Saturday 30 April 2011

Jordan Maxwell Interviews Zecharia Sitchin

Interesting piece of history. On the left is Zecharia Sitchin, man of many hats. Sitchin says the Sumerian tablets are unequivocal. A very long time ago, an alien species called the Annunaki (or the Elohim in the bible) came to our planet to mine the monoatomic gold in order to purify their own planet Nibiru's atmosphere.

They may have stretched the story a bit to give themselves the leadership mystique.

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness".

Monotheism is a big deal and yet God isn't plural here. He's not chilling with other Gods, so that is more likely Anunnaki speak for 'we're the big kahunas round here'.

The Annunaki couldn't keep their hands off our women. Sleeping downstairs I think the Victorians termed it. But it's also recorded in the Bible and on the Sumerian tablet.

Genesis 6:2 That the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

That's where the bloodline thing  started. The half breeds of the hybrids and Annunaki are a bit spesh. Like that royal wedding hysteria you all wet your knickers over yesterday. Those blue bloods are, as Princess Diana used to say before they murdered her 'not human'.

Zecharia Sitchin had CIA links back in the day, and it's fair to say he guided the cultural narrative of the Annunaki with their assistance.

My assumption is he cut a deal where he did favours from time to time. Even with good book sales, Sitchin's Upper West Side lifestyle was incommensurate with independent research.

Here he is being interviewed by Jordan Maxwell (note the Masonic handshake). Jordan is not an intellectual, and insists he's no scholar and is always humbly stating that he's just an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge. That's true but Jordan has particular pattern recognition skills that enable him to spot important symbolism most of us are not able to.

Ancient bloodlines, secret societies, paternal orders, symbolism, etymology, astro-theology and all these topics align with the texts on those Sumerian cuneiform tablets. I guess Jordan pursued Sitchin and not vice versa, but it is telling that the maverick scholar gives both the time and honour to the amateur sleuth both publicly and I hear privately. Like an Inspector Morse sharing the cryptic crossword with Detective Colombo out of respect. My only question is did he do this to keep his enemies close?

Again pure speculation, but if you read Sitchin's Wikipedia entry and the one he gave to the New York Times it's all over the map. Israel to Shiite Iraq, Azeri American to University of London educated Russian. It's the mark of someone hiding his past and living a life of deception. One that paid handsomely for Zecharia Sitchin.

Terence McKenna - Build Your Own Damn Wagon

June 1994 at the Esalen Institute.

Friday 29 April 2011

HAARP. Tom Bearden Electromagnetic Weapons - 1985

Art Bell's Last Interview With Terence McKenna

National Security Agency Disclosure

I would never make it as an editor. I saw this document a few days ago but put it in the drip drip disclosure box when actually it's even one step closer than the FBI, CIA, MOD stuff that has been released recently. It was Tommy's blog post that made the difference. However I do want to say that the big news; disclosure of NSA de-encryption of messages from space just as SETI ET research is being shut down is not the big news. The big news is WTF have you been doing keeping us in the dark and where has all the money gone?

 These are the questions that are directly connected to back engineered tech from UFO crashes since the 1940's. Also do some research on Richard Dolan's breakaway civilisation if interested in the definitive stitch up. He might not see it that way. I do.

The Wizard of Oz & Pattern Recognition

It's odd how much the the Wizard of Oz taps into something a bit bigger than just a movie and how frequently it comes up in my thoughts in the last few months. I include Marko Rodin's vortex based mathematics along with Nassim Haramein and lately I've learned of Viktor Schauburger's vortex work that is connected to those Nazi UFO's I've been on about and don't forget John Titor's time travel machine from twin, counter rotating black holes (putting it simply). Or maybe I just read too much and notice things that aren't there.

The Higgs Boson - The Scientific Materialists Gravy Train

My position on the CERN LHC is that we shouldn't be pursuing science that doesn't feed or educate the rest of the planet. Until we're ready spiritually and pragmatically to head for the stars we the taxpayers are paying for a group of people who may or may not gain that technology without sharing it with the rest of humanity. We're also not spiritually ready to head for the stars if we leave people behind and let's face it, we're not the most peace loving species in the universe. First things first.

