Friday 28 February 2014

The @Codepink Video AIPAC Banned From Youtube

The Zionist Virus may be getting its way in the Ukraine and Venezuela but it's losing ground in the global digital humiliation of its predatory values of violence and theft.

Friday 21 February 2014

Sandy Hoax™ - It's All Over For the Social Engineers

The most devastating interview with a former State Trooper, Police Officer and School Safety trainer who has trained 3500 school safety officers, and is not getting answers to questions that would prove Sandy Hook is not a social engineering project, planned two years in advance.

The police are threatening him if he doesn't shut up. 

I urge you to listen to this before it gets wiped off the net or he his taken out. It's that good.

Wolfgang W Halbig is a great American and a courageous human being.

The great thing about Sandy Hook, like 9/11 is that once the penny drops they are all perception management events, your life improves instantly as you stop grieving and worrying about things that didn't really happen.

You wise up.

Thursday 20 February 2014

NASA Cover Up | Life on Mars

A totally heavyweight NASA scientist explains what many of us already know. Never A Straight Answer NASA are destroying evidence of life on Mars.

Zionist Puppets Unmasked

Last week in bar with a group of international friends, I complimented a Russian on his beautiful wife. He disappointingly raised a fist to eye level and gestured back off. 

I put a hand on his shoulder and told him to relax.

The Russians (on vacation in Thailand) are often not very sophisticated about our cultural norms, but once you break through the somewhat primitive reactions, they're a very straightforward and trustworthy -people.

More sincere than us.

I put some of their coarse manners down to losing between 60-100 million people in the last century. You can see it in the average Chinese person too. 

The trauma of banking bloodline, social experiments that leaves the human spirit battered but not broken.

I've watched as the Rotshchild/JP Morgan style of democracy spreads like gangrene in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela and if the virus gets its way in Russia, China and Iran.

Make no mistake its agenda is no different from the CIA/MI6 Zionist agenda, and that's documented if one understands history and reads the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan.

I've watched disgusted as media sheeple have cheered on Pussy Riot while silent on Media Taboos of TPP, NDAA, NSA spying, Palestine and Ugandan Homosexual repression which props up the 100000 rapes a month in the Congo that the regime holds up with Western support. I've watched as media sheeple have cheered on TV approved criticism of the Russian Olympics because let's face it, the Russians are 20 years behind the West in sexual orientation tolerance.

How many millions dead are accelerated gay rights worth? 

That's how high the stakes are.

Monday 17 February 2014

Thieves Like Us - Robert Altman

I only watched this as New Order had an eponymous track back in the 80's. 

Thieves Like Us takes a while to warm up as some of the red neck banter is more than a little infantile but if you make it past the half hour mark you should be good.

I'm slightly fascinated by Shelley Duvall as she seems so gawky, but as I get older I kind of like that look when she was younger.

Some of the scenes between her and Keith Carradine are very sweet, romantic and touching in ways that are rarely captured on film now.

Friday 14 February 2014

Sunday 2 February 2014

Dr Joseph Farrell Interviewed by Jeff Rense - Nazi Reality Check

Such a great interview with Joseph Farrell by the great Jeff Rense, that I've posted a clip above to wet your appetite. 

The entire interview can be downloaded here if you wish to learn more about the deals the Nazis cut with the power elite at the end of WWII and where they were, or are, still possibly holed up outside of Germany.