Saturday 29 July 2023

Comic & Standup Routine

The Best Is Yet to Come



When it was suggested that the demise of the old order might be characterised by suicide weekends, panic in Columbia and Phase Three, I wondered what it might smell like, how it would look and what kind of sounds would pervade the air: Riots, Sarin Gas attack or Air raid sirens? Well, now we know**

Friday 28 July 2023


These are not my designs. They are the people's instinctive response to the professionally radical rebrand which is banging. Nothing has galvanised Twitter like this since 2006.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Aliens - Biologic - SCIFF - Q Clearance?


Wednesday 26 July 2023





Tuesday 25 July 2023

Climate Scam The New Scamdemic - From The Horses Mouth


Also the Sun Goddess Osiris the Egyptian version of Babylonian Nimrod. Things go back way further than most appreciate or comprehend.

Not long now. Days and weeks, not months and years. Already on for me in their illegal taxation jurisdiction.