There's an excellent comment in The Guardian that is worth pasting here.

The people who build the experiments are called "experimenters" or "experimentalists". The experimenters on these things aren't familiar with the theoretical side, and they get theorists (so-called "phenomenologists") to do the calculations for them. The "phenomenologists" will gladly pump out any old crap to keep themselves in business, like "The Higgs Hunters Guide", knowingly publishing total nonsense simply in order to increase their number of publications.
This explains why most of the "particle physics" since the seventies has turned out to be pure nonsense. An ever-more unlikely raft of nonsense particles is invented to keep the gravy train rolling, such as supersymmetric particles, and the fool's paradise of string theory. Every theory which can be tested has been shot down in flames, leaving only barely or completely untestable theories like the Higgs boson and string theory.
The advantage of something like string theory for the theorists riding that particular gravy train is that experimenters cannot ever test their idiocies with experiments, so they can go on and on fooling around with silly nonsense until the end of their days.
Pity the poor phenomenologist who has to diddle with things which have some chance of being detected, such as the spurious Higgs boson, thus finding their livelihood in danger when the particle fails to be detected.

I have never seen such an idiotic statement, and on the guardian comment pages and that is saying something.

Tell us then, o wise one, from your lofty position of superiority, what does the Higgs boson actually do? We're supposed to swallow the foolish idea that it's the origin of mass, and yet the Higgs boson itself is nothing more than a theoretical convenience, a "fudge factor" which does not give any fundamental insight into the nature of matter at all. Even if the Higgs boson is detected, that will simply pose far more questions than it solves. It is a theoretical construct which represents only our ignorance; it does not exist.

Terence McKenna - Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss

Terence McKenna was close with his brother Dennis and they both experienced many adventures together and learned much from each other. Dennis is about to write the definitive biography of McKenna and is in need of kickstarter funds to do so please go to this link for more information on the brotherhood of the screaming abyss. Thanks.

Terence McKenna - Linear Society & Non Linear Drugs

January 16th 1999, Palenque, Mexico. The best story wins.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Rupert Sheldrake - The Goldfish Bowl of Scientific Materialism


Rupert Sheldrake has a much more interesting take on where long term memories are stored and how biology assumes its final form in addition to the genetic protein-building picture of traditional materialist science. He also pops up on my data-radar reasonably frequently and in all the right places.

Terence McKenna - Surfing Finnigans Wake

Terence McKenna - Appreciating Imagination

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Roswell & The Reich - The Nazi Connection

What makes this interview most interesting is that Jim Marrs joins in and states his view that secrets can't be kept to Joseph P Farrell. I disagree on that one and I think Joseph explains with good examples why secrets have been kept. Worth bearing in mind that the kind of people in the U.S. sitting on information of Nazi technology that suddenly disappeared from history after the war are both guilty of treachery to the U.S. and had the means to silence witness through official and unofficial means.

Update: I'm increasingly persuaded by Douglas Dietrich account of the Roswell incident.

Aliens & The Third Reich

The Angel & The Monkey - Terence McKenna

Charlie's Royal Wedding Rant

Monday 25 April 2011

Matias De Stefano - Indigo Child

I enjoy listening to young people like this. He's only 22 or something and he wrapped up the meaning of life more neatly than anything I've ever come up with, and my efforts aren't bad I've been told on occasions. 

So much of this interview which is in Spanish with subtitles (remember to click that CC button below if there's no subtitles) is consistent with a wide range of topics I'm following  yet I felt greater clarity after listening. Often I listen to people on these meta materialist subjects and I'm burdened with new information that I have to leave floating non judgementally till a feeling emerges as to its veracity. That wasn't the case here.

 I can't remember which blog I saw it on but let me know if you want a credit.

Shoot Em Up

I regret not taking a closer interest in this when it mattered. If you're about to have children it's crucial you inform yourself on this topic.

