Friday 31 March 2023

It's The 144 Q-Ground-Crew

Graham Hancock Hits Back At Racists Crushing Historical Diversity

1.4 million views already. I think the ivory towers which are whiter than the likes of Graham Hancock (or me), have travelled less, scuba-dived less, speak less languages and invariably marry White women while peddling orthodox lies and lines via institutions that are crumbling, and really ought to have a period of silence and reflection. Nobody can prove that historical scholarly texts weren't created to meet an agenda. 

Thursday 30 March 2023

Crime & Punishment

xxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXThe war in Ukraine started in June 2014 when Kiev forces commenced shelling of Ukrainian civilians in the Donbass region. Even in Israel these are not called clashes.

The CIA and State Department in cahoots with NATO gunning the show, toppled the freely and democratically elected Yanukovich government of The Ukraine through the Maidan square - Orange colour-revolution. British media were disgusted with the body count back then and accurately reported them as Far Right NAZIS. I'm a fan of a few Nazi designers. I like their Hugo Boss boots and Mercedes Star (but really a VW fan at heart). It's very telling the UK is invested in this conflict as much if not more than the Falklands or the Pentagon. No country's leadership has visited Kyiv more than the UK in this disgusting conflict.

Before we return to non-revisionist history, the Donbas lady underneath Rishi and Zed laughing their nuts off, while her legs were confiscated by the Kiev Nazi genociders that Zelensky and NATO are partnered with. She is the victim, and she is dead and she's the only one who isn't able to represent herself.

An elderly ex-US military guy called Russell Bentley in Texas was moved in more ways than one. No, you don't understand. He saw the same bleeding stumps eye witnessed instead of limbs, and literally moved to the Ukraine (Donbas Region) to defend civilians being bombed by their own government. It was 2014 so you probably don't care but it's 2023 now and forced Ukrainian conscription through kidnapping is necessary to keep the meat grinder happy.

Contrast this forced conscription with Twin sisters Katya and Anya filmed here in Khartsyzk, but hailing from Makiivka, who after their home was bombed, decided they could no longer sit by and watch the crisis in Ukraine unfold. So in 2015 the 20-year-olds joined rebel forces in the Donetsk People's Republic along with their mother and brother. 

They've been fighting for their loved ones, their homes and their lives since 2015 so anybody who wants to tell me that Russia started this war in 2022, let's do it together on camera so the entire world can see who knows their history and who lacks the backbone to challenge the fake media narrative. The subtitles I attempted to translate aren't great and I inadvertently destroyed my original clip, which is now scrubbed from Twitter, so any feedback is welcome as I've had the material checked by a Russian friend who abhors all sides in war.

In Odessa 2014, Pro-Regime Far-Right Nazi-mobs set a building of Ukrainian citizens on fire and (for those who jumped) they beat them to death with clubs. At least the WTC 9/11 jumpers were spared the baseball bats after they hit the pavement running.

Dying from flames and smoke inhalations is called a holocaust in Hebrew (from the Greek holokaustos) a religiously contrived animal-sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire as were the jumpers from the Trades Union Hall of Odessa and 9/11

See for yourself, as it were.

That was 2014
Was 2014
That 2014
The year 2014

The Kyiv war didn't start in 2022. It started in 2014 and I and many others wrote about it extensively because the people who smiled during these times were not anonymous, the media reported their names; Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Bernard-Henri, Nuland, Klitschko, Tyanehbok and their dark-lord philanthropist Igor Kolomoisky (rhymes with moistly).  The billionaire former Ukrainian producer of President Zelensky and sponsor of Nazi Azov battalion now integrated into the Ukrainian army.

Curious to know more, I checked what most people were entertained by in 2014 and I learned that many people were chilling out to a NETFLIX series called 'Orange Is the New Black' while IRL the US state department were orchestrating an 'Orange Colour Revolution' in Kiev. It's well documented online because the US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Victoria Nuland was recorded on her mobile saying 'Fuck the EU'. The very fucking institution the Maidan Square protestors (orchestrated by the CIA) were demanding to join - see how it works yet? Are you seeing any patterns? Do you need a  slap to wake up and smell the coffee?

It was massive news. Even attention-deprived folks were like WTF and (drum roll) The GuardianITN and the BBC published it. Stuff like that usually gets memory-holed pretty quick so it's a walking miracle we can establish its veracity for ourselves. She was also recorded at a hearing last year saying 'yeah, they're our biolabs close to the Russian border in Ukraine, and we're worried now that they're in Russian hands'. 

The 2014 Maidan square Orange Colour Revolution was executed by imported Georgian mercenary snipers. Both sides killed for the first time in false flag sniping history. More on that later.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Veiled Death Threat

Yesterday I had a comment on my 2012 Olympics post by a person who referenced a British Blogger who mysteriously took his life after absolutely smashing the super creepy NHS/Covid symbolism before the opening ceremony of 2012. 

You remember 2012 right? What has the Olympics got to do with sick people, nurses, giant puppets babies with split heads and so forth? The commenter Tom, made a friendly comment but dropped an obvious mistake into it, referencing the FBI taking down the British blogger's website before he was suicided at the age of 26.

I don't think MI5 wet works is outsourced to the FBI but if I was on holiday in Tel Aviv, I'm pretty sure they'd get their far-right mates to do the dirty work for them. They're all on the same team.

I thought let's just do a bit of digging to see if the commenter really is legit, so I dived into the comment tools and discovered the account was opened 10 years ago, wrote one comment and then nothing till 10 years later dropping an ominous comment on my 2012 Olympic symbolism post about dead bloggers that I wrote in 2013: and now 10 years later was deleted overnight.

It's not the first time I've thrown a dart in the bullseye and had a post deleted, but I just want to say if you blow 6 million pounds on an opening ceremony with very obvious symbolism, WTF is your problem with me writing about it? 

If you're going to get your Obelisk out, don't moan at me for glancing at it.

Here's the post from the Wayback Machine. No doubt this post or the 17 years of blogging can be vapourware, but full marks for effort here.

Sunday 26 March 2023

Trust The Plan

War philosophers throughout history, such as Lao Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, have emphasized the unpredictability and chaos of war. They understood that no matter how well-planned a military campaign might be, it is ultimately subject to the unpredictable nature of conflict. This is often summed up by the famous phrase "plans are worthless, but planning is everything." This means that while plans may be useful for organizing and preparing for war, they are bound & forced to improvise once they come into contact with the realities of combat. In other words, war is a dynamic and fluid situation that cannot be fully controlled or predicted, and it is only through continuous adaptation and improvisation that success can be achieved.

So instead of using ad hominem attacks to debunk Q, talk or write about why Q published the plan many times over. Amateurs resort to insults.