, who did what and went where, and who said what. There are acres of useful idiots including people that ran the CIA who work for the firm, but from time to time it becomes clear that an honourable and even effective kind of character is around who didn't rely on torture, rape and other crimes against humanity to get the job done. John McCone caught my eye because it's clear he's the only CIA director to get something important right. He knew Cuba was loading up on Nuclear weapons from the USSR and my question was, how did he know?

He may have been tipped off by the power elite layer or as he claims in this interview above he used his judgement but what is fairly clear to me is he was not involved in the assassination of JFK even though the CIA were the main orchestrators via Allen Dulles. This is interesting to observe because it's then clear that LBJ who facilitated the murder in Texas is very uncomfortable being around McCone and keeps him close as any 'enemy' should  but also cuts him out of the loop and neutralizes the CIA because LBJ didn't want to be become the next victim through a bullet or blackmail.

I could go on a lot more about McCone such as his engineering background and proximity to the whole illegal Israeli nuclear development but it's enough to know he was cut from superior cloth than the average CIA retard who to this day doesn't know how it works despite all the information being available for free on the net. I will conclude however with a highlight from this ine that McCone's first job, despite an engineering degree from Berkeley, was as a riveter because as he explains in this interview 'I had to eat'.

I don't like what the CIA have done to the planet but I'm not blind to quality characters. They are helpful because like say Brent Scowcroft the question in my head over and over again is how much did they know and how could they have not known when I now do?

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Reassess Yourself

I've blogged quite a lot about Dove and the campaign for real beauty in the past. Unlike many brands it stands for something rather than the veneer beauty to be found in the photoshop department usually located on the ground floor of department stores. Worth watching.

The Irish sort out Israeli Advertising Lies

Israel has broken 65 United Nations resolutions and regularly kills Palestinians when it is not burning down their olive groves, poisoning their water or contaminating their land. The BDS movement stands for Boycott Divestment & Sanctions. As Roger Waters of Pink Floyd says. "BDS is the way to go". Let's join together and stop the Israel from spoiling our planet's chance for peace.

These ads for Israeli tourism in Ireland are a legitimate form of protest by the people of Ireland who know a thing or two about suffering as the Palestinians can share.

Ex FBI Sibel Edmonds on False Flag Boston

Would be nice if people left a comment on the grown up analysis instead of hoping for complex issues to be resolved in a tweet. Proper investigation takes long hours and yet so many on twitter want to take a pop at you online and then disappear  Go ahead, comments below. Who disagrees it's  false flag and why?

Tuesday 23 April 2013

America Is Waking Up. The Giant Arises

The big losers in the false flag psyops are the toxic and malignant media. They can never admit they are immersed in a pseudo reality and frankly as they lose relevancy the most demented and most in denial will appear self evidently suffering from mental illness. These are clinically insane and the clowns of the class.


As a side conspiracy theory to the main order of reality above, maybe the military were in on the false flag to unmask the warmongering media? 

Let's face it. 

Who is going to believe the next false flag, fake enemy, fake hate, synthetic terror the corporate for profit, ultra Zionist media will inevitably try to sell?

No, this is a turning point and I feel vindicated. Watch the video. It's brilliant.

Essential Boston Videos


I assume these videos will be scrubbed in due course when the official version of events is stamped over the real version. I don't have much time for bad information and these are quite good. Do the homework first and then comments are welcome.

Video Evidence - Post Blast Chechen Boys Assisting Ladies & Still With Backpacks

Everything the FBI have said is complete lies and the sentient observer realises not one corporate media employee calling themselves journalists has asked a question. Instead they repeat press releases. You watch corporate media at the risk of making your mind toxic.

We don't know the full relationship or exploitation of these patsies but it is clear they did not plant any bombs and are in no hurry to get away from the scene of the crime preferring instead to assist women. These are loving medical student types not terrorists. They are being framed by our corrupt police and corrupt media. I ask you what isn't corrupt these days?

As you can see from the moving gif the so called pressure cooker bomb is likely a flash bomb in this instance as the post box is unscathed. Once again we don't know the full story so there maybe a mix of information including real injuries and fake injuries. Concentrate on the big picture. Lies are being perpetrated and nothing the Federal Security business or the corporate media report can be trusted.