Holy Papal Paedophile Ring - George Galloway Fucking Rocks

George Galloway is on fire. Listen to him stomp all over the Arab Shiite and Sunni divisionists calling into his show. He spits missiles at the faceless stooges and sleazy power brokers in the Middle East. I've never heard anything like it. George knows his shit. 

What a dude. The other end of the spectrum to weasel Paxman the other week.

More FBI UFO Files

Silas Newton had something important to say about UFO's and then he didn't and was portrayed as a fraud. Here's the freshly released documentary evidence from the FBI about who instructed him to shut up - the FBI did. 

That ladies and gentleman is the nature of the polycephaly beast. The lie is different at every level within the pyramid structure. Indeed this latest release is just a sliver of the final story. But the dynamic now has inertia and it's moving. Watch the trickle turn into a stream. I found the important one and did the leg work for you.

It's only two pages long. Take a look and see how the FBI didn't know what the FBI was doing. That's how it all ticks. All of it.

Hard To Ignore

It's communication. If that's important to you watch the trailer for three minutes. It's the only hard evidence we really have. Governments, armies and churches want this to go away. The symbolism is a challenge to their ebbing authority. And they KNOW it. Find out for yourself. It's an odyssey. Transformational. Reason for hope.

Trauma Based Mind Control & Burnworthy Manor

Expect this interview to stretch credulity, though if you hang in there they get the low frequency magnetic and RF scans shooting off the grid when checking his claims. Also you might want to check out the homepage for Burnworthy Manor and take a closer look at the history of the this place for 'intimate conferences'. Pay attention to the shield symbolism and if that wets your palate try translating the Latin line underneath.

I had long and fascinating call last night with somebody who taught me many things (the second educational Skype of the day) but the key learning was for me to notice the importance of details. Straight away I'm getting results this morning. So thanks for that BIll.

Dave Marrow the subject of the film above wraps up this interview with a little sound bite I coincidently tossed at someone as away of saying goodbye. You know who you are. Get over it.

Via We Must Know

Sunday 24 April 2011

David Earl Beach & Michael Beckham

Last week I came across the best film in ages. I wrote about it and called the post Hanging Offence.

Pie 'n Mash, the makers of that film were stopped from filming and later intimidated by MI5. The presenter, a British citizen of Irish extraction was subjected to unnecessary aggression and racial epithets. Surveillance is a really shit job - unbelievably tedious. It's so dull that any opportunity to throw some establishment weight around is invariably seized upon by the kind of people who are carefully selected and trained for obedience.

The Youtube film account has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including David Earl Beach and Michael Beckham. I don't know what their beef is on a film that had a couple of thousand views but I'm sure it had nothing to do with MI5 looking like thugs and weasels. No doubt more information will make itself heard. I look forward to uncovering the reason why the best content I've seen in ages was crushed.

Terence McKenna - In The Valley Of Novelty (Part Four)

Thick Like Thieves: FBI, CIA, NSA & MOD

In the last few weeks the MOD, The FBI, The CIA and now the NSA have released UFO files. None of them are earth shattering but The FBI Roswell report is the most revealing and has a special context. Their files were published on a new digital, open source data base called The Vault and one important question becomes clear.

If it was a weather balloon then why fly it to Fort Worth air force base for analysis? The short answer is it wasn't a weather balloon. All the agencies are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they continue to deceive they likely lose the how and the when advantage of who discloses. (Update: Douglas Dietrich account of a Japanese war balloon is the most convincing)

If they reveal all they know, the floodgates then open on raw questions of who knew what. They seem to have gone for a document drip feeding strategy to soften you up. Some people I respect in the field are sympathetic to their plight. They think you wont be able to handle it. I suspect its not disclosure that will freak people out. It's the 5D deception matrix that goes along with it. Let's see how the chips fall.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Terence McKenna - In the Valley of Novelty (Part Three)

Aspartame - It's Not Natural

As part of my research on the war on your pineal gland and general health, I've uncovered that Aspartame, Xylatol and Fluoride are the three chemicals most worthy of investigating on your own behalf. Here's a radio show and a just published blog post on the topic of Aspartame that I urge you to listen and read.