Monday 22 April 2013

Google Search Trends - Boston Bombing Spikes False Flag

The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live." ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

People are waking up after the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hoax

Everything Is Fake

Internet - 1
Corporate Media - 0

They wont be talking about this on BBC's Today Program. Reality isn't for everyone.

Amputee Crisis Actors - A New Low In Information Warfare

As ever I've been among the slowest to fully embrace crisis actors. It was such a big idea during Sandy Hook that I couldn't digest it all in one go even though I could see that it made sense but didn't make sense in terms of being a fully synthetic event.

The pictures of the guy with his leg blown off at the Boston bombing have now been debunked and he may well be a crisis actor amputee veteran of Afghanistan. There is no meat on the stump in the above video and they put some on later for added effect. There can be no denying this.

The only "generous" hypothesis I can think of is that an event is pre-identified, then neutralised and use for information warfare purposes to give the impression that it went ahead successfully to the masterminds. If anyone else has a better idea I'm open minded.

The media really is brainwashing people into believing falsehoods. I don't know what the real story is but I do know the deepest lies are being perpetrated.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Boston Bombing Tweet Prediction Comes True in 24 Hours


It's not because I'm a prophet or anything. I just know the FBI are corrupt. I know it's a false flag bombing to strip civil liberties and profit from an enlarged security state apparatus and a lucid patsy witness is the last thing you need. That's why Jack Ruby had to wipe out Lee Harvey Oswald. Did you know Jack had MKULTRA mind control links? The rabbit hole is so deep.

Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook and James Holmes of Aurora movie theatre shooting, were also patsies but that was all about fertilizing demand for gun control.

Hate Conspiracies & Think Boston Bombing Wasn't False Flag?

Most coincidence theorists and corporate media consumers are incapable of entertaining an idea other than Government doesn't manipulate populations into war or increased security and loss of freedoms. If that's the case this video won't change a thing. But if you're open minded, rational, strong willed and refuse to be a dupe then this is rocking information about the Boston False Flag.

I recommend pausing it from time to time to read the text. This video isn't intended to change minds. It's intended to open minds up. Then you're on your own.

The Alchemy of Love - Rumi Poetry


Saturday 20 April 2013

The British Empire In Colour - Part One

Excellent history and brings the past to life like never before

Boston Bombing Family Guy. Watch This Before It's Pulled

There are many explanations for predictive programming and not all of them work for me. An oft repeated claim is that in order for free will to be maintained humanity must be informed of removal of free will events beforehand thus honouring the idea of free will at an occult level. It's important to remember that you might not believe in occult techniques but a simple study proves powerful influences often do.

Another idea is that predictive programming softens people up to not ask the right questions after an event. Boston Bombing? Oh that would never be a false flag. That too works for me.

However it all might just be the age old phenomenon of creative people channelling the future and I'm cool with that if it wakes people up to the Boston False Flag Bombing.

So why is Family Guy writer Seth MacFarlane so outraged at the idea? After all it is he that wrote an episode three weeks before the Boston Marathon portraying death and carnage from psychotic car driving and setting bombs off.

My Favourite Postmodern Moment On Twitter

Wolf Blitzer's jumps the shark with CNN. Hey reality isn't for everyone. 

Friday 19 April 2013

Why Margaret Thatcher Promoted Paedophiles in Power

Heath, Thatcher and Wilson all shared head of MI6 and known paedophile Sir Maurice Oldfield who used the MI5 run Kincora boys home to molest children in Northern Ireland. I'm just trying to figure out what was the deal with a lot of accusations against all three but what I can say is that I'm fairly confident that from the above 3 hours research that Heath was a paedophile, even if his friends came up with absurd claims of asexual behaviour to explain his lack of interest in men and women.

Where it gets interesting is with Thatcher. She ran against Heath suddenly and we need a rational explanation of why she entertained Jimmy Savile at Checkers for 11 years in a row? The only stories that make sense are she was some sort of practising Satanist into ritual child sex abuse (possible but hard to imagine) and the other is that she promoted more paedophiles into senior positions than anyone because she liked to keep her enemies close to her and there is no greater enemy of the state than a blackmailed paedophile.

It's very hard to figure out what the real deal is but the more I watch and read the more absurdity I can reject. For example Aangirfan blog and Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame both claim Wilson might have been working for the Soviet's but that doesn't make sense here when we listen to his secretly recorded voice in the first documentary bemoan Sir Maurice Oldfield neglect to deliver on his promise to root out the rot in MI6. One doesn't ask one's enemies to solve problems and actually now I think about it I think Oldfield got rid of Wilson and edged in Heath followed by Thatcher. That is why there may have been so many paedophiles around Thatcher. Maybe MI6's Sir Maurice Oldfield was telling her who was good to hire when he had his own agenda instead.

Gregg Hallett - Game of Thrones

I've been getting into Gregg Hallett's work though this is the first video interview I've seen of him. It wouldn't' surprise me in the least if his information about the imposter Royals is spook created disinformation. 

I do however believe what I see in front of my eyes and nobody looks like Prince Charles in his family, especially Prince Harry.

That said just because the current Royals might be imposters doesn't mean I accept any new Royal family, authentic or not. They can all go to hell, and fuck themselves, as they are parasites on the people.

Jim Fetzer the interviewer has his microphone volume turned up too high, and is either asleep or not paying attention to large chunks of the information, except in that cursory shallow way some people are able to do. He's also a little too keen to laugh when he's interviewing Gordon Duff who needs tough questions not sycophancy.

This Royal stuff is interesting but for me it's not as good as Gregg Hallett's information on Lord Mountbatten (or Battenberg as his real family name is) and there's an excellent post on the paedophile Royal Family and Lord Mountbatten over at Chris Spivey

Thursday 18 April 2013

Only Powerful Countries Use False Flag Attacks for Social Engineering

The modus operandi of false flags is to run an "exercise" concurrently with the false flag. It adds to confusion of reports, adds slack to subsequent official manipulation and some other reasons I don't want to share here but it is the signature of 9/11, 7/7 and Sandy Hook false flag events.

The official story is falling apart and we now have the evidence that is usually wiped from history when the FBI seizes all the CCTV and locks it up for that old trope 'national security reasons'. May I remind you all that Aurora and Sandy Hook were false flag events to bring in gun control, and that the manipulation is beginning to disintegrate to those who are awake and aware.

We don't need your CCTV because we have Digital cameras and Youtube and the Internet which has no gatekeepers even though you keep trying. 

Meaningful Words On Meaningless Issues

There's good reason to suspect that the President is MKULTRA and that's a very generous explanation for the obvious sincerity of a guy talking about a measure that will have zero effect on the false flag shootings and bombings that are peppering the United States as it circles the drain on meaningful action.

If the president is not MKULTRA or whatever DID program the groomers do to people now then the only explanation is Barack Obama is yet another intelligent guy who is so badly informed that he needs to surround himself with the largest nodding posse on the planet to make his statements. Sounds like the USSR to me but don't let me make your mind up. Watch the video. All fake.

George Galloway & Dennis Skinner on Thatcher's Exit

Margaret Thatcher promoted more VIP paedophiles into British politics than any other person in history. I'm reminded that Skinner's performance is better and yes it is more emotional but I think George commands the historians stage. I'm also reminded that George is somewhat hypocritical on issues of Scottish independence when it comes to supporting Arab independance but I think my interlocutor doesn't have sufficient command of world affairs to comment on that issue.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Thatcher's Funeral - The Artist Taxi Driver

I find it astonishing that Amanda Thatcher talked about dark forces in power when her grandmother had known Satanic paedophile rapist Jimmy Savile as a house guest for eleven Christmases and promoted known paedophiles Leon Brittan, Peter Morrison and Derek Laud into senior positions on her team.

 The corporate media is silent.

Monday 15 April 2013

JP Morgan and TIME Magazine | CIA Bedfellows

This is fresh off the internets. You will learn more about how much you (and I) have been programmed to believe about so called respectable institutions telling us what to think, when in actual fact their agenda is nothing less than mass mind control. 

I urge you to take the time to learn how much a cluster of Yale educated criminals parading as Lawyers, Financiers, Media and CIA guys are in actual fact a club of people who have an agenda to make sure most people spend their lives immersed in an ignorant understanding of the world, by absorbing lies and deception through media information that is in fact propaganda.