Predictive Programming

Update: The original video was removed so I've posted the lead video on the subject on Youtube.

I only post this because it's so wild. However if there's one element of the whole 'what in the world is going on' investigative theme that stumps me its the nagging feeling that the fabric of time is often being meddled with on occasions. I wont elaborate on that but you can find lots of mind boggling examples from the synchro-mysticism crowd who write astonishing 10 feet long blog posts (word counts are so yesterday) on the subject. So enjoy the video and try not to ignore it. The definition of a coincidence is you weren't paying attention the first time round (or it's what you have left from a bad theory).

Is Subterranean Denver An Underground Base?

I don't pay too much attention to the FEMA camp stories in the US, or the emergency food packs being prepared as I have less interest in that area than the more geopolitical issues that could affect the planet. However a couple of reliable blogs I read are talking about this issue and at the same time I've just been reminded that the UFO sightings over Denver seems to be a regular feature of that area. I've no idea whether they are connected but I'd be doing my own research if I lived in the area or was a U.S. citizen.

Friday 22 April 2011

Terence McKenna - In the Valley of Novelty (Part Two)

Terence McKenna - In the Valley of Novelty (Part One)

Christopher Hitchens & Sam Harris Vs The Jewish Rabbi All Stars

The topic of the discussion is life after death but naturally it strays into issues of creation, spirit and conciousness. I've found the atheists are bitter and angry in these debates and Sam Harris (my fave lizard) with Chris Hitchens don't disappoint. They are surly and ungracious. The Rabbis are much more fun and try to accommodate the atheists with compassion. It's easily the best debate on the subject I've seen and I'm very happy that I can upload it to Youtube today and share it with you.

Race Against Time

The more research I do the more the nagging question comes back to me. Why is time and symbolism so important. Take two shining examples that anybody who does serious research on has to come out of the rabbit hole shaking their head, 911 and the Landing on the moon. I defy anybody to spend a couple of days researching the ritualism and coincidences for those two subjects and not be in the least concerned. Well, anybody except the bread and circus zombies.

Well it just so happens that I've parked Obama in a place where I am trying not to make a premature judgement as a few tidbits of research I've done give him till the end of his first term at least. I wont share them as they're tiny and pointless to others but to me they are pointers. 

Indicators that he's playing three dimensional chess. Let's just leave it at that. So today I heard another piece of information that turned the neuro cog in my head one degree more in the right direction. I was pissed off that Obama was going to the UK for a state visit and royal wedding. The British are such dutiful flag wavers and have no idea of the larger game being played out. Well I understand that visit is off for cosmic reasons. Which is how I like it. I'll post the interviews where I heard that later when I figure out how to put mp3 into Youtube.

Operation Majestic 12 - Extraterrestrial Entities Technology Recovery & Disposal Manual (Part One)

Know Thine Enemy

Member: Freemasons

Japanese UFO Cow Abduction

I'm celebrating my new squiggabyte limit capacity on Youtube with a scholarly clip of cow abduction. Just because something is absurd doesn't mean it isn't true. I hope you like it.

I Heart Google

I have had my Youtube account unexpectedly and generously upgraded. I can now transfer those valuable videos I was feeling gloomy about a few days ago, including all those videos about Jesuit and Vatican skullduggery I'm discovering at frightening rate since stepping up my homework. 

Bravo Google and Youtube. I'm delighted and will be beefing up my Youtube channel from here on. Feel free to add me.

The Jesuits Influence In The Far East

Well worth watching for Asia watchers wishing to know how the venal Vatican targeted the Far East with a view to playing out their interest here. I've always wondered about the story of King Rama VIII and somehow I see the hallmark influence of the Jesuits from many different sides. Lots of Thailand (particularly Phuket), China and Japanese action here. Lots of unconnected dots suddenly snap tight.