This group have launched movements as important as the counter cultural sixties by buying up huge amounts of LSD and giving them out to vast numbers of people. I believe that particular experiment was aimed at derailing anticipated changes, but ultimately took a life of its own, however it's worth understanding the scale of the projects these people undertake. 

They are not localised.

Sunday 14 April 2013

English Common & Admiralty Law - Duck & Dive The Legal Game

This is fascinating just to see John Harris Freeman explain what he has learned. I've watched a few of these videos and they come under the genre of Freeman advice. It's worth knowing this information before you sign a piece of paper or agree that you "understand" in court because that means you agree you stand under the authority. Not always the best answer if you disagree with any accusations.

Galloway Unplugged - A Brilliant Oration On Thatcher

A Brilliant oration. I only wish people knew how little and how ignorant the prearranged leaderships of the major parties are. You will never see the parasite scum leadership of Miliband, Cameron and Clegg do an hour in front of a camera with real storytelling and real humanity. They are puppets. George Galloway is the real thing.

Saturday 13 April 2013

The Hypocrisy of the Arab World In Syria

It needs to be repeated a number of times before the penny drops that NATO, Saudi, Israel and Qatar are the jackals bleeding Syria to death. The corporate media are selling Al Qaeda 12th century beheading types in Syria because it's the road to Iranian oil and NATO is bankrupt. What you or I think of Syria's Assad is neither here nor there although I've been a critic since the 90's.

This is why people who are slaves to truth and reality can stand up and call the Israelis and Saudis out along with London and Washington as disgusting psychopaths. It's called reality and like George Galloway nobody likes to deal with it as you can see when the so called Arab who walks out on George in this devastating clip.

In Memory Of Tom Hurndall of Manchester - Israeli Sniper Headshot While Protecting Children

Ten years ago today Tom Hurndall was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper while rescuing children. Remember that next time you meet a young Israeli who has served national service with the IDF (Israeli Defence Force (actually attack force)) and is now on holiday enjoying that cocktail with you. 

Remember Tom. Remember Rachel.

Conspiracy Classics - Eustace Mullins - Idaho 1991

As you can tell I'm still excited that I discovered Eustace Mullins research confirms George HW Bush's covert work for the CIA long before he claimed he'd never worked there even while being sworn in as Director of CIA under President Ford. 

Why would George Bush Senior lie about this detail? 

Perhaps he was involved in the assassination of JFK as we know he was in Dallas on the day of the murder.

Eustace does have some weaknesses. He's homophobic, doesn't understand that Wall Street owns both parties, and he's pro Joe McCarthy. So apart from being a bit foolish on some things, his lifelong research into the Federal Reserve and who did what and why with whose money is absolute gold. 

I will only post the presentations that I think hit the spot.

Friday 12 April 2013

Another Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact - US Military Confirms Chemtrails Are Real

Last year I realised the subject of Chemtrails was going to come out into the open. A rash of articles rebranding Chemtrails as Geoengineering persuaded me that a media switcheroo was going to take place and a claim we have been ridiculed for (Like JFK, Fluoride, 9/11, Federal Reserve, MKULTRA and the list goes on and on) was going to be given a new name.  The authorities with their hold on mass media were going to pretend  that it's business as usual. Nothing to see here. Move along please. Do you like taking a salary every month?

Those of you who haven't been paying attention to the skies (or 9/11 or Fluoride) wont know or notice any difference. That's how you bamboozle a planet. Keep low conscious cubicle workers distracted with celebrity nipple and sports TV programming and then if it leaks out tell them it's all for their well being and has just barely begun so there's nothing to worry about.

Chemtrails like Fluoride are being done for reasons we can only guess at. Dumbed down DNA? Climate Change? Who knows? What we do know is that the levels of heavy metals; Barium, Aluminium and others in the air has risen and that the cloud cover over the planet has changed forever. The expression get with the programme is really a joke because if you didn't notice or had dismissed the subject of Chemtrails, you were programmed already.

Eustace Mullins - The New World Order

When I first viewed Eustace Mullins I thought it was the words of a madman  His information is a little bit too much for the new researcher but now I've covered some ground I'm astonished how much he knew and in how much details. All the stuff about George HW Bush in the CIA long before he ever became Director of CIA was, I thought, discovered by Russ Baker but in fact Eustace was there long before Russ and I think we should honour this and the quality of his research. Time and again it's the old school conspiracy/corruption researchers who impress me. Mae Brussell and Eustace Mullins are great examples of that.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Jan Irvin & Dr Colin Ross - CIA, MKULTRA, Gordon Wasson & The Century Club

When the US Government realised the CIA were liquidising people's minds in an effort to become the best at mind controlling populations the Director of the CIA Richard Helms shredded all the paperwork. What we have left is the low risk to the CIA damage control but it's still revealing.

With this interview we piece together more of how the entire United States (and indeed Western civilisation) has been manipulated by the CIA (Century Club/Esalen etc) including this age of Aquarius that the CIA took a lot more seriously as a window to hijack global consciousness than the science establishment they also manipulate to repeat the mechanistic view of the universe.

The CIA used this time to keep the planet distracted on LSD and flowers in guns rather than protesting against the psychopathy of all the paternalistic institutions s that actually run the planet. This is top notch research in action. No celebrity nipple here. Lots of dots connected in a rich discussion that fans of reality will appreciate.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

The Artist Taxi Driver - Thatcher Special Edition


Margaret Thatcher surrounded herself with paedophiles. Lord McAlpine (Party Treasurer), Leon Brittan (Home Secretary), Peter Morrison (Private Secretary), Jimmy Savile (Guest at Checkers for Eleven Christmases) and Ken Clarke (Health Secretary).

If that was me who associated with this number of paedophiles I'm quite sure I'd be savaged on Twitter and yet the British people and British media are silent. Why?

Sunday 7 April 2013

Galaxy Size Comparison Chart

How awesome is this? Check out the Electric Universe and it's magnetic electric beating heart.

Update: The original Zoomit Chart has been taken down. Here's more

That Banned Saturday Night Live Sketch On Israel

I'm surprised this was even made though not so surprised it was taken off air. Truth is always a little too uncomfortable for us all isn't it?

Forget The Corporate Media On Syria - Listen & Make Your Own Mind Up

If you listened to the corporate media pimping war in Syria with their proxy terrorists it is almost impossible to anticipate anything other than barbarism from President Assad. This interview by Turkish TV is as candid as it gets. It's a great chance for a person to see proper information being shared in a civilised manner.

Syrian President Bashar Assad warned in comments broadcast Friday April 5, 2013 that the fall of the Syrian government or the breakup of his nation will cause a “domino effect” that will fuel Middle East instability for years, in his sharpest warning yet about the potential fallout of his country’s civil war on neighboring states.
In an interview with the Turkish TV station Ulusal Kanal broadcast Friday, Syrian President Assad accused his neighbors of stoking the revolt against his government, saying “we are surrounded by countries that help terrorists and allow them to enter Syria.”
But he warned that those same countries may eventually pay a price down the road.
“Everybody knows that if the disturbances in Syria reach the point of the country’s breakup, or terrorist forces control Syria, or if the two cases happen, then this will immediately spill over into neighboring countries first, and later there will be a domino effect that will reach countries across the Middle East,” he said.

He also lashed out at Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was a close ally of Assad before the crisis began but then turned into one of his harshest critics.
“When the prime minister (Erdogan), or the government or officials get involved in shedding Syrian people’s blood there is no place for bridges between me and them or the Syrian people that don’t respect them,” Assad said.
Turkey has been one of the strongest backers of the Syrian Islamist “opposition,” and has provided it with logistical support and shelter.
“The Arab League lacks legitimacy. It’s a league that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can’t grant or retract legitimacy,” he also stated in reference to the recent move by the league to give Syria’s seat to the Doha coalition headed by Moaz al-Khatib.
The president also used the interview to quash rumors that he had been killed by one of his guards in the capital Damascus.
Asked by a journalist whether he is still alive, Assad told Ulusal Kanal: “I am present in front of you and not in a shelter. These are mere rumors.”
He said he is living as usual in Syria and is not hiding in underground shelters.
Source: Ulusal Kanal